little steven & the diciples of soul - inside of me

This is one of the songs in the soundtrack of The sopranos season 1 and 2. And its one of my favorites. A great singer and actor in of of the best series ever made

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Автор Johnny Cake ( назад)
Great song that has a little Motown flavor to it.

Автор MrLilfee ( назад)

Автор 05Eagles1 ( назад)
"Jimmy, this answers your concerns?"

Автор Untergang Norge (1497 лет назад)
Amazing vocals

Автор Peter Cook ( назад)
Call for help on your radio mic

Автор judy howard ( назад)
I had no idea he was a musician, singer, very talented. I listened to "I
played the fool". Good song and band. 

Автор Rudy Juarez ( назад)
Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!!!!

Автор no comment ( назад)
Silvio Dante should stick to playing guitar hes a bit limited in his range
as an actor

Автор magagie22 ( назад)
Bought this album years and years ago in a record store in Camden Town. I
had no idea who Little Steven was... but was so in love with this album. My
eldest daughter has just nominated as one of the albums she remembers most
whilst growing up...

Автор Scott P ( назад)
Thumbs up if you`re here for little Steven Van Zandt

Автор aarlevanbram ( назад)
Forever!!! Little Steven!!!

Автор Ed espitia ( назад)
i love silvio :D 

Автор BadBoy1986PL ( назад)
Our true enemy...Has yet...to reveal himself. 

Автор Salvatore “BigSal” Ballout ( назад)
yea it is he was a rock singer 

Автор Batuhan Sündal ( назад)
"...you fuckin' scifuzza!!!"

Автор BadBoy1986PL (973 года назад)
Is this...Silvio with guitar?

Автор Edvard Palacios Åberg ( назад)

Автор Rudy Juarez ( назад)
What was Little Steven's genre of music? I can't place it.

Автор DC105 ( назад)
I love how they stuffed a rat in his mouth when they killed him.

Автор joenunzS3 ( назад)
rot in hell that rat bastad!!

Автор DC105 ( назад)
R.I.P. Jimmy Altieri

Автор Rudy Juarez ( назад)
Little Steven was adviser to another Boss before Tony Soprano named Bruce

Автор G Rush ( назад)
I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano

Автор Dean Kakalowsky ( назад)
What episode did this play in?

Автор Mercedesbenzrox ( назад)
Just when I thought I was out...They pulled me back in !!

Автор wagooairlines ( назад)
@FelipeRVD im confused?! is the guy that plays sil the same that sings this
song?! :-)

Автор schmeltingaccident ( назад)

Автор rjplamf61 ( назад)
Men Without Women. Most underated albums of all time.

Автор jonbecker03 ( назад)
@bootytoot actually, i can understand why someone might not LIKE this.
little steven sacrifices subtlety for power. i like it when he does this. i
think it's great. but for a fan of someone like smokie robinson (or even
lionel richie), some of steven's stuff might seem a bit bombastic.

Автор Fele Villagran Vandorse ( назад)
Thumbs up if you're here for Silvio Dante!

Автор bootytoot ( назад)
A great song from a great album. I caught one of their shows on the tour
backing this album in Denver. Absolutely awesome. And for the record,
that's the Rock& Roll Hall of Famer Dino Danelli (of the Rascals) on drums.
Great stuff, way to go Stevie! As to the 3 unfortunate souls who felt
compelled to dislike this song, I feel sincere pity for you.

Автор Alexander Supertramp ( назад)
One of the great relationship songs of all-time 

Автор Allan Ostermann ( назад)
I love this song!!! Somewhere near the end I hear "Ruby Tuesday" by the
Stones. Probably just me. 

Автор Allan Ostermann ( назад)
It's so sad when greats like Steven are virtually ignored, while people
like Justin Bieber become household-known stars!!!!!

Автор Allan Ostermann ( назад)
Little Steven is amazing! I read a Wikipedia article. It's unbelievable.
He's done so much. Apart from his singing, guitar playing and acting, he
has fought to preserve great music, from Country to Rock to R&B and Soul.

Автор Brian Stetzierri ( назад)
How do I get this damn song?!? I love it!

