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Автор barracuda7018 (10 месяцев)
VC-10 was no match for B 707 which was more economical to fly, cheaper to
acquire and cheaper to maintain..All the reason to buy 707 instead of VC-10.
Most of the comments here sounds pretty much emotional and nothing to do
with reality..Sore losers.

'' The BOAC "buy Boeing" policy was implemented by top level executive
infiltrators who had been placed within BOAC by the International Bankers
who controlled American Industry since their 1913 coup d'état taking over
the US Federal ReserveThe BOAC "buy Boeing" policy was implemented by top
level executive infiltrators who had been placed within BOAC by the
International Bankers who controlled American Industry since their 1913
coup d'état taking over the US Federal Reserve''

WOW ...My god , another conspiracy theory ???? so any idea why the
other leading European Airliners like Air France, Lufthansa, KLM,
Alitalia,Iberia, Swissair or SAS didn't buy it ?? in short they were
not even interested in it .. All these airliners were infiltrated by
American agents???

Автор Robert Bradley (3 месяца)
The reason the VC-10 was not a success as was the DC-8 and 707 was it was
designed for British use in the "Empire" and not for North American routes.
Britain still had not realised that they no longer led the World in
Aviation. They were virtually broke after the war but designed and built
planes for their rich class as it was before the war. BOAC/Bea etc could
only buy a few planes especially after they had blown their R&D dollars on
the Brabazon, Princess flying boat as well as a few others that were abject
commercial failures. BTW I am Canadian and we and BEA were about the only
airlines that bought the Vanguard - I loved the aircraft and flew many,
many business flights on it. It always felt safe and secure on it as it was
built like a tank but like the Lockheed Electra the jet era had arrived and
the flying public wouldn't accept anything else.

Автор Fredo platel (5 месяцев)
merci pour la vidéo ...

Автор John B (11 месяцев)
I remember some of us bunking off from Brooklands Technical College to see
the first VC 10 take off, the college didn't seem to mind. The aircraft
took off from the railway end of the runway, heat deflectors were built
behind where the aircraft began take-off. Viscounts were built there also
in the early 50s, not sure about Vanguards. I worked there in the late 60s
when they were building the last few VC 10s, BAC 1-11s and parts for the
Concorde. I left when work started dropping off, wish I could have stayed,
best employer I ever worked for.

Автор DAVID BLURTON (9 месяцев)
both the 707 and vc 10 were great aircraft,,, and while the 10 is better
built,and technically superior and much safer to fly in,,, and so much
faster,, the 707 got it right in many other ways,,,so it was good enough,,
and cheeper to run but the vc 10 met different design requirements for
the routes it was meant to fly

but sadly it just cost too much to maintain,,,

and all military aircraft have a quiet and pampered life compared to
civilian aircraft,,,

Автор Michael Dart (1 год)
What a shame we won't see her fly again. Perhaps one day we may. Until then
I guess we'll have to have what Europe dictates. Pity we can't afford our
own and build our own aircraft. Perhaps if we didn't keep sending money to
other country where it " disappears", we could still do it, or am I from
the planet Zog !!

Автор barracuda7018 (10 месяцев)
K Knight
never a truer word said. Having worked on the VC10 in the RAF I can say
that no American built Boeing would last as long!!...

Mate, compared to American built Boeings, your RAF aircraft led a quiet
and pampered life ...

Автор SuperNevile (2 года)
Thanks for that, so it was "true", difficult to judge what were tall
stories When I worked in acoustics, we had a room in the old club house
(now the B. Cartland ladies room). Worked in there late into winter
evenings alone. It was spooky and I thought ~ glad this place isn't
haunted!. Then I heard later on that the paranormals (ghost busters) were
in there with their trip wires and infrared cameras ~ apparently a ghost
driver. Would love to go on a ghost tour. ~cheers!

Автор K Knight (3 года)
never a truer word said. Having worked on the VC10 in the RAF I can say
that no American built Boeing would last as long!!

Автор SuperNevile (2 года)
Amazing all those Vickers aircraft flown out from within the confines of a
race track! The later ones were stripped down for the short hop to Wisley
tho' ~ but still!, Right next door to one of the most expensive pieces of
real estate in the country! No residents protest groups in those days!

