White People came to Ancient America 2

It always helps to have multiple documentaries, in order to corroborate an issue. All 3 documentaries should be watched. This is not meant to diminish the role of Native Americans. The real purpose of this video is to address a current issue. Massive immigration is being pushed by Globalists who claim that White Americans should be displaced because we really don't belong here anyway. That's why the video has been uploaded. It is NOT meant to challenge the status of Native American Indians. Now, here are a few keywords, suggested by a recent comment. "white people" Americas "United States" Europe, Caucasian, France, White America, Documentary, History Culture "White People came to Ancient America" "Kennewick man" "Ice Age Columbus" England Civil

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Автор Keith Bright ( назад)
I'm so disgusted that the indians were covering it up. I think the Indians
who were from Mongolia killed off the white man, how interesting that the
white man came back for revenge. It is obvious to me that the Indians are
scared to loose their victim privilege so they who are actually the
invaders act like the victim. The fact that Indians fought each other tells
me that the white Europeans were wiped out by the Indians. I would keep as
many skulls and bones as necessary. The Mongoloid Indians are fighting to
keep my heritage from me.

Автор Jerry Peach ( назад)
Last July 2015 Kennewick man's DNA was tested showing closest connection to
modern Native Americans despite the skull appearing European. Funny thing
is shortly after that a study in Science reported that the Native American
came from central Siberia (just as Europeans did) about 23.000 years ago.
So it appears currently that Native American and European have significant
similarities. One can't help but note that Modern Native Americans don't
look like East Asians.

Автор eric5335 ( назад)
Many different peoples have come to America, Celts, Vikings, Phoenicians
and probably more. Columbus might have just been merely the last man to
discover America.

Автор stormbringerr mourn ( назад)
the truth has no agenda.

Автор Vijay Prakash Patel ( назад)
Give's good knowledge for ancient age of humanbeans

Автор Sockit2Socko ( назад)
this is all bullshit, again with white supremacy and ideologies. Forcefully
trying to remove physical history and replace it with their own ideas. SO
tired of this

Автор Miguel Martinez ( назад)
Mentirosos hijos de su puta madre

Автор Rick Grimes ( назад)
I always had doubts about the traditional view of the Siberian-Bering
Strait theory of the peopling of the Americas. Although I do believe that a
large number of tribes migrated to the Americas from Siberia I don't
believe this to be the only route that human beings took to enter the
Americas during ancient times. If you look at pure Native American tribes
today (excluding the Eskimos/Inuits/Yupiks, who are not really classified
as "First Nations" legally) they look quite different from East Asian and
Siberian Mongoloids. Only an idiot cannot tell the difference between an
Old World Mongoloid and Native Americans based on physical features. Native
Americans looks like a transition race between an ancient Caucasoid tribe
and Mongoloid. Either they started to evolve to become Mongoloid due to the
harsh cold climates of Siberia/Alaska but didn't become fully Mongoloid or
they looked like Eskimos but heavily intermarried with some ancient
Caucasoid people and they become what are Native American groups today.
Either way, Native Americans are a separate racial category from Asian and
Siberian Mongoloids (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Nivkh, Yakut,

Автор Xman R ( назад)
Native Americans and Northern Europeans more closely related than
previously thought


Автор ung427 ( назад)
What if Europeans came across a long time ago and they encountered an
ancient people in North America, interbred, and you have Native Americans
today? Who were the ancient people in that case?

Автор withwingsaseagleeyes ( назад)
To me a Native is someone who is born in the lands and an Indigenous is one
who should have control of the lands. Now all those born in these lands I
would say could stay but under the Governing Authority of all the
Indigenous who all take part in running a True Land of The FREE. Not a
Mixing bowl to use to control the rest of Earth as it was created for since
its beginnings. Went from Kings and Lords to Governments and Corporations
along with the Church, i.e., The Roman One and all its Daughters and other
Creations of even long ago like 650 AD/CE(what ever, according to a Popes
Calendar or the other, what ever).

