How to: dye a synthetic wig using speedball ink

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**READ ME** This is my take on using Speedball ink to dye a wig. Please be very careful when doing this at home and if you are under age make sure it is ok with your parents first. In this video I am using: Speedball ink in silver $4.99. A plastic funel $1.00. A plastic spray bottle $1.45. 70% rubbing alcohol $2.00 ans plastic gloves.






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Автор DreamerX333 (2 месяца)
ahahah i was all concentrated listening to your instructions when i
suddently realised that the background music was Hello :'3 great choice, i
like Shinee too
however, thank you for the video it was helpful, and the final product was
really well done ;)

Автор Octayvia Morton (5 месяцев)
Ok followed all of the steps but still have staining. After it dried the
ink turned into a powder and it's leaving colorful powder dust EVERYWHERE!
Any way to stop this?

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
Michael's, but try other craft stores too for more colors ^,^

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
The ink will not bond with the fibers as well ^,^ I hope this helped.

Автор LuvItachi90 . (1 год)
Thanks! *^* WORKED!!! x3 You saved my 2 Wigs xDD

Автор KyuubiNaruto04 (1 год)
my mom is about to try it on one of her wigs,its not black but off
black..hope it works!i'll let you kno how it went..:)

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
I got mine from Michael's craft store, but I think you can find some at any
craft store. I hope this helps.

Автор man4man7110 (8 месяцев)
Can you use this method to give a synthetic with high lights

Автор 08tummy (1 год)
Can you do this on a dark color wig?

Автор madmravyn (2 года)
@madmravyn Soaking it doesn’t quite do the trick. Oh and save the original
ink pan, cover with some foil. The bath can be reused, in case the first
try does not quite get the shade you want. Sometimes it takes 2-3 dips.

Автор Naidalis1 (1 год)
where do u get the ink????

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
<3 Yes!

Автор jenny Gutierrez (7 месяцев)
I just did this on my copper brown extensions to turn them into black but
the ink keeps rubbing off in my fingers or when I comb them so now I'm
afraid to do the last step to finished all cuz I'm scared all the ink will
come off ...any tips?

Автор Niya0518 (1 год)
I have a question for you I just bought the speedball acrylic paint and I
wanted to mix colors but they don't have the black acrylic paint, I was
wondering if I could use the speedball India black ink with the speedball
super pigmented acrylic ink?

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
Thank you so much for your feedback ^,^.

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
The difference is Speed ball is ink. Acrylic paint is a different formula
and may not be so friendly on your wig fiber. As for using any color of ink
to dye you wig, yes it will work ^,^. I hope this helped.

Автор Sailor Pandaa (1 год)
i comb it once it was dry and yes it was very helpful . it came out great .
i didnt have a problem with combing it . it was tangled at all :)

Автор ssal77artist (1 год)
Nice job. :)

Автор johnluuu (2 года)
where can you buy the speed ball ink, if you bought it online, can you buy
it in stores? if so, what store, thank you plz reply.....

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
Hey thank you!

Автор vanna rios (1 год)
Hello, Hello~ I love SHINee. Glad I went to this tutorial(=

Автор michelle brownlow (1 год)
how would u reccomend doing this to roots only i have a pale pale blonde
wig that i need to add to strawberry or any light blone to for my skin
tone....and make it look more realistic...thanks for any advice u can
give....dont want color running down wig thanks

Автор Danielle Williams (1 год)
sooo, i dyed the wig, but the black keeps rubbing off on anything that
touches it. what can i do to stop this?

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
Love you, for loving SHINee!

Автор MakeupConnoisseur11 (8 месяцев)
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, your video is short and too the point exactly what I
needed. I purchased a wig that was suppose to be auburn but it arrived
ORANGE! Used black to darken the orange and it come out a beautiful brown
with golden brown highlights!

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
@takerumayu. Do your thing! ^,^ Do a fem version or look into gettinf a
chest binder. I hope this helped.

Автор Notso_EmoKitteh:3 (1 год)
Where can you get acrylic ink?

