Bose Soundlink Mini vs. JBL Charge

I tried to compare both speakers with the best audio quality I was able to reach, without spending too much on a professional recording setup including microphone etc.
This time audio was recorded with a Zoom H1 recorder at a short 50cm distance to avoid too much recorded room ambiance.

Volume on the Bose was set at 65% for best quality, because the sound starts to get worse from 70-75% with particular recordings. The JBL Charge was matched volumewise and both were recorded with the same fixed level.

The JBL Charge can play a bit louder than the Mini also depending on the music played, but sound of the JBL Charge remains overall tinny with hardly any bass at all. The JBL has very clear treble though, much more present than the Soundlink Mini. At high volumes this causes quite a fatigue during listening. I prefer the more mellow sound of Bose.

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Автор ThePenguin789 (9 дней)
£70 Jbl charge or £99 jbl pulse??

Автор junoreactor10000 (12 дней)
thats false, the sound of JBL its Better!!!!

Автор Tony Johns (20 дней)
@ Clavinetjunkie - If you decide to put up videos on youtube, be man
enough to take people's opinions. Clearly you are a BOSE fan, and thats
completely your right to have your own opinion. Equally, other people have
right to their own opinions. It's appreciated that you put up many
comparative videos of different speakers and I assume you did that
spontaneously to give people some insight. However when you go all crazy on
people who prefer the JBL instead of just accepting their opinions it kind
of takes away your credibility. I mean for someone who tests speakers as
much as you do, you would think that you would understand that ultimately
what an individual prefers to listen to is a matter of taste. I find that
generally people either prefer a bass heavy tone or treble heavy with
little bass and then some people prefer something in between. It also
depends on what type of music one prefers, and not all music has base in
it, it's just a matter of individual taste. As such I'm sure you can
appreciate that one needs to buy a specific speaker for the kind of taste
one likes. There's no point in saying one is better than the other -
ultimately it is subjective. Some people like coffee with milk, and some
like it black.. but at the end of the day, its coffee. I listened to both
speakers in the shop today and personally I have to say I prefered the JBL,
because to me the base drowns out the rest of the melodies in the BOSE
whearas it sounded more balanced in the JBL, which is also much cheaper and
for me was louder. The music i listen to is extremely varied, and it seemed
that the BOSE was almost exclusively for music with base. But that's just
my taste. I think until they can find a way to incorporate a graphic
equalizer into the speakers where one can adjust the base and the treble
for the individual music, no speaker will be perfect and one needs to
decide at the moment based on your individual taste.

Автор larion pakz (19 дней)
is bose soundlink mini compatible with xperia z1 phone..???thank
you....just asking.....please....thnx....

Автор Alex Yeh (1 месяц)
Harmon/Kardon is better then both of then

Автор Arvind Shah (2 месяца)
Boss is better but for the price JBL is best !

Автор alphamalechucho (3 месяца)
Jbl sounds perfect for me.

Автор Mieczysław Beger (2 месяца)
Does Soundlink Mini really has so much more bass comparing to Charge? O_o
It's hard for me to believe, so can anyone who heard Bose's speaker

Автор berhoids (3 месяца)
there seems to be a lot of protest against this video, bose started at the
finish line here im sure jbl is good but based on this video, the
difference is vast. but could i suggest the reason for protest could be due
to the jbl subs being side facing, which may effect the potentially
recorded sound here. im just in a big pickle, i dont want to spend £70 more
on something that only has a slight edge which could be the case if the
side sub has effected this test.

Автор Ox King (2 месяца)
I ve bought the JBL after tested out both in an shop.
The Bose seemed to me a bit too bassie and cut the bass at the same time
off at a point. The JBL seemed more balanced to me. This was my first
impression. Then i got back to the JBL and want hear the Bose one more
time. But than i wasn't able to connect them to my Nexus 4 again. I tried
to unpair and re pair, turned BT off on the phone and turned the speaker
off and on again etc. pp. but nothing helped. So i bought the 50€ Cheaper
Maybe the Bose are "better", maybe not. But i am happy now and have no
problems pairing with the JBL. It works even with my Windows 7 Notebook. :)

Автор TroniX (5 месяцев)
All people care about is bass. Yes, I like bass too and I like some gotten
end as well. So in the mids and high the jbl is better. I also gotta admit
the Bose does have better bass but bass is not everything. Also the jbl is
cheaper than the Bose.

Автор The TerraGunner (3 месяца)
Hey guys!
I got a question, wich speaker is louder:
-Bose Soundlink mini
-Jbl flip

Thank you guys!

Ps. The bose got more bass than flip or not?

