White People came to Ancient America 2

It always helps to have multiple documentaries, in order to corroborate an issue. All 3 documentaries should be watched. This is not meant to diminish the role of Native Americans. The real purpose of this video is to address a current issue. Massive immigration is being pushed by Globalists who claim that White Americans should be displaced because we really don't belong here anyway. That's why the video has been uploaded. It is NOT meant to challenge the status of Native American Indians. Now, here are a few keywords, suggested by a recent comment. "white people" Americas "United States" Europe, Caucasian, France, White America, Documentary, History Culture "White People came to Ancient America" "Kennewick man" "Ice Age Columbus" England Civil

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Автор Popeye Desailor ( назад)
Aliens were here long before any of us...

Автор Popeye Desailor ( назад)
Amerigo Vespuchi discovered America, Columbus was the second one to make
the trip.

Автор dbcooper bla ( назад)
natives are just trying to burry the truth about who was here first , soon
they will wish they accepted that all races walked in north america before
the ice age and durring ! its gonna bite them on the ass

Автор dbcooper bla ( назад)
just goes to show that natives knew for a long time they wernt the first
ones here , what about the lovelock giants ? yea they took care of that
pretty quick too didnt they , native culture and ledgends are full of
stories of people already here when they showed up after the ice age ,
remenants of atlantis maybe ? before the ice age the world was well
traveled and not as isolated as you all think , natives just dont want to
loose all thier privledges

Автор Cuts rose scents ( назад)
why people think this was some empty,unknown land...is beyond me.
Unfortunately being so closed minded and shortsighted about the past has to
make you unable to grasp the cyclic future that's coming

Автор Xarcht ( назад)
I'ld love for them to find bones dating to the Neanderthal era, It would
really upset peoples veiw of those survivors.

Автор M Irwin ( назад)
Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can speak. Can I claim their bones?

Автор M Irwin ( назад)
So I claim every person born since the pyramids to be my family.

Автор M Irwin ( назад)
People do realize Egyptian culture is 5000 years old?????????????????

Автор M Irwin ( назад)
A tribe can claim a 9 thousand year skull??????????? They must work for

Автор Michelle Mankin Mee ( назад)
I'm not going to watch this to the end. But as the latest the Kenniwick man
has been found to be Native American. And Belongs now to the Tribe up
there. DNA has came further since this.

Автор Mr. Badass ( назад)
Europeans, Africans lol whats next Indians were here first?

Автор Ryan Privee ( назад)
It sounds like the Yumatila, Piute and other indians are more concerned
with people finding out white people were here before mongoloid Indians
than wanting their supposed ancestor back...

Автор Toby & Jenny ( назад)
are blacks now the"master race"

Автор TexasTrez ( назад)
lmao this vid is such bullshit

Автор Dennis Dispenza ( назад)
The Americas were populated by Red Race Atlantians from Atlantis, Lemurians
from Lemuria, Blacks from West and North Africa, and Whites from Europe.
ALL these came to the Americas' at different times long before Columbus in
1492, some as far back in time as several million years.

Автор 22bryant ( назад)
no way,,native people from the Americas came from central asia,,Altai

Автор Miguel Martinez ( назад)
Estan igual que Los negros ..dicen que son olmecas

Автор THE REAL JEW ( назад)

Автор Charlezz Sock ( назад)

Автор Brenda Sanders ( назад)
DNA testing us revealing a whole lot of lies that have been told.. The
people living in the State of Israel claiming to be the real Jews are
proven via DNA as being people from Germany, Poland. European and other
places.. Also, DNA has proven that the Europeans mixed with Eskimo and
Asian are MONGOLOID'S NOT Native American Indians. However; Snoop Dog and
Charles Barkley took DNA testing and they both had 20+%Native American
Indian blood. A Negroid woman took the DNA test her DNA results stated she
is ALL Native American Indians without any mixture period. Some Negroid
complexion men in America TOOK DNA testing and it proved that they are of
the Tribe of Judah which means they are the TRUE JEWS...
😁😀😆😅😂😂😁😀😃😆☺😅 DNA is the best thing man ever came up with!! Now
we all know who's thieves, imposters, and LIAR'S!!!

