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Автор kawin kumar (27 дней)
I am hearing her long tym but think ppl there is a change dont trust
anybody even ur own mum or dad..... who ever breaths ...u are not supposed
to....another one thing... lots of false prophers i cn see.... many
affected ppl are sick,women and old age.... b carefull scopalamine and many
drugs are used these drugs 2 grain wen they rub in ur body u wont pass out
but went ur stunned or wen ur head goes bak ther will b shift in fluid
balance in cochlea in middle ear so u fall plus its attributes to adrinalin
itself cn hamper shakey that euphoria the excitement ur infront of ppl....
will loose ur foot

Автор kawin kumar (27 дней)
A pastor a phedophile seriously plz plz plz god plz u pose as a pastor and
phedophile....huh the ppl who u preached wat.....i dont see a way of world
moving forward..... i would say hitler not guilty seriously.... hitler is
not guilty he was in war.... ur just ripping ppls faith hitler atleast
defended his territory till last min....

Автор kawin kumar (27 дней)
In my life fro 8 years to 30 i saw more than 25 pastor fall in great sins
they are humans ok.... but are they black prophet i am just learning
patterns seriously worry pattern this gud benni and sum other american law
shud look into it they are showing more than 6 narssist character which is
very very dangerous....... my wish u cn pray love god tell wat he done for
me and tell wat i feel sad lonely to him directly

Автор kawin kumar (27 дней)
How sick u r i had epilepsy psoriasis depession isolation heavy anger
bouts....but i am working on it i take medicine i pray to god i finishing
my p.g m.d medicine.... so if young ppl see the fall of single
patents,relationship, and crying they cme to god here too they see fake
will break them sayin that this guy is a serial killer or psyco or he is no
good this society has no given Anything to this child to hear his or her
cry or difficulty.... 

Автор janis smith (4 месяца)
make sure you humans send her more money so she can buy more house and cars

Автор Steven Dezii (9 месяцев)
I think she is great.

Автор Richard Baldwin (7 месяцев)
Copeland, Duplantis, Murdock, Meyers, Satans anointed.

Автор Richard Baldwin (7 месяцев)
Love your self, as you live In castles and fly around In lear Jets on
donations made
by poor people. Acts.20:29, 1st. Tim.6:6-10.

Автор Richard Baldwin (7 месяцев)
At 4:18 she takes James.4:2 out of context. Ye have not because ye ask not.
Read from
James 4:1-3. And you'll see typical Joice Meyers trickery. what is she
consuming on her lust? poor peoples donations!

Автор Genesis Glass (1 год)

Автор Genesis Glass (1 год)
I love joyce she has been a inspiration to me and to all who believe and
trust God for everything in there lives there is nothing wrong with what
she's saying because it's truth ^_^ 

Автор ChaoThing (1 год)
"Love your neighbor as yourself" -- if you don't love yourself, you won't
be able to love other people?

This is absolute, total nonsense, and is a demonic mutilation of scripture.
The bible CLEARLY teaches that Christians should die to themselves, that
their "self" has been bought by the blood of Christ. "It is foolish not to
enjoy yourself", she says -- this is upside down and wrong. It is foolish
to enjoy ourselves, and wise to enjoy Christ's influence through us. We
are wretched sinners without Jesus. The Bible teaches that we are to be
conformed to His image DAILY, via obedience to His Word. This absurd
health-and-wealth doctrine is deadly.

Turn away from this false teaching, and back to the true God of Israel.
Actually study your Bibles! Read 2 Timothy, read James, read Matthew 25,
read 1 Corinthians.

Автор susieQ128 (1 год)
Thank you Lord for Joyce Meyer!!

Автор Tanya Johnson (1 год)
One thing I never do is speak out against any man or woman of God. I also
do my best to treat those I meet with respect, or at least keep my opinion
to myself. Why? because if God be for you, than who can be against you, and
we also do not know who has a covering over their life. I know this to be
true because any time someone decided to act stupidly against me, they
always got stopped in their tracks, because I am a child of God and know
it! We do not know Joyce Meyer to be fake or truth, but I certainly believe
she has a covering and you wont catch me speaking out against her!

Автор janet horsley (2 года)
ill pray for you mitch, GOD bless you

Автор DemianHermann (3 года)
If you are a truth seeker, search "Truth Contest" in Google and click on
the 1st result, then open The Present and read what it says. Everyone needs
to see this. The Present will turn this world right-side up if it reaches
enough people.

