White People came to Ancient America 2

It always helps to have multiple documentaries, in order to corroborate an issue. All 3 documentaries should be watched. This is not meant to diminish the role of Native Americans. The real purpose of this video is to address a current issue. Massive immigration is being pushed by Globalists who claim that White Americans should be displaced because we really don't belong here anyway. That's why the video has been uploaded. It is NOT meant to challenge the status of Native American Indians. Now, here are a few keywords, suggested by a recent comment. "white people" Americas "United States" Europe, Caucasian, France, White America, Documentary, History Culture "White People came to Ancient America" "Kennewick man" "Ice Age Columbus" England Civil

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Автор coffeefish (1 месяц)
Native people are full of it.

Автор martin alfaro (11 дней)
Bullshit...white people came to kill and steal everything ...go back to
europe you all wetbacks crossing the ocean ...

Автор Andre Jones (18 дней)
Actually this segment isn't true at all. Africans came to the Americas over
10k years ago and a skeleton was found in southern American stone cliffs. 

Автор sama el (3 месяца)
native amricans were not white. perod. you all stole the land from the real
native americans who are the ancient hebrews. that is why columbus brought
a hebrew translator with him and the word indian is hebrew for savage you
inknowing wastes of human flesh,.....read a god damn book you fool

Автор luis tuffik (2 месяца)
Gringo propaganda

Автор MichToJoshya (2 месяца)
This is just another BS clam made by euro-centric anthropologists.
Their other quite smelly BS claims invovle :
-egyptians were white
- aryans were white
-earliest swastik was found in europe.

Автор Ralph Boggs (4 месяца)
Go white people! We Rock!

Автор jacko mcgee (2 месяца)
if ya hate white people so much go live in Africa i hear its a great place
with awesome non violent apemen.

Автор USMarineRifleman0311 (4 месяца)
25:10 No it isn't. Oral history is fluid and changes with developments in
science. It's comparable to confirming your own fantasies. So please tell
me what else you believe happened.... I'm sure the remainder of your
legends are so laughable even you wouldnt both bringing them up. 

Автор Tone B (2 месяца)
White does not describe a race of people. White is a legal title and had
nothing to do with skin color. What did your ancestors call themselves
before so called America? It wasn't aryan, white etc.. Most of you don't
even know. Whites are fictional culture bandits. 

Автор ThorbArt (17 дней)
<--- agrees with The Cough ... the idiot that made the title of this video
is just that. [an idiot] White people , Red people , Yellow people , Black
people , Brown people , where are the Blue people and Green people ... oh
... they only happen when we are sick. The Grey people are
extra-terrestrials and none are accurate to describe race or tribe or clan
or country or continent of origin. Actually come to think of it ... the
only colour that doesn't indicate some kind of disease or sickness is
Brown. All those other colours when applied to most people means danger
to their health.
Just Sayin' 

Автор Commonsense11111 (20 дней)
Old lady, go drink some firewater, and shut the fuck up.

Автор Rohan Tinku (1 месяц)
If you ask any of these scientists, anthropologist, archeologist to follow
the trail of human existence from the very beginning, all the way to where
they found the remains, they'd be baffled... They wouldn't take that
approach saying it's time consuming. The truth is, no one knows what the
truth actually is.... I just saw another documentary saying that Europeans
arrived in America by crossing the Atlantic when it was frozen during the
ice age and that was almost 17000 years ago!!! My opinion- Stop digging the
past, Start focusing on the future. 

Автор jesusmedranojm8 (1 месяц)
Im from houston tx and most of the white people Ive met and gotten to know
think they are really smart but in reality they are some of thr dumbest
mudafukas I've met. Sorry but true. They are curious people thou and
usually I would have to fix their fuk ups...lol

Автор Khadijah Mitchell (1 месяц)
lol they lie so much they believe they own lies 

Автор Xhyanghwa Chai (1 месяц)
Who says anything like that you belong because of being white, anyway?
Immigration is a part of the human experience after all. Think for a moment
why many white people started to leave Europe 5 centuries ago. Hint: it
wasn't pleasant being there.

Автор Erick Romero (4 месяца)
Fuck you all and your Eurocentric bull shit to justify your crimes fucking
land robbers!!

Автор SWEGG SWEGGERTON (1 месяц)
It's a real shame when racism trumps science. Yes I am talking about those
of you who hate white people. Please don't let facts get in the way of a
good hatred.

Автор Jacquelyn Diamond (2 месяца)
Does Milly Stevens realize she appears to have the genetic traits of the
Hindu peoples, not necessarily Anerican Indian?

Автор Rohan Tinku (1 месяц)
If you ask any of these scientists, anthropologist, archeologist to follow
the trail of human existence from the very beginning, all the way to where
they found the remains, they'd be baffled... They wouldn't take that
approach saying it's time consuming. The truth is, no one knows what the
truth actually is.... I just saw another documentary saying that Europeans
arrived in America by crossing the Atlantic when it was frozen during the
ice age and that was almost 17000 years ago!!! My opinion- Stop digging the
past, Start focusing on the future. 

Автор runingblackbear (2 месяца)
i come from the hole in the ground where all natives come from we have
always been here i have walk in my familys foot prints in stone this place
you will never know where it is smoke the tobacco and your hate will go

Автор FloridasCracker (4 месяца)
Look at the Windover bog people from Florida proven DNA from Europe.