Автор Joseph Pacaccio ( назад)

Автор Frances H ( назад)
how can you tell someone's ethnicity by observing their skull?? I just
don't get that.

Автор gwyn Jones ( назад)
TO give to history the knowledge of the ancesters is to celebrate them and
to hold back the information is to deny them.. One would think that the
native Americans would want that knowledge to be avaliable.. There is no
dierespect in the discovery ....

Автор Will M ( назад)
what? white people!? triggerrrrrr!!!!!

Автор jim fortaleza ( назад)
Funny how the commentary in this video at 37:14 is about how the scientist
reported the skull has Caucasoid features, but the newspaper said "White".
Then you have the title of the video as "White people came to America".
Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Автор Marcus Cruz (poroxem lunasiem) ( назад)
Back to africa, back to europe.

Автор hieu nguyen ( назад)

Kennewick man is infact Native American. Who cares if he is Mongoloid or
Caucasoid. We're talking about a Human being. His DNA is Native American in
origin. The scientific study has proven NOT deny that fact. Here we're
fighting over whether he is white or asian so as to claim United States for
Vikings and Colonial Americans to feel better about themselves invading
America. When it is fact that Native Americans, NOT mongoloid or caucasoid
were the first settlers. This is pure racist accusation using negative
racial terms, Mongoloid, to denigrate an entire group of American culture.
Native Americans are Native Americans. NOT Mongoloid or Caucasoid. These
are physiological features NOT DNA specific terms. Physiological features
come from specific close breeding of family members or DNA similar people.
There ARE specific DNA strands unique to certain races. But these are
result again from selective breeding and back then there weren't
diversification. You basically married your cousins or you don't marry at
all. Your nearest dissimilar Human cousins whether African in origin or
European or Asians were MILES away. When you have distinct selective
breeding you end up with not a lot of variety in DNA. Thus you end up with
short sighted and racist terms like Mongoloids and Caucasoids. When in fact
original we're from one common ancestors. Sure people have fought each
other over race. This is result of people selectively weeding out who you
find as being "pretty" or "similar" or "ugly" and "different". We're still
killing each other over skin color today. Making more and more of the same
selective breeding. When in fact people branched off somewhere in history
from a common ancestor. Being divisive and defensive when you don't see
nothing but skin color and hair color are in fact from breeding with
cousins and inbreeding.

Автор Ket Ketchum ( назад)
The earth is only about 6000 years old.

Автор Rory Triscuit ( назад)
"Why are none of you wearing gloves?" - me throughout the whole video

Автор Bill P ( назад)
37:49 "since there are no clearly defined boundaries between races..."
1)Genetic markers of populations
"Since the development of PCR and other rapid, powerful DNA chemistry
laboratory techniques, there have been multiple investigations of how the
frequency of certain sequences vary in different populations. These
different forms of DNA are called polymorphisms and, since they vary on an
inherited basis, polymorphisms can be useful for tracing the ancestries of
populations. For example, in 1966 the Gm ab3st gene was shown to be common
in Mongoloid people, including Asians and Native Americans. Since then,
four different varieties of the gene, Gm haplotypes, have been described:
Gm ag, axg, ab3st, and afb1b3. When individuals have these GM haplotypes,
they fall into one of two patterns- " the first is a southern group
characterized by a remarkably high frequency of Gm afb1b3 and a low
frequency of Gm ag, and the second, a northern group characterized by a
high frequency of both Gm ag and Gm ab3st but an extremely low frequency of
Gm afb1b3." [1]. By studying the frequencies of these genes in populations
throughout the world, researchers have concluded that the Japanese race
belongs to northern Mongoloids and that the origin of the Japanese race was
in Siberia, and most likely in the Baikal area of the Soviet Union. This
kind of genetic marker research is fairly typical of racial studies in
current biology. In other words, it is possible to make correlations in the
historical migration of peoples and gene markers, and the word "race" is
used as descendents of an individual or closely related people, rather than
as one of the "Races of Man" as proposed in earlier centuries."

