The Most Brutal PitBull Fight Ever SEEN on YOU TUBE

In case you are looking for dog fight and blood - cut your veins.

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Автор King Temisan ( назад)
lmao! что это такое? смешно очень, какая шутка

Автор CPT Shay (380 лет назад)
this dog fight like u mom

Автор Karen Batil ( назад)
That's not fighting that's dancing

Автор donny LOL ( назад)
documentaries can lead you to cute videos and very fucked up ones 

Автор maclien kamperveen ( назад)
dude or dog i wanna see a BRUTAL FIGHT not a cute dogs that are playing ,
but a fight with blood
.... thanks

Автор trevor davis ( назад)
that was so cute

Автор bezpieczenstwo narodowe ( назад)

Автор Truth and Lies (184 года назад)
You're ugly.

Автор Darryl Ralph ( назад)
there so cute

Автор fkallh8rs ( назад)

Автор Ezio Auditore ( назад)
For those of you who care about the title,it's an irony title.If you really
care,you're the sick fucks that looked up dog fighting.It's two cute
pitbulls having fun.

Автор znekile ( назад)
name of this song??

Автор Jazzy Clark ( назад)
You people have no sense of humanity. people like you are making everything
to look fun when in reality it is not. i do not wish you any bad but i do
wish that someday that you become a pitbull and that your owner a sycophant
that will put your life at risk for only a few bucks. then i want you to
start making fun about dogs fight. i want you to roll on the floor cracking
of laugh when you are slowly dying! so think with your head and not feet!

Автор ChinaDoll56 ( назад)
Haha I came to report it and laughed when it started

Автор Savannah Austin ( назад)
@methyou You sound so smart when you cant even spell right, wow. well thats
ok, cuz i got more money then you look in the mirror at the holes in your
mlife and your face from all the drugs you do "methyou" yah we get what
your choice of drug is. now how bout u clean up your act and get outta the
run down trailer park you live in honey. or no you could just die from your
drugs then there would be 1 less pitbull hater out there. Get a life away
from the drugs you worthless piece of shit.

Автор Savannah Austin ( назад)
@methyou Trailor Part? wow. u cant even spell that shit right, and for your
information i don't live in a Trailer Park, i probably have more money than
your ass does. hmm your name is methyou which probably means you have just
a bit of an addiction honey cuz a real smart person wouldn't have that

Автор chichilovernz ( назад)
what a fag

Автор Jordan Ramsay ( назад)
making dogs fight is sick!!

Автор quillandra2 ( назад)
This video sucks

Автор Tacent ( назад)
@sully0499 ya stfu. Why the fuck would you wanna see two dogs fight? Would
you say the same shit if you saw your dad and someone else fighting for
their lives..?

Автор TheMinato707 ( назад)
wow you guys are freakin hyenas a good person wouldnt wanna watch two dogs
violently mame eachother this was most brutall play fight i like dogs there
kinda like family i dont wanna see two of em mame eachother thats just sick
and twisted bro

Автор Southside Genius (88 лет назад)
why dislike it. fucken sick cunts. I would love to see anyone who likes to
watch Pit fights to get in there with a pit bull. Fucken cowards have no
heart or nuts. weak as piss.

Автор pete robles ( назад)
the lil dog won

Автор monster vincent ( назад)
but i dont want to see a fight i am doing a project that i am against this
so i do not like this at all.

Автор monster vincent ( назад)

Автор Sonny Phillips ( назад)
omg the white one's just like my arnold! :3

Автор JesusMuZicINC ( назад)
SO cute... I love the description.. The white Pit is Beautiful

Автор TheSpect0r ( назад)
I came here knowing it would be play :D i got to watch a cute play fight
video. i'm happy, but other sickos obviously wanted to see 2 animals maime

Автор Darryl Ralph ( назад)
there so cute

Автор aimi willoughby ( назад)
It's great to finally see people showing what these dogs are really like
when with a decent owner. Calm, playful, wonderful family pets and loyal.
Good on you!

