Somebody to Love - Queen (Live)

Queen. Live at montreal. Somebody to love performed by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon

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Длительность: 7:40
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Автор Mirian Gomez ( назад)
bella canción ! el mejor cantante Freddie

Автор LoveOlderWomen ( назад)
I love this performance and I also love that bit of a monologue that Freddie did telling the audience that it's okay if they move around and shake their asses and also suggesting that it's okay if they wanna take off their shirts off then John Deacon played some sort of a background music from under pressure then Freddie said fuck off. That was really funny. hahahah

Автор Subtelna1 ( назад)

Автор Jamilaaa K ( назад)
You know a singer is good when their live version are even better than the studios.

Автор Merlin Meakin ( назад)
music will never be the same, music is just not the same as it used to be, i miss such talented artists like this!!

Автор httpernella ( назад)
Who's watching this in 2017?

Автор httpernella ( назад)
Who's watching this in 2017 then?

Автор Shelby Williams ( назад)

Автор Yasmina Berrabane ( назад)
Indémodable .grande classe
Irremplaçable Merci Fredy repose en paix 😍😍😍😍

Автор 11311210 ( назад)
Voice of God.

Автор chrisine FERNANDEZ ( назад)
Je crois que c'était le plus beau concert de ma vie. Quel charisme...

Автор Jan Õiglane ( назад)
I actually pity the people who died before queen was formed. They never had the pleasure of hearing music like this! We, the newer generations, can at least hear this thanks to technology, but what about the people before queen? I mean the ones who died whitout hearing THIS! poor guys...

Автор Andre De Cuyper ( назад)
Queen me manque !

Автор emma chaouadi ( назад)
j'ai eleve mes enfants sur une culture musicale au top....c'est mieux que l'ecole.....

Автор Berliner Berliner ( назад)
thanks for sharing, i miss those times to hear him

Автор Sol M.Jarkin ( назад)
Him and Roony James Dio are the Best voices ever!! My opinion ohhh and John Lennon.

Автор Clarice Agudo Menezes ( назад)
gente eu tenho 57 anos , Fred Mercury foi tudo de melhor em minha juventude, vou mostrar ele para meus netod e bisn

Автор Pinhead Hellraiser ( назад)
Brian Myl, el mejor guitarrist del mundo

Автор Rodica Daniliuc ( назад)
cei mai buni!

Автор zzzpip ( назад)

Автор Chris Jones ( назад)
in my opinion this is the best ever live performance of this song!!

Автор David Gladwin ( назад)

Автор Lucas Figueiredo ( назад)
A maior voz de todos os tempos..

Автор Simon Milton-Jones ( назад)
Outstanding, amazing, unbelievable!

Автор GIOodst ( назад)
the greatest

Автор Stanislav Chepurnov ( назад)
wow best R.I.P 24.11.1991

Автор ¡HateOffYT ! ( назад)
who's watching this in 2016?

Автор Maria Cláudia Santos Amaral ( назад)
Te amo pra sempre, Freddie!

Автор backup ( назад)
He was very Great!!!! He is legend!!!!

Автор 김영민 ( назад)
lol.....still better than adam and george Michael

Автор Ana Lorena ( назад)
malditos arrepios.

Автор Sara Vendruscolo ( назад)
best singer ever

Автор dylancrazy88 vs stikbot riggs ( назад)
truly brilliant!!!

Автор Joaquim Bandeiras ( назад)

Автор Joaquim Bandeiras ( назад)
lindo obrigado F.M

Автор Clémence C ( назад)

Автор The Football Case (1285 лет назад)
Thumbs up, if you watch this in 2016!!

Автор Nephis Asterim ( назад)

Автор DEBORAH D'SOUZA ( назад)
I wish we were born during those times to witness all this marvellous work of Freddie and Queen.

Автор Ljikica Ljikica ( назад)
Nevjerovatna moć.

Автор Stewart Ross ( назад)

Автор Mizu Doru ( назад)
The real king !

Автор Richard L ( назад)
Wicked song master group..

Автор nishanth life ( назад)
how many of u are watching this in 2015 ...???

Автор bonvanhouts ( назад)
Wow, gave me goosebumps...sounds even better then the record!!

Автор Mario Adame ( назад)
TALENT!!! its all I can say

Автор Marshall Jewell ( назад)
Part of me has always wanted to learn drums just to learn Taylor's hat technique.

Автор Marquez SK ( назад)
always impressive !

Автор alonzo short ( назад)
Way to go superman...Your the best..

Автор Nikoletta P ( назад)
He was such a talent! Original, creative and 1 of best male voice's Ive ever heard. RIP Farouk!

Автор Lou Jones ( назад)
It is a testament to Freddie that when I introduced my teenagers to Queen, they disappeared with the compilation CD. I have heard them lament that my generation had better music, so true.

Автор Foo Hoe Vincent Low ( назад)
that was unreal.get the goosebumps. the whole band was rockin and boy that drummer can sing!

Автор Leandro Seiti ( назад)

Автор Miracle Group Dresden ( назад)
Immer noch heute unerreicht . Diesen ganzen >Schlagerscheiss kann man dagegen verbrennen

Автор Bianca 1994 ( назад)
21 anni che lo ascolto, mio papà metteva freddy anche quando mia madre era incinta e io ce l'ho nel sangue... nessun altro cantante può darmi queste emozioni e se c'è qualcosa che mi mancherà sempre nella vita è di non averlo potuto vedere dal vivo... non ne ho ancora visto un altro come lui su questa terra e forse non ci sarà mai... ma ha lasciato un'eredità che chi lo ama come me continuerà a portare avanti e coltivare, un giorno lo farò sentire ai miei figli anche io. mi manchi freddy

Автор Eileen Bento ( назад)
Freddie Mercury is one of the artists that  keeps my attention without boring me...Great to watch his videos..RIP Freddie Mercury!

