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Автор Chris Atkins (22 дня)
The girl behind him did like him, but then she read all the comments about
her pussy on youtube and never talked to him again.

Автор Nick Evanson (1 месяц)
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you guys this, it trully makes me sad, but
this guy died later that night he was found dead in the back of the school
apparently drowned in pussy.

Автор DeCaTV (3 месяца)
That chick behind him froffing it

Автор RandomAccessMemory (5 месяцев)
you could tell the black guy was about to start free styling

Автор TheInfernalwing (3 месяца)
Just a minute and a half? Oh c 'mon !!! The lady at the back is about to
have an orgasm, man!!

Автор Ezequiel Islas (4 месяца)
am i the only one that thinks the girl behind likes the beatbox boy?...

Автор Silent Heart (1 месяц)
Wow..... Surprised the teacher wasn't all like "put it away and never get
it out again bla bla bla"

Автор Carny751 (1 месяц)
there is a ninja in the background xD

Автор Bitch-sama (3 месяца)
It was in Canada, montreal.

Автор IronicProtigy (3 месяца)
Everyone looks like thats the first time they ever heard beatboxing.

Автор Emo Dred (1 месяц)
You don't have to lick to impress woman with skills..

You can just blow on the Harmonica..

Автор Anthony Gomez (1 месяц)
Aint this the son from breaking bad?

Автор stefan stinkdoos (4 месяца)
And no fuck was given that day !

Автор NO (7 месяцев)
Why was their a terrorists int he background?

Автор chancel Mawalala Moundounga (17 дней)
what's this song please

Автор Jacob Jones (15 дней)
He dosen't need to need to be in school!
He can get all his money right their!

Автор Margaux Youhos Lénine (3 месяца)
J'ai crue entendre une voix française ?
T'es bon gars

Автор De'Nella blackthorn (24 дня)

Автор iSnoopZz (4 дня)
That girl is swinging her leg make ur move kid a Hahha lol =)

Автор CmPuke101 (8 дней)
roman reigns can't wrestle

Автор Renas Kader (9 дней)
more then 3ml views and this asshole wont make more of this shit

Автор Szymon Makowski (12 дней)
Ale kozak.

Автор Adam Flowers (26 дней)
And not a single fuck was given that day....

Автор Amazing_Aimz (13 часов)
This is bruce wayne

Автор Cole Murphy (2 месяца)
Ok I personally am a beatboxer and he was moving a little to much in that
video. Don't get me wrong it was cool but it he was really moving A LOT

Автор Fábio Martins (5 дней)
wow ;'.

Автор Trevor Gillam (25 дней)
Seeing the 2 people behind him look up they're like
"Shit just got real"

Автор Adam Cohen (12 дней)
so where's the tutorial?

Автор DopeClan RBLX (1 месяц)
Everybody was just fucking talking and the deaf teacher didnt give a shit.
And dammmnnnn I bet that white pusay behind him was so wet.

Автор Thunderous Marmalade (21 день)
Anyone else think this guy looks like MatPat?

Автор Diego Solano Coto (28 дней)
o my god , iwell like know this

Автор carkod (29 дней)
Why all this talk about this girl. She is not even pretty.

Автор Katelyn Ngatai (3 месяца)
That's was hot!

Автор joshua Harding (7 дней)
Perfect for math class

Автор Amber Marie (1 месяц)
Someone tell Ellen about this kid

Автор MrOTBxTrains (2 месяца)
twirling her hair? SHE WANTS THE D

Автор Haryandii Nuraga (9 дней)
Anohana bring me to this XD

Автор NicholasFilms99 (26 дней)
He got laid..

Автор Elliott Quinn (1 месяц)
He looks like Walt jr. from breaking bad

Автор Aurora Shonix (20 дней)
I would buy his album if he created one about this....and why hasnt u been
active in ur channel? do more of this

Автор Toheer Ajah (10 дней)
anjriiiiiiiiiiiit kren

Автор Joe MacLinon (12 дней)
oh them old dayzz

Автор Rose Henson (1 месяц)
That girl behind him wants that dick

Автор Namas (14 дней)
Anyone else notice him swaying his hand over his dick?

Автор PaperCuts14 (1 месяц)
Please make more videos like this. You have inspired me to start doing

Автор jason voorhees z-one (21 день)
se los paseo a todos los weones B)

Автор Ghost Lio (5 дней)

Автор Becki Woods (1 день)
Trap haha

Автор Omgitsjoedi (5 дней)
Some say he died that day in that girls pussy... Others say that terrorist
is the back blew up the room

Автор Forthose Whoslept (16 дней)
Thats why they are all in detention

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