OMSI Bus Simulator: Route 92 to Freudstraße

A video of me operating a BVG MAN SD 202 (D87) a route 92 service from Gärtnereiring (adjacent to Heerstraße in Staaken) to Freudstraße (Spandau), driving slowly at the start but picking up the pace shortly after Rathaus Spandau.

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Длительность: 36:3
Комментарии: 617

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Автор Leonardo Aguilera ( назад)

Автор Shizandra Santos De La Cruz ( назад)
como puedo descargar este juego??

Автор carlos alberto ( назад)
cuantos automóviles mercedes verde claro y muchos gemelos en el bus

Автор cathy baum ( назад)
je veux le meme

Автор Jose María García ( назад)
I love this game. I'm tempted to buy it here:
Thank you for your videos.

Автор Brandon Arroyo ( назад)
no esta tanchido porque no puedo jugar

Автор Just a french man ( назад)
how can this shit have so many likes?

Автор FlixParodY FlixParodY ( назад)
can you give me a link for installation pleaseee :)

Автор Alan Benitez ( назад)
como se llama ese juego

Автор Erik Kajtar ( назад)
vagy bocs

Автор Erik Kajtar ( назад)
beszej bene ha roman vagy vagy magyar kelek

Автор Pamela Andrea Aliaga ( назад)
Soi gil

Автор Callum Willis ( назад)

Автор ilyas machrus ( назад)
kalo mojokerto

Автор ilyas machrus ( назад)
ilyas aku you 2

Автор Nordia Film ( назад)
The passengers didnt pay for the ride ?

Автор KuBs0n ( назад)
I remember playing on this route. Learnt all of it pretty quick.

Автор Luca Wedekind ( назад)
Wie teuer ist das spiel?.

Автор Οδυσσεας Μπρατος ( назад)
can you send me the Iink of this game

Автор Jzuninja ( назад)
Try out City bus simulator Munich. I thought for some time wherether to buy
City Bus Simulator Munich or this game, but I looked at lots of video, it
seems like city bus simulator is much more easier to play and a very great
game that I love so much 

Автор karamello1001 ( назад)
Zombies get in...............

Автор Mateus loss lovo ( назад)
aonde que tem esse site?

Автор Geisson Medina ( назад)
Se puede descargar ?

Автор Oscar Prado ( назад)
fabulososo es no creen

Автор Darcy Ferrier ( назад)
best driver evahh!!!

Автор Denniz ( назад)
My Bus Doesn't Start I Tried 4 Times Can Someone Help?

Автор Dj Vertez ( назад)
I remembered when I had OMSI. But my laptop was broke and when it got
repaired OMSI was not there any more. It was like a year ago but I can
still remember the exact route of the 92 and the 13N. Great game and of
course great driving.

Автор mateus ribeiro ( назад)
very good congratulations you drive very well where you downloaded this

Автор D4rk000thing ( назад)
Probably because ticket selling was off.

Автор Soulaimane BenTaleb ( назад)
To Download Game Visit to : omsi-simulator . tk and don't forget To Read
News for Code Activtion and News ;)

Автор anish shrestha ( назад)
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Автор baby tweety ( назад)
what is the site name

Автор Océane Monteiro ( назад)
Comant tu jou

Автор bruno cabral paiva ( назад)
nv nv bvcvm j ggkvhg;,n

Автор Amy Mason ( назад)
you german? do commantary pls 

Автор Pavani Kaushik ( назад)
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answering basic surveys at home. This site shows exactly how EARN88.COM
Experience is the past tense of experiment.

Автор ollie ring ( назад)
This game is the best I have it and I rate it 5 stars cause the graphics
and the sound is just amazing,the are so many quests to choose from,making
your own timetable,and u can still drive without a steering wheel cause the
other games are so crappy with using keyboard to move the car or something
but this game is the best

Автор jonatan cardoso leal ( назад)

Автор Karl Bridge ( назад)
I've watched as far as 18'... there must be at least 200 people on this bus
by now? Unless they're escaping through the emergency exits?

Автор Karl Bridge ( назад)

Автор CristianCarnero ( назад)
Very veery good sound!

Автор Daniel Backman (UndeadJ3T) ( назад)
ware have you play it

Автор sapalatana debada ( назад)
que mierda 

Автор sapalatana debada ( назад)
q mierda 

Автор FansUysual Tocoa ( назад)
as I can download it please help me

Автор Tesseract ( назад)
Why do they all walk like they have a stick up their ass?

Автор Anita Bennett ( назад)

Автор honeybunnyo ( назад)
BP 13:01 :D

Автор Catalin Palade ( назад)
Hey...4:20 -----> EVIL TWIN !

