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Автор mauricio saenz ( назад)
So so fucking funny!

Автор MrYoungfly100 ( назад)
Real Life Situation #1031. Your mugger was born without arm and wants
crack. So all you gotta do get wrist control.

Автор peacefuljeffrey ( назад)
Eight-plus years later and I still love this skit. The segues are

Автор Randz88Goddex ( назад)
R.I.P. my best friend who showed me this, so funny. :')

Автор Cierra Frazier ( назад)
No crack for you today my friend lmao

Автор Castiel Novak (Cass) ( назад)
real life situation #5. Your mugger is asking you to put your hands in the
air because he wants crack. Just try to get wrist contr- *bang*

Автор Dyanna Floyd ( назад)
these guys are soo funny

Автор Daniel Young ( назад)
How to be George Zimmerman.

Автор Chris Yates ( назад)
real life situation #10 your mother is high on crack and shes mugging you
to buy crack. What do you do?

Автор high. ( назад)
"You encounter a mugger, okay? he wants crack."

*Donald looks at the camera like "yeah, right"*.

Автор Fitness X Pro ( назад)
Nice..... Keep it up bro!

Автор Violence City ( назад)
It's all about wrist control

Автор Mcdiddys101 ( назад)

Автор Kevin Willis ( назад)
Never knew wrist control was so important. 

Автор Christopher Smith ( назад)
I lol'd at donald glover.

Автор Chasity hilson ( назад)

Автор dwyanewade15 ( назад)
Holy shit, after all these years, I didn't know childish gambino was in the

Автор blinkatreyu ( назад)
I love those transitions he makes haha DerrickComedy was the best of the
best on youtube back in the day. 

Автор Adam West ( назад)
Wrist Control is still a priority in 2015

Автор 1966Zodiac ( назад)
Damn I hate it when girls are tied up in my car wanting to mug me for crack

Автор ninjasarepeople3 ( назад)

Автор Dmoreno024 ( назад)

Автор John Lane ( назад)
This guy looks just like an actor I've seen in a movie or tv show. 

Автор John Lane ( назад)

Автор Dustin Feynman ( назад)
I'm a firm supporter of the second amendment, but for those saying "more
guns=less violence" because of increased self protection, read this:


Автор KPmusicTV ( назад)
this is great!

Автор Twist Clip ( назад)
dream crack tastes terrible though

Автор Twist Clip ( назад)
I think wrist control has nothing to do with it.... It's that gun that

Автор Gabriel Mendoza ( назад)
Known fact all muggers mug you for money to buy crack 

Автор Lachlan Harmer ( назад)
The cutting skills are OFF THE CHARTS! ahaha wish I had those editing skill!
I actually really enjoyed the video though!

Автор Neyxx ( назад)
Can't wait for the NRA to use this as ad. or something.

Автор thedarkninja2000 ( назад)
Real life situation number 57: You're working at In N Out (because
McDonalds sucks worse than your grandma's vacuum cleaner). Suddenly, a
mugger jumps over the counter and begins mugging you!! You don't have your
gun with you because of employee policy, so you get wrist control. Then you
wrestle him over to the French Fry department, and... POTATO

Автор ENGINEERED TRUTH (927 лет назад)
a classic

Автор raytisan ( назад)
fucking classic

Автор google plus svcks balls ( назад)
made me giggle like a school girl

Автор MOMOarabe ( назад)
this was 8 YEARS AGO!?!? holy shit how come i never saw that before

Автор White Power ( назад)
This is true actually. If everyone carried a weapon, there would be less

Автор Everette Bills ( назад)
Gotta love the scene transitions

And still no crack for you today my friend

Автор Pinky Mixology ( назад)

Автор Cheeses Fries ( назад)
real situation #99, a mugger is in jail and he wants to mug you....

Автор PunchlineEverytime ( назад)
I can't sing the praises of this video enough. Just last week I was
attacked by a mugger who was asleep in their own bed and what I learned in
this video may have saved my life. Thanks, Sensei Kaywood!

Автор MichaelKlump ( назад)
Is that Vicki in the car?

Автор 762girl ( назад)
Brilliant! :D

Автор Zachary Connelly ( назад)
The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
But what happens when the bad guy thinks he's the good guy? Further more
who's to judge who the bad guy is? Is it the last man standing with a gun?
Have fun with this video. 

Автор Randz88Goddex ( назад)
everytime i watch this makes me laugh xD

Автор Deshad Cato ( назад)
I never knew how important wrist control was... 

Автор WordsForStrangers ( назад)
wow i saw this in middle school and never realized the black dude was
donald glover

Автор This Guy Boxes ( назад)
What if you don't have a gun? xD and Why is this all about Muggers?

Автор Nathan FLame ( назад)

Автор IcarustheDead ( назад)
5 videos deep.... can't....stop...

Автор Ray Yao ( назад)
Whoa, it's Donglover

Автор TurtleLovesTiger ( назад)
never gets old

Автор Marvale Kellogg ( назад)
Man I'm 21 now and I was 13 when I first started watching these there still

Автор IAmAleyev ( назад)

Автор Terry Burrell ( назад)
He must be hardcore. He's a white belt "instructor".

