White People came to Ancient America 2

It always helps to have multiple documentaries, in order to corroborate an issue. All 3 documentaries should be watched. This is not meant to diminish the role of Native Americans. The real purpose of this video is to address a current issue. Massive immigration is being pushed by Globalists who claim that White Americans should be displaced because we really don't belong here anyway. That's why the video has been uploaded. It is NOT meant to challenge the status of Native American Indians. Now, here are a few keywords, suggested by a recent comment. "white people" Americas "United States" Europe, Caucasian, France, White America, Documentary, History Culture "White People came to Ancient America" "Kennewick man" "Ice Age Columbus" England Civil

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Автор TheOuroboros666 (3 месяца)
Anti-Aryan hate exists because our people are consistently envied, feared
and hated for being the superior human race.

Hide the truth. Bury the truth. Deny the truth. Kill speakers of
truth. Destroy civilization.

Who cannot take a good honest look at this world and see primitives doing
all they can to destroy us?

Автор NativeAmericanSpirit720 (1 месяц)
What a load of Eurocentric bullshit and anti-indigenous American propaganda
Recent remains unearthed in the southeastern part of Alabama and North
Carolina of American Indian remains puts Native American ancestors in North
America 50 000 years ago



The Clovis people were native Americans by a DNA genetic study taken in
2014 which was attempted to be covered up by your boys Denis standford and
the other white liars


What now white nazis ? .

Автор Norman Prenger (1 месяц)
I really despise how the video gets white "disclaimers" flashed across the
screen to contradict what the anthropologists are saying. I am sure the
scientists didn't appreciate it either. 

Автор Don Stemple (2 месяца)
As a modern descendent with a rich Native heritage, I'm not the least bit
bothered by a potential Caucasian find. So what? It's interesting. Maybe he
traveled across the old land bridge. There are plenty of anomalies - some
Native artifacts found in Ohio have Pheonician writing (old Hebrew) on
them. So what? There's no claim for us as Natives, Causcasians, whomever.
Let's see what the research shows and get an accurate measure on
Paleo-citizens wherever we find them.

Автор lex marky (2 месяца)
NAGPRA. The legal shovel that "Native" Americans use to bury the truth, so
as to protect their bogus claim of being the First Peoples.

Автор marvin green (2 месяца)
One thing every seems to miss is there is a world history lost to time and
written history. I believe that every culture has traveled the globe at one
time or another. Example is the white guy they found in Asia. Before then
no one thought Europeans had ever made it to the China area of Asia. So
because it don't go with your perfectly well educated narrow minded dogma,
don't mean that it's untrue. Remember thew church killed people for
practicing science and even murdered woman for learning to read.

Автор Jack Meadows (1 месяц)
Fascinating stuff! Thanks.

Автор Roy Ledford (4 месяца)
My man Adam was here before anyone, so everybody GET THE HELL OFF MY
PLANET!! lol. Does it really even matter? Historians such as Graham Hancock
find indications of an ancient Global Civilization and I bet THEY didn't
piss & moan...but then I doubt if they held a sense of entitlement either;
I'm sure they depended on one another. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. I am neither
independent nor co-dependent, I am INTER-pendent. Thankfully...

Автор Norman Prenger (2 месяца)
Whoever posted the editorial text in the video claiming that the genetic
drift explanation has been now discredited is lying. Genetic research
proved that is exactly what happened. The oldest ever extracted DNA
(approximately 12,000) links the "different" paleo-american skull shapes to
Siberia and modern American Indigenous peoples.

Why can't people accept the fact that human being are constantly evolving?
Why can't a precise DNA lineage ALSO belong to skulls of different shapes
and sizes, especially when there are thousands of years of separation
between the DNA sample and the modern descendant? 

Автор Mark Schuckert (1 месяц)
Today myth is more important than truth. Truth is progress and the power
structures in place today are not into truth. They are only into power thus
they make up their own reality based on myth then they defend to the death
that reality based on myth.

Автор BrewPub (1 месяц)
Early results from Danish DNA test of Kennewick Man states his genetic
profile is that of Native Americans (aka Amerindians).
No proof of any European or 'White' origin.

Read about it on Dienekes Blog.

Автор Suzan Abdi (2 месяца)
this is bullshit!!! why walk, when the ancient world had boats!!!!!! wake
up black people

Автор Mron Wright (2 месяца)
Evolution theory, lol.... There is no such thing. Humans have always been
human. Evolution is just another way to divide people, If you love to dig
in your butt, as an example , your finger want get longer over time, and
you want give birth to a child with one long finger that has a hooked
finger nail.

