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Автор breasthound (7 месяцев)
for the life of me i can't complete this fucking mission.

Автор NinaPvP (1 месяц)
At the end he says all we had to do was to follow the da,n train. And i m
like all you had to do was to shoot the fuck out of them mofo

Автор Muhgateny (17 дней)
Im fine with this mission though....

Автор Huang Billy (1 месяц)
looks like we all have the dame problem here, dat punk ass bitch smoke

Автор Cameron mb (1 год)
i mean smoke is a fucking retard. learn how to shoot. he empties like 40
clips and still can't hit them

Автор x Anika (4 месяца)
The jumps at the beginning still crack me up

Автор \m/ AngelofDeath \m/ (2 месяца)
Dunkey brought me here

Автор NOK CHUN Lam (3 месяца)
dam fat guy cant even shot, 20 shots 0 hit

Автор ALI- B12 (12 дней)

Hey, hey! That was totally ALL Big Smoke's fault. He couldn't shoot that
damn bitch

Автор Kronus Braxis V Britania (2 месяца)
Here's my method!Just ride alone,leave BS behind.Drive ahead of the
train.After making the curve,climb the ramp on the left(the one leading on
the bridge's structure)and wait until the train comes.When it passes,either
jump or stroll with the bike on the train.I recommend a powerful weapon
like the Ak47 but smg will do too.Keep a bit of distance between you and
them and aim for the head(due to their high HP)
After,just pick up BS and that's it.Simple as cake:)

Автор zisheng yuan (2 месяца)
Such a easy mission I even passed this mission on a iOS device 

Автор Gastedir Astar (9 дней)
beat this shit on the first try wtf

Автор shades2 (1 год)
This mission is annoying.

Автор JR Channel (7 месяцев)
This mission pisses me off I deleted the game on my Note 3 because that Fat
Smoke cunt cant even shoot

Автор Kafilkafish (2 месяца)
Gotta love the travel back after u fail the mission😂😂

Автор Marcin Worońko (3 месяца)
PROTIP: do not keep close to side of train (fatman needs good angle to
shoot about 45 degree to opponents in a straight line). GL!

Автор Alex Patrick (24 дня)
This was so annoying, took about five tries before JUST making it. This
game does have some other missions as frustrating though.

Автор vanee marchant (7 месяцев)
All we had to do was follow the damn train cj!

Автор Bluedy (1 месяц)

Автор Sharebah Salamat (6 месяцев)
This is mission is kinda of hard this big smoke shoots nothing not a single

Автор sa zafar (7 месяцев)
All of you who can't complete this mission try to get on the train by using
the ramp left to the side he was driving at 0:55 then get on the bridge
side railing then when the train passes, just kill the Vago.

Автор Arrakiss20 (7 месяцев)
That mission was made by satan himself 

Автор Дима Баланар (4 месяца)

Автор LordOfTheHobos (3 месяца)
I did this mission in under 4 minutes today. Piece of cake lolz

Автор Oliver avdi-ohlsson (7 месяцев)
this isnt that hard i did it 2nd try

Автор Won-Jin Um (6 месяцев)
Man, shut the fuck up, Smoke. Can't even hit a Vagos even if the dude was 2
feet away.

Автор Hackmannhasstaudi (1 месяц)
just stay close to the train an keep the the same distance you have inside
the tunnel all the time. When the first car explodes on the track keep left
very close to the train, thats all. very easy, cant believe so many people
thinks thats a hard mission.

Автор Sam Lings (1 год)
you make this mission look so easy i had to jump onto the train because
smoke cant hit shit

Автор Ilyas_OCD (5 месяцев)
gta 5 version is better
better than cj

Автор Yaser Samin (1 год)
If you are playing this mission on PC. Use the JetPack Cheat,chase them
down, land above that god damn train and kill those motherfuckers.

Автор ayush agarwal (1 год)
1 guy manages to escape always

Автор kakha chantladze (1 год)
blind smoke nigga

Автор xxshanelle (1 год)
It makes me not even wanna play the game anymore but i can't move on
without passing this -,-

Автор Hossam Fathi (1 год)
Fuck This Mission =(

Автор Cameron mb (1 год)
i think my fucking gta has a glitch. I've beaten this mission many times
before but i restarted my game and now i literally cannot pass it. i stay
right next to the train the entire time. just like u did. WTF

Автор Joey Hinkle (10 месяцев)
I fucking hate this fucking mission on the IOS version FUCKING SMOKE WONT

Автор Noman Ali (1 год)
I am the f.u.c.k.i.n.g guy who is stuck in this mission for more than two
hours shame on me guys 

Автор mkfanforever58 (1 год)
Am I the only one that found this mission easy? I found earlier missions

Автор xxshanelle (1 год)
This mission suuuucks lol :(

Автор Guillermo padilla padilla (1 год)
you are a fucking GOD mOther fucker

Автор Tooflyforairplanes (1 год)
I never kill 2 of the Guys Before "on coming train". Also I never really
use the steps at the beginning because I can't really control the Bike, I
guess I would attempt this mission again doing it EXACTLY the way you did

Автор MXJALLDAY (1 год)
I shot the dude in the head 6 times and he did not die

Автор Jose Lopez (2 года)
Why can't big smoke drive and let me shoot instead -.-

Автор Ace Seville (1 год)
let it be known that the fucking presindent of the USA said these
words..and yet he still has the power to fucking send a team of swat in to
kill the deginers of that level.

Автор elias romero (2 года)
then use a bazzoka cheat

Автор GroovyKid1000 (4 года)
I can not get this one! ugh!

Автор oOBlueChickenOo (2 года)
Hate this mission -.-

Автор Ace Seville (1 год)
if I don't beat it this way..a puppy dies tonight.

Автор Lighterjay (1 год)
Did a train mission on gta5 then the mission pass sheet came up and said
did it better than cj so thats how i ended up here haha san andreas was a
great game!

Автор free80889 (3 года)
Quite tough. Took me about 5 times to get it pass.

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