Balancing Carburettors with home made manometer

Balancing/Syncing the carbs on my '90 suzuki across gsx250f.

A run down on what the manometer is made from and how it works, plus a rather length demonstration on it working.

As you can tell its ultra sensitive. the adjustments were all less than 1/32nd of a turn.

Excuse my terrible commentating. Thats impromptu video'ing for you :D

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Автор Ergun ERBAŞ ( назад)
How can carbs air-fuel adjust?

Автор Gianmarco Randazzo ( назад)
Nice video!
I can't get one point: can I make this calibration even without cleaning
the carburators first? I mean, I have my bike in here on the side stand,
can I just try out your method or I need to do anything else first? thanks!

Автор Bajnokable ( назад)
Red White Green= Hungary :D

Автор Conrad Kritzberger ( назад)
Correct: Your narrative of what you did with the carburetors (left/right
or front/rear; leaner or richer fuel mixture) is EXTREMELY non-existent.
So, you're leaving it up to "us" to experiment... without giving insights
as to what you're doing with the carb adjustments (up/down... to raise or
lower one side or the other.) Poor narrative.

Автор kfs240sx ( назад)
Hey man this helped me so much thanks for explaining so well great job on
the video

Автор Clay Atkins ( назад)
Good job, I should make one of these for myself. very handy.

Автор Dan Barclay ( назад)
sirhaggardly - you make a four bottle version

Автор mike smith ( назад)
Nice pretty smart to know how to do this.

Автор Timosbi ( назад)
just got a virago 400 did your manometer trick with two coffee jars. it
worked perfect! it was easy. Thank you 

Автор L2fish ( назад)
i had a spearco water injection system on a camaro. they got it from the
ww2 aircraft

Автор stephane talbi ( назад)
Thank you for the carb sync. tool, I did do one exactlely the same and used
it on my v-star, works just perfect, I'll keep this precious diy Tools and
show it to my buddys
Thanks for your help Steven

Автор ThrasherGnar ( назад)
moron lol

Автор David OToole ( назад)
Agree with RedNeckHippie.

Автор David OToole ( назад)
Concerns about fluid getting sucked into engine. Only use sufficient fluid
or position the tubes so that when one is nearing the top the level of the
other falls below the tube (and is then sucking on air). Tape them or
fasten them to a board or box so theat they can't fall over. Elsewhere
people have questioned the use of water and suggested petrol.. DON'T. It is
NOT the nature of the fluid water/oil but the incompressability of fluids
which will cause problems in any case.

Автор David OToole ( назад)
Two comments: As far as I can see the carburretors will be balanced when
the level is UNCHANGING (indicating that the pressure above each fluid is
the same). NOT when the fluids are at the same level. HyzerGlen says this
but it is easy to miss. Also - He says that when they are in sync the revs
DROP to their lowest level. This can't logically be right. When they are in
sync they will work better together. Shouldn't the revs rise? Not a good
explanation of how to make it but still very useful

Автор jimmy Forero ( назад)

Автор phxxr650r ( назад)
hold the camera still

Автор redneckhippiefreak ( назад)
Water is used to clean the head and valves and in some cases adds power..
no harm just a lot of back fires and sputtering if not atomized correctly..
The old spitfire planes got that name from the WATER injection system that
added lots of horse power. " Push the button and climb like a wild cat" was
an expression I've heard when relating to these systems.

Автор Jerrold Adler ( назад)
Here's a tip for making this setup a little safer: Don't use water, which
will suck water vapor into the carb (changing the mixture) or suck actual
WATER into the carb if the bottles get tipped over (you don't want that).
Instead, use Marvel Mystery Oil or a similar oil-based additive. One: It's
red, which is good for visibility. Two: if it gets somehow sucked into the
engine, it won't hurt anything! It'll just burn with the fuel, maybe smoke
a bit.

Автор davnroxie ( назад)
Absolutely brilliant! I have a 75cb750 That I have had for years and I know
the carbs need synced. I can't wait to try this!!!

