BeatBox Harmonica in Math Class (original)

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Where is this video from ?
Montréal, Canada ( École Saint-laurent: Pavillon Émile-Legault)
Beatboxer: Gabrielo Diaz (Canadian/Chilean)
Filmed by: Ahmed K. (Algerian)

Why the teacher didn't punish me?
This teacher used to send me out of the classroom but I continued playing outside of it. (He got to bring me back again because I was distracting other classmates and classrooms =D). Anyway he just got used to it =). (as you can see in this video)

HARMONICA: Suzuki Overdrive ( C )

Any other question? please ask ! :D

@ I own all the rights of this video.

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Автор derpasaurs ( назад)
Call the police my house is on fire after that fire ass beat

Автор Dominick Brown ( назад)
like it, but come on man lol not during class

Автор BeaSt M4D ( назад)
Why is everyone talking about others in class? Get off they nuts and or

Автор samuel faivre ( назад)
i like how no one gives a fuck whats going on but this is good

Автор Andrew Brown ( назад)
this niGA IS gUd

Автор Dilan Leonel Cristaldo ( назад)
alguien es argentino

Автор Dilan Leonel Cristaldo ( назад)

Автор Patrick Ricardo Torete ( назад)
Que foda kk

Автор Sorin GaM1nG ( назад)
Amazing dude :O:O

Автор Florin Barac ( назад)

Автор MemeMaster Productions ( назад)
CHERRY ON THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор MemeMaster Productions ( назад)
Wait That Was you??

Автор Subash Chandra ( назад)
That girl behind him 'Mirin so hard.

Автор PKTV ( назад)
Why the F$%k has this got 6 million views?

Автор İhsan ( назад)
Henry Cavill ?

Автор Maxi Gonzalez ( назад)
what kind of harmonica uses???

Автор Ezequiel Ponce ( назад)
alta perraaaa la que esta atras del flaco!!!!!!! XD

Автор delmy rios ( назад)
the boy is so coooooooooooooooooool😎✌

Автор M A R V I N C A S I N O ( назад)

Автор chilote66 ( назад)

Автор Taste Therainbow ( назад)
I'm guessing this is Germany..... But honestly I don't know :)

Автор Marco Barresi ( назад)
the BOSS

Автор FightingMachine227 ( назад)
Man, if that were in my school, the whole class would be cheering for more!
unlike this lifeless class

Автор Marcus Pardo ( назад)
Zwas the hand necessary

Автор GameDrame ( назад)
was he swatting flies with his hand?!

Автор Craig Strachan ( назад)
Girl behind him and some sexual tension going on aha .. #BodyLanguage

Автор Meik Schuster ( назад)
i Love it Very nice ♡♡ i wish i can this

Автор Samanta Rivas ( назад)
that is amazinggggggggggggggg

Автор Dwayne De Vera ( назад)
Holy cow, this is sick man!

Автор autin-de-1 ( назад)
Wooow awesome

Автор Bruno Ventura ( назад)
oh fuck is Bruce Banner !

Автор Shadow Killer ( назад)
YyyEeeSss!!! you made my dream come true!

Автор Eunice Flores ( назад)
omfg dude😆

Автор Van Litespeed ( назад)
The day the student became the teacher and schooled everyone on how its
done, damn straight

Автор Larson Marlinga ( назад)
does he have a boner

Автор darren chefdepartie ( назад)
Holy shit that is really really good

Автор Patricia Millalonco ( назад)
wow re copado el pibe <3

Автор Daniele Olivieri ( назад)
i' ve to watch it once a day.

Автор Kid Demon ( назад)
How did he not get a detention

Автор Jean Despouse ( назад)
que armoica es? que nota esta porfa

Автор Ottavio Zaccagna ( назад)
You have a terrible schools . Learn by a italian schools that are the most
good in the europe and i think in the world

Автор Roxas a7x ( назад)
Play with 1.5 speed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Obvious ninja ( назад)
This video inspired me to learn how to play harmonica, lmao. My friend got
me one, and I'm on day 2 of watching lessons and beatboxing into on my own;
shit's awesome, and harmonica is harder than it looks.

