How To Make Your Videos HD Using Windows Movie Maker (XP)

Link for the HD Plug-ins:


If the link above does not work, go here:


This video applies to users who own Windows XP. If you have windows vista premium or ultimate please go to this video:


In this tutorial I'm going to show you the best and easiest way to turn Windows Movie Maker For XP into an HD Editor. This will go up to 1080p so you get the highest quality yet. Follow this simple tutorial and you should be good to go.

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Автор SH 95 ( назад)
Everything works just can't seem to save it tried different file formats
and I have enough memory on my local disk any ideas?

Автор Ruffa Bao ( назад)
I was about to give up on my video but then I saw this. Thank you so much!
It helped! ♥

Автор Beats by TRU ( назад)
helped !

Автор Weasel Wazz (353 года назад)
i cant saveeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор silent killer ( назад)
thanks brother it's amazing tutorial

Автор AzaronGaming ( назад)

Автор Fidel Bomitivo ( назад)
not working file is remove :(

Автор wolfx ( назад)
Broken link :/

Автор Alex Velociraptor Production ( назад)
Wooo man,I didn't never know at Movie Maker can make a video is a good
format HD with a awesome quality.Thanks for help!

Автор ARCEYE78 ( назад)
Awesome tutorial, finally, thanks to you I can upload in HD, cheers mate 😃

Автор GODZILLA 4Ever (474 года назад)
Does windows movie maker live work the same way or do you have to do it

Автор Angel Jordan ( назад)
i installed the plugins added them to profiles and when i went to "show
more choices" it the plugins i added werent there i celared them and did it
again and nothing plzz help

Автор Janelle Bratz ( назад)
How does the video look at the end? is it really small because mostly those
are the ones i don't like.

Автор Ive Leaving This Channel ( назад)
how did u remove the .exe or somthing example:".exe,.dll.pns"

Автор Shii Dicoo ( назад)
THAnnnkkkk YOUUUU BROOOOOO <3 <3 !! thnxx !!!

Автор Raja Chowdhary ( назад)
well done bro, thnx

Автор Ratanak Anby ( назад)
what version of your Window Movie Maker in Win XP ?
my Window Movie Maker version 2.1 , when i created it , the video is virus
, the video is not original .

Автор CoolGamerGirl ( назад)
lol cool

Автор MeteoriteGamingHD ( назад)
How do you remove black borders on xp WMM?

Автор Music Forever ( назад)

Автор Jimfoxyboy ( назад)
Till now, I hadn't realized that Movie Maker could do HD by just adding in
a few simple plug-ins. Thanks for the info :)

Автор Riad Lajuve ( назад)
tank you men

Автор sorrowofwind ( назад)
Does this method improve music quality if I make the video with .wav files
using windows movie maker?

Автор TLGReborn ( назад)
You are fucking god.

Автор Geographic [] ( назад)
Why the links for the HD plugins not working can u please tell me where to
get it from

Автор Mason Hopper ( назад)
why do i have windows movie maker on windows vista!!!!???

Автор P.Aux Tha BeatMaker ( назад)
i sub you bro

Автор P.Aux Tha BeatMaker ( назад)

Автор Ali ( назад)

Автор Braulio D. Avalos ( назад)
thanks nice video xD

Автор Kankorosi ( назад)
you are fucking awseome thank you :3

Автор Hichem Gameur ( назад)
thank tou man it work 100%!!!!!!!

Автор Islanders91NewYork ( назад)
Thank you so much man , helps me out a lot ! 

Автор CastleCrafter24 2 ( назад)
I don't have find target

Автор Rosedawneny Wooz ( назад)
Subscribe me!

Автор J_Martt19 (2026 лет назад)
Since we need 50 subscribe for one game I prayed all the eons who see this
comment that I subscribe to my channel a lot to help me. THANK YOU.

Автор It'sMalo! (519 лет назад)
This tutorial was ~excellent! Another subscribe for you!
Keep the good work! :)

Автор Arbiterspawn productions ( назад)
dude dont take this the wrong way but, I freaking love you!!!!!!!! XD Ive
been trying to upload my videos on HD and i didnt know how, thank you so
much man!!!!!! you rock

Автор Morgan Guernsey ( назад)
Lol this Video worked even though I don't have Windows XP But it still

Автор Youssef Games ( назад)
tnxxxx very much

Автор ItsKimiK ( назад)
thank you this helped me out a lot! ^-^

Автор JoCarloTV ( назад)
I love what you did at the very beginning of your video what did u use to
make that part

Автор cocoalakin (1056 лет назад)
This is brilliant! I tried it and it works really well :D Thanks so much.