2)Genetic Structure, Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity, and Confounding in
Case-Control Association Studies
"We have analyzed genetic data for 326 microsatellite markers that were
typed uniformly in a large multiethnic population-based sample of
individuals as part of a study of the genetics of hypertension (Family
Blood Pressure Program). Subjects identified themselves as belonging to one
of four major racial/ethnic groups (white, African American, East Asian,
and Hispanic) and were recruited from 15 different geographic locales
within the United States and Taiwan. Genetic cluster analysis of the
microsatellite markers produced four major clusters, which showed
near-perfect correspondence with the four self-reported race/ethnicity
categories. Of 3,636 subjects of varying race/ethnicity, only 5 (0.14%)
showed genetic cluster membership different from their self-identified
race/ethnicity. On the other hand, we detected only modest genetic
differentiation between different current geographic locales within each
race/ethnicity group. Thus, ancient geographic ancestry, which is highly
correlated with self-identified race/ethnicity—as opposed to current
residence—is the major determinant of genetic structure in the U.S.
population. Implications of this genetic structure for case-control
association studies are discussed."

Автор Bill P ( назад)
why do natives seem to have such low IQ's

Автор Metalgears1968 ( назад)
There is no such thing as modern native Americans, the correct term is
actual native Americans, L.M.A.O.

Автор IM NOT DONE YET!!! ! ( назад)
Go home whitey

Автор Rumple Stiltskin ( назад)
I am new the concept of modeling in clay to try and determine the actual
facial features of ancient skulls. Those scientist seemingly take the
sculptor's word for the finished product, as the object admire has this
facial feature verses another. It is those little things such as lip
thickness, brow fat over the eye sockets and the length of a fleshy nose
which make all the difference. While you may believe that those sculptors
are genuine in that interpretation of their craft, IT IS ALWAYS BASED ON
INTERPRETATION ! Those interpretations are always based on the sculptors
preconceived notions of what he or she believes.

Those three clay busts touted to be of three different peoples, is not
definitive. Even Caucasian skull have those types of differences, so to say
that one is one race and the other is of another race, is total BS, AND YOU
been wrong on so many things, so often, we don't give much credence to you
any more.

Your's is an arcane craft, that only those involved in care about, so you
can pretty much claim whatever you want, as it SOUNDS logical. IT IS ALL
SUPPOSITION. AND, just because you refer to your conclusions as being a
scholarly interpretation, you think we are just supposed to swallow it hook
line and sinker. Your going to have to do better than that boys !

Автор Brent Arnold ( назад)
They said the bones belonged to a Caucasian man. Caucasian doesn't always
mean white.

Автор Jack Chapman ( назад)
Aryans are the Irish. Ireland>>Iryland>>Aryland>>Aryan. Aryan is simply a
simplified form Airy Land. Just goes to show how little the Germans.
Hebrews and other non-English speaking people know about the English
language and vowels which are often interchanged to simplify words and
phrases. The original Jews were Irish Druid priests who took the name Yew
from the Irish Yew tree which they held sacred. Yew became Jew in late
English with the 'J' replacing Yod (Y). The Hebrew tribe of Judah
plagurized the name Jew for reasons of religious and political status. 'Ju'
in Jude, Judah or Juden became Jew. Ju>Jew. So much for Adolph, the "Master
Race" and Hebrew antisemitism...G

Автор hopatease1 ( назад)
the $#$%%^$^%$%$^@%$^ government is not here to help the people but to
enslave us ,

Автор Charles van Dijk ( назад)
The politically correct doesn't have to provide evidence.