Автор Aleesha Level (2 года)
suffering and sorrow bring strength for years i dident understand this as a
gift from god but a curse but now i understand and thank the lord every day
for the wisdom he has shown me and the strength he has givin me in this
life and the angels he has shown me along the way.be mindfull not
spitefull. god is good.

Автор lulu97764 (3 года)
Yes, she really is great, good preaching. I think she does take some time
off or what not, she preaches balance, although she does a lot of great
things! Great ministry!

Автор truthdisciple (3 года)
@Audacious1992 "The works of the flesh are...hatred, wrath, strife, and
such like: of which I tell you beforehand, as I have also told you in time
past, that they who do such things shall NOT inherit the kingdom of
God."Gal.5:19-21 "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and
stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry." 1 Sam.15:23 Your rebelliousness,
anger, pride, & refusing to submit to God's Word, will send you to hell, if
you do not repent.

Автор truth1disciple (3 года)
This Jezebel, T.D Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, Fred Price, Benny
Hinn, the TBN Network, these gospel artists, and innumerable other
501(c)(3) church leaders, along with their stiff necked, hardhearted,
obstinate social club (church) members God HATES. GOD HATES ALL WORKERS OF
INIQUITY-PS. 5:5-6. Justice is an attribute of love. God hates sinners in
the same sense that He hates the devil-to promote the general welfare of
man. Not because God is hateful, but because He is benevolent. REPENT

Автор Monzy63 (2 года)
Nice, I'll go and get plastic surgery.

Автор EXALTEDDIRT (3 года)
@gimbledink7227 You are mistaken!

Автор roar5952 (4 года)
In the garden gessemity Jesus says If I was of this world I could cll my
Fathers angls. Wisdom. He was standing in the middle of it. So he must be a
travler. If a man be born of the water and the spirit he is like the wind.
He can feel it he can hear it. But does not know where it comes from or
where it is going. Wisdom says he is a lost travler. Where is parradise. If
not lost. One God One man one truth. The Father the son and the spirit.
Wake up.?

Автор jammyjammer2015 (3 года)
These Bible thumpers piss me off. Why can't religion be a personal thing?
That's how I was raised to believe. Its turned into Disneyland and
commercial bullshit now.

Автор MissAudieLynn (3 года)
@shiphrahhopeful How dare you judge my relationship with God! You don't
know me, you don't know anything about me! My relationship with God is MY
business. Me and God. That's it. You mind your own business.

Автор jammyjammer2015 (3 года)
@thedrippinglemon I'm not really religous now to be honest but don't see
anything wrong with people being religous in themselves. Its people like
this woman who get on my nerves.

Автор torbyn (4 года)
@345thisisfrustrating please understand this: Teachers of the Gospel should
not Enrich there families to proof the Faithfulness of God. they should
equip the saints with the Word of God. understand me please: Let her be
rich (even her family), but teach the true Gospel of Jesus and not the
Non-sense she's teaching. i bet you without the Wealth - there's no Joyce

Автор stanjz (3 года)
The reason Christ said "it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a
needle than for a rich man to enter heaven" Mk 10:25 is because of apathy.
Apathy kills indirectly over and over and it kills by the thousands and
millions. A person who hoards billions could have saved millions of lives
instead of the thousands they show us when they demonstrate how charitable
they are. they live in splendor while millions of children die slow
agonizing deaths. Lk 16:19

Автор nadiya1is1here (3 года)
@Jason101other how is she a false preacher?

Автор SilentGamer (4 года)
Let God be the judge and let us love people. Let us not be envious of other
peoples' blessings. God wants to show us His grace, goodness and mercies.
He's supply is endless, greater than our need. He wants to bless us
abundantly over more we can ever ask or think. Just ask Him, believe and
receive! The reason why these people are so blessed is coz He kept asking.
We are His beloved children.

Автор paula cantu (3 года)
i really like her mouth. its cute. beautiful. what you may think is trash,
the next person may see treasure

Автор madmedia370 (3 года)
@gloheart1 finally!!! Someone who's got the old videos of Joyce! I think
these are the "best ever".

Автор truthdisciple (3 года)
Joyce Meyer is a heretic! A true Gospel preacher, a man of God, teaches
that God's wrath is upon all unbelievers, as John the Baptist warned in
John 3:36! In sharp contrast to Joyce Meyer's apostate mission statement,
Psalm 7:11 warns that God is angry with the wicked every day. 2nd
Thessalonians 1:8-9 teaches that God will take out His vengeance in flames
of fire upon all Christ-rejecters, punishing them in Hell forever!