Автор branzstock5 ( назад)
love this song its so good! it never died inside of me!

Автор Ludo Vandersyppe ( назад)
as good as the boss himself

Автор fntime ( назад)
"It's Jimmy!"

Автор War Scribe ( назад)
Just when i thought I was out... They pull me back in!

Автор simonize251 ( назад)
@countrynuno 82? Damn I was only 2 years old. I love this song it's so I
don't know, sentimental. It's makes me think. Found out about it from the
last episode of season 1 of Sopranos.

Автор countrynuno ( назад)
bought it in 82, still have it, still LOVE IT

Автор 5150zombie ( назад)
thanks, play, or not. I'm sick of crying. I hate it.

Автор boners2nite ( назад)
Absolutely, I bought this album when it came out in '82, and after 2 songs
realized, Hey, this is great stuff! 

Автор boners2nite ( назад)
Simply one of the best songs on YouTube!

Автор sonny wagner ( назад)
Four Tops vocal and Funk Bros. instrumental influence ? 

Автор Lester Brunt ( назад)
@GoinDownToJunkieTown "it never died inside of me' lol i know van zandt
didnt write this song about that but you take from a song what you will"
That is called true art :)

Автор linda daniels ( назад)
@GoinDownToJunkieTown stay strong man!!! great story, i can relate, iv been
using opiates for 30 years and it has ruined everything!!! getting deported
from my home of 45 years, going to prison for a year and i could go on and
on. be proud of you self, you have accomplished a major feat!!!!!! keep up
the good work!!! by the way im a 53 yearold female living by myself in
another country, {canada} all because of drugs! stay srtong!!!!

Автор Tom ( назад)
@SaddleCat1 still one of my favourite albums

Автор Bill McKinney ( назад)
The entire '82 album that this tune comes from (Men Without Women) was
recorded 'live' in the studio. Absolutely no over-dubs (I think they may
have done a re-take or two). A testament to Steve's ability to put a 10+
piece band together and make it sound great. The horns were all members of
his '70s band (Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes)...

Автор magagie22 ( назад)
@wutevr63 Have to agree with you there...

Автор fntime ( назад)
@tdv123456 You sir, know your Soprano's(lol) 

Автор fntime ( назад)
@tdv123456 After the meeting at the pork store. That's actually funny!

Автор fntime ( назад)
@GoinDownToJunkieTown Hhhmmmmm! Good luck man, interesting connection, I

Автор JJcrazy23 ( назад)
What episode is this from... Such a great tune and show... Bada Bing!

Автор Gaviathan ( назад)
@pastaface100 This song is great and I have nothing but respect for little
steve but I just pissed myself laughing at your comment Pastaface,Anyone
insulted by it needs to lighten up. Peace

Автор Gaviathan ( назад)
Wicked stuff!!! Fived and faved. Peace

Автор Tom ( назад)
So true

Автор Anton Y ( назад)
But you're right about the sweds.....;)

Автор Anton Y ( назад)
Hahah you're funny man ;)

Автор fntime ( назад)
You cried when Obama said told the people how he was going to destroy
America and make it a socialist state. Why don't you get a pair of balls,
and put on your "minute man uniform" the world doesn't need another 'cry
baby' male. If you are a 'sissy' then stand back, the real men are going to
stand up, if you want to be a 'sissy' go to sweden, real men, 'fuck up,
those who try to enslave them' how about showing some 'balls'.

Автор Anton Y ( назад)
Omg Sopranos The last episode made me cry rivers :(

Автор Kc Ramone (1696 лет назад)
this is from one of the best albums"Men Without Women." A must for any
Little Steven fan...

Автор Kc Ramone (1864 года назад)
to pastaface...funny

Автор CarlettoPuglia (329 лет назад)
He's Italian American. Real name is Steven Lento.

Автор Jakub Kutkiewicz ( назад)
It never died inside of me !

Автор Trevor Lees ( назад)
You sure are right a brilliant song !!!!!

Автор jostaffa ( назад)
Yes he is singing :). He also played as Silvio Dante in Sopranos

Автор fntime ( назад)
Great song...music and lyrics!!!

Автор fntime (1007 лет назад)
Great song!

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