Автор TheMorbiousStone ( назад)
Asians breed like rats duh

Автор Joe bow ( назад)
Gentiles were lead here by arm of God, this land belongs to no one other
then The Lord God, Jesus Christ came to this land witch is the promise land
and he visited with people and thought then his ways and set up his church.
The Book of Mormon is record of these people the Nephi's and Lamanit's, the
Natives have falling into darkness and the land was a curse to them because
they were not a righteous people, but many natives today are not all from
the same blood lineage...

Автор 1johnnygunn ( назад)
narcissists if they weren't historically so violent would be amusing.
norman prenger especially

Автор 1johnnygunn ( назад)
I just can't wait until the day when absolutely it will be shown without
any possible doubt that Europeans were here just as early as the Siberians
if not earlier

Автор dennis ogden ( назад)
it seems you had something that you would have discovered later on had come
from a Sumerian home town of the Annunaki may be?. Now that would be cool

Автор ShadeyBladey ( назад)
So science is again being destroyed by the religiotarded moronitude of
pig-shit stupid, uneducated imbeciles who believe in fairy tales and
stone-age bullshit? Fuck native American religion. Fuck Christinane
literalists. Fuck all pig-shit stupid, uneducated fucking morons.
PS: it all turned out OK in the end, then? Another Dover Victory.
Scientists should take on more legal cases against religiotard Fuck-Witts.
When it comes to compiling and presenting actual evidence, no group of
imbeciles can ever beat a well-organised team of actual scientists.

Modern Scientists: 2, Moronic Stone Age Cocks: 0

Автор ShadeyBladey ( назад)
Shame he couldn't take samlpes for DNA testing.

Автор ShadeyBladey ( назад)
Where is part 1 of this?

Автор ShadeyBladey ( назад)
The skull was deliberately made to resemble native Americans because the
documentary makers wanted to be sensitive towards them? What a bunch of
pseudo-scientific baloney. I don't even want to bother watching now, even
after the first 8 seconds. It's probably a load of bollocks, like those
Creatards in Africa trying to get the locals to confirm the existence of
dinosaurs living with people. Scientifically illiterate imbeciles with
absolutely no idea what they were doing.
Hang on - I don't know who added all that ridiculous scrawl all over the
video, but he's a fucking moron. I also don't know what he imagines skin
colour has to do with anything, but I do see from his added notes that he
neither understands what he is writing nor does he comprehend what the
original video is saying.

Автор scott burlock ( назад)
Man has been on the earth only 7000 or 7100 years.

Автор The Alternative Hypothesis ( назад)
And then the ainu!? Damn he's reaching. Anyway, we know with genetic data
that they weren't ainu, but shit these people are obsessed with trying to
deny that Europeans were in North America first.

Автор The Alternative Hypothesis ( назад)
lol this documentary is so struggling to deny. All the old chestnuts about
"scientific racism" and anthropologists in the past calling races separate
species. I half expected them to bring up Gould's crap about Samuel George

Автор Pellazg Iliri ( назад)
Fuck Asians. Ugly fucking aliens. Always come late , always undeveloped
unitl we teach them smth FUck off alerady with that native american

Asians are as native to America as Turks are to Constandinopole/Istanbull.

Автор Ancient Indigenous One ( назад)
Dumb ass Eurocentricks

Автор Bailyinn (2003 года назад)
You must be a fool to believe this, white people were stuck in the caves of
the caucus mountains 2000 years ago! That skull is fake!!!!!

Автор Real-Batman ( назад)
When a video like this is posted it is best to turn off comments!

Автор ResetButton Dotcom ( назад)
Land can only be "owned" through force. Get over it.

Автор Kimber45 ( назад)
The enlightened ones really want you to use an open mind... unless it's
something they don't agree with. Then they will attack you. Anything is
possible but the educated ones that got their information from someone
else, who got their information from someone else are the most closed
minded of all. Often it is the simple that are wise and the educated that
are fools...

