BeatBox Harmonica in Math Class (original)

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Where is this video from ?
Montréal, Canada ( École Saint-laurent: Pavillon Émile-Legault)
Beatboxer: Gabrielo Diaz (Canadian/Chilean)
Filmed by: Ahmed K. (Algerian)

Why the teacher didn't punish me?
This teacher used to send me out of the classroom but I continued playing outside of it. (He got to bring me back again because I was distracting other classmates and classrooms =D). Anyway he just got used to it =). (as you can see in this video)

HARMONICA: Suzuki Overdrive ( C )

Any other question? please ask ! :D

@ I own all the rights of this video.

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Автор zeex Omanix 98 ( назад)

Автор Austin Hr ( назад)
so cool

Автор jose meza ( назад)
me anamore.... de la chica de su atras

Автор Royce Peter ( назад)
That was so sweet I got diabetes

Автор KIZA PLAYS ( назад)
The girl behind the beat boxer looks like the young Marisa Tomei

Автор LaTroy Fitzpatrick ( назад)

Автор Benn Bouakham ( назад)
Lmao the chick behind him want the d soo bad

Автор Xxx_Rekt_xxX - ( назад)
u seryus m8 ?

Автор Hitz Agar ( назад)
This was sick

Автор Deion Velarde ( назад)
50 sec in killed it

Автор A Kid From Africa ( назад)
You can see the black dude in the background at 0:45 look at the beatbox
guy and look down and shake his head. Dude annoyed af lol

Автор Jesus Aguilar ( назад)
Every time I pass by this I have to watch it.

Автор Double Blades ( назад)

Автор Ya'Liecia Joe ( назад)

Автор EL TIO BENNY ( назад)
What is a song??

Автор Shayla Marshall ( назад)
AWWWWWWWWW MAN no is dancing or even a liiiittle bit rocking to this guy
HE'S AWESOME man some of these people are. . . maybe boring :|

Автор GT Eima ( назад)

Автор Opal Toralien ( назад)
This is amazing! Also, I'd like to note that there are 69k likes.

Автор jose miguel diaz viveros ( назад)
Yo lo ise v:

Автор Trick_Mann Gaming ( назад)
This is from Canada idiots

Автор Jaydin Snabrl ( назад)
my nigga

Автор Misael Cordoba ( назад)
lol 1:01 jajaj

Автор ko ( назад)
if i was the girl in the back i woulda taken drastic action

Автор Ralph Gomez ( назад)
That guy is so getting laid by the chick in back of him

Автор canciones Martir ( назад)

Автор Joshua Ferguson ( назад)
That girl in the back wanted him so bad...... Lol 😁

Автор Eddie Jackson ( назад)
I have seen and heard it all now! Love it!

Автор FrYOsE \ GameSkoule ( назад)
des français qui écoutés des bonnes choses ???

Автор ElectrikBoltz ( назад)
I really hope he made us all proud and banged that girl somewhere in
between the time the video was posted and now. WE NEED CONFIRMATION.

Автор The boss Army ( назад)
This is so cool. Skills bro

Автор Procted117 ( назад)
0:41 el bato se estaba combulsionando

Автор Hare Greaves ( назад)

Автор Zace Domingcil ( назад)
Whoa! That was amazing! Do you have any video turtorial?

Автор Ace Wonder ( назад)
Where the fuck do i get one of those from. Any local shops?

Автор Juani Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор Miracle Asimotu ( назад)

Автор Prasang Raj Sharma ( назад)
so did he get the girl

Автор GooseGaming ( назад)
Dude the Girl behind him though wants it so bad! Twirling her hair with her
fingers and biting her lips 😂😂😂😂 She wants that beatbox ing D!

Автор Morgan Freeminati ( назад)

Автор Shawn Pruitt ( назад)
No some teachers just don't give a fuck in high school I have one of
thoughs teachers their pretty cool u telling me u never had one of them plz

Автор Gabriel Helfenstein ( назад)
It sounds good hahaha

Автор james thompson ( назад)
he should make a longer version

Автор Wolfe Squad ( назад)

Автор Joshua Guerrero ( назад)
he's got some talent

Автор dark angel ( назад)
who else thought that this guy kinda looked like superman at the start?

Автор Dos Unicos ( назад)
groso total !!!

