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Автор Ratanak Anby (3 месяца)
what version of your Window Movie Maker in Win XP ?
my Window Movie Maker version 2.1 , when i created it , the video is virus
, the video is not original .

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How does the video look at the end? is it really small because mostly those
are the ones i don't like.

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i installed the plugins added them to profiles and when i went to "show
more choices" it the plugins i added werent there i celared them and did it
again and nothing plzz help

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Why the links for the HD plugins not working can u please tell me where to
get it from

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tank you men

Автор Jimfoxyboy (6 месяцев)
Till now, I hadn't realized that Movie Maker could do HD by just adding in
a few simple plug-ins. Thanks for the info :)

Автор TLGReborn (7 месяцев)
You are fucking god.

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How do you remove black borders on xp WMM?

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Keep the good work! :)

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why do i have windows movie maker on windows vista!!!!???

Автор sorrowofwind (7 месяцев)
Does this method improve music quality if I make the video with .wav files
using windows movie maker?

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make that part

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awesome video! i needed so much!

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do you have a simple trick for how to find your video size or a guide with
what resolutions go with which size?

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cnn't download but thank... i will try other

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I don't even have "Profiles" folder. what should i do now?

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Dude u saved my halo 4 montage so hard! THANKS A BILLION! 

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I can making more movies in better quality :D

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YOU ARE AWESOME ! ...thank you ... now how do i get windows move maker to
take mp4 videos files lol.... im sick of converting them lol

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