Bose Soundlink Mini vs. JBL Charge

I tried to compare both speakers with the best audio quality I was able to reach, without spending too much on a professional recording setup including microphone etc.
This time audio was recorded with a Zoom H1 recorder at a short 50cm distance to avoid too much recorded room ambiance.

Volume on the Bose was set at 65% for best quality, because the sound starts to get worse from 70-75% with particular recordings. The JBL Charge was matched volumewise and both were recorded with the same fixed level.

The JBL Charge can play a bit louder than the Mini also depending on the music played, but sound of the JBL Charge remains overall tinny with hardly any bass at all. The JBL has very clear treble though, much more present than the Soundlink Mini. At high volumes this causes quite a fatigue during listening. I prefer the more mellow sound of Bose.

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Автор werewr rwer ( назад)

Автор WAYNE #CSGO ( назад)

Автор sergio chavez ( назад)
I have a bose soundlink mini as well & i absolutely LOVE it , great base.
amazing sound quality, overall awesome performance,
My friend has the JBL charge & for its price i think its pretty decent but
the sound quality just cant compare to the bose ! As at higher volumes it
does get a bit distored

Автор madaraz uchiha ( назад)
Bose cant even pronounce the Vocal like baby who learn to talk compare to
JBL. Mid + Bass Over the Vocal cant even listen, everything things on mid.

Автор Sebastian Grady ( назад)
Based on all the positive Bose responses here I just tried listening to the
Bose Soundlink Mini vs the JBL Charge (the JBL Charge 2 is out now too). I
must say the Bose is a complete piece of junk in comparison IMHO.

The Bose is muffled bass with absolutely no treble at all. The sound is
awful even if it was half the price of the Charge. But it's not - it's
double the price!

Bose earbuds are the same - they have no idea how to get any treble in
their speakers. Maybe it is personal preference but you should really
listen to them both and see what you like.

Автор Nathan Lopez ( назад)
they both sound great what is the name of that song by the way

Автор iko hiratk (1475 лет назад)

Автор Matthew Doyle ( назад)
Bose sounds a lot better

Автор Allen Kg ( назад)
i think its cheating!! sorry for that word!! plz test it in real and
believe ur ears!!!

Автор maggs mum ( назад)
Bose and you will not regret it

Автор Sebastian Grady ( назад)
I have a JBL Charge and it sounds awesome. Bose is way overrated.

The JBL Charge is almost indestructible as well. I travel with it
everywhere and put it on a flat surface as it was designed and it is great.
The beer can shape is very easy to use anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Автор missmya3972 ( назад)
I have the Bose soundlink mini and I love it! The sound it produces is
superior. If you want a strong base sound and clarity, you can't beat a

Автор Alper Tunga Özcan (1866 лет назад)
Bose is best choise.

Автор fredontube ( назад)
Bose sounds as if loudness is on, too much high and lo. Jbl is pleasant

Автор Anurag Jaiswal ( назад)
the Bose just kills JBL.

Автор Ziyad of Arabia ( назад)
Good job you did, however if you set the speakers on a hard surface the
sound test will be more accurate:-)

Автор Eshaan Singh (F1eshaan) ( назад)
What is the tunes name ??

Автор miguel23315 ( назад)
Se escucha mas limpio el sonido en el Bose

Автор jimmy castro ( назад)
i like bose soundlink mini!

Автор B. Rexie ( назад)
Again spoken like a true fan but first listen to Tony Johns.
I'v tested both the speakers and JBL aint this bad

Автор B. Rexie ( назад)
This guy is a fan of Bose.
Im sure he boosted some low ends for bose speaker while editing.

Автор CovrHD ( назад)

Автор Alexander Mastin ( назад)
Very useful job you've done. Thank you for such a vivid comparison! ;-) I
opt for JBL for everyday routine in quiet environment and clear sound not
overwhelmed with bass. If I want to listen loud and bassy - I'd switch on
my 5.1 system with big subwoofer )) I realized recently - I need some time
without too much bass. I don't know how JBL does it, but their sound has a
distinct and very special taste which I particularly like. Bose is fine,
premium sound electronically adjusted to please the majority of people.
JBL's sound has something, that others don't have.

