BROADCHURCH Season 3 - Coming in 2017 to BBC America

Broadchurch season 3 will premiere in 2017 on BBC America.

Academy Award nominee Marianne Jean-Baptiste and legendary actress Charlotte Rampling star alongside three-time BAFTA-winner Olivia Colman and Emmy-winner David Tennant in the Peabody Award-winning drama.

Broadchurch is executive produced by Chris Chibnall (Law & Order: UK, Life on Mars) for Imaginary Friends and Jane Featherstone (The Hour, Spooks) on behalf of Kudos, a Shine Group company. The Producer is Richard Stokes (Silk, Law & Order: UK) who also produced the first season.

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Автор Kathy Bowles ( назад)
WHEN??? I keep searching my cable provider and BBC America and nothing!

Автор JK's Game Shelf ( назад)
Haha, sorry, I couldn't wait! I had to start watching it on iTV on demand! I'll just watch it again when it hits BBC America.

Автор Hannah Blessing ( назад)
2017 is rather vague. What day exactly can we expect to see an episode of Broadchurch, Season 3 being on BBC America? Because every time I look for it, it's not airing within the next 14 days. So when? Why don't you just let us know, a lot earlier? I'm sure you know by now!

Автор Fish302 ( назад)
1 question: WHEN?

Автор Caroline Greenman ( назад)
I just did a search for Broadchurch on my TV, nothing upcoming, so not planned for PBS or BBC America. :(

Автор Kyle Kroening ( назад)
I believe it was announced that Broadchurch Season 3 will debut on 2/27. Not sure if that is for BBC America channel or just the premiere date for the Brits. Anyone confirm for US via BBC America?

Автор Rebecca Duran ( назад)
Can't wait!

Автор SoulloWanderer ( назад)
Could they have at least given the month? Darn it!

Автор beanconcerned ( назад)
God I hope you aren't watching just because of David. Everyone in it is wonderful, not only David

Автор Katie Wacker ( назад)
when is the first episode of season 3 i can't wait

Автор Shiquzal ( назад)
Thanks to this teaser I've found out about this series. I watched it all now... Amazing show, don't know how I missed it. Waiting for Season 3 now :>

Автор Mr. Sparks ( назад)
I saw "BBC" and David Tennant.. Almost got a little carried away there 'til I saw the title.

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
BBC America? What a joke. British Broadcasting Centre America?

Автор The Jester ( назад)
How come I see a BBC america ad for this before I see a BBC ad for it

Автор Coldboy33 ( назад)
is this still on ITV in Britain or it has changed to BBC 1?

Автор Callum Gunn ( назад)
I thought broadchurch was ITV?

Автор R ( назад)
Season 2 was real bad, hope season 3 improves! Season 1 was incredible.

Автор suffiyan mohammed ( назад)
the 11th doctor, and in my opion the best one, ANOLZY haha
good moments from when i was younger
and a bonus, Harry
what more could you ask for
im gonna watch it
love you David

Автор Tills HD ( назад)

Автор 79.03.13 ( назад)
Now all Doctor Who fans will tune in to s3 to see how Chris Chibnall writes other TV show
Since most of his DW Ep are kinda bland

Автор BB-M8 THE STORMREKER ( назад)

There's a BBC America

So it's called British broadcasting channel America

Автор Aman Miah ( назад)
I thought this was behind the scenes of the new Ducktales.

Автор Mars Bar69 ( назад)
When you see arthur darvill and david tennent 😂

Автор mantra4ia ( назад)
Cannot wait! The anticipation is real.

Автор Epicjoe ( назад)
Make sure you give credit to ITV who made this show BBCA!

Автор Damb the Lamb ( назад)
I'm a simple man
I see David Tennant, I click

Автор Cartosa ( назад)
What about BBC in the U.K how come the US gets it first?

Автор Andrey Kvasha ( назад)
I'm pretty sure most, if not all of this, is season 2 footage. Still excited, though.

Автор Sierra 117 ( назад)
didn't even know a BBC America even existed lol

Автор Tom Kilcoyne ( назад)
I live where it is filmed and my mates dad wrote it 😀

Автор Gail Bortey ( назад)
I stopped breathing for those 10 seconds....

Автор a ( назад)
0:00=Bad wolf bay

from this series it looks like the doctor had now replaced another man's role in life and is carrying out his duty until he comes back to the tardis(replaced Matt Smith)
no one knows of a new person taking his place because it was already written in history

this doctor however recalls his distant memory of being a time lord due to their ability of having a strong memory, but cannot get back to his role as it is forbidden in the time lords rules and doing so will simply cause a time rupture that he will be the one to start history of mankind (caveman era) and be the first to die..

so all we are seeing is a man who is simply living his life, but due to already dying in the time period, he cannot be able to regenerate or live on (physically) as his body has accepted a devolved life form which has an ageing effect..

don't believe me?

Rory is in the church of the weeping angels where it started, and due to himself dying in an unmanly way, his death has also resulted in him having the same effect as the doctor, but worse...


Автор Nitroblast Digital ( назад)
The 11th Doctor and Rory? Seems good.

Автор joshua gonzalez ( назад)
Nice :). Finished 1 and 2 on Netflix. Such a well written fast paced intense suspenseful show.

Автор HEYO ( назад)
Should've ended it at season 2, we don't need another one.

Автор Will Gooderham ( назад)

Автор Lamborghini Driver ( назад)
Please tell me I'm not the only one who came cause they saw mr tennant

Автор David Conway ( назад)
I like how even one of the first shots of the trailer is David Tennant looking solemnly into the distance on a beach.

Автор Dominik Heinzle ( назад)
This is one of the most underrated shows of all time

Автор zoppie ( назад)
Ah. Ya can't beat a good dead horse too much.

Автор Ky Maddox ( назад)
Doctor who is that?

Автор JZPotter ( назад)
Oh my God YES

Автор marsbeads ( назад)

Автор DarkHunter514 ( назад)
What are you getting excited about? There are just footage from the previous seasons

Автор yontory ( назад)
wait i thought the story was over?

Автор FullmetalandtheFlame ( назад)
I love how at least half of Broadchurch fans are Doctor Who fans.

Автор FullmetalandtheFlame ( назад)
So excited!

Автор The Promise ( назад)
So three ex doctor who actors, nice.

Автор Some Guy ( назад)
2 former doctor who actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Cinder Block ( назад)
When ... when in 2017?

Автор The_Paradox__ ( назад)

Автор ZomSlayaa ( назад)
Was this not an ITV show?

Автор Dwayne 'TheJohn' Rockson ( назад)
BROADCHURCH = retirement house for DW actors

Автор Matt Hendrick ( назад)
And now we know why Arthur Darvill wasn't in season 2 of "Legends of Tomorrow."

Автор pruplemango ( назад)
oh good.  One actual British show on BBC America.

Автор Adam Butts ( назад)

Автор Kenneth Schlatter ( назад)
I'm so excited!

Автор Tardisius ( назад)
WHO is that guy?? =))

Автор My name is chef ( назад)

Автор Silence ( назад)

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