Michael Jackson - 'Happy Birthday, Lisa' (The Simpsons)

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Автор Darshil Bhavsar ( назад)
Hey do you have sheet music for this by chance? I would love to learn it
and I would appreciate it if you could send it to me!

Автор A Matt ( назад)
LOL MJ could sing all the way up to the day he died. He NEVER LOST IT!
Still sounded better than artists half his age... nice cover though

Автор arielmil18 ( назад)
Could you give me the Sheet?

Автор Martín González ( назад)
Hey dude, this is totally badass! Maybe this was asked before, but can you
upload some kind of "tutorial" to play this? 

Автор MegaKizza ( назад)

Автор ninjastah ( назад)
nice old sounding piano

Автор TheKingDynamite ( назад)
Thats a song from the Simpsons, where Lisa has Birthday and Bart and MJ,
make a surprise for her.

Автор lolldoll27 ( назад)
Hey where did you learn how to play this because i really need to know
how??!!! THANKS

Автор E FT ( назад)
Piano tutorial? 

Автор dasher33 ( назад)
is there a way you post the tabs on how to play it 

Автор jdsal62 ( назад)
quality! always loved this song...dont know why i decided to look it up on
yutube after all these years but it always brings me back to when i was a
kid..when the impsons was good...you shuld do a cover of the softball song
next, that would be class!!! 

Автор phillygen ( назад)
Music Sheets?

Автор 14LilBuddy ( назад)
Could you please send me the cords/tabs?

Автор jakethasnake6 ( назад)
Michael didnt even sing this, he wrote it but contractually wasnt allowed
to sing in the episode

Автор Cronistafutebol ( назад)
nice sonG!! i wanna see the like green bar until the infinito

Автор Temari0130 ( назад)
i've got a really big request to you! Would you be so nice and send me the
notes to this song? i can't get them anywhere! i would be very grateful!
write me and i'll give you my email. 

Автор Temari0130 ( назад)
i've got a really big request to you! Would you be so nice and send me the
notes to this song? i can't get them anywhere! i would be very grateful!
write me and i'll give you my email. 

Автор pubuman ( назад)
@michaeljistheking Not anymore he cant... bwahahahahah

Автор ShadowFreezer06 ( назад)
could plss plsss do a tutorial? or tell me the chords :) thanks so much for
playing this awesome song!!

Автор Joy Meacock ( назад)
@TMAtritone watch the simpsons or DON'T BE RUDE!

Автор gina L ( назад)

Автор Javier Quijada ( назад)
Cmaj7 and Bbmaj7 , enjoy it

Автор Dexter ( назад)
Awesome. Could you make or give me the heet music. I get the C, Bb thing,
but it's the right hand that's the problem for me.

Автор Adrienne Cray ( назад)
cool, how do you play?

Автор Adrienne Cray ( назад)
@dirascorpio ME TOO XD

Автор Eniale94 ( назад)
hey my i please have the sheets? coz that was amazing!

Автор ufikes ( назад)
can you help me with that for my dads?

Автор atomicbolt (843 года назад)
The left hand for the most part is a C chord and B flat chord. The right
hand just sort of rides up and down that C cord. He adds some nice little
flourishes, but I'm enough of an amateur that I've figured out a simplified
version to play for a friend's birthday (gotta be simple enough to sing the
lyrics at the same time, too!)

Автор Indira Pranabudi ( назад)
That was awesome... Send me the sheets please

Автор inspired47 ( назад)
michael could still sing dweeb and the original is way better

Автор JeremyForest ( назад)
Genius man! Genius! This is fantastic!

Автор Francis Vergara (1387 лет назад)
Thanks. You are a noob, though, and probably not a Simpsons fan, so I'm
gonna need to enlighten you :P I added a link in this video's vid info to
the right. It shows the original song. It's awesome.

Автор Carlos Castro ( назад)
what song was that? Happy Birthday? I don't think so, but sounds nice

Автор vivalacony ( назад)
Yes please make a tutorial

Автор ILoveMinnimoo ( назад)

Автор ILoveMinnimoo ( назад)
what are the chords btw? I got c and bflat - but there was one other chord
in the chorus - what is it pleasE ?

Автор ILoveMinnimoo ( назад)
I just watched this episode now!! loved it!! great, catchy song.. good
playing there RIP michael, will love you forever x

Автор motomissle ( назад)

Автор Carmina D (1052 года назад)
wooww.. thats all i could say. great job too ;)) can you do a tuorial
ppleaseee!? ;)

Автор dmanandcmac ( назад)
It was Michael Jackson credited under the alias of John Jay Smith I'm
pretty sure. Even if it wasn't him, It was still pretty damn close.

Автор Louis Fields ( назад)
please can you send the music or do a tutorial on this. . .i wana play it
for my girlfriend lisa's birthday :~( plz:)

Автор Lisa Paulussen ( назад)
awesome that you can play that song! <3

Автор Georgee Ibáñez ( назад)
DEDICADA... A a mi HERMANA. q cumplio años el Viernes. tambien a los
AMIGISIMOS de INGENIERIA que estaban de cumple en estos días, en estas
semanas, en LA UNIVERSIDAD DIST. agradecimientos a " LRGDUP " por subir
este video.

Автор heraldDchosen1 (718 лет назад)
what chords are you playing

Автор Sunlight Easel ( назад)
pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz PLIIIIIIIIIIIIZ could you do a
tutorial????????????????? pliiiiiiiiiiiz coz its really nice and beautiful
and wonderful and unbelievable... and simple I like it! so pliiiiiz if you
could... FANKS!!!!!!!

Автор Tekni ( назад)
This is so nice...thank you, guy

Автор Jadene Nemorin ( назад)
plzzzzzzz could do a tutorial 4 this or write dwn da notes for each hand. I
wanna teach my lil sista much appreciated xxx

Автор gaiboiozz ( назад)
wow u are realy good 5/5

Автор jaypee06 ( назад)
haha i thought i was the only one who loved this song... they shouldve made
it longer... wish i was good enough to learn it by ear

Автор axxo798 ( назад)
i like that ep.

Автор lunacosmik ( назад)
k chidis jaja

Автор diabolodude000 ( назад)
thats ok 2DayIsMyBirthday do u hav msn?

Автор diabolodude000 ( назад)
happy bday for 2 days ago 2DayIsMyBirthday

Автор Jou M ( назад)
Dats soooooooo kl! i think i've worked out the right handddddd....but what
are the chords please =D

Автор jamaalb ( назад)
the original demo with the real michael jackon leaked this month go search
it up.

Автор Ian Yeo ( назад)
hey. .do you have sheet music for this song ? thanks

Автор grecoj2 ( назад)

Автор Nichwyto ( назад)
dude michael jackson can still sing

Автор Francis Vergara ( назад)
Thanks For The Compliments Guys

Автор jacksonlover ( назад)
very nice

Автор Jeanwrap ( назад)
YES! :O I've always wanted to learn that song. You rule man!

Автор April Joe ( назад)
this is awsome love it

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