Автор Arka Biswas ( назад)
bose is boss

Автор Jose Palacios ( назад)
best review of Bose mini 

Автор René Olsen (D-Proces) ( назад)
bose 1#

Автор Ken Smith ( назад)
You can buy the Bose SoundLink Mini BT Speaker at

Автор quinten 1 ( назад)
Bose soundlink mini is better 

Автор Stefan Cvitkovac ( назад)
Bosse is Winer

Автор Sonereyup Dogan ( назад)
We cant all afford bose iam afraid

Автор Tad Greenwald ( назад)
Both sound very nice, but I wouldn't pay the extra $50 for the Bose logo. I
just got my JBL Charge for $90 on Black Friday and I love it.

Автор Größte Stärksten ( назад)
Of course the Bose bass is nice, however its all resonance. The JBL keeps
it more realistic, with a significant bass drop. 

Автор Arkadiusz fereirothelima ( назад)
bose is more clear and natural

Автор bmorelikeme20 ( назад)
Can Bose charge you're devices if no jbl is better

Автор Monster Mash ( назад)
You failed to mention the price of the JBL is $50 less than the Bose. Is
the slight difference in the sound really worth $50 more?

Автор wallanative ( назад)
I listen to my Bose mini everywhere nothing I've heard comes close!

Автор TheJuicyPL ( назад)
Jbl plastik

Автор nicolitas123 ( назад)
Naaahh i really like bose speakers but i haber the jbl charge Andes the
sound os better tren bose mini

Автор Liam Kelton ( назад)

Автор sergen azizoğlu ( назад)
Bose better

Автор Bernard Mahoney ( назад)
the bose is using a sub it sounds like .

Автор Dimitri K. ( назад)
Do you know the Arctic s113 bt Speaker? I own it and it is very nice. Very
good bass, and it costs about 50$. Just give it a try

Автор David K ( назад)
Holy Shit. I guess people weren't playing. I"m not sure why all of a sudden
I'm fascinated about portable speakers but man oh man.. BOSE= Eargasm...

Автор Dimitri K. ( назад)
What is with the UE Boombox? Is the Boombox a good speaker?

Автор Joseph Desmond ( назад)
I could here that the Bose had more depth or dimension on a wider presence.
The JBL sounded narrower and less expansive. Very close. The JBL could be
EQ'd a bit maybe to adjust the overall hollow sound(?)

Автор traxxasslash4 ( назад)
I tried the soundlink 2 ans mini and took them back for the charge. More
happy with jbl

Автор RonaldoPasadena ( назад)
the song is Don't stop feat. Aya (I used soundhound app to find out...)

Автор RonaldoPasadena ( назад)
great test, thanks for sharing!

Автор alan garcia ( назад)
Muy buena comparación :)

Автор Dimitri K. ( назад)
Hast du mal was von Soen Audio TRANSIT gehört? Wenn nein, dann schau dir
das Teil mal an. Könnte eventuell besser als der Bose Soundlink Mini sein...

Автор Arthur Dockx ( назад)
what is the loudest speaker?

Автор Momo ( назад)
Jbl flip vs bose soundlink mini

Автор clavinetjunkie ( назад)
yes please, i am also interested in the GiG, so someone please make a

Автор wiciousbeasts ( назад)
I love my JBL Charge, but...that Bose sure does sound painfully superior to
it :(

Автор MaoJoe Joe ( назад)
Can we have more comparisons like this? Everyone complains that with
recordings like this the sound will only be as good as what we listen
through, but if we're willing to spend hard dough on speakers like these we
probably have something decent already. BTW the Klipsch GiG is available
for order so can we have a comparison :3

Автор akshay kerlekar ( назад)
bose has best quality..... after all bose got a six sigma..

Автор Dimitri K. ( назад)
I just recomend you guys to use good headphones. When you use them, you
will probably hear, that the Bose Soundlink Mini just destroy the JBL
Charge in terms of the sound quality. Especially in the bass department.
Just give it a try ;)

Автор chenshi56 ( назад)
Right ! Bose SoundLink Mini sounds better.....clarity & bass !

Автор Joel Volkenannt ( назад)

Автор lotsblocks ( назад)
ok this video is about the Bose and The JBL.... not the klipsch gig, ue
boom, or the Fucking pill.

