White People came to Ancient America 2

It always helps to have multiple documentaries, in order to corroborate an issue. All 3 documentaries should be watched. This is not meant to diminish the role of Native Americans. The real purpose of this video is to address a current issue. Massive immigration is being pushed by Globalists who claim that White Americans should be displaced because we really don't belong here anyway. That's why the video has been uploaded. It is NOT meant to challenge the status of Native American Indians. Now, here are a few keywords, suggested by a recent comment. "white people" Americas "United States" Europe, Caucasian, France, White America, Documentary, History Culture "White People came to Ancient America" "Kennewick man" "Ice Age Columbus" England Civil

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Автор TheOuroboros666 (1 месяц)
Anti-Aryan hate exists because our people are consistently envied, feared
and hated for being the superior human race.

Hide the truth. Bury the truth. Deny the truth. Kill speakers of
truth. Destroy civilization.

Who cannot take a good honest look at this world and see primitives doing
all they can to destroy us?

Автор khazar Slayer (1 месяц)
Show some respect to the natives! Real natives are natives not whites
blacks or anyone except the native americans like australia is for the
aboriginal people not white for fucks sake! I'm white even though I was
born in america I fucken know I'm not a native american! This is just

Автор Rich Bark (1 месяц)
Superior race? Lol I dare any caucasoid to stand outside for a few hours on
a sunny day and see if you don't get burnt due to the lack of melanin in
your body that "inferior" races seem to be abundant with lmfaoooooo

Автор SWEGG SWEGGERTON (3 месяца)
It's a real shame when racism trumps science. Yes I am talking about those
of you who hate white people. Please don't let facts get in the way of a
good hatred.

Автор Norman Prenger (13 дней)
Whoever posted the editorial text in the video claiming that the genetic
drift explanation has been now discredited is lying. Genetic research
proved that is exactly what happened. The oldest ever extracted DNA
(approximately 12,000) links the "different" paleo-american skull shapes to
Siberia and modern American Indigenous peoples.

Why can't people accept the fact that human being are constantly evolving?
Why can't a precise DNA lineage ALSO belong to skulls of different shapes
and sizes, especially when there are thousands of years of separation
between the DNA sample and the modern descendant? 

Автор Don Stemple (7 часов)
As a modern descendent with a rich Native heritage, I'm not the least bit
bothered by a potential Caucasian find. So what? It's interesting. Maybe he
traveled across the old land bridge. There are plenty of anomalies - some
Native artifacts found in Ohio have Pheonician writing (old Hebrew) on
them. So what? There's no claim for us as Natives, Causcasians, whomever.
Let's see what the research shows and get an accurate measure on
Paleo-citizens wherever we find them.

Автор MichToJoshya (4 месяца)
This is just another BS clam made by euro-centric anthropologists.
Their other quite smelly BS claims invovle :
-egyptians were white
- aryans were white
-earliest swastik was found in europe.

Автор Anthony Diziacomo (1 месяц)
The person is actually Captain Packard of the U.F. Panets "Enterprise" who
got hooked up in a Time Warp & ended up back in ancient America. (Marcello
Tullivio Conte-Luna.) 

Автор Rory Gibbons (1 час)
since we are all simply "human beings." we cannot be superior to each
others "cultures." all this race crap is just that, just crap.

Автор Tone B (4 месяца)
White does not describe a race of people. White is a legal title and had
nothing to do with skin color. What did your ancestors call themselves
before so called America? It wasn't aryan, white etc.. Most of you don't
even know. Whites are fictional culture bandits. 

Автор marvin green (26 дней)
One thing every seems to miss is there is a world history lost to time and
written history. I believe that every culture has traveled the globe at one
time or another. Example is the white guy they found in Asia. Before then
no one thought Europeans had ever made it to the China area of Asia. So
because it don't go with your perfectly well educated narrow minded dogma,
don't mean that it's untrue. Remember thew church killed people for
practicing science and even murdered woman for learning to read.

Автор Mron Wright (8 дней)
DNA? All I see is science based on looking at bones. DNA is king. Hitler
used the same look, touch science and called it scientific proof. Grow up.
They didn't make any attempt to collect a DNA samples. White people had
neanderthal features 9000 years ago. Humans came from africa. Neaderthals
polluted are blood. If humans and Neaderthals had never crossed paths then
everybody would still be Africans (black ). Like it or not, this is a
scientific fact (DNA). So stop playing with those bones and give them back.
Everybody know that DNA is king in a case like this.

Автор Rodrigo Lee (24 дня)
Fact: 95% of white people are not mixed with Native! White people killed 95
% of the real natives off and claimed their identity to get Gov., Grants,
Land and Casino benefits. Also that's where the term $5 Indian come from in
those times a cracker could pay $5 to claim Indian benefits.

