[PSR S910] George Michael - Careless Whisper

Now featuring this superb music from George Michael (WHAM!).
Using my own lungs to play the sax (lol). Sorry about the mistakes.


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Автор Eden Gonzalez ( назад)
Very Deep, Love it! Beautiful!

Автор Celso Muñoz (instrutor) ( назад)
congratulations ! this also very beautiful arrangement,
which Styles and Voices you used, you can tell me, thank you

Автор Gursimar Singh Kumar ( назад)
fantastiqué man.... great job with the effects..... Sounds like WHAM

Автор Júlio Jose ( назад)

Автор Alberto Peñalba ( назад)
muy buena

Автор Haim Gazitov ( назад)
левая рука ..другово человека...!

Автор Guy “Marinero” Bloy ( назад)
Yes superb music and brilliant playing. I hope you have caught back your
breath. (lol)
Do you know if the Yamaha PSR 950 is quite different from yours? Sounds

Автор Momo Joue ( назад)
Hello. I love music instrumental romantic. Listen to. A écouter ce morceau

Автор mattis09 ( назад)
very good performance.. well done!

Автор reehan baitali (1737 лет назад)
use ''16beat'' for this song

Автор aZ ShOoTeRZz (337 лет назад)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

Автор Willian Gabriel Lopes do Carmo ( назад)
Excelente. Parabéns.


Автор Juan Carlos Díaz Lara ( назад)
Very good! :)

Автор Ketan Thakkar ( назад)
could you please tell me which tone you are using

Автор the musicgirl ( назад)
Fucking nice!! <3

Автор Abdeljabbar Benaamer ( назад)

Автор alex75xxxk ( назад)
Красивое исполнение БРАВО!!!!

Автор Jefferson Bangaan ( назад)
Sounds like a erotica.

Автор Vortice Magico ( назад)
Excelente Excelente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор sady oliver ( назад)
muito bom mesmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор MrBakatofu ( назад)
A really great performance. Thanks for sharing that ! Which sax voice have
you used ? Um abraço do Francia

Автор Peter Nääs ( назад)
ohhhh. Nice

Автор electro house EDM ( назад)

Автор Daniel Larsson ( назад)
One of the best versions of Careless whisper not performed by George
Michael! Great job!!

Автор Haim Gazitov ( назад)
this alien

Автор gamemasterBC1 ( назад)
love this song and the final countdown that you did keep up the good work

Автор Mr.T-klas -74 ( назад)
excellent....wel done...

Автор onel rassam ( назад)
nice song

Автор luc dajac ( назад)
Very good cover !

Автор alex75xxxk ( назад)

Автор José Antonio ( назад)
Buenaza congratulations...

Автор DANIEL SANTOS ( назад)
so good! muito bom!

Автор dejaypeacee ( назад)
great..i love this song...thaks! we have our version Careless Whispers
segundo impulso,if you want a see i apresiate thaks

Автор Kevin Luc ( назад)
amazing playing but HOW do u play it?

Автор Nghien Rahlan ( назад)
I love this music,.

Автор Horus Curcino ( назад)
Effects on pedals

Автор ksufler ( назад)
this may seem a dumb question.. but could you explain how did you use lungs
to play sax on the keyboard?

Автор TABISA MAMATU ( назад)
wow..you are a good. i wonder how long will it take someone to be as good
as you.....how long have you been playing a keyboard?

Автор Carlos Alberto Cawahisa Cawahisa ( назад)
Muito bom tenho o style original Careles Whisper, email p/ envio ok.

Автор marcos palomino ( назад)
nice playing,,,,when playing the am7 chord as you go up the scale you play
,E FLAT ,,,,you consider e flat part of the a minor scale????

Автор marcos palomino ( назад)
by far the best contribution about this song on you tube it helped my
playing alot.

Автор nguyenphanlam nguyenphanlam ( назад)

Автор memooooos ( назад)
excellent job, keep on , very talented and i love that you show how it is
getting played .. thanx a lot ,,

Автор Andre Teyssier (561 год назад)
jadore cette musique moi aussi je fait du synté ??

Автор Michaela Wessela ( назад)
Moc krásný :)

Автор David Suchan ( назад)
Great, keep going....yep! you're right..!!

Автор Horus Curcino ( назад)
Hi mate. Thanks for your comment. This is an OLD video and a few months ago
i leaned the correct chord progression. Please consider: Dm7 - Gm7(9) - Am7
- BbM7 - Am7

Автор David Suchan ( назад)
I'm watching this for the chord progressions....you're wonderful man!! what
about Cmaj7?

Автор Michał Rokita ( назад)

Автор DennyDJ1976 ( назад)
very nice !thx

Автор Dylan Wodrich ( назад)
Nicely done this is amazing!

