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Автор Veronica Luis (11 месяцев)
This is the first video I watched of yours and I was so blown away,
instantly subscribed. I just finished watching your "Hair story" video. I
still love this video

Автор tinkerbell cupcake99 (9 месяцев)
Have you ever watched diverenr you remind me of Janine Mathews the leader
of arudite xxx

Автор Stacy Novack (10 месяцев)
Thank you, Lillith!!!! I followed along and achieved the hairstyle! Thank
you so much!!!!

Автор Shibuki Rose (11 месяцев)
Hello. I watch the braided prom updo and I have one question. Can you
please make another tutorial for the prom that is actually very easy and it
is for medium length hair? Thanks. :)

Автор Celina Gee (11 месяцев)
your amazing, thank you. I will do my hair like this for my sisters

Автор Evey S (1 год)
Hi :)

Anyone know what those curlers are called, so I can look them up and buy
them online?


Автор itzel lovato (1 год)
This is great !! Loved it :)

Автор Rosalie Carrieri (1 год)
I don't find you annoying and I introduce your page to all my friends too.
I support your efforts. Negativity is just background noise like a car horn
or a passing train...who cares...

Автор Tammy Chriss (1 год)
That is amazing...and super cute!!!

Автор Yara A. (1 год)

Автор Nazdar084 (1 год)
Hi Lilith, I know you are sad about not all your subscribs get a
notification about your uploads. But i seriouly think you are every where
now on my fronypage and it's getting annoying and feels like you're spaming
with your old videos. So even though i enjoy your tutorials im gonna need
to unsubsribe, sorry :-( 

Автор Megan Waugh (2 года)
Do you think i could do this on my shoulder length hair

Автор elletequila (2 года)
hey :(( Im sorry but its kinda SAD that you've only got neat and sweet
hairstyle so far. Ive read your blog and Ive know that u work about salon
with models right? then why don't you do something new? like messy hairdo
thats kinda real chic like Mr SAXOBEAT,, I'm your fan and I'm sure u can do
it! :))

Автор Maha nasser (2 года)

Автор Kelsey reichret (2 года)
How do you pin the hair?

Автор Leslie Ramirez (2 года)
does this bun fall off easily?

Автор Hope Nguyen (3 года)
i just subsribed!!! I never saw this method befor. love it!!!

Автор TheEmily4000 (3 года)
id like this for my beach wedding in july. i already have wavy hair, what
would the best curlers be for me to use? The wedding is at 8am so i dont
want to use a curling iron or blow dry with a diffuser unless i have too!

Автор MsLuckyanime (2 года)
~squeal~ It's gorgeous and super easy!!!

Автор Samantha Sinanan (2 года)
Omg where did you get that pin?

Автор ironicallyMindWaRpEd (2 года)
I love the technique where you use a small section of hair to help pull up
the rest of the curly hair! I've never seen it done that way before! Thank
you so much for showing us! C:

Автор Júlia Szigeti (2 года)
I just became a fun of you! what you make is amazing! and seems so easy!!!!!

Автор ZeniMint (2 года)

Автор horsescanter (2 года)
This is what Im doing for homecoming! I just love her tutorials even if i
have trouble doing them she's always so happy to be teaching people. thumbs

Автор Jeevie Senathi (3 года)
you are so pretty!

Автор bestdamnalex (2 года)
It was. Though I spent quite a long time on this style, since my hair is
not curly and it took so long to curl everything, but it was worth it, my
grandmother loved it. All the best for 2013. x

Автор APerfectEternity (2 года)
i love your accent :) Russian right? also amazing hair im so jealous

Автор hanna sari (2 года)
wohooooo... so easy and inspiring.. :)

Автор mechi love (2 года)
gracias lindo peinado

Автор Ariel Charlotte (2 года)
What's funny about it? It's an accent.

Автор HairandMakeup101 (3 года)
You are so good with hair .

Автор viridianstar (2 года)
Depending on how much you have to spend, emilliner is amazing. She's on
etsy or just Google to get to her site. I used two of her styles for my
wedding 10 months ago & am still getting compliments.

Автор spudgy meemersworth (2 года)
When you do the string with your hair what do you do after that? I couldn't
really see what you did with that. Srry.

Автор ReMe alshahrani (2 года)
vere nicy

Автор Terri Smart (2 года)
I love your tutorials. Please do not stop making them. I have super thick,
naturally spiral curling hair, down to my butt. I also work in a
professional that requires I wear my hair up off my collar. You have helped
me greatly and I am thankful for you.

Автор Corrie Tarbutton (2 года)
Yeah, I live in the deep south :) My big brother lives in Letchworth,
though, and his wife always loves the accessory stores here.. You should
visit sometime!

Автор Jenniferrooc (2 года)
Is your hair naturally blonde? ;o

Автор Angela Fajardo (1 год)
Love them all!

Автор Phill1237 (2 года)
that is stunning! thank you!

Автор 39region (2 года)
Actually, she is Ukrainian :-)

Автор coco moon (2 года)
do u were alincess??

Автор Tara McCall (1 год)
Omg ive been looking for this hairstyle forever

Автор Moni Morales (1 год)
I really really LOVE this look, I've done this look back in my beauty
school days and practiced this look on my doll head, now I'm doing this on
myself for a wedding, I'm beyond excited to try this look on myself. Thanks
for all these lovely hair styles, they're amazing & fancy but yet soo
simple to recreate ❤

Автор MissNichka (2 года)
hahahah...and i'm a straight girl with beautiful long hair - so lets date,
you can fix my hair and make those hair styles everyday..lol )))) :)))))

Автор Lilith Moon (2 года)
My pleasure, I'm so happy this video could be of help for you! :))

Автор Smiiile356 (1 год)
This is lovely! I agree the blue head piece did kind of ruin it

Автор Jocelyn Tolbert (3 года)
I keep trying to do this and the pieces just flop right out. I have really
thick hair and it doesn't seem to want to respond to bobby pins.

Автор Ash Tree (2 года)
I really like your tutorials! On a side note, are you Russian?

Автор Aly James (2 года)
I needed an easy prom hairstyle for tomorrow's prom. It seems easy enough
even without the sound on. thank you so much

Автор Stephanie Di Nardo (2 года)
this is the greatest thing i have ever seen.

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