White people are lying evil bastards!!!

Автор lex marky (16 дней)
NAGPRA. The legal shovel that "Native" Americans use to bury the truth, so
as to protect their bogus claim of being the First Peoples.

Автор Suzan Abdi (17 дней)
this is bullshit!!! why walk, when the ancient world had boats!!!!!! wake
up black people

Автор USMarineRifleman0311 (6 месяцев)
25:10 No it isn't. Oral history is fluid and changes with developments in
science. It's comparable to confirming your own fantasies. So please tell
me what else you believe happened.... I'm sure the remainder of your
legends are so laughable even you wouldnt both bringing them up. 

Автор martin alfaro (2 месяца)
Bullshit...white people came to kill and steal everything ...go back to
europe you all wetbacks crossing the ocean ...

Автор Roy Ledford (1 месяц)
My man Adam was here before anyone, so everybody GET THE HELL OFF MY
PLANET!! lol. Does it really even matter? Historians such as Graham Hancock
find indications of an ancient Global Civilization and I bet THEY didn't
piss & moan...but then I doubt if they held a sense of entitlement either;
I'm sure they depended on one another. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I am neither
independent nor co-dependent, I am INTER-pendent. Thankfully...

Автор YoungPrinceGarivaldi (21 день)
Yes, Indeed! Very interesting....

Now, I agree. Me having Native Blood mixed with British and Italian. The
boy found from 25,000 year's ago. I truly believe I inherited the DNA. Did
I mention I have East and west asian?

Would be Cool, and Yes you may doubt it, but the Possibilities For me than
You are much greater in Percentage.

My great grandFather Maximillain Garivaldi would of Luaghed with Me on this

I am proud of My Native Blood, For they where True War Legend's. 

Автор Glen Russell (8 дней)
So the natives may have "stolen" "white remains" before the archaeologists
were able to determine proof!! Now that is disgusting and should become a
legal matter!!

Автор luis tuffik (4 месяца)
Gringo propaganda

Автор Michael Schwab (19 дней)
You know why they keep finding all these Caucasian bones all over the
earth? White flight our ancestors didn't want to be around mud people and
the only place left was ice age Europe but once it warmed up here come the
mud again blacks Asians injuns all the muds always riding the whites coat
tails if we all moved to the moon you would still follow begging and
stealing just to be in the presence of the glorious whites. Damm I love
being white 

Автор sky kc (1 месяц)
Genetic Study Kills Off Solutrean Hypothesis

sorry to show you that you have wasted much time in your confused life
trying to convince yourself and others that you are somehow not also
illegal immigrants like you want to say about others trying to come here.

illegal immigration started in 1492, and by all rights you EUROPEANS do not
belong here, hence the name EUROPEans and caucasian of the caucasus
mountains in russia where you came from. you are not indigenous and now it
is settled by science.

please divert your energy to telling the truth now and be real and remove
this 100% proven-propaganda.

thanks in advance from one person from NDN Country.

Автор ThorbArt (2 месяца)
<--- agrees with The Cough ... the idiot that made the title of this video
is just that. [an idiot] White people , Red people , Yellow people , Black
people , Brown people , where are the Blue people and Green people ... oh
... they only happen when we are sick. The Grey people are
extra-terrestrials and none are accurate to describe race or tribe or clan
or country or continent of origin. Actually come to think of it ... the
only colour that doesn't indicate some kind of disease or sickness is
Brown. All those other colours when applied to most people means danger
to their health.
Just Sayin' 

Автор Mron Wright (8 дней)
Evolution theory, lol.... There is no such thing. Humans have always been
human. Evolution is just another way to divide people, If you love to dig
in your butt, as an example , your finger want get longer over time, and
you want give birth to a child with one long finger that has a hooked
finger nail.

Автор Maibanez Ibanez (12 дней)
i like the way you comment with new evidence.....

Автор sama el (5 месяцев)
native amricans were not white. perod. you all stole the land from the real
native americans who are the ancient hebrews. that is why columbus brought
a hebrew translator with him and the word indian is hebrew for savage you
inknowing wastes of human flesh,.....read a god damn book you fool

Автор TheWizzardOfRandom (13 дней)
...This is cute, however, it has already been proven that the first known
inhabitants of the United States came from Africa. Sorry :/

Автор Vinay N (21 день)
The skulls prove they were Caucasian, but it does not they were white.
People from India have Caucasian bone structure but are not considered to
be white.

Автор Glen Russell (8 дней)
Smart man to take a cast of the original Kennewick man!!!! he was not
racist, he was being scientific in using scientific terms. Political
correctness should be deleted.

