BeatBox Harmonica in Math Class (original)

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Where is this video from ?
Montréal, Canada ( École Saint-laurent: Pavillon Émile-Legault)
Beatboxer: Gabrielo Diaz (Canadian/Chilean)
Filmed by: Ahmed Kaouane (Algerian)

Why the teacher didn't punish me?
This teacher used to send me out of the classroom but I continued playing outside of it. (He got to bring me back again because I was distracting other classmates and classrooms =D). Anyway he just got used to it =). (as you can see in this video)

HARMONICA: Suzuki Overdrive ( C )

Any other question? please ask ! :D

@ I own all the rights of this video.

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Автор Alex Roman ( назад)

Автор James Mahoney ( назад)
What harmonica did you use

Автор Cj Mullins ( назад)
Finally found my new ringtone

Автор COSMIC SOUL ( назад)
the 2 girls are hot, the one sitting in front of the black dude you can see
her face when she turns around, they're probably even hotter by now.

Автор denorris sandles ( назад)
god Dawn do a CD out of it

Автор Wald0 ( назад)
Damn this is sick! Do you blow with your mouth half way on it or do you
blow just a couple cm away?

Автор Caua Borges ( назад)
cara esse video ta bombando aaqui no brasil

Автор joshua taleon ( назад)
teach me plss..

Автор Ricardo Reyes ( назад)
can't stop watching this I love it this is th3 13th time I watched it

Автор Bastard Ghost ( назад)
Some Yelawolf shit. Nice.

Автор TheMarekduda ( назад)
he looks like hendry cavill superman

Автор about boat ( назад)
what's the song?

Автор superchimp99 ( назад)
How did i get here from a tutorial on making tutorials?

Автор Ricardo Ramirez ( назад)

Автор Lance Green ( назад)

Автор anthony munoz ( назад)
The girl passed the black guy a notebook so he could start on his next
mixtape with this beat in it

Автор miner Quarantedeuxtrentesix ( назад)

Автор Thomas DaNinja ( назад)
This is a Youtube gem nice beats dude.

Автор Jegi Di ( назад)
The girl at the back is cringing

Автор Szachmat ( назад)

Автор Alejo Baustista (RealLifestyle) ( назад)
who is this guy? name?

Автор Facundo Caballero ( назад)
no se escucha nada!!

Автор Bdam Redz ( назад)
I could only see the beautiful girl

Автор Svasta PO Nesto ( назад)

Автор Iron bone boys🇺🇸 ( назад)

Автор Iron bone boys🇺🇸 ( назад)

Автор Mason C. ( назад)
dayum no chill

Автор Jasmine Rocha ( назад)
he kind of looks like a little, skinny henry cavill clone from the side
a.k.a superman the man of steel

Автор Tommy Bouwhuis ( назад)

Автор Joaquin Lara ( назад)

Автор Golden Eagle514 ( назад)
of to buy a harmonica!!

Автор marcotoni231 ( назад)
uh...here's the real question...what class has 6 random ass kids in it. lol

Автор jm templanza ( назад)

Автор christian frias ( назад)
I'm sorry that I'm the one to tell you guys but this kid died later that
night found behind the school and drowned in the pussy

Автор christian frias ( назад)
Her pussy is wet lol

Автор Jenna Lane ( назад)
Sounds Cool :)

Автор Dennis La Terza ( назад)
very good.

Автор Gordon Jensen ( назад)
Amazing wee tunec

Автор Tweekz8up365 ( назад)
that shit sucked

Автор Daniel Maldonado ( назад)
Hu3Hu3Hu3 Zika de mais, no meio da aula shuashua

Автор Romeo Verbo ( назад)
Men that's awesome

Автор Jalun Taylor ( назад)
Nigga scraping the gum off the bottom of the desk with his hand

Автор Bruno Castro ( назад)
chileno tenia que ser el qlio <3

Автор Jacob Lynn ( назад)
He a savage lol

Автор Felipe Marin ( назад)

Автор je .e ( назад)
dide his name is edsie

Автор Rhai Berroya ( назад)
nays :D

Автор je .e ( назад)

Автор Mohd Azad ( назад)
at the end, his face almost like MattShea

Автор MrLoveJoy ( назад)
this guys amazing, such talent

Автор Ares The Troll ( назад)
well atleast you can say he is good with his mouth.........