Автор no-more-war-4-ZIONISTS ( назад)
DNA test the bones! It's about facts! Let's get to the bottom of our

Автор Valchrist1313 ( назад)
Ha. I just came from a video making pretty much identical claims, but
claiming that black Africans from Indonesia/Australia were the first people
in the Americas, and the same type of racist comments, just coming from
blacks toward natives and vice-versa instead of whites vs natives and

Автор Richard ( назад)
yea people really hate it when people talk about white people. It is there
greatest fear.Truth makes them so angry.

Автор kieth itreal ( назад)
To all you idiots here, scientific proof or evidence is a theory, get over
it! Anybody can be found with a knife from Europe or Africa, or Bangladesh!
It doesnt mean they derived from there. Maybe they bartered through their
passage. They may have also mixed with other races, wow, now that sounds
too good to be true...smdh...Who gives 2 shits who was here first! Open
your mind and learn, learn to think differently instead of always finding a
way to fight someone based on someone's theory... Just broaden your mind n
stf up!

Автор Francisco Espírito-Santo ( назад)
The First Nations principle is false and a falacy!

Автор Curby Weaver ( назад)
The elephant in the living room everybody is avoiding is that long before
the 'mini ice age' (1300 - 1850 when all civilizations declined) there was
regular trade across the Atlantic. Non indian people in America as well as
non-indian artifacts, such as the Los Lunas Decalogue stone are hard
evidence that Columbus merely re-discovered what had been forgotten through
the tough years of plague and the dark ages.

Автор Rick Tipton ( назад)
Where are the other two Documentaries?

Автор Rick Tipton ( назад)
The Skull at 7:29 is Scandinavian in appearance!

Автор izbavynasotlukavago (1529 лет назад)
I guess if we get rid of corporations, banks, organized religion, and
reduce overpopulation, we can expect spear-point wounds and skull injuries
in utopia.

Автор izbavynasotlukavago ( назад)
So the Indians stole the land from the White Man!

Автор asiaticmoor1 ( назад)
The DNA of Noah's fore parents before Him didn't die in the flood. he has
three son's and a wife that didn't look like he did. Now let's look at his
sons and their son's and where they went according to there families
families, this video doesn't hold water holes all in the video story. if
you going to dialogue or debate me on the subject. bring fore real
evidence, I can produce that which I wrote in real life, out of that book
and show it on Earth in reality plus more that's not written or the which
has been deliberately hidden to create their own story off our story. The
universal laws don't lie, man can't change the story written above. hope
you can comprehend what I just said.

Автор asiaticmoor1 ( назад)
The thing that bothers me is, for that skull to be found at that time after
9 thousand year's in that spot only inches in pieces from each other comes
off as very odd and strange to say the least. there are animals that would
have found those bones and carried them away to eat on. Put chicken bones
out and see if the bones you set out will all be there tomorrow, I truly
don't think those bones would be there. looks like someone placed those
bones there, then called the police. where's the rest of the body to this
skull, it has to be inches away from the head. Reason I say this, our
history books says the Earth was flat and the ships would fall of the edge
of the Earth. so if those people believed this at that time, how could a
Caucasian skull be found here and all those Europeans not know of land,
then call this the new world. how is this possible...

Автор Ronaldo McDonaldo ( назад)
Is there any other planet that we know of where humans can survive? The
answer is NO. With no other planet to go to it was inevitable that humans
discover the American continent. Does it matter who found it first?

Автор black horse ( назад)
What happened to all the poor White trash cying about wanting their own
casino's. Idiots.! As if individual Indians can have a casino if they
wanted to. Stupid people.

Автор JAY MIDDY ( назад)
The Caucasians' history is being surpressed all over the world. They even
found blonde ANCIENT ARYAN mummies deep in china that were older than
dynastic china. The little dick bitches hid it for over 25 years!!!

Автор JAY MIDDY ( назад)
Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, South America, India are all civilizations
kicked started by Caucasian "GODS" who were actually what people think of
as the Lemuria and Atlantis peoples. A prehistoric pre ice age highly
advanced people. The Aryans !!!