Автор adnoHis1 (3 месяца)
JBL is much better. Don't take this as the reference. Go and check
yourself. I did and the JBL was truly much better than the Bose Soundlink
Mini. Bose is the king of MIDs. Bottom and Highs is nowhere near with JBL.
Hey, you can even check the Flip against the Bigger bose here in youtube
and you will see. I like Bose and I have a couple of smaller speakers which
is great for Movies, effects and so on but if you want to hear the nuances
of music as was intended....JBL!!!!!

Автор TheAsrcrew (3 месяца)
Bose or JBL ? For me not difference only differenze is price .

Автор tgifford4 (4 месяца)
without live specs this video is worthless.

Автор osyhaz (4 месяца)
Try the same test but at 100% volumen and see what happens with the
bass...I love my JBL charge!

Автор Chrissy Smith (2 месяца)
I bought one of these because it was small and wireless, we use it primarily in the kitchen. Portability is nice but usually I have it sitting on the base. Sound quality is rather good, it is more than loud enough for a small room.

Автор benriner (18 дней)
Thanks for this. Very helpful.

Автор Jesuis Alex (4 месяца)
Do you guys think the Bose worth the diference of 100€ ?? 

Автор Dahley Wolf (3 месяца)
I like both of these speakers alot, the sound quality of the Bose speakers
is just mindblowing, but that is to expect from a 200$ device. I am still
going for the JBL charge, because of the battery life and it's easier to
carry around in my opinion. (which is what I want to do with them)

Автор Jideofo Ofole (27 дней)
I actually feel a jolt of disappointment when it switches to the jbl

Автор Neo SonicStrike (29 дней)
I have a question about the JBL Charge. I bought a JBL Charge and I
plugged in the charger and the only 1 of the small blue lights are slowly
blinking but it doesn't seem to be charging and I've had it on for hours.
Aren't all 3 lights supposed to light up eventually? 

Автор 1addictsad78 (3 месяца)
you know the real difference? full volume. bose never distort, charge is
pretty fucked up...

Автор Lydon Lewis DoUbLeZz (1 месяц)
The charge slums super weird on this camera. .. my Charge sounds way better
then this vid is showing! =/ check them out in person! 

Автор A. Skegee Powell (4 месяца)
Bose won this test, however I own the JBL and the bass is fine especially
when you sit it in the corner of any room. I have Bose docking stations
too, and in my car. For the portable speakers.....go with JBL Charge.
You'll be very happy. Great test though.

Автор robert reyes (1 месяц)

Автор bobblehead875 (1 месяц)
Harmon/kardon onxy studio is the rolls royce

Автор Joe H (4 месяца)
Bose on ebay: around $200. JBL on ebay: $90. REAL fair comparison....

Автор Musicmann1022 (1 месяц)
It's amazing the sound Bose gets from a small system. I have JBL Flip and
it sounds clean, but not a lot of bass. 

Автор Alex Coreable (1 месяц)
i own a charge and it distorts at higher volume especially songs with
heavier bass but still i think it's a very very decent speaker.

Автор sf2explus (1 месяц)
sound link mini is built like a tank reminds me of the early 80's build

Автор Šon Koneri (1 месяц)
Bose kills it!

Автор Jideofo Ofole (27 дней)
On this test the bose takes the woofer award for being phat yet slim and
better looking design

Автор taro tanaka (1 месяц)

Автор Adam Telín (2 месяца)
I have too Bose but computer speakers
(Bose companion 3 series 2). This is sound!!!

Автор Joe Mar (2 месяца)
Bose sounds better, hands down!

Автор abram col (2 месяца)
Boseis my favorite jbl no jbl is bad

Автор Jason Brody (2 месяца)
Bose is raping JBL

Автор Damian Hulleman (2 месяца)
the base of the bose soundlink mini is wayy better than the base of the

Автор Albaro Canaviri (2 месяца)
CAN you compare with the BEATS XL.

Автор Daniel Volf-CZ (5 месяцев)
Bose is more better than JBL :D

Автор Gajaba Perera (2 месяца)
What's the song it sounds pretty good

Автор bbossoi (2 месяца)
Definitely BOSE. Great video!

Автор John Harper (2 месяца)
What's the name of the song?

Автор Cumi cumi Cumi (2 месяца)
Good deep bass makes the music more alive. 

Автор spamtelevision (2 месяца)
The bose sounds better

Автор ArenasRockstar (3 месяца)
I have the jbl charge :D

Автор Nics Trendy (3 месяца)
For this one bose win by miles!!

Автор Neptun7777Bonus (3 месяца)
You can't hear the bass of the charge because the bass port is facing away
from the microphone

Автор abram col (2 месяца)
Bose is the best 

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