George Michael - Praying For Time - The Point, Dublin 2006

George Michael - Praying For Time at The Point, Dublin, December 9 2006.

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Длительность: 4:28
Комментарии: 37

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Автор fernando sepulveda ( назад)
Serás siempre el maestro del pop y del canto

Автор Kaka ( назад)
Beautiful performance! 💜

Автор cristina filip ( назад)
Excetionala interpretare!

Автор itkapatanka ( назад)
it annoys me that now people sing along at gigs like it's some kind of
celebrity karaoke bar, I pay to HEAR him sing not my next door neighbor.

Автор Socman Matete ( назад)
@irina1296 yeap absolutely!! Maybe we should all be praying for time. Take
me back in time!!

Автор zaodizao ( назад)
Fantastic song

Автор irina1296 ( назад)
Amazing and really stunning song from legendary George Michael. I miss the
80's and early 90's - best era in music industry (George, Madonna, Bryan
Adams, Whitney Houston, Belinda Carlisle, Tina Turner, Sandra, Cher,
Michael & Janet Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, A-HA, Paula Abdul, Laura Branigan,
Depeche Mode, Enigma, Sade and many others). What a good times & memories!
'Praying For Time' is one of my favorites from George Michael

Автор RIP George Michael ( назад)
@Jay12345able can you sing?

Автор Custódio silva ( назад)
I Love you Georgeee

Автор mojo75 ( назад)
Thanks for filming/posting.

Автор Martijn Ensink ( назад)
He is the greatest singer of all time. I recommend you listen to "Tonight"
as well! ;)

Автор Barry Scott ( назад)
dont know why it's taken me so long to comment on this clip, but here it
goes. I was in the audience that night and every time i hear this clip it
brings tears to my eyes. The most powerful performance of all times. This
man has to be the greatest musical genius of our times...cant wait to hear
more and more from him.

Автор mrjintheuk ( назад)
Totally agree with you 21goodyears, it's amazing hearing the audience
singing along to such a poignant song. Thank you for the posting. Was at
Earls Court on the 25th and although having seen his shows before, this was
the first one that I really breathed in. In the words of Simon Cowell
(adjusting my trousers for full effect) "Outstanding!".

Автор noreen frost ( назад)
how beautiful, you can hear the audience singing along...this song has
always made me stop and think. thanks for posting this version!

Автор trusttheprocess80 ( назад)
George espero que logres la ansiada felicidad que por tantos años has
buscado. Te amamos George!!!

Автор njeri1 ( назад)
omg this song makes me wanna cry everything hes saying is like so tru and
he sounds beauitiful

Автор Ariany B ( назад)
i am still unsure about this song. Not my favorite GM song.

Автор JDAX ( назад)
I couldn't agree more. The original version of any song is always the
truthful one, and the way it was meant to be heard.

Автор precious1933 ( назад)
Actually, he encourages participation in his concerts. Please don't
disrespect his audience like that, after all, they were there, we, on the
other hand, are merely voyeurs.

Автор precious1933 ( назад)
George wrote this song, it is haunting and contemplative. It is HIS song.
he did not have to try to "make it his own",because, it IS his own. I
respect your right to your opinion, but I disagree. George's original bring
tears to my eyes every time.

Автор Kayla F ( назад)
The fact that they're singing along is amazing knowing that English isn't
their first language. You're an idiot.

Автор Stephanie Doan (801 год назад)
This is beyond beautiful.

Автор moodyblue1964 ( назад)
Pretty dark really......but i love it when someone can go inside of
themselves and unearth stuff like this. Wham were not my scene at all but
on occasion when he isn't in dancing mode, he does himself alot of credit
with introspective melodic atmospheric songs.

Автор Georgemikejus ( назад)
why r these dumb European fuckers singing along and ruining it?

Автор Vipsas ( назад)
Does anyone have this unpluged version?

Автор Nelly Erbertová ( назад)
What a beautiful lyrics....

Автор cerasodamaniaco1 ( назад)
George is really a talented man,that album when I got back in what 90 I
believe, I did not know what a great work of music I was getting. Thanks
for sharing this performance. VQ USA!

Автор Sara Lopes ( назад)
Como é bom bom recordar, que nostalguia,que bom estar,a houvir isto depois
de tantos anos passados ,tantas recordaço~es,adoro-te George tua à 25 anos.
Sara Lopes Aveiro-Portugal

Автор holbrookprieto ( назад)
thank you so much for posting this, it's beautiful hx.

Автор bs murrie ( назад)
Wow, great, thanks.

Автор georgiegirl06 ( назад)
Just brilliant... heaven.

Автор Pam Baker ( назад)
Wow, thanks for sharing. I love hearing him sing this song live, he's
amazingly talented

Автор JRRDPR ( назад)
He was the first performer to have a video without appaering in it.I think
that made it even more powerful.Sometimes people don't need a slap in the
face to comprehend what others want to say.:-)Thanks for
uploading,excellent quality!!

Автор georgiegirl06 ( назад)
Fantastic, to me his voice is just beautiful in this performance. I think
he sings better now than he did when he first recorded this wonderful song.

Автор faastluv ( назад)
Brilliant What a legend he is and what a fantastic version of this song !!!
Thanks for posting !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Shirley Moloney ( назад)
brilliant. Was at concert and thought great version. Sent chills down spine
watching again. Thanks for posting

Автор Catherine Furlong ( назад)
such a great song & performance. Best concert ive ever been to, best night
of my life

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