White People came to Ancient America 2

It always helps to have multiple documentaries, in order to corroborate an issue. All 3 documentaries should be watched. This is not meant to diminish the role of Native Americans. The real purpose of this video is to address a current issue. Massive immigration is being pushed by Globalists who claim that White Americans should be displaced because we really don't belong here anyway. That's why the video has been uploaded. It is NOT meant to challenge the status of Native American Indians. Now, here are a few keywords, suggested by a recent comment. "white people" Americas "United States" Europe, Caucasian, France, White America, Documentary, History Culture "White People came to Ancient America" "Kennewick man" "Ice Age Columbus" England Civil

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Автор Steven Lanier (2 месяца)
Now the original native americans were white? LOL...you white people are

Автор Ralph Boggs (1 месяц)
Go white people! We Rock!

Автор FloridasCracker (2 месяца)
Look at the Windover bog people from Florida proven DNA from Europe.

Автор Tone B (12 дней)
White does not describe a race of people. White is a legal title and had
nothing to do with skin color. What did your ancestors call themselves
before so called America? It wasn't aryan, white etc.. Most of you don't
even know. Whites are fictional culture bandits. 

Автор Erick Romero (2 месяца)
Fuck you all and your Eurocentric bull shit to justify your crimes fucking
land robbers!!

Автор Quay5885 (26 дней)
White people are some sick disgusting human beings!! not all but at least

White people are the last race of mankind to branch out into their
unexplored world. Other races have done this thousands of years before the
white man left their barbaric ways. Now these idiots want to act like
they were before everyone else. I wouldn't be surprised if they try to
claim Shaka Zulu as a white man in the next upcoming years.

Whites are the last mutation!!! THE LAST!! quit lying and creating your
own history!!! disgusting pale cave monkeys!!

Everything you have comes from another race!! The black man civilized
you!! it's not the other way around!

Автор Preyator Lillie (19 дней)
I don't think anybodies saying the original native Americans were white,
but rather there were periods of European or white Caucasian established
presences over periods of time,. 

Автор sama el (26 дней)
native amricans were not white. perod. you all stole the land from the real
native americans who are the ancient hebrews. that is why columbus brought
a hebrew translator with him and the word indian is hebrew for savage you
inknowing wastes of human flesh,.....read a god damn book you fool

Автор devildogjosh1942 (6 месяцев)
The proof that Europeans were the first ones to settle in the Americas is
true, though we shouldn't go in this neo Nazi rage and flip the fuck out
saying that "the natives killed them off" Actually the Whites were in
Canada and the northern part of the U.S., most of them mixed with the Asian
tribes in the north, but the Algonquins of the U.S. great lakes and East
Canada actually barely intermixed, which is why we see western European DNA
in this area, DNA is a beautiful thing and shows the genetic truth.

Автор richard seys (3 месяца)
In 1998 Dr. Michael Brown and colleagues found European/Caucasoid
mitochondrial DNA markers in Indian tribes, mainly concentrated in the
Great Lakes region of North America. Mitochondrial DNA allows researchers
to determine dates that the groups mixed with each other. What they found
was that European/Caucasoid DNA made it to the Americas between 12,000 and
36,000 years ago.

Автор 0917bobb (8 месяцев)
The linage of people can be determined by genetic markers, these markers
have been recorded to chart the migration of people to other parts of the
world. Contrary to the obvious bigoted subtitles of the person that posted
this video there are no genetic markers found from Europeans found anywhere
in the Americas natives. 

Автор Vestalian Codis (2 месяца)
bigfoot says white man was first.

Автор MeL W (2 месяца)
The title is so typical of representation from intellects (so called). It
tells me so much.

Автор Drannon Moore (8 месяцев)
Regardless of whether Native Americans came from Europeans, Mongolians or
Russians, Europeans still invaded the Americas. Just because they may have
descended from ancient Europeans doesn't change the fact that the English,
Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, ect. invaded a territory,
killed millions of people, destroyed ancient civilizations, forced natives
to learn European languages/religion, wiped out several tribes, and
endangered the whole indigenous American race. 

Автор USMarineRifleman0311 (2 месяца)
25:10 No it isn't. Oral history is fluid and changes with developments in
science. It's comparable to confirming your own fantasies. So please tell
me what else you believe happened.... I'm sure the remainder of your
legends are so laughable even you wouldnt both bringing them up. 

Автор america white power (2 месяца)
FUCK all the white people

Автор Caveman PC Games (12 часов)
Here's my theory, perhaps the "native americans" aren't the true Natives to
this land. Maybe they were invaders from Asia who fought with the Kennewick
people and killed them then took their land. That might explain the spear
in the skull. 

Автор blackfeatherarchery (2 месяца)
Laughing, Enough of this stuff!

