Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors - Full Highlights | Nov 3, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Комментарии: 7350

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Автор Artee Chi ( назад)
anyone who doesnt care about this lnu dude

Автор Jakob Lozano ( назад)
If only KD had this intensity in be GS in the playoffs...

Автор tým dragon ( назад)

Автор Joey Espaldon ( назад)

Автор MindTrap ( назад)
who the hell is lost unbound? HOLY FUCK THESE COMMENTS ARE ANNOYING.

Literally 90% of the comments are about "lnu", we fucking get it you want
attention ok?

Автор Jaden Jones ( назад)
Lol 6:56 Lnu has nothing to cheer about lol

Автор Mustafa Buzeski ( назад)
I saw lost n unbound go to 1:12

Автор NightWing 575 ( назад)
Like ir you come here cause lostNunbound

Автор Siddhanth Oruganti ( назад)
is lun

Автор Charles Rances ( назад)
Guys who else saw lostunbound in the crowd

Автор Shannon Myers ( назад)
Kevin Durant is stupid going to the team that beat him in the finals

Автор Natcwilliams1224 ( назад)
Lostnunbound though 😂

Автор Michael Miller ( назад)
have a o.j. zzz yt?

Автор Camorree Tinsley ( назад)
6:50 "His first block of the night"... DID YOU NOT SEE DET SWAT ON

Автор Camorree Tinsley ( назад)
I just wanted to see those back to back blocks lol.

Автор Sarken ( назад)
5:05 "We're only losing by 26!".

Автор CodeLua ( назад)
everyone cheers when Golden State makes a shot, but when OKC makes one, no
one cheers just silence

Автор Dab KINGZ ( назад)
me too

Автор Sonny Aquino ( назад)
4:43 anyone see that guy raising a OKC Durant jersey? Like if you see it.

Автор Ibrahima cisse ( назад)
Look at lnu every time they make a three

Автор EK7 Gamer ( назад)
Igudala is worst

Автор Alabama games ( назад)
i see lnu

Автор WWE Fan ( назад)
Why is it that at the beginning of almost every game, GSW seem to be losing
then get a huge comeback and end up winning the game??

Автор Modernkill6 4 ( назад)
Same a s ery body lnu

Автор comedy and chill tv ( назад)
3:28 poor westbrook, fuck kd men

Автор Shonduras number one fan ( назад)
Ha ha OKC how does it feel to stink

Автор Dat Trinh ( назад)
lol LNU tho

Автор AFL and NBA ( назад)
I'm just watching lostunbound not the game

Автор Marie - Adeline Arnaud ( назад)
It's ⭐️Kevin Durant⭐️

Автор THE 2K CHEESEER ( назад)
puase at 3:29

Автор Asilas Valutis ( назад)
fuck KD

Автор RokuConey ( назад)
When Wade and Lebron met again on the court after Lebron left the Heat,
they weren't like Westbrook and Durant. People hate on Durant for
"betraying", but it was HIS choice not anyone else's. And since I've been
watching Durant since okc was supersonics, it is truly not right how OKC as
a whole; organization, players, and not all, but some fans; is treating
Durant. They should thank him for all the hard work he has put in even
before the organization went into a new owner and respect his choice.

Автор THE OFWGKTA ( назад)
KD traitor

Автор Vrylle Magpoc ( назад)
4:22 is the best part

Автор JakeyBoy 25 ( назад)
I only watched this because lostnunbound is on it

Автор Daniel F Lopez ( назад)
Kevin I'm super glad you chose GSW to be your new home! I just knew you
we're the missing piece to the puzzle!

Автор Bulls Production ( назад)
Steph CURRY (Chef CURRY or Russel Westbrook) is the best player in NBA !!
Vote / 1 for Curry & 2 for Westbrook !!

Автор juicemann ( назад)
oh look who it is it's lnu what a suprise

Автор Moto Lallian ( назад)
I can't believe the player on okc at 2:28 stared at kd. Kd did get him back
later......Kd was probably thinking in his head, how many points do u have
and how many do I have

Автор Austin Hisle ( назад)

Автор Ti n ( назад)
KD is on Fire

Автор helios doggerman ( назад)
5:20 my beastbrook scratching his head,thinking how can he carry the team
XD oh boy i love westbrook

Автор Jk Juan ( назад)
Lebron james win against thr warriors

Автор Blue thunder Rich-Bond (Petey) ( назад)
kd kd kd !!