Автор SuperNevile (2 года)
Thanks! Was to spend 6 weeks as an undergraduate apprentice in there. The
last VC10 was for South Africa, and we watched it go. For my 6 weeks the
hangar was empty, so I had to get a transfer after two weeks, Exciting
times tho' as Apollo 13 was on the radio. There was a story (don't know if
true or not) that during one night shift a ghost motorcyclist appeared thru
the closed hanger doors and disappeared thru the closed doors at the other
end. It was the old brooky track! The lads walked out!

Автор EricIrl (1 год)
Actually, Brooklands today is quite a lively place, with the excellent
museum and Mercedes World (including a brand new test track). It's still
well worth a visit.

Автор frank spencer (2 года)
weybridge famous for racing and aviation what is it famous for now???
nothing the music for this video is awful like one of those stupid
promotional videos like come to norwich or better interview techniques or
new theme parks

Автор Steve Martin (2 года)
Thats why speakers have an off button, no one said you had to watch this or
listen to it !

Автор Barry Kirk (1 год)
Interesting video, but got to say what an AWFUL piece of "music"! lol Had
to turn the sound off!

Автор Tim H (1 год)
Great video, such a shame places like these were demolished, losing so much

Автор Sally White (2 года)
I was surprised to see this. My father, when he was alive, was part of the
team. He was an Aeronautical Engineer and sadly got killed in the testing
of the 1-11 in 1963

Автор avroken (3 года)
great video, another BAe abandoned facility. Chadderton, Woodford, Hurn,
Brough, Brooklands, Hatfield, Kingston etc etc ( 2 also sold Chester and

Автор Sterlingjob (2 года)
Was that on salisbury plain? I had a relative who was killed in the same
crash, if it was that same crash!

Автор Robert Bradley (2 года)
My, the British industrial buildings were drab, even looking at times when
they were busy. It looks like the same place the Titanic was made,
everything disorganized and strewn all over the place. In the 1980's I was
sent to the UK to asses the capabilities of SCI a large UK electronics
firm, it was like walking into a plant 25 years previous to the time. The
Brits don't make much now and its no wonder, the old thought of squeezing
every last penny out of the manufacturing floor still stands.

Автор andysvideo (3 года)
You are not wrong when it comes too Brooklands.although in fairness the
Guys at Trafalgar House tried to do a better job, than many others
companies may have done.

Автор Pte1643 (2 года)
Got to agree. I too am a big fan of the VC-10, but yes the yanks aircraft
are older. Similar thing happened to the Nimrod too... They've all been
retired in favour of the RC-135 (again based on the 707). The 3(?) that the
Uk are getting are older than the Nimrods they are replacing??? Go figure?

Автор deathcruiserdriver (2 года)
No Andrew, the magnificent VC10 (and it's without the hyphen, by the way)
never, ever, stalled and fell anywhere. What amazes me is that they managed
to build such a big aeroplane in such a relatively small factory, attached
to a VERY short runway!

Автор Helga P (2 года)
For a brief history of the company (Vickers Ltd) google up "Vickers
Centenary" . This company was "The Empire". It is now BAe Systems.

Автор 347chas (1 год)
Thank you for the short film on the hanger.

Автор Dave Johnson (3 года)
Very nice. Were the Viscounts and Vanguards built here too? If not, do you
know where they were made?

Автор SuperNevile (2 года)
I meant East African Airways!

Автор TheRattleSnake3145 (3 года)
20 years doesn't seem very old, why was it demolished?

Автор altractors (3 года)
Ha ha I remember interiors being the same as like in those offices when I
was very young!

Автор TheSpiritof1969 (3 года)
Such is the optimism in this country that such a facility is worth more
after it has been bulldosed ........ or maybe Tescos wanted to put up
another supermarket.

Автор targatop1 (3 года)
I think Vanguards, VC 10s, 3 One Elevens and a few Viscounts were built at
Weybridge. Because of the very short runway, the aircraft departed on the
maiden flight with minimal fuel, and positioned into Wisley, Vickers test
airfield which had a very long runway (closed, but still in existance
today).Most of the Viscounts were build at Hurn, as later, were the One
Elevens. I used to work in the hangars which were the production line at
Hurn, now sadly empty and rundown

Автор frank spencer (2 года)
look you i know weybridge just as well just because you put on a couple of
clips on you tube you think you are famous what i am saying is it is a
crying shame that british aerospace is gone and the racetrack is moss
ridden tesco??? mbw big deal!!!!