Автор Cmedic57 (4 года)
@shoishk Not to be disrespectful, but it seems ur views towards women are
rather bigoted. The letter of the law kills, but the Spirit gives life. We
are not under the law but under grace. If God calls a woman to preach ...
who are u to say she can't. Who are you to judge another man's servant?
Paul accepted these women as equals. Indeed, all are equal in
Christ...there is neither male nor female. RE: Suffer Not a Woman:
Rethinking 1 Timothy 2:11-15 in Light of Ancient Evidence by Richard Kroeger

Автор joeforHistruth (4 года)
@Cmedic57 The evil is you saying that once saved always saved is evil. It's
called the perseverance of the saints. If one is truly saved they will
always be saved, they will endure until the end, they cannot lose their
salvation. If someone turns from Christ after they confessed being a
Christian they were never saved.

Автор needgoddotcom oneeightymoviedotcom (2 года)
Instead you should "study to prove yourself worthy ready to always give an
answer for every man that asketh us a reason for the hope that's in us."
Much of what Meyer teaches is unscriptural and quite frankly it scares me
that you listen to her every day.

Автор Cmedic57 (4 года)
@shoishk lol ...so you say you love ... but your love is imperfect for if
you truly had the mind of Christ you would love even your enemies, yet by
your own words you do not, therefore your words condemn you. Jesus taught
for us to love even our worst enemy and to consider us as being no better
than anyone else. I know I am not worthy of His mercy and it is by His
righteousness alone I am saved. It is He who is my Savior ...I can do
nothing to save myself. Again I say you don't know God or me.

Автор Karel Holl (1 год)
This woman is earning a lot of money with telling beautiful lies. But
psssst..... I have to tell you a secret. What she is telling is not what
the Bible says. The Bible is a horrible book that says that woman, like
she, has to shut up.

Автор Ravid Goldberg (2 года)

Автор 7drakkar1 (3 года)
@MOvegangal : She Actually looks like "The Joker".

Автор bracken988 (2 года)
Do not count years in prayer. God do it in His own way. He bless because of
His mercy and worthy according to His plan. He is not an instant God. He
answer according to our own God. God is real just you are real. Because the
life in us is from God. Even if we are dead the reality of God and His
manifestation is always there. We must examine our self if ever the
intention of our prayer is pure and good if not then our prayers is dead
and cannot be heard.

Автор smoke3971 (1 год)
That when start wearing those tight thin pants.She knew she was showing
some pantylines..Joyce got a great ass

Автор joeforHistruth (4 года)
@Cmedic57 My apologies, I wasn't judging. I agree with this comment.

Автор gimbledink7227 (3 года)
@EXALTEDDIRT You mistake not hating yourself with pride.

Автор Cmedic57 (4 года)
@shoishk lol...your getting yourself in deeper and deeper. As I said
before, it is obvious from all you have said that you have no love in your
heart...your own words condemn you, and all spiritually reborn Christians
can plainly see that if they look at what you have said to me...the
evidence is irrefutable. It is obvious that you do not know me nor God.
Unless you humble your heart before God and extend love and mercy to
everyone, you will never know the mind of God. I do pray 4 ur salvation.

Автор eva candace (2 года)
1 Tim 1:15 talks about ppl who are self obsessed. there's a lot of
difference between loving yourself and being self obsessed.

Автор truth1disciple (3 года)
God's love is conditional people. God hates the sin , but loves the sinner,
has become the motto of American evangelism today. God's benevolence for
sinners is not emotional or sentimental feeling. He DOES NOT accept sinners
"just the way they are"; they must repent (change)...Acts 10:35. The Bible
also speaks of a love God has for man that is CONDITIONAL. 1 John
2:15,"Love not the world, neither the things in the world. (If) any man
love the world, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN HIM. Repent

Автор Lili L. (3 года)
Gods sends his word out where he chooses and it will not return to him
void, he said we would do greater works then he did in the last days, he
would use foolish things to confound the wise, even use a woman to teach
Gods word.

Автор Cmedic57 (4 года)
@aubhar lol ...you got it all wrong. For one, just cause I don't believe
what you do does not makes me a quack or a tard and have enough respect for
my fellow man not to resort to name calling, for in truth I am no better
than you and am deserving of hell. Second - Jesus is not a man - He is God.
He took on a body of flesh, suffered death on the cross for your sins and
mine ...the perfect sinless sacrifice for sinful man. Third - only those
who believe that are saved ... no one is good cept God.

Автор Isamar Carlos (3 года)
Some people on Here are dumb and obviously unhappy people. I LOVED HER

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