BeatBox Harmonica in Math Class (original)

Where is this video from ?
Montréal, Canada ( École Saint-laurent: Pavillon Émile-Legault)
Beatboxer: Gabrielo Diaz (Canadian/Chilean)
Filmed by: Ahmed Kaouane (Algerian)

Why the teacher didn't punish me?
This teacher used to send me out of the classroom but I continued playing outside of it. (He got to bring me back again because I was distracting other classmates and classrooms =D). Anyway he just got used to it =). (as you can see in this video)

HARMONICA: Suzuki Overdrive ( C )

Any other question? please ask ! :D

@ I own all the rights of this video.

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Автор NO (2 месяца)
Why was their a terrorists int he background?

Автор Lee Sin (3 месяца)
How was that girl behind him not dripping wet 

Автор Shoobaloo (2 месяца)
Those girls r hot

Автор RandomAccessMemory (24 дня)
you could tell the black guy was about to start free styling

Автор MrCarrotstickz (5 месяцев)
I can't tell if the girl behind loves it or she just has ADHD.

Автор noahyen (5 месяцев)
he was invisible..then at 0:23 they all notice him..ha Brilliant 

Автор Mateus Vieira (4 дня)
The black guy in the background was like "that's exquisitely delightful"
ha! though I was going for good old racism didn't ya

Автор Tlyer Hilton (2 дня)
I can beatbox go to my newest vid!

Автор Edward Vigaru (2 месяца)
that akward silence at the end

Автор Markus Perrson (24 дня)
0:00 - 0:23 nothing but air 0:23 - 1:18 b based harmonica god

Автор rodrigo fuentes (2 дня)
Canadian/Chilean xD buena weon, te salio la raja jahajahajahjaahjaha 

Автор Xtwist3dg0dX (6 дней)
LOL tht guys racist comment, tht was funny, people stop being so butthurt
about a joke, jeez. gg. cool beats though.

Автор Nelly Walker (22 дня)
I like how the boy with glasses I believe in the background looked at the
boy and then shook his head XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Автор Boogle Cheese (5 дней)
You can see the jealousy on the background kid's face

Автор Markus Perrson (24 дня)
Black guy shakes his head at 0:47 and says in his mind wait till I drop a

Автор Geo FitZz (1 месяц)
That was clean, holy moly....:O

Автор xXSniperCoffeeXx (12 дней)
How long have you played harmonica? That's awesome

Автор DutchGamingwith Juliet (1 месяц)
I know how prison feels like

Автор aku naku (21 час)
i envy hes talent

Автор MissLadyComment (1 месяц)
Omg i saw this like 2 years ago and re-watched it just for fun and i
realize that it's filmed in my math class hahahahaha is it a science nature
So weird that in 2009 I was in elementary school :P

Автор Charles G (14 дней)
could you share the compositon please (+5 -9 +6 -6....)

Автор The Dominator (2 месяца)
if somebody did this in a 6th grade class everybody would go crazy

Автор Spon Frost (3 дня)
dude got laid that night for free

Автор Goldmere (1 месяц)
i need to get a Harmonica a-s-a-p

Автор Maksud Sharipov (26 дней)
look at girl behind this guy, she is soooo pretty) message me honey ;)

Автор imaan Khan (1 день)
You racist twat

Автор Mayara Camacho (10 дней)
Hashtag really good

Автор ramon1f (14 дней)
Dope lol!

Автор Dante Basco (10 дней)
he must get tons of pussy

Автор Victolocus (9 дней)
Where're the tutorial??? Pleeaseee

Автор First last (24 дня)
not bad......but my buddy nelson tagoona still the best iv'e ever heard

Автор Kyle SoSik (4 месяца)
Impressive, but can he do the alien frog thing?

Автор lamix34 (23 дня)
I was expecting that nigger to rap a little bit 

Автор Blacking Potatoe (1 месяц)
Set it to 1.25 speed

Автор Im Triv (20 дней)
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That girls behind hem is so wet.

Автор Jonathon Mirza (23 дня)
what did the teacher say?

Автор Wiissa99 (1 месяц)
Mr. Pasquale Conte ( The math teacher ) saw this video this week. He was
like "Did no one really tell me about this earlier?" XD

Автор Donnell Blakey (1 месяц)
lol when he was done he shouldve went back to doing what he was at the

Автор Shaco OP (1 месяц)
0:40 dat girl behind them is just like "i want to fuck with him now" 

Автор joseph cordova (21 день)
Very impressive good sir

Автор Koolgit (1 месяц)
Yeah, he fcked the girl sitting behind him shortly after this.

Автор khan Mu (22 дня)
RAAAD!!!beat boxing!!!!

Автор Melissa Boudreaux (25 дней)
me and my freinds does that same thing 

Автор Gameologia (1 месяц)
Can you make that beat box for my intro channel ?

Автор beyon illusion (1 месяц)
Chick behind him evidently has an interest 😏

Автор Simplify Gaming (2 месяца)
i got a harmonica i cant fkin beatbox in to it lol and i know how to
beatbox without the harmonica

Автор Danilo Correa (4 месяца)

Автор Giang Vuong (1 месяц)
the teacher didn't care? i want a teacher like that XD

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