Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Full Highlights | Dec 25, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Автор Insektos19 ( назад)
This is by far one of the greatest games in NBA history.

Автор LanMi Games ( назад)
That DUNK by RJ in a game like this is AWESOME And... WARRIORS BLEW A 14 POINT LEAD...JUST TO REMIND...

Автор Creative ( назад)
Kyrie traveled on that gamewinna

Автор rondo ng ( назад)
this is game better than asg

Автор The Turtle Gamer ( назад)
Also, respect ximo

Автор The Turtle Gamer ( назад)
One thing I have to see after this game

When Kevin Durant tried to dunk on Kevin love, and he missed... You are not Michael Jordan

Автор tanginamo666gago ( назад)
lebron cry

Автор tanginamo666gago ( назад)
no in the finals he cry cuse he didnt win on cavs on 18 years ago

Автор Anaru Nikora ( назад)
then yall gt the hell spanking from the dubs lol

Автор Jayvin Luis ( назад)
F**k kyrie

Автор Weeworld cripz 2016 ( назад)
just wait until the finals k love well be back and jr #cavsnation

Автор Kyrie 1rving ( назад)
I need to show my son Curry how to be clutch

Автор Awesome Person ( назад)
This is pokemon song NBA version I want to be the very best but Stephen Curry never was da da da Curry is the worst he will not make them all Stephen Curry you suck suck I know it your destiny Stephen Curry ya no one like you are the worst your the worst and we know it aaaaaaa u suuuuck u suck 😀

Автор James Karenyi ( назад)

Автор Ismaël Magassa ( назад)
Who thinks Durant is better than Lebron

Автор Ismaël Magassa ( назад)
That was a foul at the end for Durant 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Автор Andy Hooky ( назад)
Yea man about last year.. lebron is like the tom brady of basketball

Автор Ohio state mood ( назад)
Cleveland cheated they knocked down Golden state so they couldn't make the shot

Автор David Serban ( назад)
Loved the dunk and stare at 6:33

Автор Nijae Thompson ( назад)

Автор HOY Gising ( назад)
Cleveland pay the referees not to call a foul to Jefferson at the last second of the game, that's why they won!

Автор Jake holy ( назад)

Автор Jimmie williams ( назад)
Marlon Taiza you can't be talking Irving is something loser punk!! f.y.I you suck!!! # you dumb!😾

Автор Joel Serrano ( назад)
Did anyone see curry on the bench with his jersey Covering his, face? At 8:40

Автор timmy Turner ( назад)
taking a L on Christmas day is worse than any other regular season day, I know how you golden fake dickeaters feel 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Adrian Amaro ( назад)
steph curry is awsome

Автор lorenzo taulapapa ( назад)
warriors r better than cavs

Автор lorenzo taulapapa ( назад)

Автор Richard Santos ( назад)
Kyrie flash back

Автор Latron Gadison ( назад)

Автор Karlos Azanza ( назад)
"Taught everybody richard" bitch is 36 and he is a old ass peice of shit.

Автор alberto kurz ( назад)
7:25 waoaaw hey goes that man

Автор Paze Shady ( назад)
that was a foul people!!!!!

Автор G Master ( назад)
I am a cave fan so I love this game

Автор Julia joven ( назад)
Liggins is so useless

Автор Ohio Against The World ( назад)
it's funny, when the Cavs win and Cavs fans have the audacity to celebrate it, all the Warriors fans say "you all are acting like you just won the Finals, it doesn't mean anything it's only one game!" then when the Warriors win the next game, they all say "this *one game* PROVES GS is better!!!!!" heh makes total sense.

Автор Everyplay ( назад)

Автор rhonda Williams ( назад)
hate the cavs so much they stupid

Автор Veczey ( назад)
Curry no doubt one of the best 3 point shooters in the league. That being said Kyrie is the all around best PG he has better handles and is better at driving then curry does, also better at keeping with his man on D. Wish the bandwagoners for GS could come to the realization....

Автор GamerViking ( назад)
Wtf Lebrun let go of Klove's hand? Fuck kind of teamwork is that?

Автор Eddy Monponbanua ( назад)
that is the first time but i still a dubnation

Автор Michael Cera ( назад)
How do u feel after tonight's 35 point loss tho???

Автор Ayaly Kiao ( назад)
losser warriors youre nothing.

Автор JAMES KASSAN ( назад)
Lebron cries to Kiki the president and they suspend Draymond,then the center gets injured,affecting the dynamics of the team,and luckly they win the chapionship by 2016 misfortunes,then they beat us last game by straight luck OF SANTA'S GIFT,and finally my Warriors wake up AND GIVE THE CAVS THE BEATDOWN TO THE NEXT WORLD,IT AIN'T CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Chris M ( назад)
Screw you Cleveland 126-91. Golden state warriors

Автор Benjamin Dong ( назад)
lol rockets are doing so good this season with James harden

Автор NightWing 575 ( назад)
Todas They play again lets go cavs!!!!!!