Автор Jacquelyn Diamond (2 месяца)
I feel we have been consistently lied to about our human history, about
"evolution", I for instance do not have the monkey gene- I honestly believe
no human descended from primates! That flies in the face of the existance
of RH Negatives! The LEAST likely trait to mutate genetically is the Blood.
There is no way RH Megatives were the result of a random mutation! Science
cannot support such a flimsy theory!

Автор Preyator Lillie (2 месяца)
I don't think anybodies saying the original native Americans were white,
but rather there were periods of European or white Caucasian established
presences over periods of time,. 

Автор Graham Jones (14 дней)
Conspiracy: invent a clever ploy

Автор Heineken FiftySeven (10 дней)
The suppression of science in the interests of political correctness..

Автор Jacquelyn Diamond (2 месяца)
Perhaps there is a link to Neanderthal?

Автор BRKS627 (11 дней)
This a lying ass video brown people are the first in north america.

Автор The Cough (18 дней)
lol... that title is comical...

Автор GuardianDemonX (12 дней)
all of this shit is all lies, america is belong to the native not white 

Автор awwhellnogadammit (14 дней)
go white people!!! but damn you came back...

Автор leonthagreat1 (2 месяца)
LMAO...lol go back to your cave peckerwoods. Africans are finally wakeing

Автор richard seys (5 месяцев)
In 1998 Dr. Michael Brown and colleagues found European/Caucasoid
mitochondrial DNA markers in Indian tribes, mainly concentrated in the
Great Lakes region of North America. Mitochondrial DNA allows researchers
to determine dates that the groups mixed with each other. What they found
was that European/Caucasoid DNA made it to the Americas between 12,000 and
36,000 years ago.

Автор sunniski (1 месяц)
This was a interesting show of history and study....thanks for
posting ... no matter how it all really turned out in the truth of the
matter... before times... there were men and women and children. just like
today.... full of problems and problem people..... eventually.... it all
goes away .... and the earth is cleansed and new times are born again.... I
love the study of peoples cultures.... it helps me to grow and understand
people... in the little time...that I'm here. 

Автор FreedomforEuropa21stCentury (9 месяцев)
The proof that Europeans were the first ones to settle in the Americas is
true, though we shouldn't go in this neo Nazi rage and flip the fuck out
saying that "the natives killed them off" Actually the Whites were in
Canada and the northern part of the U.S., most of them mixed with the Asian
tribes in the north, but the Algonquins of the U.S. great lakes and East
Canada actually barely intermixed, which is why we see western European DNA
in this area, DNA is a beautiful thing and shows the genetic truth.

Автор Jacquelyn Diamond (2 месяца)
Wow, this guy from the Smithsonian is the first I've seen to advocate
disclosure. There are remains older than 10,000 yrs. who are up to 8ft. Old
with RED hair, Caucasian features, however, stranger still is the mummy
found in Maine- a Tall white male with red hair and double rows of jagged
teeth! This is a fact! This being was found with a copper tomahawk, but had
absolutely No Indian DNA, in fact it appears to not have typical human DNA!

Автор Vestalian Codis (4 месяца)
bigfoot says white man was first.

Автор Trent Payne (1 месяц)
Bet y'all $100 it's just Ainu people

Автор stubhead (1 месяц)
I want a casino too.

Автор Kita Barbie (1 месяц)
Kennewick man is one of many all over North America and South America

Автор 0917bobb (10 месяцев)
The linage of people can be determined by genetic markers, these markers
have been recorded to chart the migration of people to other parts of the
world. Contrary to the obvious bigoted subtitles of the person that posted
this video there are no genetic markers found from Europeans found anywhere
in the Americas natives. 

Автор Jimmy Graham (1 месяц)
what ever shape color or 1 legged we are human when you realize the one you
hate is the one you love.....the one whome looks back at you in the mirror
is your true self......when I look at my own image in a reflection I see
sorrow pain and selfishness.......I then choose to give comfort love and
gifts....but that's just me..........you do what works fer you and maybe
some day ill see ya on the flip side :)

Автор Drannon Moore (10 месяцев)
Regardless of whether Native Americans came from Europeans, Mongolians or
Russians, Europeans still invaded the Americas. Just because they may have
descended from ancient Europeans doesn't change the fact that the English,
Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, ect. invaded a territory,
killed millions of people, destroyed ancient civilizations, forced natives
to learn European languages/religion, wiped out several tribes, and
endangered the whole indigenous American race. 

Автор Rob3P (1 месяц)
Interesting. I'd never heard of the Ainu people before. But I think this
program shows that the Kennewick man was in fact native American.

Автор america white power (5 месяцев)
FUCK all the white people

Автор kikenose goheine (2 месяца)
Caucasoids, Mongoloids, or Sub-Saharan Negroids were the first
Americans?!?!? Who really knows if we weren't there?!?!? Thousands of years

Автор blackfeatherarchery (4 месяца)
Laughing, Enough of this stuff!

Автор kensdobs (2 месяца)

This link shows how the Ancient Egyptians differentiated themselves
from the way they saw the ANCIENT

Egyptians through your LYING RACIST EYES, definitely can't find any
Egyptians that look anything like these depictions.

Look at Osiris/Asar, Egypts founder &1st king, Menes/Nahmer, the unifier of
upper & lower Egypt & its 1st Pharaoh. Also look at Pepe, Sensusret, King
Tut, Ahmosis, the Rameses & Amenhotep's, and tell me they look anything
Egyptian paintings. 

Автор TheOlivoFamily (2 месяца)
It makes perfect sense. The science doesn't lie. Why is that so hard to

Автор Chrissy Johnson (2 месяца)
Europeans not white people,,,,,,,

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