Автор Brenton Telford ( назад)
I have set my mixture screws to the recomended setting then i played around
with that til the bike felt the most powerful

Автор Brenton Telford ( назад)
Thanks Dogastrophe, I ended up figuring that out and making the design
successfully but does he change the mixture screws or the balance screw? I
ended up bench balancing the carbies (taking them off and using a needle to
adjust the butterflies to open at the same time) and the bike runs much
better and kets an extra 20km's per tank..Is there a way to use this method
with the manometer to adjust the mixture screws or is it just for the

Автор Dogastrophe ( назад)
I wish I could draw this for you ... may make more sense. Each stopper has
two holes - for the tubing that you are going to run to the carbs, push in
just far enough clear the stopper. Connect the two bottles by making an
upside down "U" with another piece of tubing - this piece goes down into
the bottle (~3/4+/- of way). You will want your set up to be air tight so
check stopper in bottle and tubing in stopper (and tubing onto carbs). Hope
this made sense. Cheers

Автор sirhaggardly ( назад)
Hey this looks like a great design for a homemade manometer - no issues of
the fluid getting sucked into the cylinder. However he water vapour that is
being sucked into the cylinder is going to affect how the fuel burns,
essentially changing your air/fuel mixture. You'd probably get closer by
using oil instead of water.

Автор Brenton Telford ( назад)
Hi I watched this and could not see where the pipes went and ended up doing
it wrong, I shall reattempt but. (I have a 98 across) is it that the hoses
go from the vaccum part to into the bottle? the pipe does not go into the
water does it? does the top of the bottles have to be sealed or can the
pipes just dangle in there? there is a pipe that goes from 1 bottle into
the other (is that in the water?) Please reply

Автор stephane talbi ( назад)
just tune my carbs on my v-star 1100, work just fantastic, reusable and
inexpensive yet costless,thank you HyzerGlen

Автор Bogdan Comanescu ( назад)
1 with 2, 3 with 4 and then 2 and 3...for all 4 carb. bikes!

Автор fabi saavedra (1971 год назад)
donde van conectadas las mangueras es en la entrada del combustible o en el
drenaje gracias

Автор michael fallows ( назад)
hi should i be using glass bottles as im using plastic and they are
collapsing as i start up thannks mick

Автор martythefrenchie ( назад)
on a 4cyl carb number one is the baseline carb. hence its not adjustable so
the other 3 need to be balanced with it.

Автор Théry S. ( назад)
On my old Kawa , the throttle cables come from the center so the 2 center
carbs are synced first , then you sync the two left and next the the two
right together. I guess it depends how the bike is made.

Автор Théry S. ( назад)
I tried this method on my 1985 Kawasaki 600R and it worked just fine. Got
the four carbs synced in 5 minutes. Thank's for sharing this vid !

Автор TheStinger30 ( назад)
i ballanced my carbs in my across this arvo. i bought a "motionpro carb
tuner" took about 20 minutes all up to get the job done from start to
finish. thanks for the video.see how it goes now and if it uses any
less.more fuel.

Автор TheStinger30 (234 года назад)
cool, thanks for the feedback

Автор HyzerGlen ( назад)
Sounds about right. I have gotten 200k out of a tank but that was bone dead
empty, and only achieved by filling the tank to about 20mm below the top of
the filler neck and running it in 6th gear everywhere :P They are a heavy
bike for a 250 so they will never be as efficient as the others.

