Class of 2013 Shootout! Panigale R vs HP4 vs F4RR vs RSV4 vs ZX-10R vs RC8R - On Two Wheels Ep 35

This is the cream of the crop! Our annual Class Of test brings together the most powerful and technologically advanced production sportbikes on the planet - The 2013 Ducati 1199 Panigale R, BMW HP4, the MV Agusta F4RR, Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC ABS SE, the Kawasaki ZX-10R, and KTM RC8R.

As the flagship superbikes of the most forward thinking motorcycle companies in the world, this is the cutting edge. All of these bikes, except the KTM, are equipped with electronic rider aids; some more than others. Kawasaki's ZX10, for example, has ABS, basic power modes and three levels of traction control. At the other end of the spectrum is BMW's HP4, which has every type of electronic aid available. But surely, some systems will work better than others. On this special episode of On Two Wheels, find out who wins this year's Motorcyclist Class of 2013!

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Автор CycleCruza (6 месяцев)
KTM RC8 for the street! Love the adjustability with the RC8.

Автор ibsabur (8 месяцев)
I own a Panigale R and HP4 and posted a review on my channel. They're both

Автор DmaxHd (5 месяцев)
The Panigale just has more character and better sound . Who's ever going to
notice if it's a couple hundreds of a second off the pace on the track ?

Автор Dimitar Marinov (5 месяцев)
I have a question can a Harley Davidson Win a race against the hp4 :) ?

Автор Oly VL (7 месяцев)
- What is the best looking bike?
- Easy, Ducati!

Автор Boris Meretzki (9 месяцев)
Sort of a double win for me:

a: the winner comes from Berlin
b: the second winner is my personal favorite and the bike I would drive if
only I had the money

Автор Yamasaki Honda (3 месяца)
Ducatis are inferior to their competitors in terms of performance and they
are not comfy either. They are more expensive for no reason.

Автор Federico Monticelli (4 месяца)
I just wish the HP4 front lights would match.... it ruins the whole
cosmetics come on you germans

Автор tavi921 (6 месяцев)
The BMW and the KTM are just plain awesome.

Автор A1110001 (7 месяцев)
why no Honda there in with the group?

Автор FrostByte (1 месяц)
That KTM front end is so ugly

Автор I Ren (3 месяца)
don't know why but that KTM really tugs at my heartstrings - might just be
the way it looks but I've always been a sucker for more analogue
performance machines be it cars (FD over GTR) or bikes. 

Автор ShadowLancer128 (3 месяца)
Guys, chill out, their stats are wrong anyway. the 1199R has 195 HP as told
by the Ducati website:

Автор Ricky Hou (3 месяца)
Nice, a group of professional Italian bikes vs german car manufacture's
bike still lose so sad. 

Автор Pavle Ilievski (5 часов)
HP4 is best in line engine with big performance, but is uglies and slower
on the track than aprilia and panigale ! 

Автор Gale Innes (3 месяца)
*Very Sexy. :D*

Автор InternetAssassin (22 дня)

Автор torogami2 (2 месяца)
I would go with the Suzuki, because it's the only one I can afford.

Автор Bri C (7 месяцев)
There was a time when I used to ride rockets like this. Cool bikes and
informative vid.

Автор Fyre (2 месяца)
I want to have sex with that aprilia...

Автор lavelle woods (6 месяцев)
dude in the beginning looks high as hell

Автор BiodegradeableMan (2 месяца)
The Ninja best value but a shame they made it so ugly.

Автор poisedonis (1 месяц)
Man they are all so cool

Автор Daniel Natividad (1 месяц)
The reason why I got a ZX10R. Japanese class litre bike

Автор Qiuyuan Chen (2 месяца)
Personally they are good for individual styling, but certainly being a
magazine they need to pick out one of them for their own perspective and
track, condition, etc.

Автор Big Boss (2 месяца)
Panigale R for the streets? :p 

Автор Audfile (4 месяца)
I like how he throws up a 4 in case we didn't understand.