Автор Pauline Rair ( назад)

Автор Ahmad Said ( назад)
8:05 cool omsey

Автор mazurekd4 ( назад)
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brother simply wishes to become staggering with women of all ages. He
gleaned a shit load from a web-site called Master Attraction. (Google it if
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them all.

Автор demet yüksel ( назад)

Автор Silvio crepulja ( назад)
Is it hard to play? 

Автор mahmoud rok ( назад)
لعبة دة جامدة

Автор MRFabulousDuck ( назад)
how the hell do you start a route?? plzz say 

Автор OlaMissMetzgerOlaMissMetzger ( назад)

Автор classicPIPSTER ( назад)
so im riding along , enjoying the trip, looking @ The cars, town , people,
stupid people diving,....... am I nuts.?

Автор Volatus ( назад)
you can drive with the doors open you know, just make sure the BSB is

Автор beechface1 ( назад)
lol. This game looks so shit!

Автор M.H. ( назад)
8:54 most exciting part

Автор Alleluiah Marlo ( назад)
can i download this for free on mac ?

Автор Chris Oliva ( назад)
thi is available for android??

Автор hoeryong ( назад)
Thx much, it worked. How to define that i will see arrows that show me the
track i should do? And how do i download other bus?. i would like to have
Articulated bus i think the model is called NG 363

Автор Fumxe's BVE Channel! ( назад)
Here are the numbers you need to program into the onboard computer
Line:09200 Route:01

Автор alice selvakumar ( назад)
dont no one get off the bus

Автор deden depriansyah ( назад)
asik pastiasik...! 

Автор hoeryong ( назад)
thx for the answer. line number i know how, but how do i set the route
code? will arrow appear and show me the track i need to do?

Автор Fumxe's BVE Channel! ( назад)
You have to set the route code and the line number.

Автор Christoffer Myklebust ( назад)
In Norway it is spelled buss in britain its spelled bus.!!!

Автор hoeryong ( назад)
did u find how? i also wonder 

Автор adrenalin_61 ( назад)
а это турецкий мерседес? 

Автор The Bacon Crusader ( назад)

Автор Arthur Busschaert ( назад)
How do you know wich road you must take?

Автор subichhetri ( назад)
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Автор Ena Guite ( назад)
i too want to play OMSI bus 

Автор Fumxe's BVE Channel! ( назад)
to get people into your bus do you have to have the right route number and
line number? I have no idea how to get people inside my bus and how to set
up the destination signs

Автор Ena Guite ( назад)
it took 36 min. 

Автор Ena Guite ( назад)
nobody payed 

Автор Smooth JazzExcursion ( назад)
how come the same people got on the bus at different stops, and nobody
payed any bus fair, weird

Автор iSnow96 ( назад)

Автор Ezrah Gorden ( назад)
Dumbass is spelled with two s'es bus os spelled with one, fucking idiot 

Автор Riki Andonovski ( назад)
i had that problem when i was playing on my old computer with bullshit

Автор David kwaku Owusu ( назад)
Can u please help me because when ever i go to berlin spandu and the game
starts all the busses are bouncing and i cant get control please help 

Автор taa aat ( назад)
what website can i download this game

Автор MrFickbirne ( назад)
I´m fucking loving this sound *-* 

Автор DRAW XGUNR ( назад)
ok bus is not spelled like b-u-s-s SO SHUT UP (reply to deleterious)

Автор Gustavo Andrade ( назад)
ses nao fala mim lingua eu du brasis 

Автор Lai Ye Qi ( назад)
You drove to how many bus stops?

Автор TheLadyWarwick ( назад)
Pretty sad you have to have a bus sim than drive the real thing

Автор Eduardo Ventura ( назад)
Entra ae

Автор SirKeeWilly ( назад)

Автор SirKeeWilly ( назад)
It's spelled buss

Автор luis carlos silva ( назад)
eu achei muito dahora mais ñ consiigo baixar ele de jeito nenhum eu ja
tenho o de caminha euro truck simulador mas ainda ñ tenho esse se souberem
como instalar me contam ta fui 

Автор marco walter ( назад)
wo hast du das spiel geholt 

Автор Luchy Diaz ( назад)
De verdad! -> goo.gl\0d5Op

Автор AAD-10 ( назад)
¨Plural of bus , is busses Singular is BUS

Автор JAZT (Javier C.) ( назад)
guys well i did a research and... bus is a bus we know that , but buss is
bigger than bus , i think this is the solution :S

Автор Igor Martinenko ( назад)
how to know where to drive?

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