Автор sweetxxdelilah ( назад)
Ahhaa awwwh the white one is all small. They're cute. :)

Автор straight_edge_energy_man ( назад)
I knew right away the most brutal pitbull fight on youtube was going to be
tame...and lame.

Автор Ryan ( назад)
lol i love dogs but they're so gross with the constant cleaning and
smelling of each others genitals

Автор 76JoeyP ( назад)
people who post dumb shit like this need to get their accounts banned -.-

Автор Steven ( назад)
clearly this wasnt meant to be a real fight. i dont know why anyone would
want to see something like that anyways. stop bitching about how "gay" this
may be and realize you're a cock squeezer

Автор scruffblackie ( назад)
we need more video title like this in the hope that they make it harder to
find real fight videos.

Автор Pawel Zawlodzki ( назад)
I own a pitbull, was sweet when young, then it started to fight with other
dogs. Your video has nothing to do with pitbull fight so get it off Youtube
or change the title.

Автор custombmxbydrew ( назад)
what a fag.

Автор rcysi ( назад)
southdoreaeatsdogs.... you are absolutely right..i have a 2 year old pit...
he is the most awesome and friendly dog. He has more personality then most
people i meet ; )... Pitts only go bad due to neglect or bad people... it
is a horrible thing that they have a bad rep due to HORRIBLE PEOPLE..

Автор ezra mcdonell ( назад)
the reason that pit bulls freak is the brain grow to big for the skulls and
they freak cuz u can have a family dog for years and it can randomly freaks
for no reason

Автор projectmicky1226 ( назад)
@fknidiot27 it was a joke -.-' not real.

Автор projectmicky1226 ( назад)
@methyou Ignorant trash? The only dogs who attack people are improperly
trained dogs. My dads an agent for the state of Ohio, and he has nothing
against me and my mothers pitbull what so ever. Most pit attacks are not
even full bred pits. They are loyal and kind dogs, if watched/treated
properly around kids. You're ignorant to hate a breed of dogs for some
cases of bad treatment. They need trainging, properly. My pits best friends
are a 12 yr old female lab and a 3 yr old Jack russel.

Автор projectmicky1226 ( назад)
Aww, they're cute :) My pitbulls 2 best friends are a 12 year old lady lab,
and a little 2, almost 3 year old jack russel. She believes hersef a lap
dog and perches on the back of the couch! The closest I've come to death
around her is being LICKED to death. Even strangers get pit kisses :D

Автор projectmicky1226 ( назад)
@oldschoolgreentube Most people acttacks claimed online are not full bred,
and infact end up being boxer dogs. an example was when someone called into
a radio station when they said "two wild pitbulls brutally attacked a man
walking down the street." the person who called asked if they knew it was
for sure a full bred pit, and their reply was, "Well, they looked similar
to pitbulls, but no one ever got a good look at them." later it was
discovered that TWO BOXERS had done it.

Автор RickylsBeast ( назад)
What the hell is this? Those are sissy dogs. And for the poster. You say,
"In case you are looking for a dog fight and blood - cut your veins." Then
don't post a video and title it the way you did you dumb dick. The title
should be what it is. Two dogs playing. Or two sissy dogs licking
eachother. What a douche bag. Here's a video of my brother's pitbulls play
fighting. Check it out. They aren't sissy dogs.

Автор sheenacoll08 ( назад)
thats as bruital as they should get, i was prepared to cuss you out

Автор JacksonPearl81 ( назад)
how did i get here?

Автор sylvain clement ( назад)
just love it this is what they should show more often about pitts!

Автор jamesbond7477 ( назад)
you bitch(watches video) oops sorry should have watched the video

Автор 424kilebar ( назад)
@DogSoldier011 no i love my two pugs and my bloodhound but its not the
breed. i hate when people always blame it on the breed. pitbulls can be
amzing family dogs. you just have to love them. i am completley against dog
fighting.when i see the pictures i start crying. i could never hurt an
animal like that. i ride horses. i have four. and i have three cats aswell.
I LOVE ANIMALS. i dont know how people canjust abuse an animal like that.
its wrong. and i hope they die in hell for it!!!!!

