BeatBox Harmonica in Math Class (original)

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Where is this video from ?
Montréal, Canada ( École Saint-laurent: Pavillon Émile-Legault)
Beatboxer: Gabrielo Diaz (Canadian/Chilean)
Filmed by: Ahmed Kaouane (Algerian)

Why the teacher didn't punish me?
This teacher used to send me out of the classroom but I continued playing outside of it. (He got to bring me back again because I was distracting other classmates and classrooms =D). Anyway he just got used to it =). (as you can see in this video)

HARMONICA: Suzuki Overdrive ( C )

Any other question? please ask ! :D

@ I own all the rights of this video.

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Автор Wendy Marvell (6 месяцев)

Автор MrToxicBlizzard (8 месяцев)
Is it just me or is this classroom extremely odd? Like how incredibly
multiracial it is and how the teacher doesn't seem to give a fuck about
harmonica being played in class. Also how is it that no-one but the guy
filming and the girl behind seem to show any sort of excitement about that
sick beatbox? Also the teacher doesn't look as if he's giving class at all
but everyone is reading something, WTF? 

Автор MrMental (5 месяцев)
the girl behind wants the D

Автор lucas nathaniel (6 месяцев)
that was epic beat

Автор Henry Talatonu (7 месяцев)
I swear he turned on the girl Behind him! ;) AHAHAH! 

Автор wei jian (4 месяца)
the chick at the back got turned up lol...

Автор snakebitmgee (28 дней)
My teachers would have forced me to put my back against a wall with my
knees bent while holding two dictionaries in my hands, with my arms
stretched out in front of me. I would have remained that way for the whole
class. If I dropped my arms, I would be severely punished. I would learn
not to play harmonica in class.

Автор Declan Smith (5 месяцев)
This is the beat a redneck-rapper is looking for.

Автор Masturbatorsorous (8 месяцев)
the girl behind him wants the D

Автор Sequinox01 (4 месяца)

Автор kevin Guehl (7 месяцев)
gg !

Автор Alex Nguyen (8 дней)
i like how no one payed attention to him LOL 

Автор Solar Heavy (3 месяца)
So epic!

Автор zeron82411 (11 дней)
Seeing how it looks like there are two attractive girls in one class makes
this seem fake. xD

Автор Reasure (25 дней)

Автор MrLantz2011 (6 месяцев)
Anyone else seen the movie "BIG"? lol

Автор Brony Powerlifter (2 месяца)
osti sta montreal ca!!!!

Автор Joseph Tullis (1 месяц)
I wish I could've been there. I would've busted out my harmonica and failed
miserably. Ha, you thought that was going to end differently.

Автор Thisura Theshan (1 месяц)
The girl behind him :* ;) LD

Автор faus gorgo (2 месяца)
the black guy is not amazed..ahah! peace 

Автор phoenixsplash135 (3 месяца)
0:50 is so friggen epic

Автор MrNikolakicc (7 месяцев)
That very good looking girl back of you enjoys it :D

Автор Kees Gieling (1 месяц)
Talent mate

Автор Aizen Sosuke (1 месяц)
Pretty cool but the lack of reaction shows that he does this almost
everyday in class which is why they seem to be used to his harmonica

Автор Lewis Nostredame (2 месяца)
Girl behind him got wet.

Автор Mac4072 (2 месяца)
Dude the kid is being a showoff

Автор Señor Chang (8 месяцев)
That girl behind didn't look horny at all ;)

Автор Nina Fallon (5 месяцев)
Sweet cool

Автор TheThreeCraftuteers (2 месяца)
The girl at the back wants you!

Автор john (5 месяцев)
Me may ma Moe bullshit.

Автор Sir Hillington (2 месяца)
Hahaha what the heeeeell that's SO freaking dope XD

Автор Adriano Grando (1 месяц)
i tought the black guy was goin to freak out

Автор Bill Bishop (4 месяца)
She's cute.

Автор noahyen (4 дня)
he was invisible..then at 0:23 they all notice him..ha Brilliant 

Автор leonor herrejon (21 день)
That guys heka good

Автор MrCarrotstickz (12 дней)
I can't tell if the girl behind loves it or she just has ADHD.

Автор Niko Denardo (5 месяцев)
Did anyone else see the nun

Автор TechHelper73 (7 месяцев)
Omg he has a boner

Автор PureN2o (3 месяца)
in my school he wouldve gotten suspended for creativity

Автор Pepa Lepaio (8 месяцев)
i can do that! hold my beer

Автор Haikal Faizal (5 месяцев)
i thot the black guy was just goin to jump out and rap..

Автор Guilherme Vieira (8 месяцев)
The black guy behind him is like." Whaaaaaat? dat's my job..."

Автор Corey Jye Stern (5 месяцев)
how come no one gives a fuck?

Автор Psyc hotic (5 месяцев)
And not one fuck was given that day.

Автор domovsgumpy (6 месяцев)
ellen should show him on a show or something XD

Автор James Lloyd-Smith (1 месяц)
This must be the class for all the principals retarted children

Автор dwanye johnson (6 месяцев)
He has talent can lie

Автор Franco mendoza (18 часов)
oo que genio

Автор eric huynh (4 часа)
They black guys was wtf

Автор Jonathan Cain (6 дней)
Then he fucked the girl behind him

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