Автор TheStinger30 ( назад)
cool, thanks for the feedback. also im getting about 172kilometers from my
maintank before it runs dry and i need to flick to reserve.i have seen some
say they get about 200 kays out of the across.do you have any idea what the
norm is for the across for fuel mileage?im stil wating on my manometer to
get here from the usa.cant for it

Автор HyzerGlen ( назад)
Cool! I'm doing a yamaha zeal at the moment so i'll have a new vid up in
the next week or so :) its much harder than the across so hopefully a bit
more applicable for most people. The across is a piece of cake the balance!
good luck. They run so much better for it :)

Автор TheStinger30 ( назад)
HyzerGlen, mate im eagerly awaiting to see a new video on this, i intend to
ballance my suzuki across in the next few weeks. i might even make a video
of it myself for youtube

Автор Kyle Baker ( назад)
It actually varies. On my '82 yamaha inline 4 (xj650), you start with 3,
then sync 4 to 3, then 2 to 4, then 1 to 2--if I remember right! Looking to
do this procedure myself soon. Did a 'bench sync' and that's the order I
used then.

Автор Jay B ( назад)
Very clever... : )

Автор Chill Will ( назад)
if you held the throttle at 2k it would probably level perfect. That bike
sounds GOOD. Nice video.

Автор PeaceLoveandMusic04 ( назад)
good video helps with figuring this stuff out

Автор michor10 ( назад)
I have no idea why I just sat here watching two bottles for almost nine
friggin minutes, man! That's insane. Hypnotizing even.

Автор daveo138 ( назад)
Great idea, thanks, but it wasn't clear at the beginning that the tubes
from the carbs only go into the very top of the bottle and it's the balance
tube between the bottles that is under water. Soon worked it out though.

Автор HyzerGlen ( назад)
In a 4 cyl bike with 4x carbs, I believe you sync the outside 2x carbs with
each other then sync those two pairs with each other. :)

Автор HyzerGlen ( назад)
None of the above :) There are three screws in this particular bike. 1) The
air/fuel screw is set to whatever the manual says. You should rarely need
to adjust this. 2) The throttle stop. I set it a bit above idle for the
procedure. 3) The balance screws - they sit between the bank of carbs,
which is what i am adjusting throughout the vid. On most other 4cyl bikes
there will be 3 of them. On this bike, only 1. Will definitely be doing a
new and more clear video shortly :) thanks!

Автор Bryan ( назад)
The air bypass screw to balance or the throttle stop screw? My take was set
the throttle stop screw both to the same, then adjust the air bypass screw
toile bike run about 1000rpm, then balance by adjusting air bypass screw.
Is this right? Or can you do a video showing the carby end? Thanks.

Автор Patriot1962 ( назад)
So in which order do you sync. them? Both outside then both inside? Or is
there a manufacturer recommendation for each bike?

Автор billys TA (1304 года назад)
this water is inside the bottles???

Автор superchase08 ( назад)
What screw do you adjust to balance them??

Автор HyzerGlen ( назад)
@sackcheck Yep! Its a suzuki across which is pretty popular around here.
The fuel tank is under the seat / over the rear wheel and where the tank
normally goes is actually a storage compartment So the batteries plonked up
on top there. Have a look on google (suzuki across / gsx250f) Its pretty
cool :)

Автор HyzerGlen ( назад)
@buddha65281 Hey thanks for the comment! Yeah totally buying the right tool
is the way to go, but hey, jobless and penniless for now so desperate times
as they say :P Two quick things tho (had a huge reply but youtube ate it
lol) this is mainly intended for 250s and cheap clapped out bikes we have
to stay on in aus under LAMS laws plus with this method you can't suck up
fluid, cause the total volume of fluid even in one bottle still doesnt
reach the tube to the carb if you get what i mean!

Автор buddha65281 ( назад)
Hey guys, this is a great idea but just go buy a set of "Carbtune" syncs...
I did and they are not expensive. I know know this bike but normaly the
carbs SUCK the fluid up according to the vacum. I would not want to suck up
any fluid into my Hayabusa carbs. Just my little .02.. did enjoy the video
though! You are right I have not met a bad person from down under yet...
props to Australia!

Автор sackcheck ( назад)
wow your battery sits on top of the engine

Автор Steve McEntee ( назад)
Thanks, this worked a treat on my Kawasaki gpz 500s/Ninga500r.

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