Автор AshesVonDust ( назад)
@oldschoolgreentube Where in the world did you find these asinine figures?
Fox News? Trolololololol You must be a troll if you're citing a case that
is STILL OPEN as evidence xD

Автор DogSoldier011 ( назад)
@424kilebar so you fight dogs and abuse them ?

Автор 424kilebar (1884 года назад)
DOG. ITS NOT THE BREED. ITS US.Pitbulls are loving dogs aslong as you treat
them right.

Автор oldschoolgreentube ( назад)
105 fatalities by pit bulls since 05. 55 victims under the age of 10.98%
were killed by “family dogs” in their own homes/yards.Pit bulls represent
over 70% of all dog related fatalities in the US over the last 6 years.More
than quadruple all other breeds combined.You are a fool and a bad parent if
you let your little ones around these dogs.Lets not forget Darla Napora 32,
6 mo pregnant killed in her living room Aug 12 this year by her loving
bully. Wake up before someone you love gets hurt.

Автор MrCruzazultx ( назад)
ohh my god its so scary theyre sniffing eachothers assholes

Автор Mike Litoris ( назад)
this is why we dont let gay dog trainers in dog fight club

Автор krvball242000 ( назад)
I love my pittie! And this is as aggressive as she gets too...

Автор slaMeRS101 ( назад)
LOLs.. WTF...

Автор Christopher Madigan ( назад)
sweet video, i have two myself, and their marvelous animals. so sweet and
playful, its nice to see people putting videos like this with the title the
way it is. these dogs live for thier humans, we should do the same,

Автор RedAvery1 ( назад)
Why are people thumbs downing a video. Dont know why they want to see
brutal destruction caused by a human.

Автор 2kooltk ( назад)
THE HORROR! THE CARNAGE! OMGZ! Hehe, cute video! Nice to see pit bull
videos that stay true to the breed. Pitties are the sweetest dogs around
when they are trained properly. :)

Автор finsam98 ( назад)
Haha, cute

Автор Mackenzie Taylor ( назад)
so intense...-_-

Автор riskey21225 ( назад)
im releaved i thought they were gogna hurt each otha wooh. this is good

Автор Silvawolf100 ( назад)
lol they are cute little guys

Автор jlrc36 ( назад)
is here in you tube a video about pit bull atacking a pregnant woman but
why blame the dog and not the owner, for sure the do0g is like that because
his owner raised him to be like that, I have a staff and i have a mate who
has a pit bull and he is such a lovely dog.

Автор GreenFrumundaCheese ( назад)
@Cowardzage I don't fit the description, however. I'm a well-educated dog
owner who raises them well. You can't lump us all into one group, as much
as you'd like to. I'll forgive you for that though.

Автор southkoreaeatsdogs ( назад)
@Cowardzage I own a pit bull puppy . appearently you are clueless about the
breed . pit bulls got a bad rep due to bad owners . the reality is pit
bulls are devoted ,loyal , and affectionate . they love their families and
owners .

Автор bryan abens ( назад)
hahahaahahah thats good

Автор RaiD Zombie ( назад)
At beginning the dog sucks the dogs balls

Автор Muzik Tunnel ( назад)
my two yorkies have better fights then this bs

Автор xgafex ( назад)

Автор 999JAMES999 ( назад)
whats the song??: awsome

Автор Fuckingoofoff ( назад)
@Cowardzage Your homepage with comments regarding the molesting of children
isn't funny. It's sick. I know you're just a troll. You're probably writing
a book along the lines of "Don't Even Reply - Emails from an Asshole". It's
okay. I understand. In your very own words this qualifies you as a "dirty
sick, welfare living, child abusing, low self esteem, maggot dicked,
scumbag". Taken from your very own page of course. My comment was intended
as humor. You are just disgusting.

Автор Fuckingoofoff ( назад)
@Cowardzage I weigh 256 and make good money working for the Federal
Government. I live in a 168,000 dollar house, own 2 pitbulls and I could
club your scrawny ass to death with one swing of my huge dick. Fuck off
already. Loser.

Автор Teamup ( назад)
If only Mike Vick was as friendly.........

