Happy Birthday Lisa [Piano Version]

I love this song, so I decided to learn how to play it. *The original still sounds awesome cause that's when Michael Jackson could still sing. (*You guys are right. He could always sing. :D)

Here's a link one of many YouTube videos of the original song in action:


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PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR AWESOME PIANO VIDEOS IN 2010!!!!! Incase you can't understand what I say for the notes they are, in this order, G G A G C B...
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Автор A Matt (23 дня)
LOL MJ could sing all the way up to the day he died. He NEVER LOST IT!
Still sounded better than artists half his age... nice cover though

Автор Carlos Castro (4 года)
what song was that? Happy Birthday? I don't think so, but sounds nice

Автор wafflechabs (4 года)
left hand is basically just low c octave interchanging w/ bflat ocatave

Автор ILoveMinnimoo (4 года)

Автор Adrienne Cray (4 года)
cool, how do you play?

Автор 7133153 (4 года)
that was awsome! please make a tutorial

Автор peculiarjazzj (5 лет)
dude this is nice...but mike can still sing...his voice aint gone no
where...and yea i love this song 2

Автор margalouse (4 года)
rip michael! praise the lord!

Автор Jeanwrap (6 лет)
YES! :O I've always wanted to learn that song. You rule man!

Автор ILoveMinnimoo (4 года)
I just watched this episode now!! loved it!! great, catchy song.. good
playing there RIP michael, will love you forever x

Автор HPandBroadwayFan (6 лет)

Автор Gebella (4 года)
i agree

Автор dasher33 (2 года)
is there a way you post the tabs on how to play it

Автор arielmil18 (8 месяцев)
Could you give me the Sheet?

Автор E FT (2 года)
Piano tutorial?

Автор alvs99 (2 года)
yo la kiero aprender en piano virtual porfa hagan uno :D

Автор jdsal62 (2 года)
quality! always loved this song...dont know why i decided to look it up on
yutube after all these years but it always brings me back to when i was a
kid..when the impsons was good...you shuld do a cover of the softball song
next, that would be class!!!

Автор TheKingDynamite (2 года)
Thats a song from the Simpsons, where Lisa has Birthday and Bart and MJ,
make a surprise for her.

Автор Vash14er (4 года)
Good playing.

Автор Berdolan (4 года)
everyone thinks that the actual M.J. is singing in that episode but that's
not true well played by the way plz make a tutorial

Автор GlamorousMercury (6 лет)
if u cnt do betta den dnt saii it sucks

Автор Justine B (6 лет)
Dats soooooooo kl! i think i've worked out the right handddddd....but what
are the chords please =D

Автор Javier Quijada (4 года)
Cmaj7 and Bbmaj7 , enjoy it

Автор ninjastah (2 года)
nice old sounding piano

Автор Cronistafutebol (3 года)
nice sonG!! i wanna see the like green bar until the infinito

Автор trini3571 (3 года)
Hey very cool!!!! ;) I'd like you keep on uploading more and more videos
like this. I love this song too;) and heard it again was amazing!!! Thank
you so much!!! Greetings ;)

Автор alki123456 (5 лет)
nice one. just thought about the song a few days ago...can you do a
tutorial please

Автор Adrienne Cray (4 года)
@dirascorpio ME TOO XD

Автор lrgdup (4 года)
Thanks. You are a noob, though, and probably not a Simpsons fan, so I'm
gonna need to enlighten you :P I added a link in this video's vid info to
the right. It shows the original song. It's awesome.

Автор Nichwyto (6 лет)
dude michael jackson can still sing

Автор meggamjfan (4 года)
Awesome. Could you make or give me the heet music. I get the C, Bb thing,
but it's the right hand that's the problem for me.

Автор samOanBBY1 (4 года)
Omgg your good ;) awesomee.

Автор Lula1789 (4 года)
B#??? do you mean C?? or Bb?

Автор heraldDchosen1 (5 лет)
what chords are you playing

Автор cantstopthexbeat (6 лет)
:D niceee

Автор grecoj2 (6 лет)

Автор ShadowFreezer06 (3 года)
could plss plsss do a tutorial? or tell me the chords :) thanks so much for
playing this awesome song!!

Автор Martín González (2 года)
Hey dude, this is totally badass! Maybe this was asked before, but can you
upload some kind of "tutorial" to play this?

Автор Jadene Nemorin (5 лет)
plzzzzzzz could do a tutorial 4 this or write dwn da notes for each hand. I
wanna teach my lil sista much appreciated xxx

Автор Georgee Ibáñez (5 лет)
DEDICADA... A a mi HERMANA. q cumplio años el Viernes. tambien a los
AMIGISIMOS de INGENIERIA que estaban de cumple en estos días, en estas
semanas, en LA UNIVERSIDAD DIST. agradecimientos a " LRGDUP " por subir
este video.

Автор jacksonlover (6 лет)
very nice

Автор DHSGeva (4 года)
please send me the sheets, i wanna play like you

Автор davidcuriosito2 (3 года)

Автор Joy Meacock (4 года)
@TMAtritone watch the simpsons or DON'T BE RUDE!

Автор JeremyForest (4 года)
Genius man! Genius! This is fantastic!

Автор atomicbolt (4 года)
The left hand for the most part is a C chord and B flat chord. The right
hand just sort of rides up and down that C cord. He adds some nice little
flourishes, but I'm enough of an amateur that I've figured out a simplified
version to play for a friend's birthday (gotta be simple enough to sing the
lyrics at the same time, too!)

Автор Ian Yeo (6 лет)
hey. .do you have sheet music for this song ? thanks

Автор JeremyDX (6 лет)
That is amazing, would you have the notes? cause if you do just send me a
msg on here :) cause i really wanna learn this song now lol :P

Автор jamaalb (6 лет)
the original demo with the real michael jackon leaked this month go search
it up.

Автор jakethasnake6 (3 года)
Michael didnt even sing this, he wrote it but contractually wasnt allowed
to sing in the episode

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