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Автор Danny Nguyen (1 год)
lol i can see me laughing really hard at this if i was younger.
forget the dicks commenting lol
on another note... how the fuck did i get here LOL

Автор Demetrius Murray (5 месяцев)
I'm subscribed

Автор Lenox d. Harper (2 месяца)
Maunya apa orang ini? 

Автор Adoro picas duras e grandes (4 месяца)
Bela cueca.

Автор Amelie Jenkins (3 года)
this is disgusting.

Автор vagner martins (3 года)
mlk feio

Автор Sero214 (4 года)
Thats america!

Автор TheAlazmy (3 года)
كس امه صج خنيث

Автор * * (3 года)
@Rattlesnake742 and what are you doing here?

Автор Lanie Blat (3 года)
What is wrong with that dude?

Автор derail14 (2 года)
he needs a good otl spanking, bet he would like it too.

Автор vitor hugo guimaraes (2 года)
saca mandi

Автор WickedMorphology25 (3 года)
Expectoo Petronum!! =)

Автор Josh Mars (3 года)
@MrSuperMikey old ass joke

Автор DJPoiskyn (3 года)
press 5 for porn and gay laugh

Автор malinda witharana (2 года)

Автор آآبہٰن آآلأكہٰآآبہٰر (3 года)
مهجد واشنطن

Автор ryuuzaki003 (3 года)
Looser Detected...., i knew it... if this were justin... would be Gay

Автор poissonnoir (4 года)
Justin seems like a nice kid doing stupid stuff like we all have done, but
what most of us didn't have was a big brother who would try to make him
look stupid by publishing it in a world forum. i like Justin; I think
you're a jerk. Do the decent thing - remove this.

Автор Emmy Lenore (2 года)
ewwwwww he peed.... TT~TT

Автор Paddyscot (3 года)
Nice Underwear

Автор Moka Akashiya (2 года)
wat the hell i was expecting justin beiber like wat the hell is up with
THIS kid hes like super messed up!

Автор bloodandwinearered (2 года)
I gave you my silly answer. My serious answer is as the old Beaudoin
expression goes: " A goat for need. A woman for pleasure. But, a boy for

Автор BaphomashProductions (4 года)
the kid in this video now has his own youtube channel entitled "Baphomash
Productions" check it out.

Автор AsianWaterDragon (4 года)
what a complete retard

Автор LiamVander (4 года)
he obviously has no balls .

Автор davidls11 (3 года)
@justinschoeberl Why do you feel it's your duty to report homoerotic
videos? And by the way, what language are you speaking?

Автор bayougrande (2 года)
Why does youtube recommend these videos for me? I think i need to do some
self examination.

Автор 801Milcah (3 года)
Pedophiles are fapping to this.

Автор Raphaël Gal (3 года)
Preferred Pedobear's Video

Автор Saleh (3 года)
lol but u always see english everywhere gay lesbian and more gay and
lesbians xD dont forget even in straight videos EVERYWHERE lol

Автор Joseph Bartels (4 года)
and this video has 1.3 million views why!!?

Автор apomk2 (4 года)
Very responsible of this young lad to remove himself from the gene pool so

Автор Rin Xre (3 года)
he peed himself... cute

Автор Timmy Tootums (2 года)
god yeah haha imiss the goodoledays

Автор Derek (4 года)
He's adorable.

Автор Артем Бабаханянц (2 года)
how did I end up here?

Автор WonderWhyization (3 года)
he walk like a monkey with big eggs

Автор brianna bachinski (1 год)

Автор Negi Springfield (2 года)
I'm loosing control of my life and finding myself in these parts of YouTube.

Автор Justme2simply (3 года)

Автор davidls11 (3 года)
@streetpixx Boy pee...it's an acquired taste. :)

Автор MrBlackangel06 (3 года)
it doesnt hurt huh? cos u have no balls at all! gay

Автор skye richards (2 года)
Please show me your dick next time

Автор Rattlesnake742 (2 года)
I see...well good for you...(looks away awkwardly)

Автор JohnHardThomasMisterGame FourthEarlOfTheSandwich (4 года)
OMG its justin bieber

Автор Mallace (4 года)
Well you guys... it's obvious.. THERES NOTHING UNDER THERE!

Автор Rattlesnake742 (2 года)

Автор OrpazLalala (3 года)
278 pedophiles were dissappointed

Автор tvega387 (3 года)
your no where to being cute!! but you are funny I have to insist :D

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