Handstand Training

Basic handstand training techniques from kicking up to presses and power-downs.

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Автор Nabeela Zaidi ( назад)
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العظمة هي أن تعطي بلا مقابل

Автор Hand Walking ( назад)
nice video

Автор BIZiiT ( назад)
Oo thats tarazan

Автор miguel santana ( назад)
chest and abs in..

Автор miguel santana ( назад)
i think its looking very good and probably you need to work on handstand shape, open shoulders and wrist more..

Автор RETV | RIZZY EDITS TV ( назад)
you take well long to explain, should just say it ?

Автор Gordon Lindsay ( назад)

Автор Ryann ( назад)
Thats so weird! i was there last summer on vacation i rember swining on the rings in the background and im not even form california! lol

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
@Alesandros356 Do you mean that you can't stop it from falling short (chest first toward the ground)? If so, there really isn't much you can do about that--you just can't let it happen! On the ground you can use your fingers and shift your shoulders to save a handstand if it's falling over (back first), but if you're falling chest first, there aren't many options. It's a little easier to save on parallets, but even then there still isn't much you can do.

Автор Alesandros356 ( назад)
@kdmukai i got kindda another problem when i do it on a wall...i got a very hard time seeing how i can prevent myself from falling backwards when i got myself into a prober form, i push my fingers down if i fall bagwards, and keep my body straight and all that, but i dont see how i am suppose to prevent myself from falling backwards..please help =(

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
@Alesandros356 All I can suggest is to not jump as hard. That or maybe you need to build up the front of your shoulders. The muscles you need are the same as when you lift dumbbells straight up in front of your body. Post a video if you can; that makes it a lot easier to diagnose.

Автор Alesandros356 ( назад)
hey man i need alittle help...i like you say by having the shoulders above my wrists, i go up just fine in a good form, and i keep my legs straight, together and i push them a little forward so i can keep my balance...the thing is that each time i do it, i fall forward instantly, even though i press my fingers into the grass. if you got any idea whats wrong please tell me=)

Автор 7moooo1 ( назад)
me and 16 other people tried this and failed hard ^^

Автор jacksta246 ( назад)
I have to be in a standing position to be able to perform a handstand but my handstands do not last for long
How do i handstands like you like from the ground up??

Автор calum6371 ( назад)
@kdmukai ok fair point, I actually wrote that comment half thruogh the vid then watched the rest and saw you doing a V press then deleted my comment. Cause most people who can V press know what theyre doing xD Those things are insane

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
@calum6371 I agree. That's why Step 2 & 3 say to lean forward. The only problem with telling people to start with your shoulders in front of your wrists is that beginners don't know how to correct back as they reach the handstand--they'll still be leaning over and they'll dump to their face.

Автор calum6371 ( назад)
That isn't right... if you're doing a handstand raise then your shoulders should be past your wrists! People shouldn't rely on balance for a handstand, otherwise a small breeze will knock you off. I think you should be teaching people how toget strong enough to raise (provided you can). But hey that' just me,

Автор Dylan Waterworth ( назад)
Really helpful, gave good pointers for balance =]
Thanks dude

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
@compagniefenix You're not leaning your shoulders far enough forward when you swing your hips up. Take a video directly from the side. You'll see that your hips never get directly above your wrists.

You have to lean forward and trust your shoulders until your hips are directly above your wrists (your shoulders will be leaning out PAST your wrists). Otherwise you'll always end up swinging back down.

Автор compagniefenix ( назад)
I really tried, thak you, but I'm not sure that's the problem, I posted two short vids attempting Lpress to handstands and doing handstand to L press, could you watch them and tell me if you have any more tips ? I would be so greatfull....

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
@janaw13 They're portable. The grass holds them in place just fine. The only place I've had problems with them slipping is on hardwood basketball courts.

Автор mmitza35 ( назад)
lol you closed the camera with a remontcontrol

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
Yes. It's all about jumping straight up to get your hips over your wrists without hurling your whole body over.

Автор ? ( назад)
this the thing. i can do it if i had those two wooden ledges but i cant do with just the floor and my hands

Автор compagniefenix ( назад)
Actually I can't go farther than my feet passing between my arms, like in the beginning of a normal press.
So Thanks, I'll try this with my shoulders,
take care

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
Lean forward as you press from the L while keeping your knees close to your chest (don't let your legs drop). Your shoulders probably aren't far enough forward to leverage your hips up and over your wrists.

Автор compagniefenix ( назад)
I can do L press, and press to Handstand, but can't L press to Handstand.
I've been working Handstand to L press for a while now, it's works, even very slowly, but I get stuck in the middle when I do it reverse (going up),
got hints, or exercices ?
Anyway thanks for the vidéo.

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
Parallets. Pretty easy to build yourself. 4"x4"x12" blocks and a stairway railing from Home Depot will do it.

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
Try pressing to a headstand (head stays on the ground the whole time). It's the same action but much easier. As you get better at it, put something soft under your head and raise it higher and higher; the higher your head relative to your hands, the harder it gets and is more like the press to the handstand.