Автор BigBoss9865327410 (1 месяц)
Over 10 years ago I got expelled from school for this, proving the asians
weren't the first who came here - worth it

Автор ThorbArt (4 месяца)
<--- agrees with The Cough ... the idiot that made the title of this video
is just that. [an idiot] White people , Red people , Yellow people , Black
people , Brown people , where are the Blue people and Green people ... oh
... they only happen when we are sick. The Grey people are
extra-terrestrials and none are accurate to describe race or tribe or clan
or country or continent of origin. Actually come to think of it ... the
only colour that doesn't indicate some kind of disease or sickness is
Brown. All those other colours when applied to most people means danger
to their health.
Just Sayin' 

Автор QuarterMan88 (1 день)
This movies theory really sucks.

Автор Heineken FiftySeven (4 месяца)
The suppression of science in the interests of political correctness..

Автор Ralph Boggs (8 месяцев)
Go white people! We Rock!

Автор Alamyst2011 (8 дней)
LOL. These people are out of their minds.
Guys says he doesn't think humans would survive on a coast during an ice
Ever fucking hear or Siberia. Those people live in a constant ice age
because they survive from coastal fishing.
Archeologist are shooting in the dark. 

Автор Samuel Hain (4 дня)
Racist non-whites post their ignorance here using WHITE
inventions/develepments like the computer, internet, TV, microchip, camera,
electricity, cathode ray tube, etc

Автор Glen Russell (2 месяца)
So the natives may have "stolen" "white remains" before the archaeologists
were able to determine proof!! Now that is disgusting and should become a
legal matter!!

Автор SWEGG SWEGGERTON (5 месяцев)
It's a real shame when racism trumps science. Yes I am talking about those
of you who hate white people. Please don't let facts get in the way of a
good hatred.

Автор coffeefish (5 месяцев)
Native people are full of it.

Автор Lewis Pusey (24 дня)
Your thesis is flawed. These people were less related to modern groups than
modern groups are to each other, go figure a racial slant on that.

Автор Rudy Sandra (14 дней)
Hahaha, come on seriously? This is to funny. Do you tea baggers feel the
anaconda squeeze gripping around your necks. Trying to insert yourselves
into our continents history,really. Haha, then why don't you ever find
these white skeletons in south or central america? Haha , because this is
the brown hemisphere, and you will soon be the minority,look we have a
black president, ouch! Haha.
Nobody is buying non of these so called New discoveries. So let's just you
will be treated the same way you treated others. Oh and yes of course the
Cherokee people will be given their land back. One hemisphere one people.
No difference between an Eskimo and a lokota,Cherokee,apache,Aztec,etc etc
. We're not buying it.

Автор Jesus Christ (1 месяц)
Their is no anthropological, archeological or historic record of white
people being on this planet until about almost 7,000 years ago. Where did
this new species come from or is the white race a product of genetic
engineering done in ancient Egypt!

Автор Chau Nguyen (1 месяц)
another piece of crap documentary from Nova. Americans should leave
documentary to the BBC.

Автор martin alfaro (4 месяца)
Bullshit...white people came to kill and steal everything ...go back to
europe you all wetbacks crossing the ocean ...

Автор John Doe (18 дней)
I agree 100% with your statement that massive immigration is being pushed.
By who, I'm not sure but I am absolutely certain that it is a very bad
thing. More then anything else, for me it is an environmental issue. Take
South America immigration for instance. They come here often illegally, get
jobs, work hard and send money home. At home the catholic church is in the
ear of the people telling them to have more babies. Contraception is bad so
says the church. The people, in order not to offend the gods, have more
babies which they can't support so they send them here and the cycle
repeats itself. It's like a self sustaining loop and every year more and
more people are born in ever greater numbers and many of them are sent
here. Even President Obama made a point of talking how the illegals
replenish us. It's so bad. It's Mother Nature herself that picks up the
tab. And speaking of nature, is there any thinking person any longer that
doesn't think we are spending natures bounty into the red. The earth is
losing the ability to reenergize to rehabilitate. I don't know what the
ecological term is but I see it all about me. The first thing we must do
world wide is stop the movement of people. The situation is so serious that
we need to adopt the policy that if we can't have growth without
sustainability then we have to sacrifice growth. In fact it may be to late
for that. To save ourselves, we may have to adopt the guiding principle
that if its bad for Nature, its bad for humanity period and let the chips
fall where they may. Why can't one of the major candidates come out and say
I am an environmentalist and every decision I make will be made with regard
to how it affects the environment. I think that person would win in a
landslide. People are frightened at what we are doing to the earth. As for
the gods: Maybe its time to bring back the earth centered gods. The
christians will be the greatest opponents to change. Lot's of people claim
to be christian but I wonder how many would vote against the environment if
they had the chance, a clear choice. The truth is, the real religion in the
USA is capitalism and christianity is its language. Religion supports the
economic model that supports religion, another self looping system.
Jefferson said we should have a real revolution every four years. I say
lets have that revolution finally, and save the earth, if that's even
possible at this point, and save ourselves in the process.

