Joyce Meyer - Impact of Having a Good Self-Image 1-A

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Автор Bus Puffin ( назад)
malingus68 . How unkind you are, how spiteful. Very unattractive

Автор dsplodge86 ( назад)
This is not right. We don't need help loving ourselves. If we're to love
others better and have better relationships then we look to Jesus. Only
through knowing Jesus can we change the heart. She is just a self help
preacher telling people what they want to hear and it's completely

Автор Malignus68 ( назад)
This, from the woman who had her face altered to look like Donald Duck.

Автор kawin kumar ( назад)
A pastor a phedophile seriously plz plz plz god plz u pose as a pastor and
phedophile....huh the ppl who u preached wat.....i dont see a way of world
moving forward..... i would say hitler not guilty seriously.... hitler is
not guilty he was in war.... ur just ripping ppls faith hitler atleast
defended his territory till last min....

Автор kawin kumar ( назад)
How sick u r i had epilepsy psoriasis depession isolation heavy anger
bouts....but i am working on it i take medicine i pray to god i finishing
my p.g m.d medicine.... so if young ppl see the fall of single
patents,relationship, and crying they cme to god here too they see fake
will break them sayin that this guy is a serial killer or psyco or he is no
good this society has no given Anything to this child to hear his or her
cry or difficulty.... 

Автор kawin kumar ( назад)
In my life fro 8 years to 30 i saw more than 25 pastor fall in great sins
they are humans ok.... but are they black prophet i am just learning
patterns seriously worry pattern this gud benni and sum other american law
shud look into it they are showing more than 6 narssist character which is
very very dangerous....... my wish u cn pray love god tell wat he done for
me and tell wat i feel sad lonely to him directly

Автор kawin kumar ( назад)
I am hearing her long tym but think ppl there is a change dont trust
anybody even ur own mum or dad..... who ever breaths ...u are not supposed
to....another one thing... lots of false prophers i cn see.... many
affected ppl are sick,women and old age.... b carefull scopalamine and many
drugs are used these drugs 2 grain wen they rub in ur body u wont pass out
but went ur stunned or wen ur head goes bak ther will b shift in fluid
balance in cochlea in middle ear so u fall plus its attributes to adrinalin
itself cn hamper shakey that euphoria the excitement ur infront of ppl....
will loose ur foot

Автор janis smith ( назад)
make sure you humans send her more money so she can buy more house and cars

Автор smoke3971 ( назад)
That when start wearing those tight thin pants.She knew she was showing
some pantylines..Joyce got a great ass

Автор Karel Holl ( назад)
This woman is earning a lot of money with telling beautiful lies. But
psssst..... I have to tell you a secret. What she is telling is not what
the Bible says. The Bible is a horrible book that says that woman, like
she, has to shut up.

Автор Din Moshel ( назад)

Автор Atta Khan ( назад)
You are right. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming
outside even we work out well. And I heard that most of the celebrities
used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. you can see it
here bit.ly/19xs1Xc?=gilof

Автор Jason Hops ( назад)
Asian countries for Asians. Black countries for Blacks. but White
countries for everybody? That's genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for

Автор Ameelya Olympah ( назад)
Thank you Joyce

Автор needgoddotcom oneeightymoviedotcom ( назад)
If she taught the real gospel the world would hate her, it is far more
profitable to water the gospel down.

Автор needgoddotcom oneeightymoviedotcom ( назад)
Yes 180moviedotcom is a great documentary produced by Ray Comfort, a real
man of God who fears God more then man and is not afraid to be the salt of
the earth God called us all to be. No heretical prosperity gospel or money
grubbing from him, no sir.

Автор needgoddotcom oneeightymoviedotcom ( назад)
Instead you should "study to prove yourself worthy ready to always give an
answer for every man that asketh us a reason for the hope that's in us."
Much of what Meyer teaches is unscriptural and quite frankly it scares me
that you listen to her every day.

Автор needgoddotcom oneeightymoviedotcom ( назад)
Jesus warned of false prophets and wolves in sheeps clothing in Matt 7. He
also warned "For the time will come when they will not endure sound
doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers,
having itching ears;" If only Joyce Meyers fans would study the Bible

Автор Monzy63 ( назад)
Nice, I'll go and get plastic surgery.

Автор eva candace ( назад)
1 Tim 1:15 talks about ppl who are self obsessed. there's a lot of
difference between loving yourself and being self obsessed.

Автор Julie West ( назад)
I listen to one of these everyday they really do help! I love the lord!!

