Class of 2013 Shootout! Panigale R vs HP4 vs F4RR vs RSV4 vs ZX-10R vs RC8R - On Two Wheels Ep 35

This is the cream of the crop! Our annual Class Of test brings together the most powerful and technologically advanced production sportbikes on the planet - The 2013 Ducati 1199 Panigale R, BMW HP4, the MV Agusta F4RR, Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC ABS SE, the Kawasaki ZX-10R, and KTM RC8R.

As the flagship superbikes of the most forward thinking motorcycle companies in the world, this is the cutting edge. All of these bikes, except the KTM, are equipped with electronic rider aids; some more than others. Kawasaki's ZX10, for example, has ABS, basic power modes and three levels of traction control. At the other end of the spectrum is BMW's HP4, which has every type of electronic aid available. But surely, some systems will work better than others. On this special episode of On Two Wheels, find out who wins this year's Motorcyclist Class of 2013!

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Автор guitaroidman524 (20 дней)
I just don't see why everyone loves the BMW it's so fugly I don't care if
it can beat a Bugatti in a drag race I just want a bike to look nice while
performing so I would easily get the ducati

Автор jcaled24 (1 месяц)
The fuck is going on with the HP4 headlights? o 0

Автор MrJumbolegz (7 дней)
god the bmw is ugly. the ktm is the only real bike here, no electronic tcs

Автор pintilie vlad (12 дней)
OMG STUPID TEST bmw is not stock. king stock bike is zx10

Автор kartiktraj (1 месяц)
Where is the R1???

Автор Shadowboost (3 дня)
Faster quarter than a Veyron, slower than a P1

Автор Photo314159 (13 дней)
I bought the Panigale R..... in 1/12 scale diecast, lol. 

Автор DEREK GERSTNER (7 дней)
What bike is that at 4:32?
Thanks :)

Автор Slack Jicholson (6 дней)
I dont see the HP4 as ugly I see it as mean looking like the Terminator.

Автор nomellocreampig (9 дней)
If I got to choose two I would take the Ninja and Ducati.

Автор Na Dúvida, Acelera! (13 дней)
+Jakson Bedani
Tá aí o vídeo Man.

Автор samantha h (18 дней)

Автор Yamasaki Honda (5 месяцев)
Ducatis are inferior to their competitors in terms of performance and they
are not comfy either. They are more expensive for no reason.

Автор Ayush Sharma (22 дня)
I don't understand how the HP4 can be slower than 2 bikes which are down on
power by ~25hp and supposedly have way less advanced electronics. It's
barely faster than the RC8 which has no electronics and 33 lesser

Автор FrostByte (4 месяца)
That KTM front end is so ugly

Автор Lachlan Citizen (1 месяц)

Автор sammy6blades (3 месяца)
Pretty sure no one is monitoring this post any more, but I am wondering how
tall and heavy the riders of these bikes were. I like the KTM and have sat
on one. I was very much surprised at the comfort, especially the leg
position. I'm 6'1" and I'm guessing quite a bit heavier than these guys.
Just curious.

Автор LiangHuBBB (1 месяц)
no shoutout for yamaha r1 or r6? :(

Автор wickman001 (2 месяца)
The BMW is one UGLY motorcycle! It may be the "best performing" (which all
depends on the rider, conditions, etc), but I could never own one due to
the lazy-eye'd front end. Seriously BMW, Get rid of that.

Автор Franc Manuel (1 месяц)
Great pure bikes with no TC/abs: cbr1000rr, cbr600rr, mv agusta f4 1000r,
ktm rc8/rc8r

Автор I Ren (5 месяцев)
don't know why but that KTM really tugs at my heartstrings - might just be
the way it looks but I've always been a sucker for more analogue
performance machines be it cars (FD over GTR) or bikes. 

Автор Federico Monticelli (6 месяцев)
I just wish the HP4 front lights would match.... it ruins the whole
cosmetics come on you germans

Автор Pavle Ilievski (2 месяца)
HP4 is best in line engine with big performance, but is uglies and slower
on the track than aprilia and panigale ! 