Автор Inspiring videos ( назад)
All people traveled everywhere.....Europeans, Asians, Africans. Columbus
just interrupted the truth because of his narcissism. So of course no one
could have traveled here prior to him only for him to come and find people
already occupying the continent. Common sense should tell people that if
you arrive somewhere and someone is already there then traveling to that
part of the world is possible. If its possible for one, its possible for
all. So to find remains in America that indicate an African presence, an
Asian presence, or European presence.......why is it a surprise? We are so
caught up on the Columbus theory that we fail to realize that all people
were in America. The earth is a millions of years and we are crazy enough
to believe that people of Europe have only been coming for 400 years or
that Africans were only brought to America due to the slave trade and
neither possessed the cognitive abilities to travel outside of a specific
region. I think it speaks to the narcissism and arrogance of the current
human thinking that if they didn't see it or discover it then it didn't
happen. Columbus and that superior way of thinking ruined a lot of valuable
research and common sense reasoning that says that the only people that
traveled are those from 400 years ago from a specific region. People
travel. have traveled, and continue to travel.........

Автор Andy B. ( назад)
The Land of Canaan, mentioned in Numbers 34, Joshua 15, and Ezekiel 47 is
none other than what is today known as Canada. Bashan is Alaska. Alaska is
the Land of the remnant of the Giants, the Sons of Anak. Joshua 10 features
a description of the Midnight Sun as the Sun and Moon stood still in the

Автор Paul Robinson ( назад)
One thing the all agree on is that man originated out of Africa. Where they
went from there is obvious. This documentary is ridicules.

Автор T Allen ( назад)
The biblical" scattering" of Jews throughout the earth, BEFORE the
separation of the continents, and then the later separation of continents,
MAY be a clue.

Автор El Guiñolo ( назад)
This is literally a case of cover up.
Afraid of disturbing the narrative according to which Indians are the pure
salt of the Earth, present in America since the dawn of times ? Well, like
many other cases of ancient human remains discovered across America, we
have a strong suggestion that not only did European settlers came way
before the "native americans", but also that those Pure Loving Beings
slaughtered the whites after their arrival on the continent. Even Indians
own oral traditions speak of white peoples that they exterminated.

Автор Doris Lay ( назад)
You guys are just as bad as the negrocentrists.

Автор Joseph Cubbison ( назад)
Lets get serious now; there's no science in Evolution period! How about
some physical evidence Instead of this assigning ignorance! This theory and
the nonsense about a bang banged out of nothing to make orbiting rocks and
from those rocks life evolved! ill never feel the same way about "education

Автор Ronald Small ( назад)
So scientists can attack Christianity all they want, even without evidence,
but injuns have a trump card to stop science in its tracks if it
contradicts their beliefs. Interesting.

Автор Michael Freed ( назад)
I have trouble believing that there are still those who believe in concepts
like "race". I can't get my family to agree on what they want on their
pizza, but all "other peoples" are of one mind set, all dehumanized by
their differences from "us". you know who else is completely different from
you? EVERYONE WHO EVER LIVED OR WILL EVER LIVE!! Grow up people. This is
human history, and if we can't agree on how to go about analyzing it,
that's a difference you won't eliminate by killing "others". That last two
people on Earth will kill each other over meaningless arguments such as
this, Lilliputian Big-enders versus Lilliputian Small-enders. Doesn't the
story of Adam & Eve mean anything to Christians?

Автор Carolyn Hunt ( назад)
The major flaw of their arguement is that they are only making comparisons
to Western Native Peoples. They should be making comparisons to the Eastern
Woodland Peoples. Even if the Eastern Peoples are descended from the
Salutrians, as some claim, the Eastern Peoples had a very different skull
morphology. However, when you look at the development of languages, which
become more diversified with deeper ancestry, the Americans (north & south)
had a far more diverse pallette of languages than they entire rest f the
world combined. This alone means that the Natives of the Americas are far
older, the linguistic diversity points to a far more ancient existence than
any euro-centric scientist can wrap their mind around. It's just as likely
that Native Peoples evolved here separately but in parallel to the "out of
Africa" theory...