Автор Laurenz Thenu ( назад)
load of bull..."like you love yourself" taken completely out of context.
You don't have to love yourself to love others.1 Timothy 1: 15This is a
faithful saying, and worthy of all how can you love yourself if you are the
biggest sinner out there. read a book for once...

Автор Jaylyn Doucette ( назад)
She is so funny!

Автор Tom Zart ( назад)
SONS & DAUGHTERS OF WORLD WAR-III Our sons and daughters serve in harm’s
way To defend our way of life. Some are students, some grandparents Many a
husband or wife. Now's not the time to fight one another Or kiss our
enemy's cheek. All through history it remains the same The strong enslave
the weak. May God continue to bless America Refusing evil, the upper hand.
It's up to us to stay resolute Defending the liberty of Man. By God's Poet
Tom Zart Most Published Poet On The Web!

Автор Ravid Goldberg ( назад)

Автор janet horsley ( назад)
ill pray for you mitch, GOD bless you

Автор Rosalitasax ( назад)
Joyce has inspired me to continue with my music! I'd like to introduce this
love song/music video that I wrote, produced and sang for my son who left
for college this year. In less than 1 month, I've received 2,535 views. I
think this is pretty good. I'd like to see that number grow to draw
attention to my songwriting. I have received countless notes from perfect
strangers, thanking me for this song. Please YouTube: BIG PICTURE WINDOW,
Rose Duffy ... and share the link if you can. THANKS!!!

Автор Fadia Azar ( назад)
thank you dear god bless you,

Автор MrGoingtoheaven ( назад)
Joyce Meyer: "Curse you and your little dog too!" Followed at the end of
the show by "I'm melting! I'm Melting!"

Автор Justin Stephens (427 лет назад)
well if you dont believe you will not recieve it, but maybe it was right
for you to have that answered prayer , maybe he will give you somthing
else, but you dont see the blessings you get as gifts from god

Автор SuperSailorSailing ( назад)
A good self-image is entirely unnecessary when you have an intimate,
personal relationship with Christ. Ho hum, another salesperson. Joyce Meyer
sounds like Tony Robbins. Not that that's all bad, it's just not of the
Lord, that's all. Shame. What a wasted of talent.

Автор bracken988 ( назад)
Do not count years in prayer. God do it in His own way. He bless because of
His mercy and worthy according to His plan. He is not an instant God. He
answer according to our own God. God is real just you are real. Because the
life in us is from God. Even if we are dead the reality of God and His
manifestation is always there. We must examine our self if ever the
intention of our prayer is pure and good if not then our prayers is dead
and cannot be heard.

Автор Aleesha Level (1373 года назад)
suffering and sorrow bring strength for years i dident understand this as a
gift from god but a curse but now i understand and thank the lord every day
for the wisdom he has shown me and the strength he has givin me in this
life and the angels he has shown me along the way.be mindfull not
spitefull. god is good.

Автор Anthony Hopkins ( назад)
GOD is not human. God is Consciousness. Over time man misinterpeted the

Автор Nothing 2it ( назад)
@AlbertChyn ok so what about the little kids with cancer or other diseases
to them a prayer is all they have, also doesnt it say on the bible that
with little faith u can do anything, eh no thats wrong too n u know it

Автор Nothing 2it ( назад)
God isn't real, how many of u know of at least 1 person who has prays the
same prayer for years and "GOD" never answered

Автор 1979Honeybee ( назад)
I love her teachings. She touches base on serious topics. God bless.

Автор smoke3971 ( назад)
Love the way she showing those panty lines.Miss those tight dresses she use
to wear without the slip.She had all ass cheeks showing

Автор Jack Meoff ( назад)
I know you have conflict w/ Dave [master], but honey tell him how he can
not tell you to dress. Heck, put that tight blouse on hugging your waist;
tell him I am at the gym. I'll put that tight jeans on showing my BIG 38
inch butt for these young folks to stroke too, yeah. See Dave, our just
jealous because their donating into Gingers mouth.

Автор Andrew B. ( назад)
serious, look at her face. i bet her hubby gives her a serious anal
pounding every day after dinner

Автор Andrew B. ( назад)
does she take it up the ass?

Автор riteasrain ( назад)
true, yes each to their own :)

Автор paula cantu ( назад)
i really like her mouth. its cute. beautiful. what you may think is trash,
the next person may see treasure

Автор Dave Turner ( назад)
exactly get advice , but read the bible for yourself its personal and
different for everyone its about growth , hope faith and love from the
author himself .

