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Автор Pamela Andrea Aliaga (16 дней)
Soi gil

Автор Tünde Jeneses (11 дней)

Автор KuBs0n (9 месяцев)
I remember playing on this route. Learnt all of it pretty quick.

Автор Callum Willis (2 месяца)

Автор ilyas machrus (7 месяцев)
ilyas aku you 2

Автор Οδυσσεας Μπρατος (9 месяцев)

Автор ilyas machrus (7 месяцев)
kalo mojokerto

Автор Nordia Film (9 месяцев)
The passengers didnt pay for the ride ?

Автор Luca Wedekind (9 месяцев)
Wie teuer ist das spiel?.

Автор Οδυσσεας Μπρατος (9 месяцев)
can you send me the Iink of this game

Автор karamello1001 (1 год)
Zombies get in...............

Автор TheBigRedMonster2003 (11 месяцев)
Try out City bus simulator Munich. I thought for some time wherether to buy
City Bus Simulator Munich or this game, but I looked at lots of video, it
seems like city bus simulator is much more easier to play and a very great
game that I love so much 

Автор Mateus loss lovo (1 год)
aonde que tem esse site?

Автор Darcy Ferrier (1 год)
best driver evahh!!!

Автор Geisson Medina (1 год)
Se puede descargar ?

Автор Oscar Prado (1 год)
fabulososo es no creen

Автор Dj Vertez (1 год)
I remembered when I had OMSI. But my laptop was broke and when it got
repaired OMSI was not there any more. It was like a year ago but I can
still remember the exact route of the 92 and the 13N. Great game and of
course great driving.

Автор mateus ribeiro (1 год)
very good congratulations you drive very well where you downloaded this

Автор bobcet56 (1 год)
how do you pick them up?

Автор Jake Croft (1 год)
My Bus Doesn't Start I Tried 4 Times Can Someone Help?

Автор Keno James (2 года)

Автор Lai Ye Qi (2 года)
You drove to how many bus stops?

Автор volkscom (2 года)
yeah but that black shit should be kicked off!

Автор Ena Guite (1 год)
it took 36 min.

Автор adrenalin_61 (1 год)
а это турецкий мерседес?

Автор snowboardingrules1 (2 года)
a buss is a kiss

Автор Fumxe's BVE Channel! (1 год)
to get people into your bus do you have to have the right route number and
line number? I have no idea how to get people inside my bus and how to set
up the destination signs

Автор Eduardo Ventura (2 года)
Entra ae

Автор Redski Husky (2 года)
11:25 That was a prick move on the part of the green Mercedes.

Автор Javier C. (2 года)
guys well i did a research and... bus is a bus we know that , but buss is
bigger than bus , i think this is the solution :S

Автор FansUysual Tocoa (1 год)
as I can download it please help me

Автор Sir iPodge (2 года)

Автор strobline (1 год)
hungary krisztofer

Автор ProjectE2 (2 года)

Автор Soulaimane BenTaleb (1 год)
To Download Game Visit to : omsi-simulator . tk and don't forget To Read
News for Code Activtion and News ;)

Автор luis carlos silva (2 года)
eu achei muito dahora mais ñ consiigo baixar ele de jeito nenhum eu ja
tenho o de caminha euro truck simulador mas ainda ñ tenho esse se souberem
como instalar me contam ta fui

Автор Josiah Birchfeild (2 года)
OKKKKKKKKKKKKK jesh its spelled bus in america so shut up

Автор Balloonicorn101 (2 года)
Lol buss

Автор bewilderedkettle (2 года)
lol Not sure if joking

Автор hoeryong (1 год)
Thx much, it worked. How to define that i will see arrows that show me the
track i should do? And how do i download other bus?. i would like to have
Articulated bus i think the model is called NG 363

Автор Tyler M (2 года)
good driver

Автор MetalSonic567 (1 год)
is it free

Автор bruno cabral paiva (1 год)
nv nv bvcvm j ggkvhg;,n

Автор whosKayzoHD (1 год)
if it were this easy everyone would be rich and there wouldnt be any
problems im afraid its not that simple so gtfo

Автор Its Oasis (2 года)
I looked it up, and it means "Kiss".

Автор TheLadyWarwick (2 года)
Pretty sad you have to have a bus sim than drive the real thing

Автор deleterious8 (2 года)
A buss is a vehickal that you drive groups of people in. It is ussually
very long.

Автор Nicholas Blonski (2 года)
Did you even pass ELA? As everyone is trying to tell you, it's BUS, not

Автор ollie ring (1 год)
This game is the best I have it and I rate it 5 stars cause the graphics
and the sound is just amazing,the are so many quests to choose from,making
your own timetable,and u can still drive without a steering wheel cause the
other games are so crappy with using keyboard to move the car or something
but this game is the best

Автор Luchy Diaz (2 года)
De verdad! -> goo.gl\0d5Op

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