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Автор wasn't me (3 месяца)
complete bullocks the 157 horsepower of the panigale . it makes 3 or 4
less then the bmw in europe , so if its an octane matter , the differences
should still be there . and yesterday was the first superbike race of the
season in phillip Island Australia , 1 apprilia 2 Kawasaki 3 Ducati 4 honda
. . . . . . bmw on 7 . i trust these 'shootouts ' if they take 3 ama
/ motogp / wsb riders to go for it , together with a suspension dude
setting the bikes up , not a bunchof american hipsters driving amatuer
level . acting all pro . and the so called mishap with the clutch on the
dragrace was staged , using throttle like that on take off is bs

Автор Nathan Phillips (13 часов)
Dam now I want to get that BMW lol. 

Автор Yamaha r6 (2 месяца)
where the fuck is yamaha 

Автор Darko Galev (5 месяцев)
Is there an power restriction in that country, because in my country
kawasaki zx10r got 210hp and the bmw hp4 194hp...or that is a number
without the ram air intake?

Автор DEREK GERSTNER (8 месяцев)
What bike is that at 4:32?
Thanks :)

Автор zRouth (23 дня)
Is it just me, or are these guys incredibly boring? Maybe it's not their
fault, maybe the producers and/or writers are just awful, but it's just so

Автор Popat Panchat (6 месяцев)
I guess the rsv4 won for me as its the only bike out of the top 2 you can
still buy. 

Автор hairlesheep (2 месяца)
Exactly, reliability. Yes the BMW is the fastest but will it even hit 10k
let alone 50k miles without major engine work? I doubt it!!

Автор plonker00765 (1 месяц)
The bmw has a black eye, that is so f ugly.

Автор ITsIMP0RT4NT (1 день)
The KTM looks like a retarded cyclops, the Ducati seems overpriced (but
never rode one so I couldn't compare it to anything), the BMW throws me off
with that monocle headlight on its right, the best looking IMO is the
ZX-10R, the F4RR is another one of those cyclopses, but if I were gonna own
one it'd be the RSV4. It might be the heaviest with one of the lowest HP
figures out of the bunch but it looks great, puts down an impressive lap
time, and has enough power to satisfy but not intimidate me (because being
called an novice amateur would be an overstatement). Of course I've never
ridden any of these bikes so obviously there's only one way to find out
which one I'd enjoy the most.

Автор tompparaideri (2 месяца)
The panigale was faster around the track and has the best looks.. I would
buy that.

Автор jcaled24 (9 месяцев)
The fuck is going on with the HP4 headlights? o 0

Автор Kev Nguyễn (18 дней)
Beautiful sound with BMW S1000rr. But I prefer DUCATI 1199 PANIGALE-R

Автор Julie Sargent (1 месяц)
this is a collection of the most unreliable bikes in the world, All of
these bikes will deflate your pocket rapidly, All but the Kawasaki
zx-10.Don't like the presenter either, looks like a want to be rasti only

Автор Eddie vue (1 месяц)
i very much like the hp4 front end, its very unique. like a cyborg, bad ass
but still badass.

Автор CJ (6 месяцев)
Kawasaki H2 vs Panigale 1299 vs Yamaha R1M vs Honda RC213V-S vs BMW HP4
...now this should be interesting

Автор Photo314159 (8 месяцев)
I bought the Panigale R..... in 1/12 scale diecast, lol. 

Автор Shadowboost (8 месяцев)
Faster quarter than a Veyron, slower than a P1

Автор Aru Akise (6 месяцев)
All Hail ze German engineering 

Автор Mitchell Hopkins (1 месяц)
I'm upgrading to a 1000 soon and I'm just going to test ride them all
because I like all of them for the most part. I just want to see what I
like the most in comfort power looks etc.. I'm going to test years in
between 2009/2012 because that's what fit my price range the best. If you
have any pros/cons for the bike you have rode that fit in this category
let's hear what you got to say? 

Автор Nedim Bulduk (2 месяца)
Still ktm is the best

Автор ameya karnalkar (1 месяц)
Where i live a zx-10r costs more than a ducati costs in the US. Poor us

Автор Ayush Sharma (8 месяцев)
I don't understand how the HP4 can be slower than 2 bikes which are down on
power by ~25hp and supposedly have way less advanced electronics. It's
barely faster than the RC8 which has no electronics and 33 lesser

Автор coolcycledude (6 месяцев)
Class of 2013 Shootout! Panigale R vs HP4 vs F4RR vs RSV4 vs ZX-10R vs RC8R
- On Two Wheels Ep 35 - YouTube http://ow.ly/EJSsJ

Автор Arfat Ahmed (27 дней)
I knew Hp4 would win! 