Автор riteasrain ( назад)
good self image? Wow she must have hated herself to change her looks! Look
at that mouth! sooooo weird. If that's a normal mouth with that puffy upper
celebrity lip I'm a monkey's uncle

Автор marter2006 ( назад)
Lord, thank You for Joyce Meyer..she is a great woman of

Автор EstrellaBonita47 ( назад)
why is it that everyone is ready to throw the stone???

Автор tym211 ( назад)
Well let's at least be honest and admit that this is not Biblical
Christianity. At best it is the "Joyce Meyer/Joel Osteen/Word of Faith"
religion. If we're going to relate things to Biblical doctrine, let's first
look at Luke 9:23: "Then he said to them all: 'If anyone would come after
me, he must DENY HIMSELF and take up his cross daily and follow me.'" I
encourage everyone to read the TRUE gospel in the BIBLE before trusting ANY
preacher to guide you to truth. Start with the gopel of John.

Автор eagles flywitheagles ( назад)
Amen this is such a blessing to me! I will enjoy my life on my way to
accomplish my visions and goals

Автор Colonel3012 ( назад)
Yey and the Lard sayeth unto all ye "twistage ye thine jumbo spleefage and
bogart not thine holy herb but instead, passeth that mof dat biz-net and
thine shal be righteous biatches...amen

Автор nadiya1is1here ( назад)
@edgespear101 that's nice to know you feel that way.

Автор truthdisciple ( назад)
@rnmbf1 Hey "Bible scholar", what Jesus was teaching here in Matt.7, is
that only those who ARE living RIGHT are qualified to judge & to tell other
people to live right. & those who are NOT living right are disqualified
from telling others how to live. I got the sin out of my life,(the log out
of my eye).Now I can see clearly in order to judge non-hypocritically. "But
he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no
man." 1Cor.2:15 You should study ur Bible more.

Автор Lili L. ( назад)
Gods sends his word out where he chooses and it will not return to him
void, he said we would do greater works then he did in the last days, he
would use foolish things to confound the wise, even use a woman to teach
Gods word.

Автор nadiya1is1here ( назад)
@Jason101other how is she a false preacher?

Автор Notya Urbusniess ( назад)
She is a false teacher. "and through covetousness shall they with feigned
words make merchandise of you, whose judgement of a long time lingereth
not, and whose damnation slumbereth not." Christians are supposed to not
live for this world, but for the next.

Автор truthdisciple ( назад)
@annabelle19871 The Bible CLEARLY commands the Christian to "judge" or
"determine" what is right & wrong -- with the light of the word of God,
which God gave us to use in order to JUDGE anything & everything by.
"Preach the word; REPROVE, REBUKE" (2 Tim.4:2).Reprove means to correct,
warn, expose, or stir up a sense of guilt. The procedure for PUBLIC leaders
caught in false teaching or immorality is for them to be rebuked publicly
"so that the others may take warning" (1Tim.5:20)

Автор anne balanza ( назад)
Don't be judgemental to the preachers..Joyce Meyer is a good example and a
good preacher,dont judge on what she have,coz were just a human,all of us
are not perfect,we should be thankful to them that they give

Автор truthdisciple ( назад)
@Audacious1992 "The works of the flesh are...hatred, wrath, strife, and
such like: of which I tell you beforehand, as I have also told you in time
past, that they who do such things shall NOT inherit the kingdom of
God."Gal.5:19-21 "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and
stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry." 1 Sam.15:23 Your rebelliousness,
anger, pride, & refusing to submit to God's Word, will send you to hell, if
you do not repent.

Автор MissAudieLynn ( назад)
@shiphrahhopeful How dare you judge my relationship with God! You don't
know me, you don't know anything about me! My relationship with God is MY
business. Me and God. That's it. You mind your own business.

Автор truthdisciple ( назад)
@Audacious1992 The Bible plainly teaches for women to keep silent in the
Church. 1st Timothy 2:12, “But I suffer [allow] not a woman to teach, nor
to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” The best way to win
souls is to obey God, and to do things God's way. Your love of Joyce Meyer
is indicative of the sad condition of those professing Christians today,
who claim the name of Christ, but will not follow the doctrines of the

Автор lgvmd ( назад)
Another loser getting rich from losers

Автор TheGotheena1 ( назад)
if god had a problem then he wouldn't of called her to this.

Автор TheGotheena1 ( назад)
she isn't in authority over man.her ministry is based with women helping
them with their family and their self.joyce's husband david is right in the
audiance sometimes and they show him .he is apart of the minstry too.

