The best Windows 7 themes

The best Windows 7 themes

Download all at once at http://mir.cr/1CKEFRRN

Lucid at http://nopd11.deviantart.com/art/Lucid-for-Win-7-150133776

X2 Alpha (Click first link)

X2 Pre-Beta (Click first link)

Clearscreen sharp at http://k-johnson.deviantart.com/art/Clearscreen-Sharp-for-Windows7-141360821

Glow air at http://katz93.deviantart.com/art/Glow-Air-for-Windows-7-150685992

AeroZen at http://axisan.deviantart.com/art/Aero-Zen-152273680

Aero X at http://yacine29.deviantart.com/art/Aero-x-v2-5-for-windows-7-144520585

Downloads folder: http://www.mediafire.com/iweb

Background Music

Amethystium - Shibumi * http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?o216rzjocxe9ezk

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Автор SinokProductions ( назад)
What iconpack are u using?

Автор stroggwars (1245 лет назад)
I found a nice 1 called placebo it contains lot of styles dark and light

Автор Pokeball Go ( назад)
Was the music Arabian, plus I LOVE Aero X FAV IT LIKE!

Автор Phuong Nguyen ( назад)
Name song ?

Автор unused acc ( назад)
does this slow down your pc ?

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
wallpapers: /watch?v=RgLuO-QU794 and /watch?v=PNRmiEMt5g4

Автор Ameed Haddad ( назад)
wooooooooooooooooooow !!!!!!!!!! 

Автор Justanamebro ( назад)
universal theme patcher ;)

Автор physman laser ( назад)
hey how do I get your icons for your taskbar? Like, how your internet
explorer is all grey, and your mozilla firefox logo is all grey? I think
they look really cool and would love to know how you got them. Thanks in

Автор 209gloves ( назад)
If anyone is having problems wit not getting the full affect of a theme you
downloaded too your windows 7 you must patch your system first and you can
do it quick and easy by downloading universal theme patcher just go to
google and type it up:)

Автор Cole Jewell ( назад)
yes i agree maybe r voices sound weird subscribe and like this post

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
because you need to patch your Windows 7 in order to enable custom themes,
Youtube those words

Автор LILRED BEATZ ( назад)
how come when i download themes it only changes the background and
icons,but not the windows and other eztras :s

Автор Naman “Kiddo” Sood ( назад)
On DeviantArt, there's this awesome theme called Bello. You might want to
try it out.

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
because some users just don't talk in their videos

Автор skeen media ( назад)
annoying for the same music ... just my opinion

Автор Sondre Mangseth (NOR) ( назад)
You know it is a Bokeh dreamscene? :P just a tips :) 

Автор jesse untalan ( назад)
i saw my name :D

Автор scorpion136 ( назад)
porno music :)

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
Hard to decide but radiance, x2 crystal and some others that I can't
remember at the off the top of my head. I switch themes all the time
because I get bored after a while so I don't really have a favorite.

Автор mrblack fang ( назад)
i wish there was a tutorial 

Автор Nobel nobel set naing thu ( назад)
yea... but not everybody needs alot of ram, and gamers usually have 4GB,8GB
at least. 

Автор DarkCrysess ( назад)
i still use Windows Classic Theme on a Windows 7...i like it very
much...the new themes sucks ass because they eat resourcers even if you
don't know, for example: Aero Glass Theme eats like 50/100 mb ram....and
you don't know it....

Автор Sio ( назад)
I bet you're using norton

Автор Living for god ( назад)
Well Avg said it did but i still downloaded it nothing happened scan files
no virus but for some reason Norton and avg said the same thing.

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
No it doesn't, I scan them before submitting but I decided to recheck it
and found nothing. False positive from your anti-virus

Автор Living for god ( назад)
um Smarter 7 Had a Trojen Horse Just To Let You Know

Автор Blackmann LP ( назад)
how to ic get the bar at the top??