Автор Jacquelyn Diamond (2 дня)
I am 1/8 th Cherokee Indian so I am not knocking the American Indians
interests here, but I am also Celt/Basque and Aryan so it is of great
importance to many! 

Автор kensdobs (5 дней)

This link shows how the Ancient Egyptians differentiated themselves
from the way they saw the ANCIENT

Egyptians through your LYING RACIST EYES, definitely can't find any
Egyptians that look anything like these depictions.

Look at Osiris/Asar, Egypts founder &1st king, Menes/Nahmer, the unifier of
upper & lower Egypt & its 1st Pharaoh. Also look at Pepe, Sensusret, King
Tut, Ahmosis, the Rameses & Amenhotep's, and tell me they look anything
Egyptian paintings. 

Автор TheOlivoFamily (7 дней)
It makes perfect sense. The science doesn't lie. Why is that so hard to

Автор runingblackbear (22 часа)
i come from the hole in the ground where all natives come from we have
always been here i have walk in my familys foot prints in stone this place
you will never know where it is smoke the tobacco and your hate will go

Автор Chrissy Johnson (14 дней)
Europeans not white people,,,,,,,

Автор petulia kowchee (4 дня)
No no no he does not have to be studied and more bones were found and given
to the Ute and no you can't study it, and the reason is your greedy and
over on everything to be the best or most or wtfe you think and it always
ends up bad for the other guy cause you can't stand the fact your not that
bright and take it out on us that are and I'm sick of it I'm sick of your
greed and selfrightous attitude

Автор america white power (2 месяца)
BULLSHIT go back to ? europe white trash rats fuck all white people end
this world

Автор Cornelius Kincaid (3 месяца)
This whole natives DNA is asian is outrageous. So african americans dna is
waht: nigerian, ethopian, sudanese, libyan? It is an answer that the most
desparate and lost souls look for. To say that natives dna is a insult
added to injury. There are some answers that scientist just can not answer?
Get it through your skull. The hell with the scientist!

Автор The Walking Flier (23 дня)
The into post is working from a very narrow understanding of what is going
on. Europe is under the same pressure. The excuse is even more banal. It
is routinely frankly stated that Europeans deserve to be eliminated and
replaced. But all of this is really about global over-population and the
failure of non-European, Western societies to manage themselves or
progress, so they construct rationalizations for moving in and taking over.
But the infrastructure, the culture of science and progress will likely
not be preserved after Westerners are gone. This is why white Europeans
everywhere must be preserved and people must remain in their nations and
fix them with help if necessary. Otherwise, the entire human species is in
serious trouble.

Автор Tecumseh Sherman (25 дней)

Автор Jacquelyn Diamond (2 дня)
Does Milly Stevens realize she appears to have the genetic traits of the
Hindu peoples, not necessarily Anerican Indian?

Автор kensdobs (5 дней)

automatically classify PRINCE as a WHITE/CAUCASOID/CAUCASIAN if your RACIST
EYES saw him depicted in Egyptian Art? As we all know PRINCE is a

Автор Heaven Paige (1 месяц)
this some bs white people from the Caucasus mountains this is some bs on
all levels of white supremacy 

Автор j lin (27 дней)
Yes 250 years ago and now you need to let it go taking us is not get it
back now you can't hold me now for what thay did then look at what some of
the tribes have done that move on and got back more then that wore now now
by taking it but by working for it so . 

Автор Pameka Hunt (1 месяц)
It be about correcting American History in Schools...Pure Truth

Автор Michael RedCrow (1 месяц)
This Documentary is old, outdated Science and should be disregarded .The
latest accredited DNA Research into this subject matter involved a
"Solutrean" skeleton referred to as Aznick-1 a 12,000 year old skeleton ,
and also "Naia" a 14,000 year old skeleton recovered from a cenote in
Mexico.Both of the DNA sequences from these individuals revealed genetic
markers indicating Mongolian/Siberian points of origin for these
individuals and that they were descended from Bering Land Bridge
arrivals who were and are the direct ancestors of native american
Tribes.there were NO European DNA markers found to be present and the
"Solutrean Hypothesis" is today considered by Science to have been
completely and totally debunked by these DNA test results.There is simply
no credible, validated body of evidence to suggest or support the arrival
or existence of any significant number of peoples apart from the Mongolian
origin Siberian Land Bridge arrivals known to be the precursors of todays
native americans, at least in North America. 

Автор Jacquelyn Diamond (2 дня)
I meant RH Negatives, sorry.