Автор Vegas ( назад)
lol wtf

Автор Carter Hill ( назад)
The teacher just doesn't give a fuck

Автор Kathy Weng ( назад)
If I was in the same class with him I'd go insane... I mean this was MATH
CLASS... and I'm Asian...

Автор lalala kieran ( назад)

Автор Clasic Man ( назад)
this is cool

Автор Just A Common Fan ( назад)
I love how the teacher doesn't give a crap

Автор Kall Magie ( назад)
It's 6 years old guys !! lool

Автор alan yael ( назад)
¡¡Atrás hay una bomba humana!!

Автор Geo Marko ( назад)
how does the teacher allow this? if mine hears a pen click she'll burst...

Автор brianhasamom ( назад)
that was sick

Автор Omar Ramirez ( назад)
What that mouth do? 😂😂😂

Автор Naren Thiran ( назад)

Автор Devin Mangum ( назад)
that chick is fine af

Автор Hank Mardukas ( назад)
That chick's leg is lovin' it.

Автор hannimanni41 ( назад)
That girl behind you looks sexy, right then would have been the best time
to drop some picking up girls game, on top of your mad harmonica skills LOL

Автор Anna Ármi ( назад)

Автор Can_Of_Beans ( назад)
Wow. That teacher has patience. Wow...

Автор Just A Common Fan ( назад)
He is good.

Автор KayZamate x ( назад)
i did this in class a while ago...... no longer have. a harmonica

Автор H. Kaylie Thoms ( назад)
i have to learn this along flutebeatboxing

Автор Christopher Lomeli ( назад)
Beast asf

Автор ŁƗҜe A βØŞŞ ( назад)
Ca de os Br represantando ? huehue :v Manda demais

Автор Michael Santos ( назад)
as no one gives a fuck

Автор Kian Chaves ( назад)
Hey guy, i wanna know the name of this sound or maybe you have the tab to
share ill appreciate a lot ✌

Автор CTastro05 ( назад)

Автор Lizard Gaming ( назад)
geez what year was this the guy has a mullet

Автор chicken strips ( назад)
why did no one clap lol sad

Автор xXESD3ATHXx F ( назад)
that was sick!!

Автор mery alejandro ( назад)
genial xD

Автор je .e ( назад)

Автор Kadee Evans ( назад)
hahaha this is amazing I love it :)

Автор James Enloe ( назад)
The Muslim mite cut your head off

Автор daxixx dulox ( назад)
dats awesome :D hahaha

Автор je .e ( назад)
i can never breath again only my mouth

Автор je .e ( назад)

Автор je .e ( назад)
hey someone push me bitch!

Автор je .e ( назад)
i still lived and i graduate

Автор quntum nova ( назад)

Автор Kyle Rabalais ( назад)
diga ding ding Cajun music at the beginning lol sorry no else will get that

Автор 8484ray (936 лет назад)
if you liked this you have to check out usman riaz a Pakistani kids ted
talk and music skills are truly amazing. This kid right here made a sick
beat I would definitely pay money for

Автор Esteban Gagnon ( назад)
For some reason I cannot hear sound for this video but other videos I can
hear sound. Anyone know the fix for this?

Автор Remus Weed ( назад)
I don't know why but I feel like this is in France ?

Автор Mr JoeJon ( назад)
Video game soundtrack

Автор Dr.Zoidberg ( назад)
Why is he cleaning bottom of the desk with his hand?

Автор Zrock 8 ( назад)
It's much harder than it looks I've tried it

Автор je .e ( назад)
thats me woooooo!!!!!!!

Автор rick batman ( назад)
sick xD

Автор QU8K ( назад)
Lol just drop a beat in math class.

Автор Joe Fernandez ( назад)
Is wrong of me to have expected the black guy to bust out some sick

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