Автор bastian mauricio ( назад)
Es Chileno

Автор Wolfganistain Pack ( назад)
In the beginning was he playing outside the by pink floyd before the

Автор James Storm ( назад)
Look at the fucking hot girl she is like fuck yeah want a taste of him 0_0

Автор Theanimeapple 13 ( назад)
hmm what do you guys think should i take




i LOVE the three

Автор ic princess ( назад)

Автор Bryan Ronaldo ( назад)
Damn this shit goes in 🔥🔥🔥

Автор Armani McKinnon ( назад)
what country is that in

Автор Oscar Moguel O.G. ( назад)
not a sick beat it's awsome

Автор el pro muñoz ( назад)
siiii me gustó mucho la música

Автор Tipsfromlarry 99 ( назад)
This is awesome 👍

Автор Jacob Dunnuck ( назад)
When I Did That My Teacher took it from me When I was 17 And I Sock Him So
Hard His Nose Was Bleeding And I Got Suspended for 2 Years

Автор Nicole Götter ( назад)
Das is einfach nur geil

Автор Vivo Turistando ( назад)
O cabra é bonzim na gaita, viu?!!

Автор AtheNiify ( назад)
math may not have been taught but they all learned something that day
you can beatbox with a harmonica

Автор Mylene Rocales ( назад)
Who else has been laughing after 3 seconds when it started?

Автор IRonikz_ Pro ( назад)
The chick behind him fucked him in the ass with her strap on after this

Автор Manny S ( назад)
Girl in the back shaking her leg low-key wants to sit on his face

Автор The Fly ( назад)
juri lane

Автор Blaze _Blague ( назад)
i like that song nc

Автор Yaya Zezo ( назад)
is that henry cavill ?!!!

Автор juan mena ( назад)
That black guy back there is about to rap

Автор Jacob Judge ( назад)
that girls getting that shit

Автор Siti faridah Ras ( назад)
this is really really the Best beatbox harmonica

Автор kyleyoumans ( назад)
Lol the girl at the back she wanted the D 😂😂

Автор Nina Violette ( назад)
The school house blues.

Автор Constanza Gutiérrez ( назад)
me encantaa💖💕💕💖💖💚💚👏

Автор xxxxHACKEDxxxx ( назад)
Heh Justin Trudeau look-alike

Автор JaySAAAN ( назад)
Anyone know what the song is and if there's a tutorial?

Автор ##### adamary perez ( назад)

Автор FusionHD ( назад)
No one was impressed

Автор laeyla B ( назад)

Автор Zueira de 24hrs Por 48brs Zuador ( назад)
BR (BRASIL) LOL baetbox very good xD

Автор Ευτυχία !!! ( назад)

Автор Natasha Cristiny ( назад)
Perfect 😍👏😍

Автор Massimo Liu ( назад)
If the black guy started freestyling then this video would be great!

Автор Mano Xaco ( назад)

Автор junior lopez ( назад)
this sounds like a game

Автор farouk yahia belaid ( назад)
very nice..thanks

Автор Insane Altectric ( назад)
Tutorial?????? Pls trying to learn

Автор Finlay Bradshaw ( назад)
How???? So fucking good

Автор Danis2005 ( назад)
i fint know hos did you dö it i can beat box and play harmonica (not so
Good) hur i gång put Em togheter

Автор Alain keko ( назад)
dat boi b gettin all da PUSSAY!!

Автор KesherMedia Kay Em ( назад)
Nicely done! :-)

Автор guapecato ( назад)
I thought the teacher would expel him from the room ..

Автор MoDdEd Alfa ( назад)
0:45 what's your hand doing under da table?? o-O

Автор Corbin Giese ( назад)
Look how unimpressed they are, this kid must do that often

Автор Cute_ Gangster ( назад)
This guys looks like Dan for gossip girls

Автор Dark Volt!!! ( назад)
the girl behind him likes him I'm watching😑

Автор Wendrei Cidro ( назад)
he's got some talent

Автор EpicGrowVideos ( назад)
Wow.. this is amazing! Never thought that Harmonica and beatbox would match
together so perfectly :o

Автор Aaron Brandenburg ( назад)
I wonder if he knows the girl behind him is feeling him now?!? you could
tell she was in to that shit.

Автор vanina de los rios ( назад)
q lindo eres

Автор De4dlyGaming ( назад)
I would so use this as an intro...

Автор Zain Khan ( назад)
lol he looks fucked in the head doing that.

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