Автор jade gardner ( назад)
Wow this is a drammatical sitcom of a documentary. TLDR

Автор Purple burd ( назад)
I don't know about you guys but I'm just happy to be a human and not a goat
or a gold fish.

Автор Tamerlane ( назад)
and does this justify wounded knee? or the poverty in reservations?

Автор Nancy Benefiel ( назад)
The early Irish monk frequently took to their small ships and sailed west.

Автор John Morgan ( назад)
EIRIU - Love (grows to wisdom)

A a Family Clann Tribe Nation A-RA-Bi-A (Place of) Wisdom’s Serenity E
Eternal From the beginning I I Male Man brother son O  RA  Sun
Phaora/o Teacher Nurturer Supreme Father/Mother Creator Maker Source Centre
Font of All RA-NA Perfect Beauty AB-RA-HAM High Ptiest (of) Phaora/o
Home/Place Everywhere Everything E  e Female Woman Great Queen Phaora
daughter sisterEternal joy/moment/day/time of RA E-Y-Ri-E Great
Twin(ned) queens of spirit ME-SO-PA-TAIN-E-A UR- (CITY OF) HAM-UR-RA-BI CYM
– RA Come Sun
JUDEA – U Day (are) RA-BI- TEACHER/SUN OF SERENITY Jordan-j oUr Dawn (are)
SE – MA – RI – Sidhe (shee) mar-rie (King) Sidhe – Ba spirit deathless
Sol-O—Mon son of the sun SE – ME – TIC Sidhe my Time SE – L – TIC Sidhe
above Time
RA–ME-S-SE -S me Sun Spirit me says MOE-SE-S Mothers ( eternal) spirit
says) RU’N (secret) Rune LA Day/Song La Tene/La Tin
GRA-HAM (Gra-hamme) Love of Home CA Spirit CA-IRN Spirit of Stone memory
CA-I-RA spirit of great Compassion

IN SHAH A-LA SIDHE (shee) BA Our will this day of Spirit deathless
SIDHE NO BAS Spirit no Die SAOR (seer)-SIDHE Free Spirit SAOR (seer)-SHAH
Free Will
Angel, AN-GEIL, An Gael - GAEL Wind on Sea GAEL-LINN Wind/Breath of Change
U-A-LAHD Our Will/Our Day CYM-RI-A Come be king CA-IR-AI-N spirit of Bright
Ones Anger
KEN-MA-RE Knowledge of Kings SWAN-SIDHE(see) Swan Spirit CLAN-TWI-T Family
Twinned twice
BHEAL-FEIRST-SIDHE Mouth of far-seeing Spirit(S) Chi-chi-S-ter twinneD
spirits land

Ka,CA, Spirit CARMA Destiny/Fate CA-IY way/Key am I AKH-E-NATEN Father
making Nations (of Ten Nations)
NE-FE-RI-TI Ever Fertile time/Monarch NILE NIALL NAIL Certainty of purpose