Автор James Teel ( назад)
First people on Earth was African and none of you recessive gene having
persons, can create us! Sorry you all stole what we created! We created you
and you turned on your Gods!

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Natives are native to this land. Anyone else is Alien...

Автор Larry Sherrill ( назад)
Study the photo you will see a crow on right, If you can see the center
magnified a long bone cat and a ram at the bottom can be seen. On the right
is a bearded, long haired white guy with a stocking hat on. The theme
seemed to be that clans had bird names. These are real buttes among others
with figures. This obviously white guy in left facing silhouette is quite
ancient and from America. To create these Buttes in living stone, not
rubble or brick, you removed everything from about the mountain and what
was left was solid living stone, this would have been millions upon
millions of tons of rock and dirt. Does this point to strip mining of the
surface for resources? What Perhaps top soil. Fifteen to fifty thousand
years ago perhaps more white man was in America. There is another site in
america which obviously shows a white person if not two, but I cannot tell
its age except by subject. This one also has a bird with it, A terror bird
would be its description. This is not a butte, but is also in Americas.
These are mirrored by figures around the world. I know where the Garden of
Eden is, if true the highest peak in Eden must be the Mountain of God. The
humanoid evidence from about the world indicates a world wide civilization.

Автор Ann Lee ( назад)
Fucking culture vultures.

Автор ScienceMedia ( назад)
did you know, that the Japanese call the Ainu "dogs"?

Автор ScienceMedia ( назад)
well, lets find the bones of these ancient people.

Автор Critical Thinker ( назад)
I'm so disgusted that the indians were covering it up. I think the Indians
who were from Mongolia killed off the white man, how interesting that the
white man came back for revenge. It is obvious to me that the Indians are
scared to loose their victim privilege so they who are actually the
invaders act like the victim. The fact that Indians fought each other tells
me that the white Europeans were wiped out by the Indians. I would keep as
many skulls and bones as necessary. The Mongoloid Indians are fighting to
keep my heritage from me.

Автор Jerry Peach ( назад)
Last July 2015 Kennewick man's DNA was tested showing closest connection to
modern Native Americans despite the skull appearing European. Funny thing
is shortly after that a study in Science reported that the Native American
came from central Siberia (just as Europeans did) about 23.000 years ago.
So it appears currently that Native American and European have significant
similarities. One can't help but note that Modern Native Americans don't
look like East Asians.

Автор eric5335 ( назад)
Many different peoples have come to America, Celts, Vikings, Phoenicians
and probably more. Columbus might have just been merely the last man to
discover America.

Автор stormbringerr mourn ( назад)
the truth has no agenda.

Автор Vijay Prakash Patel ( назад)
Give's good knowledge for ancient age of humanbeans

Автор Sockit2Socko ( назад)
this is all bullshit, again with white supremacy and ideologies. Forcefully
trying to remove physical history and replace it with their own ideas. SO
tired of this

Автор Miguel Martinez ( назад)
Mentirosos hijos de su puta madre

Автор Rick Grimes ( назад)
I always had doubts about the traditional view of the Siberian-Bering
Strait theory of the peopling of the Americas. Although I do believe that a
large number of tribes migrated to the Americas from Siberia I don't
believe this to be the only route that human beings took to enter the
Americas during ancient times. If you look at pure Native American tribes
today (excluding the Eskimos/Inuits/Yupiks, who are not really classified
as "First Nations" legally) they look quite different from East Asian and
Siberian Mongoloids. Only an idiot cannot tell the difference between an
Old World Mongoloid and Native Americans based on physical features. Native
Americans looks like a transition race between an ancient Caucasoid tribe
and Mongoloid. Either they started to evolve to become Mongoloid due to the
harsh cold climates of Siberia/Alaska but didn't become fully Mongoloid or
they looked like Eskimos but heavily intermarried with some ancient
Caucasoid people and they become what are Native American groups today.
Either way, Native Americans are a separate racial category from Asian and
Siberian Mongoloids (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Nivkh, Yakut,

Автор Xman R ( назад)
Native Americans and Northern Europeans more closely related than
previously thought


Автор ung427 ( назад)
What if Europeans came across a long time ago and they encountered an
ancient people in North America, interbred, and you have Native Americans
today? Who were the ancient people in that case?