Автор Lars Pallesen ( назад)
Man, he was great, wasn't he?

Автор Abraham A. Alcocer Morin ( назад)

Автор T U ( назад)
I can not understand what he say.
I am Japanese.
But I can feel.

Автор 49Billymack ( назад)
Take that shit right there Kanye . . . you couldn't carry Freddie Mercury's mic case!!

Автор Nour Michaelis ( назад)
Perfect Perfect Perfect.....

Автор Vishal Das ( назад)
Somebody find me ..... songs as well composed as Queen's today

Автор Alejandro del Rincón ( назад)
awesome performance!!!
freddie mercury way to own that stage!!!

Автор rosemarydragon ( назад)
so Amazing it is beyond superman words lol.  Its superfreddieexpialidddooshios ???

Автор Green Day Minority ( назад)
This is one of my favourite Queen songs, Freddie you were and always will be amazing I mean when I watch the last songs you sung I honestly couldn't believe such a beautiful voice came from such a sick man but then I realised this Freddie mercury we're talking about his voice would be beautiful no matter what, I love u Freddie you are amazing, I never met ya but I still miss you and I still love u

Автор Jairo Castro ( назад)
He is the king, not the Queen!!! 

Автор ingenieria civil amazonica (337 лет назад)

Автор ingenieria civil amazonica (456 лет назад)

Автор Chris Coppola ( назад)
I stood in front of freedie when he was on stage at Live Aid back in 85 it was an unbelievable experience. I remember it like it was yesterday. When I freeze the dvd I can see the side of my head and freddie in the same shot. It's still too sad to watch him some times. To think that he was taken so young. I just saw your comment and I just thought you might like this story

Автор Nate Linker ( назад)
Consummate performer. Would've loved the chance to see him live in concert, its pretty sad to watch videos their shows and see Freddie's health gradually get worse.

Автор KalKyuLayTor ( назад)

Автор NikkkitoNippongo ( назад)
If we  got married, me and my wife will dance this waltz over and over.....

Автор Christopher White ( назад)
How could you not be a fan of Queen after seeing this? He is missed.

Автор GR RGNJ (476 лет назад)
44 personas desconocen que es la buena música. Este hombre fue y será sublime. Lastima que me tocó un epoca plagada de caras bonitas son talento o talento mal manejado.

Автор Arsen Baxhtiaryan ( назад)
Ok Let's Do It 

Автор Suso Perez ( назад)
Tremenda esta interpretación. Los más grandes.

Автор Ad van Tuil ( назад)
Written by the Great Freddie himself :-D

Автор 2039marl ( назад)
Utterly brilliant entertainer - thank gawd for these vids -

Автор kramercapriati ( назад)
I'm crying…just incredible…Music misses Mercury so much...

Автор Eli Officer ( назад)
Greatest voice ever hands down...

Автор ravenofice ( назад)

Автор Rodrigo Apablaza ( назад)
he had one of the most beautiful voices ever heared.... we miss him, but we have his music...

Автор Bernadette Dumont ( назад)
Please never forget him, he was the best, he is still the best

Автор David Constantino Marcos Del Soto ( назад)
un inculto de la voz comento en una cancion que interpreta george michael que Fredy Mercury no llegaba a los tonos,bueno no me moleste ni en contestar ,solo digo escucha amigo,que voz,sin menospreciar por supuesto al SEÑOR George Michael,la mejor voz que a dado el rock,DIOS FREDDY MERCURY

Автор kamwrites ( назад)
Never before has someone been so comfortable with who they are, and succeeded at it. 

Автор Jacob Carrion ( назад)
Freddie doesn't wear superman shirts, superman wears Freddie Mercury shirts.

Автор Island Boy Of Manila ( назад)
one of my favorite queen's greatest song.. they can imitate you,but nobody can replace you Freddie..

Автор Chris Masse ( назад)
The sound quality of this video is excellent.

Автор noguera30 ( назад)
Te face on the drum, looks like yaranaika sempai

Автор Carlos Moreno ( назад)
39 Justin Bieber fans....how sad

Автор Fabio Colella (441 год назад)
quando le stelle brillavano da vero ed ammirarli ci rendeva migliori.

Автор Brad Bennett ( назад)
when roger taylor starts singing  he sounds like rod stewart at about the 5:30 mark

Автор petit anakin ( назад)
les bierres sur le piano! enorme!!!!

Автор diamonddiva1954 ( назад)
No one EVER like Freddie Mercury. He's missed.....

Автор Kel Bell ( назад)
What an amazing voice ! You know who it is when you hear it !

Автор Mark Bithell ( назад)
Best there is, best there was and the best that is likely to ever be.
Freddie's vocal range and his stage presence are out of this world.
Thanks for posting this video

Автор Michael Delgado ( назад)
Seriously, what 37 people disliked this??? How is that even possible? This is a truly beauteous performance!

Автор Bryan Patanovich ( назад)
<3 you forever Freddie, my spirit guide!

Автор Nola Chick ( назад)
Kind of surprised that Heineken hasn't tried to use this in a commercial. Yet.

Автор Oswaldo Paner ( назад)
The great singer of the century.....

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