Автор andysvideo (2 года)
Just one of the many such sightings in that area. I was in Hangar T151 one
night when we heard the sound of a vehicle with straight through exhaust
drive through it. Today they do candle light tours of the museum grounds,
which I understand are good fun! See my video "Hangar T151 Brooklands -
Home of National Rescue in the Eighties" for a look around that one

Автор andysvideo (3 года)
@decaid53 That did come from some records, but as you say it is clearly
wrong. My guess is it should have said meters or maybe yards. I will try
and find out more.

Автор Sally White (2 года)
I was born in Weybridge and my father was an auronautical engineer and
tested the 1-11. Unfortunately he was killed on 22nd october 2963. The news
of the crash was in the papers. Six other men were killed that day. The
plane went in to a stall and all men died. This happened over Wiltshire.

Автор Sterlingjob (2 года)
Ill ask my dad, will be interesting to see!

Автор taketimeout2 (2 года)
I like the music if that is any consolation. Me and my then best mate
Deiter Sinnanin used to drive up there in the early 90's imagining what it
must have been like with beautiful VC 10s climbing out over the old A3 on
cold,clear and crisp Autumn evenings. The place still had a magic about it
then. Add in the fact that the Beatles used to live around the area and it
must have been one hell of a place to be around. So sad its all gone but
thats life! Nice upload, especially the music!

Автор andysvideo (3 года)
No not exactly, it is further North West (into the estate) than that. More
or less where POD the storage company are now days. Regards Andy

Автор vqey2 (3 года)
i miss working at weybridge i enjoyed my short time working as a stock
checker , the oil and paint stores the bar stores the tool stores the nuts
and bolts stores the carpet stores the rubber stores etc happy times

Автор andysvideo (2 года)
If you took the time to research before your start shooting your ignorant
mouth off, you would find that Brooklands is still famous today, all be it
for different reasons. As for the music if you would rather listen to me
breathing after climbing up those ladders, I will make a special version
just for you! I did think someone who feels they must comment on the work
of an Amateur Video Maker, must be knowledgeable and so I came to your
channel to look at all your videos - but there were none.

Автор targatop1 (3 года)
Great to see this! I was an apprentice back in the mid 80s, and remember
Weybridge with much fondness. Weybridge was a very important site in
aviation history. It is such a sad symbol of 'England' that the site now a
retail park - just what England needs, eh?.. and a few more insurance
brokers too!!! In the 50s and 60s we were very clever as an engineering
nation, so sad - its all gone now, the people, the aircraft, the
industry... never mind.. Europe will look after us now.

Автор CarePeers (2 года)
Well!! This hanger can be a nice home for me

Автор videoshares (1 год)
wow, such a great video of such a great historic place, well done Andy for
taking the time and effort to video this important heritage

Автор Martin Thomas (2 года)
Excellent response - well done. A great nostalgic video of bygone days. As
my dear Dad used to say ' Nothing seems to change for the better'! I think
he was right.

Автор HeavensGremlin (3 года)
What a waste of an excellent building, and what a waste of an industry,
crushed out of existence by mealy-mouthed, lieing politicians.

Автор Spencer Jones (2 года)
I don't remember him saying he was famous, but as the guy who rescued most
of the major exhibits at Brooklands and founder MD of National Rescue, I
guess you could say that. British Aerospace were not evicted they elected
to abandon the site, having as Vickers done such a good job of sabotaging
it so that Motor Racing could never come back. If you are so passionate
about Brooklands get down there and join the handful of UNPAID volunteers
who are working to rescue what they can.

Автор Andrew Smart (2 года)
VC-10,the stall and fall airliner?

Автор bayleafdog (1 год)
Actually the last USAF KC135's were built in 1964

Автор MrCapi55 (3 года)
Great instrumental sixties music. It´s already dead nowdays. Is´n it?

Автор Reubixs (2 года)
Although i am one of the biggest VC10 fans, i would like to point out that
none of the USAF's Boeing KC135 fleet has a build date plate after 1959.

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