Автор methyou ( назад)
@iluvhottabs Oh yeah, ignore the facts. Good job. Now go back to the
trailor part genius...

Автор avertec13 ( назад)
Ppl who fight dogs or animals r pussy that wont fight for them selfs

Автор tcproductionsx ( назад)
more like rape

Автор EstFlaPits ( назад)
check out sum seriousz ass pit pups. all white pitbull, solid black pitbull
and a fire ass rednose. Look at my vids

Автор James Kennedy (650 лет назад)
Thanks for not making it real i love dogs and real dog fights piss me off

Автор Savannah Austin ( назад)
@methyou Hmmm I'm illiterate, ok you must be a nerd that has no time except
to research dumb ass things, watch videos, and check everyones exact
spelling. Haha your a genius, or just a retard thats on drugs, I imagine
since you have no better thing to do then sit on youtube that your a lonely
little virgin that still lives with his mommy at the age of 30, your really

Автор josh mixon ( назад)
hey loveispoison i said the owners are usually the bad one who has not
right ownin one and of course ud be a pitbull guy with a name like
loveispoisen lol someones just trying to be tuff cuz nobody loved u ;) go
to bed kid

Автор Sin Fonic (2038 лет назад)
I really hate dogs. Cats are more self sufficient and orderly

Автор LoveIsPoison14 ( назад)
@mixenbo90 okay have you ever owned a pitbull? have you ever been around a
pitbull that hasnt been trained to fight?! pitbulls are amazingly sweet
dogs and obviously your ignorant dumbass cant recognize a good dog when you
see one. pitbulls arnt a mean dog. ANY DOG can be trained to fight and kill
not just pitbulls.

Автор chichirinuriko20 ( назад)
they look like they are more of playing than fighting. pointless.

Автор supadem ( назад)
wtf that song made me wanna puke! at least change it!

Автор methyou ( назад)
@eikozombie I can't tell if you are sarcastically agreeing with me, or
you're a pit bull owner...

Автор josh mixon ( назад)
agree with all the pitbull owners are ignorant low life retards most of
them just tryin to look tuff by gettin a pit

Автор methyou ( назад)
@iluvhottabs WOW, you're probably the most illiterate moron ever to type
something stupid on Youtube... CONGRATULATIONS! But I do love the point you
are trying to make: statistically, pit bull dog owners are 100 times more
ignorant than other dog owners. And I agree, it's not pit bulls' fault they
were bred to fight bulls and lions in pits, it's their owners who are
inbred idiots for not knowing that fact. Sounds like you and your brothers
are "training" for the Darwin Award...

Автор Savannah Austin ( назад)
@methyou "statistics"

Автор Savannah Austin ( назад)
@methyou Uhm excuse me but you are blaming the dogs my brothers have had
pit bulls all there life and they have never attacked any of us they love
there kids, its the owners that train the dogs to fight, maybe u should
look into that and u only say those types, there are a lot more breeds of
dogs, and news flash honey the internet is mainly full of shit, but when u
go and do this researching on your own and if you have an experience with
the dog type, maybe your walnut brain can say the

Автор alltre ( назад)
get a life people, these dogs already carry a bad name and you put a post
like that. jerk offs

Автор alltre ( назад)
you people are a joke.why make a bs post like this about these poor dogs
who already carrry a bad name. get a lifr

Автор tlc445 ( назад)

Автор InevidibleMe (1951 год назад)
Best fight I've ever seen!!!

Автор Emanuel caldas ( назад)

Автор AFirelnside ( назад)
@Lavos2007 lol true

Автор Alexander Bown ( назад)
4.5 mil views hahaha

Автор Lavos2007 ( назад)
@TheCurlyboy420 2 things: 1. learn to spell and type properly 2.
(especially) if your african american/black, quit using or attempting to
use the word "nigger" , if whites get called racist for saying it then
Blacks shouldnt be able to say it either, but its auto-racist when a white
person says it, yet blacks use it as a common greeting, at least among the
youth, the older blacks know its not right to use that word in such a way,
so please grow up and quit using it

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