Автор kensdobs (5 дней)

Here's another example of why you STUPID RACIST EUROCENTRIC ANAL MINDED
DUMBASSES can't claim the Ancient Egyptians were WHITE/CAUCASOID/CAUCASIAN
based solely on what you claim are WHITE/CAUCASOID/CAUCASIAN

If this man's image was feature in Ancient Egyptian art, would you
automatically classify him as WHITE/CAUCASOID/CAUCASIAN based solely on his
PHENOTYPE/FEATURES? If you did you'd be GRAVELY MISTAKEN, because he is a
former CONGRESSMAN from New York, City who is a LIGHT/FAIR SKINNED BLACK

Автор William Pierce (1 месяц)
"Massive immigration is being pushed by Globalists who claim that White
Americans should be displaced because we really don't belong here anyway."

Bullshit. This is "da house dat white man built". These so-called "native
Americans" arrived on this continent via the Bering Straits AFTER the first
White men. White people settled, developed and built America, as well as
named it (Amerigo Vespucci), not some primative hunters and gatherers,
so-called "native Americans", incapable of building a first world modern
society simply because they lack the white man's creative genius,
intelligence, etc. That is a FACT.

The so-called "globalists" are overwhelmingly Jewish, the rest are
collaborators, "useful idiots", "Jews between the ears", deracinated whites
and non-whites who've bought into international Jewry's nationwrecking,
anti-white agenda. These elitist scumbags deserve the short rope treatment
and one day will get it!

Автор Sharee Hill (1 месяц)
more propoganda

Автор Matt Hughes (1 месяц)
When people say the beginning of time. I've noticed it's always in
reference to memory ,birth, and change.I won't be shocked when science
uncovers many ancient civilizations all across the globe. The America's in
general are a special place in reference unto history. Dig deep enough and
speak to people, you will find that the America's chose to forget the rest
of the world.

Автор Pa Sander (1 месяц)
To suggest North America was devoid of people until during the latter part
of the ice age is preposterous.

Автор Pam Raines (1 месяц)

Автор Pameka Hunt (1 месяц)
All we want is our Birth Rights...

Автор 15sugarfoot (2 месяца)
gezz all this drama not one of you know what your talking about ! How could
you? If you do lets see the evidence !! Dont Quote someone else

Автор Jacquelyn Diamond (2 дня)
I feel we have been consistently lied to about our human history, about
"evolution", I for instance do not have the monkey gene- I honestly believe
no human descended from primates! That flies in the face of the existance
of RH Negatives! The LEAST likely trait to mutate genetically is the Blood.
There is no way RH Megatives were the result of a random mutation! Science
cannot support such a flimsy theory!

Автор Kenny Sweet (2 месяца)
Raymond my brother time to stop hiding for me. We know what we know for a
reason against massive odds. Yesterday in was criticized for a holocaust
revisionist.cracked like have you not seen shindlers lists documentaries
etc. For fuck sake Jew propoganda.
Napoleon once said Alexander on the battlefield was worth 20000 warriors.
Raymond we are so very few fighting massive lies with pure truths.
I hope you are not a shill as we are very few.if you are incouldnt care
less you could torture me to death and in will not yield to the Jew. The
most dispicable devioous race to have been.
Alien or what its satanic evil.
I'm no god believer but if the universe is based on honour then they will
We all die and I know my spirit will not be with Jesus but: n peace in the
The world we occupy is evil and corrupt to the core. We are pure just and
the mist honourable.
Into to endzog and am pleased knowing Presley was used and abused by the
Zog he was innocent country boy and can still love him.
We are brothers of a cause a cause that's right.
You could be a stooge but I don't give a shit you could burn a Zionist star
in my balls and I won't yield.
I am of the truth I would rather die in agony with the trueth than live a
Zionist life of lies.

Автор Lucas G (2 месяца)
We came. We conquered. We won. Get over it.

Автор Raymond Daubney (2 месяца)
Political correctness is intent on keeping secret the truth of racial

Автор Pameka Hunt (1 месяц)
she is pure white cracker...more of the time their great grandparent kill
the native and took their birth rights

Автор Douglas Roberts (3 месяца)
In the very beginning under number 2 the last five words are, "any place
accept for Europe". Please........if you expect me to take your hypothesis
as serious care enough to check your spelling. The word you wanted was

Автор David Burton (3 месяца)
It would be better without the first 8 seconds, which contains several
varieties of gibberish:

It's illiterate:

"...while strong evidence surmounted; ..."
"...deliberately resembles similarities to..."
"...these ... claims harbor no evidence..."
+ random substitutions of semicolons for commas, random capitalization, etc.

It's illogical:

"...proves that Indian tribes had been waging warfare since pre-neolithic
times" -- but Kennewick man is certainly less than 10,000 years old, and
perhaps less than 9000 years old. Pre-neolithic means >12,000 years ago.
Kennewick man proves nothing about what happened more than 2000 years
before he lived. What's more, the violent death of one man proves nothing
about the existence or absence of "warfare."

It's ignorant:

"It's very easy to determine race, based on skull. 'It's archeology 101'"
-- which is untrue. Such determinations are actually very inexact,
particularly when dealing with mixed races or bodies thousands of years

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