Автор Rick Gollwitzer (2 месяца)
I think the auto changing suspension in the hp4 won this but on the street
I feel the ktm and aprilla are the winner and for a typical rider it fits
my style the Kawasaki fits peoples budgets but still is an amazing
sportbike with still updated qualities and the ducati is super expensive
but obviously wicked and controllable personally I would like to see the
ktm do some upgrades and have themselves a monster

Автор FRFM00 (2 месяца)
Should have given each bike tyres that perform best for the bike, different
manufacturers imo but I guess it suits the production review...

Автор mrsuperbuckets (1 день)
When it comes to streetbike's literally nothing beats a v-twin, the bmw
cant even beat my old 1125r buell when it comes to street power. When it
comes to streetbikes the most important thing is how comfortable the bike

Автор ShadowLancer128 (5 месяцев)
Guys, chill out, their stats are wrong anyway. the 1199R has 195 HP as told
by the Ducati website:

Автор trimleyman (2 месяца)
Just remember one thing. The Ducati is a V twin . The rest are all fours.
Now put them up against the NCR M16 and I suspect the results might be a
little (well a lot , really) different. Mind you, you would need to win the
lottery to buy one.

Автор yyGODyy (8 дней)
one thing I notice are the side exhausts, why is it there? And BMW needs
to be in motogp, I'd love to that.

Автор Finbarr Golden (2 дня)
I know the bmw is the best street bike there is but it looks horrible and
where can you use all that power it gives you? i think that looks should
play a part in this swell as more of a test in the street. I think the RC8
should have won, great looking, comfortable and like they said great around

Автор drift4ever11 (18 часов)
I do have the s1000rr (not hp4) in my garage, and it's the first bike I
ever learned to ride on. But I will go and buy the RSV4 in a few months.
It's probably the funnest bike out of all of these, smaller then all of
these and just amazing flicking in corners. And I really love the way it

Автор matrempitbpjohor (2 дня)
i like Kawasaki

Автор Jordanbarrykobe The Greatest (2 дня)
BMW stock... wins easily... like it should.... beautiful bike!!!!!!!!!

Автор codebebop (2 месяца)
More electronics=less skills is a fact. I would've given the title to KTM
because they are sticking to the core of racing; where you are the
electronics and the bike is your body.

Автор InternetAssassin (2 месяца)

Автор Ricky Hou (5 месяцев)
Nice, a group of professional Italian bikes vs german car manufacture's
bike still lose so sad. 

Автор Pranav Menon (8 дней)
U are using the US spec zx10r, use the unrestricted Euro zx10r

Автор Tinashe Mashava (9 дней)
RC8R Does not have the most torque. Clearly the figures you provide in the
video say so

Автор Addy Adderson (3 месяца)
Where's the Fireblade?

Автор jacckas1 (3 месяца)
And why the KTM has only 144.7 hp?! And the power of other bikes is less

P.S : The RC8R is the best bike for me

Автор CycleCruza (8 месяцев)
KTM RC8 for the street! Love the adjustability with the RC8.

Автор vishwav20 (16 дней)
You guys, you guys need to show more of the bikes and keep the presentation
to the point rather than sounding like bunch of girls talking about their
fancy shoes and bags!
No offense here but you do know what i'm trying to say here don't you?
A little sense of humor and a bit of facial hair would have made this show
with those awesome bikes a more masculine presentation!

Автор poisedonis (3 месяца)
Man they are all so cool

Автор Cesar Chacon (17 дней)
frankly id take any of those and love every minute of it

Автор Daniel Natividad (3 месяца)
The reason why I got a ZX10R. Japanese class litre bike

Автор Saint ZXIOR (1 месяц)
"I mean don't you think that the fact that we're even talking about it...
Next to 25 and $30,000 bikes says something....." ZX10R all DAY!!!

Автор Ehab Hassan Mohamed Hassan (1 месяц)
Amazing Video , it takes very big effort from all of you guys but this
really a true meaning of competition , Thank You So Mush

Автор InternetAssassin (2 месяца)
Where are R1 and Fireblade?

Автор Dimitar Marinov (7 месяцев)
I have a question can a Harley Davidson Win a race against the hp4 :) ?

Автор federico gher (1 месяц)
for the street the best bike is the cbr. stop. the chassis it has is
something the other bikes can't even think of.R1 , aprilia, are terrific,
but to push them on the street you have to be very precise. with the cbr
you have 10 possible lines to make the turn XD easy and efficient XD love

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