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
As long as the wig is a light color to begin with, you can dye it any color
you like. As a matter of fact, I used this same technique to make a
different wig bright fushia.

Автор MakeupConnoisseur11 (8 месяцев)
Your video is PERFECT! I followed your instructions to darken a wig that
was suppose to be auburn but instead it was ORANGE! Thank you soooo much!

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (2 года)
@bristay1 Hi there! I'm not sure if I understand the question, but I will
try my best to answer it :). So the more ink you use to less 70% alcohol,
will give you a darker shade of whatever color you are using. So lets say
you have a wig that is as light as the one I used in this video, spraying
more coats would make it a darker silver, almost a gun-metal gray. Same
thing if you were using brown, it would probably go from a hazelnut to a
deep milk chocolate. Good luck!!

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
I am so happy to see so many SHINee fans! <3

Автор Naku Chan (1 год)
Also does it need to be combed while im spraying it? Im spraying more dye
over the stuff i didn't wash out.

Автор bristay1 (2 года)
@heySPiCEYRiCEY Hello ! IM sorry , I should have re worded it better but u
got my question! Thank you sooo much. I really want a darker silver and I
ws just hoping that It would be a way ! Thank you soooo much .Ill send u a
pic when Im done ;)

Автор FluffyKitsune09 (6 месяцев)
very helpful! i will have to try it out when i get my wig

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (2 года)
@99percentOtaku I just had someone ask the same question. :) here is what I
told them.Try using a nonabrasive shampoo on the wig, rinse with cold water
and see if that works. If you already tried this, put a little rubbing
alcohol in your spray bottle and give your wig a light spritz. Keep in mind
that this may lift some of the color of the wig you just made. Let me know
how this works out. What kind of wig are you using BTW?

Автор Natasha Ricardo (1 год)

Автор aleshia otieno (2 года)
I did this but my wig is very I don't know umm sticky almort as if all the
int is still there I keept rinsing it but nothing happend....help please!

Автор azulon435 (1 год)
A question, how is speedball paint different from acrylic paint? Are they
the same you use for, you know, painting school proyects and stuff like
that? And would this work for any color?

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
Michael's craft store

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
Family trips will be fun too! Maybe next year when you go to AX you will
see me around ^,^.

Автор jinxsomthing (2 года)
Sounds like Shinee in the background :)

Автор bulma502 (1 год)
And love this tutorial too

Автор bristay1 (2 года)
Thank you soooooooooooo much for this ! lol But do u thin If i sprated more
coats that it would make it darker? Im a brown tone and I dont want a very
bright silver/grey but i still want it bright lol

Автор nichole l (1 год)
that was a good one i watched a few most people say use a cup of alcohole
and 8 squirts of the ink how do u know how much to use though and do u just
do one layer guess i got experiment with that

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
The alcohol is what binds the ink to the wig fibers. If you just used the
ink, wore it to a con and got sweaty, the ink would transfer to your skin
and cosplay. I hope this help ^,^

Автор spike19821000 (2 года)
brilliant! i have a dark brown wig with tacky blonde highlights in , i want
to get rid of the highlights and make it an even colour....would dunking
the wig in the mixture in a bucket and leaving it (like dyeing clothing)
work do you think??????? :-s your advice and expertise would be very

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (1 год)
YOU are amazing! Heck yeah it is!

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (2 года)
@bristay1 Whoa I didn't realize my comment posted so many times :X ^,^ I
would love to see pictures of your finished wig.

Автор heySPiCEYRiCEY (2 года)
@bristay1 Hi there! I'm not sure if I understand the question, but I will
try my best to answer it :). So the more ink you use to less 70% alcohol,
will give you a darker shade of whatever color you are using. So lets say
you have a wig that is as light as the one I used in this video, spraying
more coats would make it a darker silver, almost a gun-metal gray. Same
thing if you were using brown, it would probably go from a hazelnut to a
deep milk chocolate. Good luck!!

Автор paupau (1 год)
All tutorials I've seen on dying synthetic wigs with fx dye or speedball
ink have been very light or simply natural colours. Can I dye it to teal or
pink too?

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