Автор Xander Freemont ( назад)
4:21 KD: "Get that shit out of here!" xD

Автор Black Mamba ( назад)
Oooooo Westbrook is salty

Автор Gabriel Romero ( назад)
Hello, I'm a 10 year old Phillipino kid who has been a fan since 2015, no
bandwagon. Fun fact: I didn't know Oakland had a team, Until my favorite
player Stephen Curry won us the championship

Автор Leah'quia Coleman ( назад)

Автор Landonmon7 had Whiting ( назад)
Curry is my favourite basketball player.

Автор Epic Greninja ( назад)
I just saw a youtuber go to a game

Автор Chris Gamer ( назад)
Durant vs Westbrook whos is the best 👍 Kevin Durant

Автор ‫ناصر أساورتا‬‎ ( назад)
2:25 that dunk was nasty

Автор slothtown 420 ( назад)

Автор Foo Farew ( назад)
Looking back on this game from where we are today makes me realize that
Kevin DurAunt is still a bitch.

Автор Lashauna Wells ( назад)
did y'all see lostnubound

Автор GamingCentral ( назад)
I see LostNunbound

Автор Anthony Serano ( назад)
The real highlights were LostNUnbound in the background

Автор Sensor Gaming ( назад)
Anyone here see LostNUnbound

Автор Runaway Batman ( назад)
i cant stand to look at durant in that jersey it just disgust me

Автор Motor King ( назад)
Wait,Durant is Oklahoma right?

Автор Juan Guevara ( назад)
okc are trash with west brook

Автор KingCake ( назад)
On the Thunders side to score on, next to the stairs to the right in the
the White Russell Westbrook jersey with the camera is LostNUnbound!

Автор Yung Pac ( назад)
2:02 "get that shit outta here"

Автор เสธเอส จักรดาว ( назад)

Автор get real vlogs ( назад)
look at lostanunbound

Автор JWW Shockblast ( назад)

Автор Coppydoublelopp Kliem ( назад)
Harden beat both of them at their house.

Автор GOLDEN GLOCKZ -_- ( назад)
Let's go russle Westbrook

Автор Mango ( назад)
LostNUnboud is there

Автор LSRx Clutch ( назад)
the 1k who disliked it, must be okc fan

Автор Rogelio Acevedo ( назад)
Damn this was a great game one of the best basketball ball game I've ever

I hate golden state and I hate KD The trader. Up okc

Автор Susan Jordan ( назад)
lnu is in it

Автор Ethan's KicksSports ( назад)
Me lol

Автор Jarryd J ( назад)
Pause the video at 5:40. I see Chamillionaire sitting underneath the
basketball net.

Автор Ryan Sam ( назад)
LNU's sorry ass 😂😂

Автор Jacob Minnich ( назад)

Автор Derrick Reed ( назад)
Thought I saw James harden at 6:05

Автор Eli Manley ( назад)
you see lnu in backround

Автор King Jayyy ( назад)
Did anybody else see lostnunbound

Автор DG GAMING// DGSWAGER ( назад)
I saw LNU

Автор The Mamba ( назад)

Автор Jesse Lising ( назад)

Автор Rico the Savage ( назад)

Автор Zax Gaming ( назад)
And one question: Does anyone know the song that was playing when Durant
was shooting at the beginning of the video?

Автор Tamara Moragne ( назад)
I saw,lostunbound

Автор David2004 Jude2008 ( назад)
you guys realize Kevin Durant is going hard on his old team but when they
face the warriors Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook choke

Автор ckron23 ( назад)
who made kd mad lol big mistake shouldna been talkin shit

Автор Zax Gaming ( назад)
6:52 "Durant's first block of the night" WTF didn't he already block
Westbrook at 4:21?

Автор Isabel Villa ( назад)
that's exactly what my son watched this vid

Автор 9 865 567 views ( назад)
Fuck Kevin Durant

Автор Liiv3 EviiL ( назад)
KD Went Crazy Started Having Flash Baccs Of When Russ Use to Ball Hog And
Shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Anitra Monteiro ( назад)
me to

Автор Anitra Monteiro ( назад)
lol i know

Автор Osag Dcz ( назад)
poor westbrook. durant is a cower lets go okc

Автор little_man SUQADE ( назад)
You can see LNU Lol

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