Автор lgvmd ( назад)

Автор truthdisciple ( назад)
The Bible plainly teaches for women to keep silent in the Church. 1st
Timothy 2:12, “But I suffer [allow] not a woman to teach, nor to usurp
authority over the man, but to be in silence.” Romans 16:17-18, “Now I
beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences
CONTRARY to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they
that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by
GOOD WORDS and FAIR SPEECHES deceive the hearts of the simple.”

Автор truthdisciple ( назад)
Joyce Meyer is a heretic! A true Gospel preacher, a man of God, teaches
that God's wrath is upon all unbelievers, as John the Baptist warned in
John 3:36! In sharp contrast to Joyce Meyer's apostate mission statement,
Psalm 7:11 warns that God is angry with the wicked every day. 2nd
Thessalonians 1:8-9 teaches that God will take out His vengeance in flames
of fire upon all Christ-rejecters, punishing them in Hell forever!

Автор leeblck22 ( назад)
"Enjoy where you're at on the way to where you're going!" "If it's right
for you, it will come at the right time."

Автор leeblck22 (51 год назад)
"How you feel about yourself affects every relationship in your life."
"Don't minimize the power of little things" So true!

Автор Royalsteven ( назад)
You can never say someone been helped by that person. You have to say: that
person has been helped through God or by the person through God. God is
always behind change. Anyone who says they do it by theirselves haven't
humbled themselves enough and have to break down their ego. Humans can't
really change you like that. Or when it happens it is temporarily. They
change their mind constantly, God doesn't. So thank God for chosing His
children to inspire others.

Автор stanjz ( назад)
The reason Christ said "it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a
needle than for a rich man to enter heaven" Mk 10:25 is because of apathy.
Apathy kills indirectly over and over and it kills by the thousands and
millions. A person who hoards billions could have saved millions of lives
instead of the thousands they show us when they demonstrate how charitable
they are. they live in splendor while millions of children die slow
agonizing deaths. Lk 16:19

Автор CloserExamination ( назад)
This so plain and simple. "There's a sucker born every minute and a
religious fella, or lady, ready to take your money." Here is the best rule
of all. Beware of false preachers! She is NOT a preacher of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. If she were, then she would speak of Christ and Christ alone.
She promotes herself and tickles the ears of her listeners. They who are
not prophets of God are devils. Seek Christ and Christ alone. This is
eternal life!

Автор CloserExamination ( назад)
@noinwe ha, ha, ha, LMAO.... Yes, she can't even live up to her own

Автор noinwe ( назад)
Well, she must not believe in here own teaching about self image, cause she
just got some plastic surgery done & she looks a mess.

Автор madmedia370 ( назад)
@gloheart1 finally!!! Someone who's got the old videos of Joyce! I think
these are the "best ever".

Автор MissAudieLynn ( назад)
I am a 19 year old woman, and I loove Joyce Meyer! She is such an
inspiration in my life! And it disappoints me to see so many people bashing
Joyce Meyer just because she is a WOMAN! Woo pa dee do, she doesn't have a
penis! That doesn't mean God can't use her to speak, and teach, and reach
so many lives! God doesn't care what you are "Jew or Gentile MALE OR
FEMALE!" People always seem to overlook that verse. And I know God has
called me to speak like Joyce Meyer does, and IM A GIRL!

Автор 7drakkar1 ( назад)
@joyfulgirl777 : You are absolutely Right. There is Nothing Wrong at all
with wearing pants in Church. If You are a Man! But Women, Excuse Me, "Real
Women" Wear Dresses, and it is also written that Women are supposed to keep
their mouths Shut in the Church. The Major Problem with Society today is
that The Human Race is Out of Order. We have too Many Men Playing the role
of GOD, and Far too many Women who are Playing the role of Men. Don't shoot
the Messenger; Read Your Bible*

Автор Kris Smith ( назад)

Автор 7drakkar1 ( назад)
@MOvegangal : She is a Hypocrite!, and Any Woman who wears Pants, and
Preaching in Church is a Hypocrite.

Автор MOvegangal ( назад)
@7drakkar1 actually you are right! I have given my life to Jesus Christ and
I don't think she is a good steward for Jesus. She reminds me of a

Автор 7drakkar1 (1345 лет назад)
@MOvegangal : She Actually looks like "The Joker".

Автор MOvegangal ( назад)
how does that apply when she got cosmetic surgery? Not a very good example
of her own "word".