Автор MaoJoe Joe ( назад)
Should I buy Soundlink Mini or wait for the Klipsch Gig? Not really in a
rush for either but need them before Christmas. Gig looks interesting, but
a little on the larger side.

Автор Carlos Andres Cely Ricaurte ( назад)
Lo que hace un pc

Автор Oren Shtenzler ( назад)
Great comparison! I am trying to choose between the UE Boom and the
Soundlink mini but l could not find a good quality sound review of the UE

Автор Blunder1248 ( назад)
How long did you run the JBL Charge in for? I found after about 10 hours
run in the Bass and mid really kicked in. From what I've found the audio is
better than the boss but the problem is the bass is projected from the side
on the JBL.

Автор Shahin Iftekaralikhan ( назад)
Great vid name of the song??

Автор Filippo Euclidi ( назад)
your videos are awesome thank you for this excellent comparison

Автор agnes de guzman ( назад)
Bose is the best :)

Автор aCoupleOfBKs ( назад)
You are right. The SoundLink Mini was meant to be a more portable, personal
speaker. It was built for up-close listening. If you want something more
room-filling, then we would take a step up to the SoundLink Mobile
Bluetooth Speaker II. Much crisper sound overall and fills a larger area.

Автор aCoupleOfBKs ( назад)
The SoundLink Mini's battery will last up to around 8 hours on moderate
listening volume. 5 to 7 at max volume. It will come with a charging dock
that the SoundLink can just rest on to charge while listening.

Автор utubecomment21 ( назад)
What's the song?

Автор clavinetjunkie ( назад)
the KMC-1 is great, but it is more than 4 times as big, by far not that
portable. a better contender for the KMC-1 would be the bigger soundlink or
the sounddock portable.

Автор Brendan Joseph ( назад)
Subscriiiiibed this is how a comparison should be

Автор oscarmarin9291 ( назад)
I wish that evry comparison was like this one

Автор BeulahLips ( назад)
Does the Bose have a rechargeable battery? How many Mah and how long does
it last?

Автор TheZaqsen ( назад)
Klipsch kmc1 is the best I heard so far. And it does the new aptX bluetooth
teknik that gives cd quality on the sound. But the Bose is not bad. I had
my money in the pocket when i changed my mind... Pleas try the Klipsch out!
Its the best by faaaar.

Автор RedRobster ( назад)
Thanks for taking such pains to make a great video. I bought the song and I
might buy that Bose speaker thing-e. Shame, my previous JBL Speaker iPod
Doc was amazing and I was ready to buy a Bluetooth version from them until

Автор Dimitri K. ( назад)
Thank´s for the answer :D

Автор Newschoolcovers ( назад)
nein zuhause ;) kann ich mir kaum vorstellen das das soviel db abkann

Автор clavinetjunkie ( назад)
"drückende bässe" soso... hahaha, und im auto den kofferraum voll verbaut
mit boxen? das mic kannst aussteuern. ich hatte es manuell auf voll, und es
ist nicht ins clipping gekommen. angeblich kannst damit ein rock-konzert

Автор Newschoolcovers ( назад)
ich rede von dem mic :D die boxen sind sowieso müll ich hab lieber mehr
masse und dafür gut drückende bässe ;)

Автор clavinetjunkie ( назад)
nö, nicht unbedingt. der jbl spielt je nach musikstil teilweise etwas
lauter, da pumpt die musik aber auch schon ganz schön man hört die
dynamikkompression ganz gut. auf maximal klingen beide nicht besonders, der
mini ist perfekt bis etwa 80%, und beim jbl muss man auch ein paar stufen
runtergehen. auf höchster stufe klingen beide ähnlich, wobei der jbl
schriller klingt mit etwas weniger bass. bei normalen laustärken ist der
unterschied gewaltiger, da putzt der bose den jbl weg.

Автор Newschoolcovers ( назад)
dafür verzerrt es denk ich mal schneller...