Автор A Sam (2 месяца)
The F4 is such a mess. Rode it few months back and even with the new fuel
map update, the power delivery is abrupt and the clutch feel is probably
the worst in the world. Sure it looks nice but hated it after the first

Автор Vikram Kuril (2 месяца)
thanks for d review ..i really like tht

Автор Rick Gollwitzer (5 часов)
I think the auto changing suspension in the hp4 won this but on the street
I feel the ktm and aprilla are the winner and for a typical rider it fits
my style the Kawasaki fits peoples budgets but still is an amazing
sportbike with still updated qualities and the ducati is super expensive
but obviously wicked and controllable personally I would like to see the
ktm do some upgrades and have themselves a monster

Автор InternetAssassin (22 дня)
Where are R1 and Fireblade?

Автор Marzouq AG (1 год)
I Can't help but Love Every Machine on This List! So many I want to try! 

Автор Rainer Diabl (1 год)
Nice review !!!!!

Автор codebebop (21 день)
More electronics=less skills is a fact. I would've given the title to KTM
because they are sticking to the core of racing; where you are the
electronics and the bike is your body.

Автор wickman001 (9 дней)
The BMW is one UGLY motorcycle! It may be the "best performing" (which all
depends on the rider, conditions, etc), but I could never own one due to
the lazy-eye'd front end. Seriously BMW, Get rid of that.

Автор JimmyPtheman (5 месяцев)
All of these bikes are awesome...BUT for the money, at the track, the zx10r
is amazing. You can get a 2013 for the price of a new 600. In the review
the one thing they did not factor in is reliability...and Kawasaki Zx10r
beats all of these bikes on that! plus they easy to work on. That's
something to consider if you hit the tracks a lot....and who wants to
wreak a Panigale R or BMW HP4 at the track when you can get a Zx10r at half
the cost?

Автор Dirk Diggler (6 месяцев)
No Honda, Suzuki, or Yahama entries?

Автор Drew Labat (7 месяцев)
BMW.. Its an awesome UGLY bike..!!

Автор Joshschimke GSXRMAN (3 месяца)
Gut Video!

Автор Rocketninja200 (5 месяцев)
They lost me when they said they were testing 60-80 MPH in 6th gear. All
bikes take off differently and good riders get the muscle memory to take
off at max. An inline rider will down shift. 

Автор igotyou62 (3 месяца)
why did they have just one Japanese bike? is it because of the electronics

Автор Francesco Bove (6 месяцев)
Non chiamatele stradali:
Sono le SBK a confronto!

Автор Bruno Gray (8 месяцев)
LOL with lol. High price and electronics make the winner. All that can do
against the lowest powered bike on test is less than 1 second difference??.
All that tells me is that the cost to value ratio is screwed and there is
something very wrong going on with the controllability of the higher
powered bikes. All of these bikes are within a nats whisker of each other.
So go pick a colour you like. No winner for me. 

Автор rama6maiden (2 месяца)
Rsv4 is putting down a lap time of 1.50:75 vs the hp4`s 1.51:19 and it
comes second?
I tought that this was a sportbike comparasion!!

Автор Luca Graziani (2 месяца)
1) The BMW is the ugliest of all!!! the designer of that bike should be
2) "the panigale dont offer anything more than the others" are you joking?
all the technology, the prime materials the new mechanics, the HP/KG,
without talking about the style, that's why you pay more!

Автор Addy Adderson (1 месяц)
Where's the Fireblade?

Автор elfspicer (7 месяцев)
Are there any American made supersports motorcycles ?

Автор capsule0210 (3 месяца)
No cbr1000rr and r1? 

Автор Saulius DVL (5 месяцев)
what do you mean by super tall gearing ??? are shifts long or gear peg
goes to high or you must keep the revs ???

Автор Mike Neufeld (1 год)
#kawasaki #ducati #apriliarsv4factory #ktm #bmwmotorrad 

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