Автор Nathan Pearson ( назад)
For my videos

Автор Nathan Pearson ( назад)
Can you make the videos full screen cause it's kind of annoying me 

Автор Mario Costa ( назад)
OH really it's working
thakns Dude!!!!!

Автор Sherilyn Foong ( назад)
Thx brah man

Автор RyNz ( назад)
awesome video! i needed so much!

Автор Fallen. Angel ( назад)
cnn't download but thank... i will try other

Автор anjali NightCore ( назад)
thanks it work ^^

Автор FPS DJ Josh DuBz ( назад)
Dude u saved my halo 4 montage so hard! THANKS A BILLION! 

Автор TooCoolForBan ( назад)

Автор PatrickBurke ( назад)
Thanks! :p

Автор DeeJayKokalo ( назад)
Thank you !
As did the video ?

Автор Gina-Marie Guyette ( назад)
do you have a simple trick for how to find your video size or a guide with
what resolutions go with which size?

Автор discosugarbaby ( назад)
thank you!

Автор UniqueLines ( назад)
Thank You Very Much!
I can making more movies in better quality :D

Автор M Gaming ( назад)
Thank you verry much

Автор Roschi George ( назад)

Автор labudicaxxx ( назад)
Thanks. Works great (windows 7 ultimate)

Автор Vincent Scattolon ( назад)
"Format is damaged."

Автор Excalibur ( назад)
like if you still have windows xp :D

Автор SLENDERMAN1443 ( назад)
Ty u earned a sub!

Автор GameR 4 ( назад)
Dude my quality video without plugins sucks like 144p,when l install
plugins and l watch my video its 720p l make it HD but nothing changed its
HD but looks like 144p so this shit doesnt works.

Автор ThinkNYC1 ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Laura Anna ( назад)
My movie saves 90 minutes.. D:

Автор Enid Creech ( назад)
Gatta love corrupted files!!!!!!

Автор FROIBEL ( назад)
ty on this sir

Автор Dreamtime76 ( назад)
thanks alot!

Автор MUDplug ( назад)
YOU ARE AWESOME ! ...thank you ... now how do i get windows move maker to
take mp4 videos files lol.... im sick of converting them lol

Автор Dave ( назад)

Автор BAMgaming ( назад)
thank you so much!!!

Автор asiantrumpetgirl ( назад)
Thank you soooo much! :)

Автор MAX LOVER ( назад)
Thnk You u aRe The BEst helper <3

Автор Adam Ikimonogakari ( назад)
Can you upload again the File Please T.T

Автор games4allgamers ( назад)

Автор games4allgamers ( назад)

Автор Versa BR00T4L ( назад)
Thanks for this video I'm uploading a video tomorrow that got all messed up
in my other one

Автор FroNation Gaming ( назад)
thank you sooo much

Автор The Rainbow ( назад)
your awsome man, i wish i had money i would definitely give you some cuz u
deserve it

Автор PaintedAVillain ( назад)
Says format is damaged

Автор faton tahiri ( назад)
ahmed fuck you brothers

Автор The Curtis Show ( назад)
please do one for Windows 7

Автор ESEFLAKOSHOW ( назад)
i want to uninstall it but idk how? please respond

Автор crafted4minecraft ( назад)
thx so much man!!!!!!! like,subcribe:))

Автор Trishxoxo ( назад)
Thanks soooooooo much!!!!

Автор RainCityAirsoft ( назад)
this helped so much thank you!!!

Автор (PSP = GAMEPLAY) ( назад)
thx its works finnally i gonna try,it rigth now !

Автор kopioh07yt ( назад)
Thanks. It works!

Автор Chanelle Rupp ( назад)
Thank you! Quick and easy, just like we want it! :D

Автор laith alhasan ( назад)
would this work for windows 7 Ultimate?

Автор McEncrypted ( назад)

Автор DarkGamerBat ( назад)
Read the title

Автор LMA0Z ( назад)
Thanks so much it works perfect :)

Автор GrumpyPixel ( назад)
Thanks man, you really helped me with this :)

Автор DALE97DSM ( назад)
@HelpTube1 Does, it go by the type of digital camera I am using to achieve
720p or 1080. Besides, the file dropper plug in?

Автор copper101great ( назад)
hey i couldn't get your links to work but a quick google search got it for
me. thanks for tell me how to do this.

Автор IonutHD All the Time ( назад)
Thanks bro you are the Best

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