Автор HSLrisk ( назад)
Hey dude!
I have a question, i can do the basic till step 3, and step 4 is the big problem, I can't press my feet in to handstand:/ =(
What should I do or are they maybe any exercises to get more power in pushing up my feet?
Take care and bye the way, nice video! 5* keep it up!:)

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
Could be your front shoulder strength (try lifting a dumbbell forwards so it's straight in front of you--that's the part of the shoulder you need).

Could also be that you're just not leaning forward enough. There's always a point in a press where you're so far forward that you think you'll land on your face.

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
No, but the ab and leg strength necessary for the L certainly help for the press up and power down.

Автор Kris P ( назад)
dude, mine too!

Автор Greg Roberts ( назад)
thank you so much... i've been looking for a tutorial on a full press handstand (i didn't even know that was what it was called!) for so long, and this is the first I've found and also so wonderfully thorough! Thank you Thank you Thank you! :^D

Автор Aida Paz ( назад)
hahahahaha original video! :D

Автор BriBalance ( назад)

Автор Don Quelso ( назад)
Thank you very much, it'll be very very helpful.


Автор exequiel21 ( назад)
hahaha yes!!

Автор exequiel21 ( назад)
thank you so much!!!

Автор Gennaro De Santis ( назад)
great video brother, it was very helpful:)

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
Yeah, it's the original Muscle Beach area just south of the Santa Monica pier.

Автор Airstrik3 ( назад)
LOL everyone watch the ending it was so fucking funny, i shit myself after watching it, When he fell he looked like a gorilla desperate for food XD !!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор white_ranger ( назад)
Thank you very much. This is the best tutorial for handstand I found on youtube!!!!!!

Автор peachesncream100 (916 лет назад)

Автор szonter eReFGie ( назад)
helpful and pure ;) thanks man

Автор magicmurloc ( назад)
Anyone else got distracted by that gymnast lady to the left?

Автор Jon Eren ( назад)
my favorite part was when you did a handstand

Автор beghilhorst ( назад)
Nice tutorial! After the press you could start with some planche progressions. Like lowering down from a handstand into a tucked planche.

Автор Brooke Rombough ( назад)
hahaha nice ending

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
Thanks for the info! Looking forward to seeing that video. We already have a medium-sized exercise ball in the gym but we don't really use it much. It'd be great to get some more use out of it and improve our handstands and improve core strength!

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
That sounds like an interesting approach! I have all these questions--like how do you make sure the ball doesn't roll away when you lift off of it?--so if you can, please post a video of the technique. It might be something I can incorporate into the way I train my gymnasts.

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
You can build parallets yourself pretty easily if you have a drill, Home Depot, and a little creativity. In the past I've also used metal push up bars--you can find them at any sports store.

Other than that, without seeing your technique there's not much else I can offer in the way of tips.

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
It's definitely easier on the parallets. On the ground you can only push down with your fingers but you can't really dig in with your palms. The parallets let you exert force in both directions to help save a handstand.

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
If you're doing them on the ground, try rotating your wrists so that they point 45 degrees out rather than straight ahead. That will relieve some of the pressure.

It may also be a wrist strength issue. Over time they should get stronger. But you should also stretch them before doing anything.

Автор orgigeorgie ( назад)
thanks man, thats helped me alot. Ive tried to do a press for ages, to the extent ive injured my lower back quite badly.

I've missed the 2 leg jump stage, quite helpful.Ive watched this a couple of times..

Once again thank you from australia :D

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
Part of it is just building up strength so what you're doing already is a good start.

As far as tipping over, learn to twist out if you fall over. You basically pivot on one arm as you fall over. That way you get your feet under you instead of landing on your back. It helps a lot!

Автор Mikkel Lilja ( назад)
Do you have a good way to workout for this, to gain the muscle power needed for this?

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
There's still only one muscle beach--in Santa Monica, just south of the Santa Monica pier. The old outdoor stages and public weightlifting areas were removed a few decades ago and the current park was built up in the '80s and '90s. This was shot at that park. Venice has an outdoor weightlifting area but it has no real relation to "Muscle Beach".

Автор Joel Franceschi ( назад)
nice vid. is that the original muscle beach or the new one?

Автор stmtraps ( назад)
This is so freaking awesome!

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
There's no one thing I can tell you without seeing what you're doing. Best I can say is: keep trying and try to practice with someone who knows how to do it.

Автор buze rant ( назад)
oooooooooo this must be a very famous park in los angeles right???.-) cha yooo...!!!!

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
Before you kick up, make sure your shoulders are above your wrists. That way your body pivots upwards about your shoulders. Basically your arms shouldn't move at all, just your torso and legs. If you launch into it like most people do (wrists far in front of you), you'll pivot around your wrists, making it much harder to hit the balance sweet spot.

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
It's a lot easier to start on parallets - make a pair at Home Depot or buy a set of metal push-up bars. Follow the Step 1 tips I outlined in the video. Helps to have a spotter get you up if you need the boost.

Автор kdmukai ( назад)
Well the point of the legs together jump drill is to work on fine control. It is more difficult but once you start getting it you'll learn control more quickly. It isolates exactly what you need to work on.

Straddle-jumping to it just has too many things that can vary between attempts (there's a tendency to chuck the legs up and past the handstand in a straddle).

Автор yan ogly ( назад)
I can walk like 30 meters using my hands =)

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