Автор clavinetjunkie ( назад)
das zoom H1 ist nicht so schlecht, aber im endeffekt fand ichs doch nicht
so toll. feinste nuancen wurden unterschlagen, und das mikrofon hatte einen
gewissen eigenklang. bei der aufnahme muss man auch dazusagen, dass das
mikro nur 50cm entfernt war, wodurch kaum raumanteil zu hören ist, man hört
also wirklich fast nur den lautsprecher, noch dazu nah an der wand
aufgestellt, betont die bässe noch mehr... zumindest beim bose :-p

Автор Newschoolcovers ( назад)
ist aber schon ne echt gute quali... kann garnicht glauben das das der
orginale sound ist bei so nem mic :D

Автор Milan Vreuls ( назад)
Bose soundlink mini is the best in iTS category

Автор Leonard Hew ( назад)
I own the soundlink mini and it really sound just like the video....no
doubt. The BOSE soundlink mini beats every single bluetooth speakers in the
market flat down !!!

Автор clavinetjunkie ( назад)
there is nothing fishy, i just recorded what the speakers played. i was
never really impressed with neither JBL Flip nor JBL Charge, even the
cheaper PlayUp sounds more full-range than those. The Charge sounds thin
and sizzling, while the Bose competes with much larger speakers soundwise.
Have a look at my other video where i compared the Charge to the much
smaller FoxL, the Charge is hardly any better. The only advantage it has is
it can play louder.

Автор djayricky ( назад)
I agree. Check out my comments below as well.

Автор Xiao Zhang ( назад)
There is some fishy going on here. I have listened to both bose mini and
jbl charge and the jbl wins the contest hands down. In this video, the bose
sounds full range and the jbl sounds thin, suppose to be the other way
around. For those of u who's looking to buy a new blutooth speaker, go to
the store and listen for urself. Dont rely too much on youtube video.

Автор FatRabbitRush ( назад)
to my ears the BOSE smoked the JBL out of the water. Great video man; I
know which one I want to buy now.

Автор clavinetjunkie ( назад)
Ich wohne im Wienerwald, und kann mich nicht beklagen. Wien ist auch super,
aber ich wollte raus ins Grüne ;-) Ich weiss nicht ab wann man zu den
"Profis" gehört, aber ich mache das rein als Hobby. Guck mal auf:

Автор computerizedcobra ( назад)
The Bose Soundlink mini easily destroys the Beats Pill however I don't like
too main features that is lacking in the 'Mini;' there is no built-in
microphone to take calls and the lack of very good top end (treble) sound
is a turn off for me but I love the way it delivers bass tones. There isn't
a bluetooth speaker out there that can match or outperform it in delivering
great bass tones especially for its size. The JBL Flip or Charge would be
better choice than the 'overpriced Pill.'

Автор Shane Savage ( назад)
Bose soundlink mini or beats pill? (Which one in your opinion?)

Автор Dimitri K. ( назад)
Achso, okay. Das ist gut zu wissen :D Wie lebt es sich so in Wien? :) Und
noch eine Frage. Bist du ein Profi, oder machst du das als Hobby? :)

Автор clavinetjunkie ( назад)
Er verzerrt eigentlich nicht, auch nicht bei maximal, genau das ist der
Punkt, auch bei schrägen Frequenzen virbriert und rasselt nichts mit. Ich
hatte mehrere Jamboxen, und auf keiner waren lautere Klavier oder
Gitarrentöne hörbar, weil im Inneren irgendwas mitgesummt hat. Bis 80%
klingt der Soundlink wirklich gut und schlägt alles in dieser Größenklasse,
ab dann wird der Bass stärker reduziert, aber er klingt selbst auf maximal
noch Ok. Ich bin übrigens aus Wien.

Автор Dimitri K. ( назад)
Und noch eine Frage. Wird die Qualität vom Bose Soundlink Mini wirklich so
schlecht, wenn man ihn lauter dreht? Ich höre überall von verzerrungen,
rauschen und dem ganzen anderen Mist was es da noch gibt. Aber so wie ich
Bose kenne, bezweifle ich diese "Anschuldigungen". Also, was meinst du?

Автор Dimitri K. ( назад)
Zuerst mal danke für deine ausführliche Antwort :) Wie kommts, dass du so
gut Deutsch kannst? Und könntest du, wenn sich mal die Gelegenheit bietet,
den Bose Soundlink Mini mit dem UE Boom vergleichen? Deine Videos sind
wirklich super. Man hört alles, als ob man daneben währe. Genau deshalb
scheue ich mir sie auch an :)

Автор splicer45 . ( назад)
Thanks for making these excellent videos..Bose all the way for me!

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