Автор Hope The Best ( назад)
There are no system files in the first theme

Автор MrGamenWatch1996 ( назад)
lol that's so random but thanks; I sub back

Автор MrGamenWatch1996 ( назад)
I'm sorry man; I don't have any other advice except updating your graphics
card to support windows aero. But as a last resort you can download
something called true transparency; that made my old laptop look a little
bit better.

Автор MrGamenWatch1996 ( назад)
If you can't run aero on your laptop/desktop then you can't run these cool
themes; there are some video's on how to enable aero on your computer
search "How to force enable aero on windows 7" and try it out. Be careful
though, your computer will be hot because it's going to be running video
effects that it can't support. Hope I helped. 

Автор Bahri Hassine ( назад)
wawwww thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
I'm not exactly sure, I'm the only user of my computer

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)

Автор Daniel Caspiani Adl ( назад)
whats the skin for your rocketdock?

Автор MrInvincible312 ( назад)
dude I just loved ur wallpapers and the last theme and the rocket dock..I
too want them...The wallpapers are same as the blue link in 0;01 ? and
please give me a link for the same rocket dock u have :)

Автор ZAKTECH90 ( назад)
how to install?

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
not sure, didn't test it with another user

Автор Connor Geraghty ( назад)
Actually I mean will the theme affect all users 

Автор Connor Geraghty ( назад)
@IWEBProductions will Universal patcher affect the whole computer, or just
the user that you run Universal patcher on?

Автор Kirill Shilov ( назад)
The default windows theme is the best

Автор mon3ybagz ( назад)
Great info,.. your vids are a big help

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)

Автор Sundazze - Minecraft Gaming ( назад)
Those square things then you can type in things

Автор Sundazze - Minecraft Gaming ( назад)
How to add those shapes into your videos?

Автор xXCupcakeMageXx ( назад)
how did you get your taskbar to look like that? 

Автор bananananana ( назад)
can anyone tell me how to install this things on computer? thanks anyway

Автор Bob Estronja ( назад)
Lucid its just DOPE as HELL!!!

Автор 97Moviemania ( назад)
@Yuii94 you can use 7conifier to change the icon of the taskbar... :)

Автор Zy PlayWithDeek ( назад)
how to make the taskbar icon liddat? 

Автор Sam “GamingDreamGuy” vinnik ( назад)
does the thingie on the top with the theme ?

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@Realazzkiker watch?v=XrB0uRPE1yU

Автор DeathElit3 ( назад)
no top comment ?

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@Sammysification Well, it depends. I like it because it looks nice and
nothing is wrong with making your computer beautiful. Rocketdock uses very
little memory so you shouldn't expect any slowdowns unless your PC is
really old. The desktop icons look cluttered and ugly in my opinion, so I
prefer my desktop to be clean.

Автор RealazzkikerTM ( назад)
i did got d theme but how 2 install it ?? plz help 

Автор RealazzkikerTM ( назад)
i did got d theme but how 2 install it ?? 

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@rileyanderson36500 no, rocketdock

Автор Gavin Fruge ( назад)
hey are you using RKlauncher????? you know for the dock

Автор Krishna Raj ( назад)
@InfectedViper na!! 

Автор ColonelHashbrown ( назад)

Автор Ali Qasim ( назад)
how can i get icons like yours? please tell me i want that! 

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@InfectedViper Once it is Windows 7 and no you won't have to worry about
the patching process because it causes no harm to your computer. Only
unless you patched the files manually then I can't say what will happen.
Using the program to do it is suggested.