Автор cp24eva ( назад)
Reddit brought me here glad it did. Thought it was about to be corny and
then I understood it. Hahahahaha. 

Автор ThaHiddenHand ( назад)
That was dumb. 

Автор Justin Patrie ( назад)
"Cause that's when i pull out my gun" i loled

Автор TheSoYa ( назад)
I remember when this came out. Still funny

Автор Chips ndip ( назад)

Автор Ben Provost ( назад)
603 Represent! Lawl great video. +1

Автор Kai Bittner ( назад)
Watch this.

Автор Yellow Dart or the artist formally known as iNvicta Studios ( назад)
Ten out of ten, best comment I've seen in a long ass time

Автор Yuhki Arikawa ( назад)

Автор zi0 ( назад)
Noooooooo? :O REALLY!?

Автор Cubone RF ( назад)

Автор Spicy Spaghetti ( назад)
Bro rape

Автор Fiona Cabral ( назад)

Автор JordMcFar ( назад)
*Donald glover/Childish Gambino

Автор JordMcFar ( назад)

Автор OrganizedMadnes ( назад)
my mugger tried to mug me yesterday while he was asleep in his bed, glad
this video showed me how to handle it

Автор zi0 ( назад)

Автор BalanceFish ( назад)
Real life situation #8: You're looking in a mirror. The mugger is looking
back at you because he wants your crack...

Автор Pre$$ure ( назад)
Arizona and skittles aren't in lean. Trust me I know

Автор TheBebop51 ( назад)

Автор Lexy Rochelle (LexyLooWhoo) ( назад)
Ahhh the old days :) 

Автор nja122890 ( назад)
Real Life Situation Number 34: You walking down the street and you
encounter an armless man. He's mugging you;he want's crack. First thing
you'll want to do is get ankle control,because your mugger has no wrists.

Автор Peter Bindloss ( назад)
when people argue with incredibly long comments, first thing you'll wanna
do is get wrist control.

Автор Peter Bindloss ( назад)
when people argue with incredibly long comments, first thing you're

Автор Y-G-J ( назад)
..So you say that GZ was wrong and should have been charged..but then you
bring up "lean"? So, because you THINK he was making lean that validates
him being murdered? and how do you know he was intending to make lean? Do
you have any proof that, on the night TM died, he was going to make lean?
Or will you pull out facebook convos from 2011 -- months before he died.

Автор MrPurplewater ( назад)
Уматный парень.

Автор t0ki ( назад)
You make Lean with Promethazine & codeine [found in prescription cough
syrup], Sprite, and Jolly Ranchers. You don't use skittles, or Arizona. I'm
not a "kid", get your degree before you approach me with your ignorance.
Also, even if he did have the ingredients that I listed above, does that
justify following and KILLING a 17 year old boy?

Автор Chris Hughes ( назад)
This might be the greatest joke I've ever seen on Youtube. With this joke,
I believe you just won the internet. Congratulations.

Автор OpeProducshunz ( назад)
dont care

Автор Dom Thomas ( назад)
wrist control lolr

Автор Degenerate999 . ( назад)
No shit because donald glover is a part of derrickcomedy....

Автор Degenerate999 . ( назад)
Just take your epic fail of a comment and get the fuck out with it.

Автор oceanwaves83 ( назад)
Whatever you say retard. Comparing a responsible gun owner to a responsible
meth addict... hahahaha. So pathetic. Glad you're not commenting anymore.

Автор Frozanics ( назад)
They dont in Australia. Ever since we introduced gun laws 20 years ago.

Автор ViewtifulShishigami ( назад)

Автор Reny Bryant ( назад)
Mugger # 4 is thick.

Автор OpeProducshunz ( назад)
i cant believe this is childish gambino's old youtube channel

Автор Sheogorath Daedra ( назад)
I don't want to argue with people that are mentally challenged. So I am not
commenting anymore.

Автор oceanwaves83 ( назад)
Wow, you are a fucking idiot. Lol.

Автор PinkiePryCrowbars ( назад)
This is a perfect time to gain wrist control. Then, pull out your gun.

Автор t0ki ( назад)
Real life situation #35 You're following your mugger down the street. He
just came out of the corner store and appears to have iced tea and
skittles. Well the first thing you're going to want to do is call the cops,
ignore their orders, and that's when you pull out your gun.

Автор Sheogorath Daedra ( назад)
*Cough cough* Read, as I suggested, part two of my comment, or are you too
stupid to follow simple instructions before insulting someone?

Автор Ivan Lenin ( назад)

Автор IBrianGriffinTheDog ( назад)
You mean how to be a mugger

Автор Sheogorath Daedra ( назад)
What I said in my original comment is just the harsh reality of what you
are saying, need I say Columbine? Also, there is no such thing as a
"responsible gun owner", that's just like saying i'm a responsible meth
addict. And no, it's not good to be ignorant about guns (like you), I am
suggesting people should learn about them, so they don't end up like you. I
live in Australia, --- read part two of my comment

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