Автор Michael Schwab (2 месяца)
You know why they keep finding all these Caucasian bones all over the
earth? White flight our ancestors didn't want to be around mud people and
the only place left was ice age Europe but once it warmed up here come the
mud again blacks Asians injuns all the muds always riding the whites coat
tails if we all moved to the moon you would still follow begging and
stealing just to be in the presence of the glorious whites. Damm I love
being white 

Автор Dale Hidy (2 месяца)
it's except not accept, get an editor

Автор Alamyst2011 (8 дней)
Three groups had settled North and possible South America before "Native
Pre-human humanoids
The Daan
The Mound Builders

Автор Jim Jones (1 месяц)
there ya go, 9000 yrs old....white European tribes came across the bering
straight during an ice age likely, and so did Asian nomadic tribes...they
wandered, that's what they did. walk 5 or 10 miles a day for 10 yrs as a
tribe....thats halfway around the world

Автор robertethanbowman (15 дней)
I am proud to be white, but I just don't think that any Europeans came to
North America before Leif Ericsson. 

Автор Tom Dockery (15 дней)
We are God's gift to the world.Civilization would cease to exist were we to

Автор John Smith (3 месяца)
Gotta love those "native americans" who look like they are from Ireland and
are probably 1/32nd native.

Автор randolphfreed martz (1 месяц)
I know a fag head when I see one. You can say that this not true. But to my
experience it is true. Not every one with a fag head is gay and not
everyone who is gay has a head like this is. This is the eternal problem
with prejudice.

Автор Jacquelyn Diamond (6 месяцев)
Does Milly Stevens realize she appears to have the genetic traits of the
Hindu peoples, not necessarily Anerican Indian?

Автор Vinay N (2 месяца)
The skulls prove they were Caucasian, but it does not they were white.
People from India have Caucasian bone structure but are not considered to
be white.

Автор Dawn Threader (1 месяц)
The Star ppl see the Kenniwick man turned out to be from Star Trek after
all !!!

Автор sky kc (3 месяца)
total bullshit. white people were never here before 1492, the solutrean
theory has been thoroughly debunked by dna. get over it, you are an invader
european, nothing else. 

Автор Maibanez Ibanez (2 месяца)
i like the way you comment with new evidence.....

Автор Jim Jones (1 месяц)
uummm....pretty sure Caucasians and Asians came to the Americas through
Russia/Alaska 1000's of years ago. they intermingled and created the native
American tribes. los some south American peoples mixed in too for other
tribes like pueblo Indians for example. you can see the features in the
different tribes 

Автор Leroy Proud (1 месяц)
Ancient Nephites.

Автор anonymous native (2 месяца)
I know where you live who made this video prepared to be scalped 

Автор Rich Bark (3 месяца)
Superior race? Lol I dare any caucasoid to stand outside for a few hours on
a sunny day and see if you don't get burnt due to the lack of melanin in
your body that "inferior" races seem to be abundant with lmfaoooooo

Автор queenbeethatme100 (14 дней)
White people will be making similar claims about black slaves, once they
finish diluting them out and they no longer exist--right now, they are
flooding the internet with false claims of Irish being enslaved along with

Автор season davis (11 дней)
You mean to tell me people still use carbon dating....? it doesn't work.
never did.

Автор Anthony Diziacomo (3 месяца)
The person is actually Captain Packard of the U.F. Panets "Enterprise" who
got hooked up in a Time Warp & ended up back in ancient America. (Marcello
Tullivio Conte-Luna.) 

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