Автор John Morgan ( назад)
Beginning in 2006 the People of One Fire, a nationwide team of Native
American scholars, primarily of Creek Indian heritage, began a
comprehensive research program to obtain more accurate and detailed
knowledge of North America’s pre-European history. Much of the work
involved painstaking, paragraph by paragraph analysis of the archives of
the colonial powers, particularly those of Spain. The team attempted to
translate every Native American word recorded by the Spanish, while they
were in the Southeast. Almost all the words were easily translated by
modern Creek, Alabama, Koasati or Choctaw dictionaries. There were no
Cherokee words, whatsoever. However, the words associated with the province
of Duhare defied translation until this week .While investigating the
similarity of Irish petroglyphs to those in the State of Georgia, A People
of One Fire member ran across this ancient Irish lullaby, called “Bainne
A check with Gaelic dictionaries quickly found translations for the Duhare
words, recorded by the Spanish. Duhare can either be translated as “place
of the Clan Hare” . . . or if the Duhare came from west of the Shannon
River, it meant, “du’hEir – place of the Irish.” Datha was a standard
Medieval Irish Gaelic word that means “painted.” Since the Spanish recorded
that he covered his skin with pigments or tattoos, as was traditional among
the Celts, this name makes perfect sense. Researchers feel certain that
there was a colony of Irish folk living in what is now South Carolina, when
Christopher Columbus “thought” he had discovered the New World. When and
how the Irish got to the New World is another question. Most likely it was
during the Medieval Period. Even if the Irish had originally known how to
smelt iron and bronze, the nearest deposits of iron and copper ores were a
280 miles (448 km) away from the coast. There are no tin deposits in the
Southeast for making bronze. A couple of generations of NOT making iron
tools, and the people would have forgotten the knowledge. There is a
particular irony to this stark change in North America’s official history.
During the Irish Potato Famine, all the ports in the United States, except
Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA were closed to Irish immigration. Possibly,
as many as a quarter million Irish immigrants entered the United States
through Charleston and Savannah. Although most dispersed throughout the
Southeast to establish farms or work on the railroads, enough stayed in
Charleston and Savannah to make them, “very Irish” cities. The Province of
Duhare seems to have been located in modern-day Carolina..

Автор Fresh Impact Co. ( назад)
It looks like the two reconstructions of the skull could be as likely
Middle Eastern or Arabic. Its not forced to have been Caucasian.

Автор Fresh Impact Co. ( назад)
There is clear evidence that south America was inhabited by a black race,
and others....

Автор Fresh Impact Co. ( назад)
The land of America both north, central and south, has been inhabited and
coexisted by multitudes of cultures and peoples over 10s of thousands of
years and of I dare say 100s of thousands of years. The Americas have been
inhabited and re inhabited over and over again, and sometimes by peoples
who are now extinct and have either died out, forced away from fertile
lands or were killed off. Lets not kid ourselves... instead lets get out
there and get the evidence for this.

Автор Sherwin Jose ( назад)
If Europeans came to Ancient America why would they totally extinct the
native Americans off the face of the earth? Why deprive the Red man. How
did White being become red and is there an explanation for melanin. Why
Europeans reside in the mountains and Indians reside mainly in the plains?
The historical findings have nothing to do with Ancient America. Why was
the Americas called the New Found Land when it was already existing 100,000
years prior. Why are human remains being found in modern day America
representing the ancient European being why weren't they reverenced by a
sector of people that resembles the artifact in which you speak of????????
Answers are needed

Автор littgaia ( назад)
Why must there be geographic designations for specific races? Even in this
day and age, there are those who follow either the food or the money,
depending on the ease of access.

Автор 68ragman ( назад)
Tony Strings (Black Nirvana) is a coward. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You know to run
from your betters. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Автор Judy Taggerty ( назад)
Every part of the world had different races at different times in history.
The stronger race seems to always over take the weaker or smaller race from
day one. Hope Science keeps finding interesting information to help the
world get along. I believe the Bible, that man kind came out of Africa what
ever color they were. Scientist found LUCY, she's black.

Автор Rick Juan ( назад)
bull shit. white people came from caves. say the truth.

Автор Steve Roberti ( назад)
This episode hardly mentions the Younger Dryas event, and the possibility
that the earlier pre clovis and clovis makers were probably driven nearly
to extinction. So when the descendents of modern Native Americans arrived,
North America was likely to have been practically uninhabited. My hope is
that a more complete picture will eventually emerge that is not based on
speculation, mythology, or racial positioning. From a scientific
standpoint, the story is fascinating.

Автор Boris82muchravioli ( назад)
And we now know he was most likely from the Colville Indian family in
eastern Washington.

Автор Rachel Pond ( назад)
No one was white at that point in time. The lighter skin gene didn't
develop until 8,000 years ago or later.