Автор HACKER ( назад)
2016 april 12 :)

Автор TheMrSkooz ( назад)
Représente le Quebec

Автор Mr Razex ( назад)
i can keep listening to hem all the day so siiiick beaaat :D

Автор Agar & other ( назад)
hes good,imma try it today

Автор West Texas ( назад)
where the fuck is this at. looks weird

Автор cupcake ! :3 ( назад)

Автор GODSEPTIC ( назад)
Man he is really talented

Автор Coca Cola ( назад)
это ахуенно

Автор XxXprokillerxpXxX Or woffythedog1234 ( назад)
I can also do that

Автор XxXprokillerxpXxX Or woffythedog1234 ( назад)
Awesome I wish I could do that

Автор Dayann Montt ( назад)
wou amasing

Автор dean tyler ( назад)
dope dope, and dope. straight liked it

Автор Nick Klausman ( назад)
I thought the black kid would be a little more lit I would have went nuts
if someone did this in highschool

Автор Shannon McCann ( назад)
I beatbox crazy and I did in class and then in front of the whole school
and now I'm a pro at it

Автор Destany Farmer ( назад)
That girl behind him trynna fuck.....

Автор NoHacksJustBacon ( назад)
like who watch in 2016

Автор Juan Silva ( назад)

Автор Juan Silva ( назад)

Автор Kars Sieben ( назад)
Al those girls in that class are like 'can he eat pussy like that?'

Автор oVizions ( назад)
There's black people in Europe?

Автор Marco Quintero ( назад)
Is this foo from the netflix series Narcos???

Автор The Lazy Gamer ( назад)
we've wasted time trying to upgrade SOE WW and it was never upgradeable

Автор Liam D ( назад)
the girl behind him wants the d

Автор Destiny Fultz (1619 лет назад)
can he be my teacher he killed it

Автор Joshua Foots ( назад)
she does t hear this what the f....

Автор Bryant Maldonado ( назад)

Автор Leopard Gaming ( назад)
the girl who behind of him is feeling the beat with her legs

Автор PRfuerte Play´s ( назад)

Автор Kelsey Kleynenberg ( назад)

Автор Nialler Horan ( назад)
shit!! your cool!!who is he??? fucking answer me!

Автор Javier Gonzalez ( назад)
Best ever

Автор Hillo David (GraysonGrayson) ( назад)
1. The girl behind him wanted to bang him just because of that.
2. The black guy is hating cause hes trying to beatbox.

Автор Daysen Bushmaker ( назад)
Latino Guy?, Black Guy, and a Female Muslim in a Hijab all in a line with
one white girl twirling her hair, thinking "Do I fuck this guy? Or just
brush it off... Fuck him."

Автор XxORANGE xFrAmXx ( назад)
Make more vids

Автор I'm Tae ( назад)

Автор Dada Cayabyab ( назад)
Why does the beatbox sound like the harmonica in My House - Flo Rida?

Автор TheJster _469 ( назад)
Anyone watching this in 2016

Автор Frightboy555 ( назад)
why dont u upload videos of u playing that intrumet more u could get more

Автор Chanel Stewart ( назад)
Is this boy literally beatboxing with a harmonica .

Автор Chanel Stewart ( назад)
is this boy literally beatboxing with a harmonica

Автор Chanel Stewart ( назад)
is this boy literally beatboxing with a harmonica

Автор Jebbelly ( назад)
can u please upload more beatbox videos u didn't upload a single video for
long time

Автор Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever ( назад)

Автор DenominatorMan (126 лет назад)
That looks like samgladiator

Автор Lavone Phetthongsy ( назад)
He did it for the girl

Автор Koperek Mar ( назад)
the girl behind him is beautiful ^^

Автор Clarence Galang ( назад)
R.i.p. replay button

Автор Firdaus Zulkiflee ( назад)
make a tutorial for this video please

Автор RelaxedGamer ( назад)

Автор RelaxedGamer ( назад)
His had is tuching his balls

Автор Dogs And Cats don't Mix 2005 ( назад)
I like it

Автор Silent slash ( назад)
yo he is good and i know thats is hard

Автор mc jiro ( назад)
la chava de atras huyy su sonrrisa lo dise todo

Автор Trevor Wilson ( назад)
Probably after school or something

Автор Giovanny The Best Alonso ( назад)
Alguien Español?

Автор Mr KAT ( назад)
+Gabrielo Diaz watched this a few thousand times . still love the video!
Awesome skills!! Cute girl!
P.S. A tutorial won't hurt!!

Автор adams kematch ( назад)
ha ha the black dudes scared of the black dude

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