2 Guys 1 Stump Graeginator's Reaction

wrose than 2 guys 1 horse!


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Длительность: 2:21
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Ewwww thats is so gross
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Автор asheesh1 (11 месяцев)
you pillock! why are you real?

Автор Mongoose015 (4 года)
Well I wouldn't mind putting my leg up your anus, that's for sure.

Автор Kory Lian (3 года)
people in this world are so fucked up

Автор NitroInhale (3 года)
I did pretty much the same thing in my reaction video.... Yeah.... I put my
hand over my mouth. More nasty than disturbing, i should say

Автор hope_ (3 года)
whats about this video what they do?

Автор lancetop (5 лет)
man you're brave for watching all those crazy vids! LOL

Автор xXPsychoSickoXx (5 лет)
dude u are such a hottie..lol

Автор fightlover187 (5 лет)
i heard about that it can't get any sicker

Автор fightlover187 (5 лет)
yo graeginator what are they doing with the stump?

Автор arni1337 (3 года)
u sed eww and still wached ...

Автор Thexxyyaa22699 (5 лет)
LOL mario theme!

Автор ninjakajun (5 лет)
@fightlover187 the worst part is his foot was missing

Автор DeepBlueJSB (1 год)
what the hell is going on!! OMG... PLUS MARIO THEME ... sad world

Автор Graeginator (5 лет)
one guy who has 1 foot put his legg in the other guy's ass! Gross!

Автор justhammond3 (4 года)
he got a golden star

Автор gamerjohnny7 (4 года)

Автор Filip Jernes (5 лет)
dont act all shocked,,you problably sitting home and jerking off til
fucking gay porn you wronger..

Автор TheNakedjogger (4 года)
Bet he got a boner watching that.

Автор imaekshit (4 года)

Автор Cuban McCullough (4 года)
u should see"gross cyst video"

Автор mientjeo4 (4 года)
omg..i pressed the link......shouldent have done that...grooosss...lmao

Автор fightlover187 (5 лет)
OH my god!!! that's sick! and the worst part about it is that they gonna
have the nerve to play the super mario star power theme in this sick video

Автор peanut (5 лет)
you probably have your father pump your ass every night. you little fake

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