Автор Calvin Crowe ( назад)
Why do native americans adorn themselves with pagan symbols.

Автор Svatoplukable ( назад)
I'm trying to follow your logic as to why you say the video is racist, but
you're not offering any specifics. First of all, why would it be impossible
for a non-native to have reached north America long ago?

Автор b24harman ( назад)
I remember the last time we discovered an ancient skeleton that seemed to
be of white ancestry in North America and it was quickly claimed as Native
American remains and whisked away by local Native Americans and hidden
before it could be properly analyzed. Some people can't handle the truth
sometimes. I guess it would shake their claims of being "Native" and then
they'd have to pay taxes. That's more important than the truth I guess.

Автор Raymond Daubney ( назад)
Very good. Not for liberal Marxist retards though, requires some degree of
intelligence which of course leaves them out.

Автор Yahyl Bey ( назад)
damn why yall keep lying

Автор Anders D ( назад)
I sort of look like Kennewick man. Do I get to build a casino?

Автор George Papsukkal ( назад)
The Olmec who was black was in America long before any other races. The
evident is the colossal head prove this, show me some artifacts of
Cauca-Asian then I will believe your nonsense.

Автор GIANTSECRETS ( назад)
What did they say dedicated to disinformation?.

Автор Jim Billings ( назад)
When will we land (the white man ravaged) be returned to the rightful owner

Автор C E Mason ( назад)
White people in America
how many different site sis there now
The lovelock mummies are 2000 + years old
there from Wales... they say
They found other mummies out side of town
they had red hair
They date to 50 bc
so cool

Автор tenhirankei ( назад)
A skull with Caucasoid traits older than any of the usual skulls that are
akin to the early Asian traits. No wonder Native Americans are in a panic.
White Europeans can claim priority over the Americas because they were
there first. But then these remains were probably "planted" at the sites
where they were found by White Europeans for the express purpose of
establishing such a claim. The Freemasons were behind it!

Автор ScruovGoogul ( назад)
Complete distortion of the state of scientific knowledge, especially
genetic evidence. Puhlease...

Автор TheMorbiousStone ( назад)
So many down votes LOL you jelly

Автор Norman Prenger ( назад)
Be informed as to what sort of folks promote this misinformation:

Автор Erik Coulombe ( назад)
we should call him tony big bull,,shit artist.

Автор Erik Coulombe ( назад)
and at some point it was bred out of you cause you black as the ace of

Автор Erik Coulombe ( назад)
there were whites travailing to America,and there was many other races that
traveled there,as well,black Asian ,from many different countries.this is
known to be fact because of archeology finds,let them study to find out
some truths,i like when a scientist says his finds are not fact but
speculative ,thats the sign of a truly intelligent person.

Автор Erik Coulombe ( назад)
SPIRIT MAN IS ONE UGLY MOFO,and looks Indian to me

Автор April Aries ( назад)
What the hell is wrong with indians do they worship the body? Calls the
body spirit no they have no spirit and this body was not buried by them.

Автор Norman Prenger ( назад)
here's the open access article in a highly respected science journal. The
beautiful thing about peer review is that an expert in the field, any
scientist for that matter, can pick apart the data, the methods, and the
conclusion if they believe they are faulty. This means the author of the
article has to make sure his/her stuff is up to snuff or his/her reputation
is on the line.
Willerslev himself addresses the contamination issue -- which is at the
heart of extracting aDNA. http://geogenetics.ku.dk/latest-news/kennewick/
Jennifer Raff also explains protocol in aDNA extraction. And she's an
expert in the field so she knows what she is talking about.
Tell me where the gaping holes and mistakes lie in these articles...

Автор Norman Prenger ( назад)

Автор M. .KELLY ( назад)
All this effort to convince the gullible. We just needed to see the DNA
results. Now we have it and can close another chapter of 3moonwolf theatre.
Sorry losers, not!

