BeatBox Harmonica in Math Class (original)

You like the girl behind me ? Follow me on instagram for more! : Gabrielodiaz

Where is this video from ?
Montréal, Canada ( École Saint-laurent: Pavillon Émile-Legault)
Beatboxer: Gabrielo Diaz (Canadian/Chilean)
Filmed by: Ahmed Kaouane (Algerian)

Why the teacher didn't punish me?
This teacher used to send me out of the classroom but I continued playing outside of it. (He got to bring me back again because I was distracting other classmates and classrooms =D). Anyway he just got used to it =). (as you can see in this video)

HARMONICA: Suzuki Overdrive ( C )

Any other question? please ask ! :D

@ I own all the rights of this video.

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Автор Corpsgrinder360 | Corps Army ( назад)
nice gg

Автор FarmMade ( назад)
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Автор EnderDKid ( назад)
0:50 is my favourite part, and it sounds familiar

Автор Roshan G ( назад)
It's been 6 years and the beat is still sick. 

Автор Daniel Pavlovic ( назад)
Crazy too the shool

Автор Daniel Pavlovic ( назад)

Автор Envy Dream ( назад)
We all know the black dude in the backround was going to start freestyling.

Автор Shamarr Shakespeare ( назад)
I could do that but not as good holy shit 😱 you inspired me to do what i
do thank you 😁😎😁😎😁

Автор jailia vang ( назад)
make so more video's

Автор jailia vang ( назад)
Why the black dude act's like he's all the cool shit

Автор jailia vang ( назад)
+Chris Atkinson Lmao lol

Автор jailia vang ( назад)
+chris Atkins Lmao

Автор Kylee Raee ( назад)
Marcus perez is better

Автор blasian ( назад)
The teacher was getting a shotgun 

Автор Sheb yaki ( назад)
That was sick man!!xD sweet beat!!

Автор Matt Mangrum ( назад)
You got a Jewish kid beat boxing like a mofo, a black kid that reminds me
of Steve urkle, and a Moslem. oh man.. lolo

Автор scott kauz ( назад)
At 50 sec. Cool beat xD

Автор fasdaky ( назад)
What a god

Автор fasdaky ( назад)
What a god

Автор Kasparas Staniunas ( назад)

Автор Brock Bollinger ( назад)

Автор Alex Blackburn ( назад)
That's fuckin sick

Автор Eric Cardona ( назад)
I know why he was shaking his hand by his leg...he was swiping the extra
swag that fell to his leg.

Автор Miz ( назад)
+Gabrielo Diaz , yeah.. so how about the girl behind you? I checked your
Instagram tho!

Автор hellboy ( назад)
0:26 teacher found a fuck to give

Автор N'jharni Rewita ( назад)
i can't stop watching this😂😂 the beats heaps good

Автор Big_BoII Asian ( назад)
Did he touched his dick as well 0:52

Автор Mr. Posh ( назад)
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Автор Mr. Posh ( назад)
That girl was digging it

Автор Jennifer Olotara ( назад)
we know the girl like him , because girls always twirl their hair when they
like smoeone or most of them do

Автор Jennifer Olotara ( назад)
whose watching this in 2015

Автор Сергей Серов ( назад)
Уважение класса +100

Автор den4ik prof ( назад)
Wow it's exellent song

Автор Fareezuan Zulfikri ( назад)

Автор yugi moto ( назад)
was this staged?

Автор Troy Spencer ( назад)
That was sick as :)

Автор Jake Meadows ( назад)
Omfg that was coool

Автор Erin Valentine ( назад)
better make this not obvious at all and once in a while glance at the gu-
omg he beatboxes (*twirls hair*) thats like so hawt

Автор Christopher Winn ( назад)
How did he not get rong??

Автор Michelle Diaz ( назад)
This is cool

Автор Assoum West ( назад)

Автор Buh Amaral ( назад)
the beat box is hard, but with instrument, have to value the talent of this

Автор juniorrocks2012 ( назад)
Holy shit! I live in Montreal....... I NEED to get this guy to teach me

Автор yugi moto ( назад)
and the teacher said nothing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

Автор Ximares (๑╹ω╹) ( назад)
#Goals tbh

Автор mt v ( назад)

Автор Cody Hunter ( назад)
its 2015 and the beat is still on fire!!

Автор XZIBIT Rage ( назад)

Автор FlipStockz ( назад)
Very nice.

Автор Skull Crushers ( назад)
This is so cool!!! When is your'e tutorial coming up?

Автор Aaron Helvy ( назад)
Why does this clip reminde me of a song???

Автор MrNintendo505 ( назад)
Yo dawg, is that Puff Daddy in the back? lmao

Автор bishock gaming101 ( назад)
racist bitch

Автор Andrey Bondar ( назад)
the girl behind him was wondering what else can he do with his mouth

Автор Jessie Mo-oy ( назад)
girl at the back looks like in total orgasm

Автор Nicholas Smile ( назад)
The girl behind you starting shaking her head back and forth the moment you
started beating. if you know what I mean. insert Mr.Bean meme here

Автор Xander Davies ( назад)
This guy rules :D

Автор Ranton Persay ( назад)
That cute girl in the back was ready for you to use that mouth for
something else.

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20 bucks says the chick twurling her hair sucked his dick

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Hey, what are you doing with your left hand under the table?

Автор Johnny Sibanda ( назад)


Автор Umaki “Sage” Hyuga ( назад)

Автор Charlie Bishop ( назад)
Damn that school seems so chill

Автор emmett dekoekkoek ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube: talent! 

Автор Jong-Jong Slownely ( назад)
Shout out to the girl at the back and the girl on his left side!

Автор SkullCrashGaming David ( назад)
Anyone else think how lucky this guy is to have a teacher like this, I
would've gotten EXPELLED if I did something like this... lol

Автор clau cris (1482 года назад)
Waw the modda fucker is good at beatbox

Автор trigz1seven ( назад)
Why isn't the black dude bouncing his head to the beat?!?! 

Автор Amazing_Aimz ( назад)
This is bruce wayne

Автор Becki Woods ( назад)
Trap haha

Автор BIGBISON14 ( назад)
Please make a tutorial!

Автор Gonzalo Kuwae ( назад)
es chileno lol weeena

Автор Cj Mayor ( назад)
the girl in the back wants the D XD

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wow ;'.

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Автор joshua Harding ( назад)
Perfect for math class

Автор CmPuke101 ( назад)
roman reigns can't wrestle

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Anohana bring me to this XD

Автор Your “Mother” Mom ( назад)
And then the school exploded from the woman near the pictures.

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more then 3ml views and this asshole wont make more of this shit

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Автор Madninja 515 ( назад)
0:41 what were you doing with your hand

Автор Adam Cohen ( назад)
so where's the tutorial?

Автор Camilo Valdivia Godoy ( назад)
Tenia que tener descendencia chilena :)

Автор Szymon Makowski ( назад)
Ale kozak.

Автор Joe MacLinon ( назад)
oh them old dayzz

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(for me)

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He can get all his money right their!

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