Автор Cristian Guerra (4 месяца)
The KTM is the best looking bike of this group and for the money does a
good job.

Автор Pogsit Pogapo (2 месяца)
Where's the SUZUKI???

Автор joe8388 (3 месяца)
All these new electronics are great, but over the upcoming years all these
riders are going to get so used to riding with all the aids, that new
riders and new riders after that are all going to riding and learning soley
on electronic aids and will forget or not even know how to learn on a
straight up bike without aids. And what happens if any of the aids fail in
the middle of riding abruptly? Such as the automatic dampening on the HP4?
They were also saying the Ducati Panigale was the most expensive bike, but
can you imagine the price to fix faults on these bikes? Especially on the
HP4? Even the best machines/products in the world have faults, and just
because they cost a lot doesn't make them impervious to failure. It's a
great leap forward, but it is a sad thing to see people learing to ride all
with these aids rather than gaining skill without them like before

Автор Javier Estrada (3 месяца)
Rsv4! 😣

Автор brandon glover (6 месяцев)
Ducati, Aprilia and BMW = enough said, I already own a Ducati so for that
reason only I'd get an HP4.
ZX10R = no thanks Mr. Jap bike.
MV Agusta = Nice, but wouldnt buy one.
RC8 = i thought it was nice until i sat on one, feels/looks cheap. Also its
definitely made for someone super tall.

Автор felix pinto (7 месяцев)
how could anyone turn down the looks of that ducati tho

Автор llewellyn lewis (6 месяцев)
Class of 2013 Shootout! Panigale R vs HP4 vs F4RR…:

Автор ToMma pat (4 месяца)
Was the BMW in slick mode or what

Автор tompparaideri (2 месяца)
2015: R1M vs Panigale R vs S1000RR i want to see those around the track!!

Автор Rick Riccar (3 месяца)
BMW, the ULTIMATE driving machine, great review!

Автор MrPninja (4 месяца)
Shame you didn't test the European zx10r which isn't so limited as the U.S.

Автор jezuz12345 (4 месяца)
Great review, just a few points that made me go "huh?":
1) Why the 1/4 mile test and why take it into consideration when awarding
points? I mean no-one would buy a superbike considering the 1/4 mile times,
and if someone wants something for the dragstrip he wouldn't buy a
2) Why not remove the mirrors for the track?
3) It's AkrapoviTS, not AkrapoviK, just so you know. It's Slavic, that's
why it's pronounced like that and has accent over the C.

I'm still impressed by how well designed the RSV4 is, even if quite down in
horsepower it did the best laptime by far. My personal choice would
probably be the RC8 though, that's the bike I'd choose for my garage.

Автор guitaroidman524 (8 месяцев)
I just don't see why everyone loves the BMW it's so fugly I don't care if
it can beat a Bugatti in a drag race I just want a bike to look nice while
performing so I would easily get the ducati

Автор Birne baum (5 месяцев)
Hm, when it comes to the final decision, why didnt u take the faster one?

Автор Rick Arthur (1 месяц)
More continued sucking of Aprilia's and BMW's dicks.

Автор Life On Two Wheels (14 дней)
Help me get 50 subs

Автор Yoopers Ride Da U.P. (5 месяцев)
They left out the two best bikes on Earth, the R1 and Fire Blade. This
review is null. 

Автор sexydjole93 (6 месяцев)
F4RR !

Автор drift4ever11 (7 месяцев)
I do have the s1000rr (not hp4) in my garage, and it's the first bike I
ever learned to ride on. But I will go and buy the RSV4 in a few months.
It's probably the funnest bike out of all of these, smaller then all of
these and just amazing flicking in corners. And I really love the way it

Автор Stefan Batory (4 месяца)
KTM is zi best;)

Автор darthjump (6 месяцев)
I think the F4 has got launch controll did u guys deactivate? I hope so.

Автор carlos ortiz (1 месяц)
Where us the busa and the gsxr1000

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