Автор Water4Jeremiah (349 лет назад)
Just because Joyce's personal ex-bodyguard murdered his entire family
doesn't mean Joyce Meyer Ministries is at fault. It just means that the
prosperity gospel allows you to justify having a 6-figure income over the
life of your own family. Really, if you were a personal bodyguard and was
witness everyday to what her charlatry can get away with, I'd probably feel
empowered to get away with anything as well.

Автор truth1disciple ( назад)
God's love is conditional people. God hates the sin , but loves the sinner,
has become the motto of American evangelism today. God's benevolence for
sinners is not emotional or sentimental feeling. He DOES NOT accept sinners
"just the way they are"; they must repent (change)...Acts 10:35. The Bible
also speaks of a love God has for man that is CONDITIONAL. 1 John
2:15,"Love not the world, neither the things in the world. (If) any man
love the world, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN HIM. Repent

Автор truth1disciple ( назад)
I know and expect negative responses from you ear tickled, lovers of these
apostate people. That is why God has sent a delusion to you obstinate
people, because the love of the truth you DO NOT desire. You desire to have
your emotions satiated. God is holy and without holiness no man or woman
shall see God. Going to her seminars and conferences, you think make you
holy? In Psalms 5:4-5, God is not said to love the sinner and hate sin;He
is said to HATE BOTH THE SINNER AND HIS SIN. Sounds harsh!

Автор truth1disciple ( назад)
This Jezebel, T.D Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, Fred Price, Benny
Hinn, the TBN Network, these gospel artists, and innumerable other
501(c)(3) church leaders, along with their stiff necked, hardhearted,
obstinate social club (church) members God HATES. GOD HATES ALL WORKERS OF
INIQUITY-PS. 5:5-6. Justice is an attribute of love. God hates sinners in
the same sense that He hates the devil-to promote the general welfare of
man. Not because God is hateful, but because He is benevolent. REPENT

Автор Jennifer Marie ( назад)
she looked better before she had plastic surgery, now her mouth looks
really wide

Автор EXALTEDDIRT ( назад)
@gimbledink7227 You are mistaken!

Автор gimbledink7227 ( назад)
@EXALTEDDIRT You mistake not hating yourself with pride.

Автор Piano Otoko ( назад)
I don't know what but I feel something is wrong with this preacher every
time I see her on television.. Something is behind her back.

Автор EXALTEDDIRT ( назад)
Respond to this video... As long as you are serving "self" You are serving
Satan! As long as you are serving sin, you are serving Satan! As long as
you are looking to self in any way, or esteeming yourself in any way, you
are acting like your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you
will do....Repent, Trust in Christ alone, or you must perish eternally

Автор EXALTEDDIRT (42 года назад)
@marcodora66No! She shared her testimony. Sharing your testimony and
preaching and teaching with authority over a flock as a pastor or overseer
are two totally and completely different things biblically speaking.
Besides; "Good self image" are you joking?! This is what caused GOD to
banish Satan from heaven; cause he had a good self image, he esteemed
himself, which is an abomination to GOD! Jesus said if you exalt yourself,
you will be abased, if you humble yourself, you will be exalted. Repent

Автор EXALTEDDIRT ( назад)
@geistlingster 1st Timothy chapter 2v12 says; "I do not permit a woman to
preach" She is in direct rebellion against the word of the Lord.

Автор Targetit1 ( назад)
46 people dont have good self image

Автор Isamar Carlos ( назад)
Advice woops *

Автор Isamar Carlos ( назад)
Some people on Here are dumb and obviously unhappy people. I LOVED HER

Автор jammyjammer2015 ( назад)
@thedrippinglemon I'm not really religous now to be honest but don't see
anything wrong with people being religous in themselves. Its people like
this woman who get on my nerves.

Автор jammyjammer2015 ( назад)
These Bible thumpers piss me off. Why can't religion be a personal thing?
That's how I was raised to believe. Its turned into Disneyland and
commercial bullshit now.

Автор trigger575707 ( назад)
i cant believe this, ive lost my salvation and now im going to hell and
theres no way out of it, god has comepletely rejected me and has abandoned
me, im going to end my life, and he wont even care or come and save me :(
everything has fallen apart because of one sin. goodebye cruel world

Автор aaronrocs ( назад)
You know I'm not religious one bit. I don't share the same beliefs on God
as her, but I just wanted to say, she uplifts me all the same. I sometimes
stop and watch her on the T.V. when flipping through channels. My
girlfriend gives me funny looks but I just tell her it's feel good talk and
relaxes me. I like her type, not like that impostor Peter Popoff that gives
all religion a bad wrap.I think religion is okay if you can think for
yourself. If not....well, that's where you can get into trouble

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