Автор Tino Acevedo (18 дней)
I know where you live who made this video prepared to be scalped 

Автор Xhyanghwa Chai (3 месяца)
Who says anything like that you belong because of being white, anyway?
Immigration is a part of the human experience after all. Think for a moment
why many white people started to leave Europe 5 centuries ago. Hint: it
wasn't pleasant being there.

Автор Andre Jones (2 месяца)
Actually this segment isn't true at all. Africans came to the Americas over
10k years ago and a skeleton was found in southern American stone cliffs. 

Автор watmam1 (21 день)
Races don't exist. You can have a white skin and be more related to african
people than to your redneck neighbor. 

Автор sunniski (3 месяца)
This was a interesting show of history and study....thanks for
posting ... no matter how it all really turned out in the truth of the
matter... before times... there were men and women and children. just like
today.... full of problems and problem people..... eventually.... it all
goes away .... and the earth is cleansed and new times are born again.... I
love the study of peoples cultures.... it helps me to grow and understand
people... in the little time...that I'm here. 

Автор Pj McGrath (1 месяц)
A bunch of houwy.....period.

Автор TheOlivoFamily (4 месяца)
It makes perfect sense. The science doesn't lie. Why is that so hard to

Автор Dale Hidy (18 дней)
it's except not accept, get an editor

Автор John Smith (1 месяц)
Those native laws about burials are so moronic. Why should science halt
just because some people want to dance around a fire and bury some old
bones of someone not even related to them?

Автор Lydia Walker (28 дней)
you can't change history . and not all our skulls look the same just like
not all yours look the same

Автор coffeefish (3 месяца)
Native people are full of it.

Автор FloridasCracker (6 месяцев)
Look at the Windover bog people from Florida proven DNA from Europe.

Автор sky kc (1 месяц)
total bullshit. white people were never here before 1492, the solutrean
theory has been thoroughly debunked by dna. get over it, you are an invader
european, nothing else. 

Автор Rohan David (3 месяца)
If you ask any of these scientists, anthropologist, archeologist to follow
the trail of human existence from the very beginning, all the way to where
they found the remains, they'd be baffled... They wouldn't take that
approach saying it's time consuming. The truth is, no one knows what the
truth actually is.... I just saw another documentary saying that Europeans
arrived in America by crossing the Atlantic when it was frozen during the
ice age and that was almost 17000 years ago!!! My opinion- Stop digging the
past, Start focusing on the future. 

Автор Danny Eatmon (1 месяц)

Автор William Pierce (6 месяцев)
"Massive immigration is being pushed by Globalists who claim that White
Americans should be displaced because we really don't belong here anyway."

Bullshit. This is "da house dat white man built". These so-called "native
Americans" arrived on this continent via the Bering Straits AFTER the first
White men. White people settled, developed and built America, as well as
named it (Amerigo Vespucci), not some primative hunters and gatherers,
so-called "native Americans", incapable of building a first world modern
society simply because they lack the white man's creative genius,
intelligence, etc. That is a FACT.

The so-called "globalists" are overwhelmingly Jewish, the rest are
collaborators, "useful idiots", "Jews between the ears", deracinated whites
and non-whites who've bought into international Jewry's nationwrecking,
anti-white agenda. These elitist scumbags deserve the short rope treatment
and one day will get it!

Автор John Smith (1 месяц)
Us Whites are the master race. All other races are noobs and should be

Автор Jimmy Graham (3 месяца)
what ever shape color or 1 legged we are human when you realize the one you
hate is the one you love.....the one whome looks back at you in the mirror
is your true self......when I look at my own image in a reflection I see
sorrow pain and selfishness.......I then choose to give comfort love and
gifts....but that's just me..........you do what works fer you and maybe
some day ill see ya on the flip side :)

Автор LordTomnoddy (1 месяц)
Good grief! You don't have to read many comments here to appreciate
how programmes like this can act as magnets for the very worst, most
bigoted nutjobs from all human "racial" groups.

Hello, folks! One purpose of science is to extend human knowledge via
the application of objective, quantifiable procedures and rational
assessment to verifiable evidence in order to determine FACT. Contemporary
political considerations have nothing to contribute to that
process. Conversely, if science does establish definitively every last fact
relating to the identity of some 10 millennia old remains and how they came
to be where they were found, that would and should have zero rational
implications for any contemporary political considerations. 

Автор kikenose goheine (4 месяца)
Caucasoids, Mongoloids, or Sub-Saharan Negroids were the first
Americans?!?!? Who really knows if we weren't there?!?!? Thousands of years

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