2 Guys 1 Stump Graeginator's Reaction

wrose than 2 guys 1 horse!


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Длительность: 2:21
Комментарии: 18

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Автор asheesh1 ( назад)
you pillock! why are you real?

Автор DeepBlueJSB ( назад)
what the hell is going on!! OMG... PLUS MARIO THEME ... sad world

Автор Kory Lian ( назад)
people in this world are so fucked up

Автор arni1337 ( назад)
u sed eww and still wached ...

Автор hope_ ( назад)
whats about this video what they do?

Автор NitroInhale ( назад)
I did pretty much the same thing in my reaction video.... Yeah.... I put my
hand over my mouth. More nasty than disturbing, i should say

Автор justhammond3 ( назад)
he got a golden star

Автор gamerjohnny7 ( назад)

Автор TheNakedjogger ( назад)
Bet he got a boner watching that.

Автор mientjeo4 ( назад)
omg..i pressed the link......shouldent have done that...grooosss...lmao

Автор Cuban McCullough ( назад)
u should see"gross cyst video"

Автор lancetop ( назад)
man you're brave for watching all those crazy vids! LOL

Автор Filip Jernes ( назад)
dont act all shocked,,you problably sitting home and jerking off til
fucking gay porn you wronger..

Автор fightlover187 ( назад)
i heard about that it can't get any sicker

Автор peanut ( назад)
you probably have your father pump your ass every night. you little fake

Автор fightlover187 ( назад)
OH my god!!! that's sick! and the worst part about it is that they gonna
have the nerve to play the super mario star power theme in this sick video

Автор Graeginator ( назад)
one guy who has 1 foot put his legg in the other guy's ass! Gross!

Автор fightlover187 ( назад)
yo graeginator what are they doing with the stump?

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