Автор withwingsaseagleeyes ( назад)
To me a Native is someone who is born in the lands and an Indigenous is one
who should have control of the lands. Now all those born in these lands I
would say could stay but under the Governing Authority of all the
Indigenous who all take part in running a True Land of The FREE. Not a
Mixing bowl to use to control the rest of Earth as it was created for since
its beginnings. Went from Kings and Lords to Governments and Corporations
along with the Church, i.e., The Roman One and all its Daughters and other
Creations of even long ago like 650 AD/CE(what ever, according to a Popes
Calendar or the other, what ever).

Автор no-more-war-4-ZIONISTS ( назад)
DNA test the bones! It's about facts! Let's get to the bottom of our

Автор Valchrist1313 ( назад)
Ha. I just came from a video making pretty much identical claims, but
claiming that black Africans from Indonesia/Australia were the first people
in the Americas, and the same type of racist comments, just coming from
blacks toward natives and vice-versa instead of whites vs natives and

Автор Richard ( назад)
yea people really hate it when people talk about white people. It is there
greatest fear.Truth makes them so angry.

Автор kieth itreal ( назад)
To all you idiots here, scientific proof or evidence is a theory, get over
it! Anybody can be found with a knife from Europe or Africa, or Bangladesh!
It doesnt mean they derived from there. Maybe they bartered through their
passage. They may have also mixed with other races, wow, now that sounds
too good to be true...smdh...Who gives 2 shits who was here first! Open
your mind and learn, learn to think differently instead of always finding a
way to fight someone based on someone's theory... Just broaden your mind n
stf up!

Автор Francisco Espírito-Santo ( назад)
The First Nations principle is false and a falacy!

Автор Curby Weaver ( назад)
The elephant in the living room everybody is avoiding is that long before
the 'mini ice age' (1300 - 1850 when all civilizations declined) there was
regular trade across the Atlantic. Non indian people in America as well as
non-indian artifacts, such as the Los Lunas Decalogue stone are hard
evidence that Columbus merely re-discovered what had been forgotten through
the tough years of plague and the dark ages.

Автор Rick Tipton ( назад)
Where are the other two Documentaries?

Автор Rick Tipton ( назад)
The Skull at 7:29 is Scandinavian in appearance!

Автор izbavynasotlukavago (1529 лет назад)
I guess if we get rid of corporations, banks, organized religion, and
reduce overpopulation, we can expect spear-point wounds and skull injuries
in utopia.

Автор izbavynasotlukavago ( назад)
So the Indians stole the land from the White Man!

Автор asiaticmoor1 ( назад)
The DNA of Noah's fore parents before Him didn't die in the flood. he has
three son's and a wife that didn't look like he did. Now let's look at his
sons and their son's and where they went according to there families
families, this video doesn't hold water holes all in the video story. if
you going to dialogue or debate me on the subject. bring fore real
evidence, I can produce that which I wrote in real life, out of that book
and show it on Earth in reality plus more that's not written or the which
has been deliberately hidden to create their own story off our story. The
universal laws don't lie, man can't change the story written above. hope
you can comprehend what I just said.