Автор Thomas Galea (UKZz HELLRAISER) ( назад)
I'm using Windows 7 with Vista start orb and Vista theme, after applying
these themes, it reverted me back to Windows 7's orb... not blaming you or
nothing since all I had to do to get Vista's back was copy Vista's
explorer.exe back into my Windows folder and done. Nice themes but I doubt
I'll be using them

Автор Thomas Galea (UKZz HELLRAISER) ( назад)
@DeepanFantasa or "Rocketdock"

Автор Thomas Galea (UKZz HELLRAISER) ( назад)
@DeepanFantasa Google "Objectdock"

Автор c0w3rD ( назад)
@DeepanFantasa its called dock and there different programs like that most
famous r objectdock (paid) and rocketdock (free)

Автор RazorNFSMWBE (1043 года назад)

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@dummycheese2 - Patch your system (/watch?v=XrB0uRPE1yU) - Take out the
theme file and the folder that has the same name as the theme file and move
it to the theme folder on your computer - Double click on the theme file

Автор CGM Studios ( назад)

Автор DaNceeRevolution ( назад)
great video :) 

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@RaGnOeRaWrZzZ No, it is just like you're running a theme from Microsoft,
the only difference is that these are third party themes and not launched
by Microsoft. You need to patch your system for these to work so

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@mybandhertruth No, unless you cause it to ruin your computer. You have to
patch your computer in order for these to work so watch?v=XrB0uRPE1yU

Автор Nathan Saring (621 год назад)
Will any of these themes make my laptop load longer? Because I dont want
that to happen : /

Автор mybandhertruth ( назад)
Will any of these themes/ downloads ruin my computer? 

Автор RainForce ( назад)
What's the name of your rocketdock skin?

Автор Nafeez Talukder ( назад)
how do i get the first grew taskbar, does it come with the theme? 

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@Maxwellmoop101 to revert to the original theme, all you have to do is to
double click on the original windows 7 theme. For these themes to work then
you'll have to patch your system (/watch?v=XrB0uRPE1yU)

Автор Alex Deal ( назад)
where did u get those icons, and how do i apply them o.o

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@rshuttle1337 You need to replace the original explorer with a custom
explorer to do that. Either you make your own or use one that was already
made. It is recommended that you do it yourself though. Manual method:
watch?v=0rqe2rqUyjQ Automatic method: watch?v=WsLNoCQOEa4

Автор SolidBigBoss89 (1007 лет назад)
@tfmMspringles can you tell me where i can get windows 8 theme with
Microsoft flag like the original blue theme ??

Автор SolidBigBoss89 ( назад)
@tfmMspringles i know i mean am showing you how to know your system is
32-bit or 64 ;D

Автор RennieDaSquirL ( назад)

Автор SolidBigBoss89 ( назад)
@tfmMspringles go on my computer >> right click it >> properties >> then
you will see something written >> system type << under the RAM . if you use
windows 7 can you tell me where i can get windows 7 theme like the original
theme the blue one with the microsoft flag or any theme with microsoft flag

Автор ARTY ( назад)
ooo thank u 

Автор KvltKommando ( назад)
where'd you get that To-Do list, i can't find a good one

Автор Ram Prabhu ( назад)
@IWEBProductions Ya i did it already......how to get the taskbar??

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@Gautamabuddha1996 did you patch your system to run custom themes?

Автор Ram Prabhu ( назад)
Dude i am able to download the theme X2 alpha...but i want the same Taskbar
as you have...i am not able to do that.....plz dude reply i am badly in
need of the taskbar... :) :)

Автор IWEBProductions ( назад)
@crazytime369 uh, yes it does. You'll have to download limewire pirate

Автор Abdul Aly ( назад)
too bad limewire doesn't work anymore

Автор mccartn3y ( назад)
how do i get the shortcut toolbar??? :/

Автор PWNER ( назад)
25 windows 2000 users dont like that

Автор BraeDoktor ( назад)
It loads a long time before it gives the theme. BTW X2 crystal doesnt give
me the cursor you have.. why?

Автор Nick Nigro ( назад)
i really like the song who is it

Автор Nick Nigro ( назад)
i really like this song please who is it 

Автор Nick Nigro ( назад)
i really like this song please who is it 

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