Автор Joel Farinho ( назад)
Well done! That inspires me to work harder on my playing.

Автор Maroko147 ( назад)
Verry good

Автор ramy ninio ( назад)

Автор WolchowsFilmschmiede ( назад)
Depends on what you prefer: S910 has SuperArticulation! and more Voices

Автор Vladimir Goman ( назад)
Very-very nice!

Автор Pippo Noviello ( назад)

Автор Rodrigo Glowacki ( назад)
I don't liked off the Style you used.

Автор Christopher Rivera Basilio ( назад)
Very well. good job! I have a questions What keyboard is best? , the psr
s710 or psr s910.?

Автор Paul Tyros ( назад)
Amazing playing!. Could you share with me your recording method. If it's on
the instruments himself, a computer program or video camera directly.
Thanks a lot

Автор rammsteinxs ( назад)
Hello, Nicely Nicely done, It was amazing How long did it take you to get
the whole song down?

Автор Fadi Eljmal ( назад)
WOW !! that's amazing !!!

Автор Ado Kováč ( назад)
bad spiel !!!

Автор LinaLumiere ( назад)
Wonderful! Good job guy!

Автор Anup Agrawal ( назад)

Автор Dav2998 ( назад)
Simply WONDERFUL!!!!

Автор Moisés Aires ( назад)
Thanks for the response to his colleague. I want to post some videos and
this technique will be very helpful to me! Success for you!

Автор PedroBoss007 ( назад)

Автор donscaptvideo ( назад)
Good Job on the editing AND PERFORMANCE. I tip my cap to you. That 910 is
"my DREAM COME TRUE." Keep up the good work, it's appreciated. Don

Автор Horus Curcino (476 лет назад)
Hi Mate, thanks for your comment. All sounds and voices comes from the
keyboard, only. You can buy a similar keyboard or a module (but the module
requires something to control it like a keyboard midi-controller or some PC
software w/ midi interface).

Автор accordionclassic ( назад)
i must say great good you done, i play accordion Roland, do you have some
idea for me to get a sound module, now i use only the module with the
midi,,did you use some pc sounds to make it sound nice, or it is just the
keyboard alone?

Автор Joel Bruno ( назад)
awesome grt gift of god

Nice job. Was this George Michael solo? Or when he was with Wham?

Автор Sweetnessballlllzzzz ( назад)
this video should be titled, sexual chocolate

Автор ratan0409 ( назад)
Great performance!

Автор wolfteamfe ( назад)

Автор Ek Vairagy ( назад)
@horuscurcino Wow .. nice efforts to reply .. I must say .. and about the
video .. no words .. its amazing .. you deserve a sweet hug .. :o)

Автор Arnaud S ( назад)
Nice keyboard , it seem to be a real guitar :O I bought 1 but he isn't as
perfectionned as yours !

Автор InevitableAzn ( назад)
How much did your keyboard cost man?

Автор Trevisoli78 ( назад)
Muito bom mesmo!!!!

Автор Dawid Łaszewski ( назад)
Hahahaha :d jednym palcem grać akordy :[ Żal.pl

Автор bb.singsong ( назад)
nice one

Автор thechrisinator ( назад)
very good perfomance

Автор Horus Curcino ( назад)
@aliorchestra1 Hi! Thanks for your comment. I capture the screen of the
keyboard using the "Video Out" and my capture card on PC. Then edit the
video in two masks, one for the main configurations & chords and other for
the style name. I use Sony Vegas Pro to do that. Thanks!

Автор SZYBKIErece ( назад)
OMG!! Its soo good! Best on youtube cover!

Автор musicmaniac1965 ( назад)
Wow, this sounds a lot like the Yamaha Tyros keyboards. Superb sound, and
you performed the song just as good! It's clear you have a passion for
music. Thanks for sharing. Kind regards, Ronald.

Автор younusmusic ( назад)
Excellent brother.

Автор Horus Curcino ( назад)
@Janis295 Hi Janis, ty so much for your comment. I try every music i learn
to play the full chord setting and really is high it's importance. But to
make quick changes and simulate articulations i use the single finger mode.
You can check this necessity on my Secret Garden - Elan video and some
videos when i use the full chord fingering like Bill Whiters - Lovely Day.
THANKS for your comment, i will practice the full chord on all my music
registrations because its a great way to get better.

Автор Janis295 ( назад)
Hey :) Nice playing! BUT why you are using this complicated fingering
chords? That is not in the least correspond with the musical principle :)
So pleeeeeeeeeease learn to play full chords! :) Greetings from Germany,

Автор MrRDIEHL49 ( назад)

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