THPS 3 full walkthrough objectives + stats

Station: Asus Laptop X51 R series
Buttons: Ollie - Space, Flip - C, Grind - V, Grab - B, Switch (Reverse) - N, Direction - Arrows
Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector.
No sounds/music added, just original gameplay sounds/music.
Recorded with TRIAL version of FRAPS (just 30 seconds/ recording) - some objectives and stats may be shown in 2 recordings or more.
Tips to movie: Level 1 FOUNDRY - scoring big = get special, Special Grind around the map, and land a big Special Grab or Flip trick (like a Stalefish or Backflip or 900 - 8000 points) at the end between the ramps.

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Автор Onu Jaanek (3 года)
Lol you play games like these on this laptop, i played GTA IV :D:D I
overclocked cpu and video card and emulated shader model 3.0 :D Yeah there
was a huge lagg, but i played it. :D

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