Row Maker, Bed shaper

Test run of new Row maker, bed shaper.

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Автор KB4GAP (1 месяц)

Автор Ed Long (5 месяцев)
Left hand disc is too high, sweeps are not set deep enough, and your three
point linkage needs to be tightened up to hold the machine straight.

Автор james mcgowan (5 месяцев)
you need to show all of the equipment not a close up of the discs as it did
not give the full picture

Автор Firstsad Lasddaat (4 года)
I would love to see more footage and results. I'm very interested in how to
set this up for making raised beds. I hope you add some more if you have

Автор mbhunter2011 (1 год)
adjust the equipment & start all over!

Автор DesertDigger1 (2 года)
That was piss poor!..You need to adjust it in and set the draft lower.

Автор Lajos Balogh (1 год)
Elég gyenge!

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