Автор Tai Te ( назад)
this sounds like a lots bs

Автор Stephen D ( назад)
We are all cut from the same genetic cloth, we are all brothers and
sisters. Greed Anger and Delusion are the 3 poisons that cause great
suffering. Be generous, kind and loving and cultivate wisdom based of
Truthful awakening. We are Planetary, connect with something BIGGER.

Автор gordon kistler ( назад)
wouldn't it be funny if they traced the 9 thousand year old skeleton to
Vladimir Putin!

Автор mayamachine ( назад)
gave robbers,,

Автор Lewis Loflin ( назад)
Notice the many almost violent reaction to this information. What do they
fear? NOVA is hardly operated by David Duke. Very likely the Europeans and
Asians merged later into ONE people likely destroyed by a massive meteor
explosion around 12,900 years ago. Now go ahead and throw fits from the
scions of victimism and political correctness.

Автор NoMoreBrotherWars ( назад)
I'm pleasantly surprised. This is an usual politically-incorrect
documentary for Nova.

Автор ShalomarPoom68 ( назад)
Lol Europeans are invaders no matter if there were a few here a very long
time ago or not. Anyone trying to argue that any European nation who landed
in the Americas didn't exploit, enslave and brutalize Amerindians and that
race didn't play a factor is too ignorant to try to educate.

Автор Nicole N ( назад)
You Eurocentrics and Afrocentrics can both fight over this stupid topic but
genetics prove Native Americans were the first ones here.

Автор seanmactavish1 ( назад)
Opinions are like assholes everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone
else's is full of shit.

Автор Krisha Gurung ( назад)
white people in america came from england.

Автор Wendy Davis ( назад)

Автор musicguy20 ( назад)
The earth isn't ours to own because once your body is 6 ft under the earth
owns you. Doesn't matter what pigment did what. Just be respectful and
accept were all human and we all have great journeys. 

Автор James Partch ( назад)
court is just a tool legal cover up fro suppressing truth of real history
and ancestory

Автор andujo211 ( назад)
Do you guys ever wonder why when one country invades another the first
thing they do is destroy their documented history?? they did this on
purpose. They do it so later on the future your children's children
children won't look at their forefathers like the savages they really are.
Who ever wins the war that's who makes the rules and writes the history
books. And that's what's happened to our history. if these people came to a
continent and literally wiped out a whole race, what's to stop them from
inventing their own history...
Nothing. People could easily have brought over ancient artifacts from
somewhere in the world placed them somewhere were hardly anybody goes and
then say "oh I made this discovery look at this". That's how easy it is.
Planting evidence. The French were notorious for doing this. Taking older
rocks and placing them on land and then claiming that they had staked the
land. They did it to the English numerous times. 

Автор eflint1 ( назад)
Seems the Native Americans may have wanted to quickly squash this story
before it got too far along.

Автор AT GUNPOINT TV ( назад)
the fact that the archeologist called Lucia the skeleton fron Bdazil, which
is the same name as Lucie, one of the early australopitecus skeleton
found in Africa must raised much questions among people who wants to be
free from religious behaviors!!! All these so called science stinks!!

Автор Boas Novas ( назад)
Livros apócrifos descrevem a chegada de hebreus israelitas bíblicos a
América conduzidos por YHWH em navios. Todos sabemos que os hebreus
voltaram para o Egito - terra de escravidão - em navios. Hebreus bíblicos
estão dispersos para adorar ao Criador em espírito e verdade. Hebreus são
chamados, hoje, negros e índios.

Автор Boas Novas ( назад)
O desmatamento para edificar cidades e a desapropriação de terras indígenas
estão acabando com a terra, contaminando os rios, etc.

Автор atomroach ( назад)
I am dismayed that there is no mention of lithic analysis regarding the
spear point embedded in the hip of the Kennewick man. Surely someone has
done such an anlysis. Point typology would be an obvious contribution to
solving the mystery of his origins.

Автор RHM 407 ( назад)
Fadhuer needs to learn something to. viking,greek they all stole the
knowledge from africa.these were all cavemen.There were civilasation
existing long before cavemen,european,greek+vikings

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