Автор asiaticmoor1 ( назад)
The thing that bothers me is, for that skull to be found at that time after
9 thousand year's in that spot only inches in pieces from each other comes
off as very odd and strange to say the least. there are animals that would
have found those bones and carried them away to eat on. Put chicken bones
out and see if the bones you set out will all be there tomorrow, I truly
don't think those bones would be there. looks like someone placed those
bones there, then called the police. where's the rest of the body to this
skull, it has to be inches away from the head. Reason I say this, our
history books says the Earth was flat and the ships would fall of the edge
of the Earth. so if those people believed this at that time, how could a
Caucasian skull be found here and all those Europeans not know of land,
then call this the new world. how is this possible...

Автор Ronaldo McDonaldo ( назад)
Is there any other planet that we know of where humans can survive? The
answer is NO. With no other planet to go to it was inevitable that humans
discover the American continent. Does it matter who found it first?

Автор black rabbit ( назад)
What happened to all the poor White trash cying about wanting their own
casino's. Idiots.! As if individual Indians can have a casino if they
wanted to. Stupid people.

Автор JAY MIDDY ( назад)
The Caucasians' history is being surpressed all over the world. They even
found blonde ANCIENT ARYAN mummies deep in china that were older than
dynastic china. The little dick bitches hid it for over 25 years!!!

Автор JAY MIDDY ( назад)
Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, South America, India are all civilizations
kicked started by Caucasian "GODS" who were actually what people think of
as the Lemuria and Atlantis peoples. A prehistoric pre ice age highly
advanced people. The Aryans !!!

Автор Inspiring videos ( назад)
All people traveled everywhere.....Europeans, Asians, Africans. Columbus
just interrupted the truth because of his narcissism. So of course no one
could have traveled here prior to him only for him to come and find people
already occupying the continent. Common sense should tell people that if
you arrive somewhere and someone is already there then traveling to that
part of the world is possible. If its possible for one, its possible for
all. So to find remains in America that indicate an African presence, an
Asian presence, or European presence.......why is it a surprise? We are so
caught up on the Columbus theory that we fail to realize that all people
were in America. The earth is a millions of years and we are crazy enough
to believe that people of Europe have only been coming for 400 years or
that Africans were only brought to America due to the slave trade and
neither possessed the cognitive abilities to travel outside of a specific
region. I think it speaks to the narcissism and arrogance of the current
human thinking that if they didn't see it or discover it then it didn't
happen. Columbus and that superior way of thinking ruined a lot of valuable
research and common sense reasoning that says that the only people that
traveled are those from 400 years ago from a specific region. People
travel. have traveled, and continue to travel.........

Автор Andy B. ( назад)
The Land of Canaan, mentioned in Numbers 34, Joshua 15, and Ezekiel 47 is
none other than what is today known as Canada. Bashan is Alaska. Alaska is
the Land of the remnant of the Giants, the Sons of Anak. Joshua 10 features
a description of the Midnight Sun as the Sun and Moon stood still in the

Автор Paul Robinson ( назад)
One thing the all agree on is that man originated out of Africa. Where they
went from there is obvious. This documentary is ridicules.

Автор T Allen ( назад)
The biblical" scattering" of Jews throughout the earth, BEFORE the
separation of the continents, and then the later separation of continents,
MAY be a clue.

Автор El Guiñolo ( назад)
This is literally a case of cover up.
Afraid of disturbing the narrative according to which Indians are the pure
salt of the Earth, present in America since the dawn of times ? Well, like
many other cases of ancient human remains discovered across America, we
have a strong suggestion that not only did European settlers came way
before the "native americans", but also that those Pure Loving Beings
slaughtered the whites after their arrival on the continent. Even Indians
own oral traditions speak of white peoples that they exterminated.

Автор Temujin Khan ( назад)
You guys are just as bad as the negrocentrists.

Автор Joseph Cubbison ( назад)
Lets get serious now; there's no science in Evolution period! How about
some physical evidence Instead of this assigning ignorance! This theory and
the nonsense about a bang banged out of nothing to make orbiting rocks and
from those rocks life evolved! ill never feel the same way about "education

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