Автор Pawan Chand ( назад)
Fuking richard jefferson that was funking foul on kd love the warriors or you will die

Автор Top10Best ( назад)
people like getting mad at this game like jesus this is just a single regular season game its not the nba finals damn

Автор Trap ( назад)
Anybody else get chills when he said "Iggy to inbound"? Flashbacks got me like

Автор Αγγελος Ματζαφλαρης ( назад)
482 dislikes from hurt gsw niggas

Автор Adrian Yi-Fan Chen ( назад)
2:48 and one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

Автор ChaseMC ( назад)
"Amazing come back from the cavs" Warrior fans that sounds ironic ??

3-1 :)

Автор wonderpulp ( назад)

Автор Vexton ( назад)

Автор Dm90 maurice ( назад)
warriors is the better team. you can tell by watching this game.

Автор Derkya Yt Channel ( назад)
Jerfferson ran cause he know that he might get a foul his stupid ass

Автор 杨川 ( назад)
fuck u lbj

Автор kimpaul pasibog ( назад)
ang galing ni lebron james :)

Автор Mark Losabia ( назад)
great job from the refs.....are they cavs extra players?

Автор Menchie Delos Santos ( назад)
I Hate Cavalliers

Автор Lion Tamer ( назад)
if this is going to be the teams in the finals I'm going to like the back and forth with the two

Автор Quickscope_ 006 ( назад)
that the cav suck

Автор Arizona Tea ( назад)
5:20 Did klay travel?

Автор Stephen Curry ( назад)

Автор Matt Heidt ( назад)
curry did well

Автор dimitris Pan ( назад)
I am from Greece and i love olympiakos cavs E.Green and lebron james

Автор tan gent ( назад)
If you want to blow a lead, ask the chocking state Larriors

Автор Hamz Reactz ( назад)
Everyone says how GSW fans are bandwagons since they got kd, steph, thompson, green-----yeah so they are bandwagons-----all warrior fans must be bandwagons---like i swear---seriously----but the cavs no-----no---why----oh they have the king---who gives af about if they got a king or not---your a bandwagon---aren't they defending champions--Dont they got Kyrie aka uncle drew, Lebron aka king james, kevin love aka wwe superstar,-----and now----Kyle Korver--one of the greatest shooters of all time---shut up---mad annoying----they only numbers they know in the nba are 3 and 1--STFU

Автор Chris Alcartrez ( назад)

Автор Juliet Kunai ( назад)
Cavs 5-3 GSW

Автор Feras Kai ( назад)
1:01 webounds a game..what lmao

Автор Quason Million ( назад)
This will go down in my book one of the "best" regular season games I've EVER watched. So much talent. And then that back to back dunks by KD and LEBRON ? 😂 geeez o peez. Oh and let's not forget how MR. 4th quarter shows the NBA how a 4th quarter is supposed to be played. But it's ok 🤷🏽‍♂️☕️🐸.

Автор Ethan DeCoteau ( назад)
Jefferson tripped durant...... dam ref jobs

Автор Ethan DeCoteau ( назад)
that should be a technical on james for hanging on the rim that long at 7:56 and a foul on Jefferson at 8:56

Автор The Playroom Gamer ( назад)

Автор Joel Serrano ( назад)
Warriors were cocky thinking they r going to win.

But Mr. Ankle breaker shot the game winning shot.

So good game Cleveland Cavaliers👍

Good game.

Автор Martynas Saulytis ( назад)
Jefferson clearly stepped on KD's foot there, should have been a foul. But oh well. GG

Автор Gordin Ph ( назад)
Cavaliers the best Team in NBA

Автор Texas Lame ( назад)
thats why basketball is shit they lost for 1 point pfff

Автор 天野雪輝 Amano Yukiteru ( назад)
0:43 Durant Travelling back to Oakland xD

Автор emilbon batayola ( назад)
fuck you golden state calaviers i like u james, erving

Автор Snow White ( назад)
cavs 4ver

Автор John Ambriz ( назад)
My cavs finna be 2x champs

Автор Falcon Sniper1 ( назад)
this victory was my Christmas present

Автор Rustin Robles ( назад)
i feel like warriors got suckier after durant came (not to offend anybody just my opinion)

Автор Kaitlyn Ausberry ( назад)
hey currryyy😘

Автор Rituparna Mukherjee ( назад)
#24 on the Cavs fouled Durant at the end. That is why the Warriors lost #Dubnation

Автор Jalen Lutsy ( назад)
Jefferson fouled KD on that last play no matter what the refs say

Автор Argell Dizon ( назад)
Cle Nice Kyrie Irving idol number 2

Автор Kevin S ( назад)
Durant was probably like "Shit, i should have joined the cavs"

Автор Silent ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

Автор romeoplaysgames ( назад)
Hahahaaahahaahhahahahashhaah yessssss fuck the warriors I hope all you warrior fans die you lil cum suckers

Автор Hardy Thakur ( назад)
RJ fucked them with butter n sndwich..😂

Автор S.G COMEDY ( назад)
2 best NBA teams ever

Автор BimBimPow ( назад)
1:41 - 1:53 back at ya bitch!

Автор Kakashi_Sensei ( назад)
Hate you lebron James team

Автор Azeck HD ( назад)
8:38 at that point Curry knew, that Kyrie was going to hit the last shot AGAIN. (look over at the bench he's covering his face)

Автор The Vortexian ( назад)
IF lebron gets his shot back no superteam can beat him!

I said if

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