How to build a wooden boat.

Having lofted and cut the hull planks from a sheet of ply,this chapter describes how you join the lengths of cut planks together when you need them to be longer than the sheet of ply will allow. These planks will then form the hull of the boat and the next step will be to stitch them together.

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Автор Hank Holster ( назад)
Coolness, I'm definitely going to give this a go after I finish up with a
chair plan I got from Woody Hyezmar's (free) Woodworking Bible.

Автор Aaron Beer ( назад)
I am pretty sure you may find good solution on woodprix website :)

Автор Gema Tarkington ( назад)
I made it with woodprix handbooks !

Автор diy man glen ( назад)
thanks awesome vid man

Автор spinaway ( назад)
what epoxy glue do you reccomend5 for glueing the scarph joint?

Автор Veronica J. Ward ( назад)
Now You Can Build Your Dream Boat Even If You've ZERO Boatbuilding
Experience With My Step-By-Step Plans & Crystal Clear Pictures...

Автор Anisah Roslan ( назад)
Why is the plywood suitable for making the hull of a boat? 

Автор Monroe Madison ( назад)
why not finger jointed

Автор Eric Go ( назад)
Build Amazing Boats Of All Types Easily With Over 518 Step-By-Step Plans Go
here ==> myboatplanstv.blogspot.com

Автор grumyoung (1066 лет назад)
Yes you can scarph 1/4 inch plywood - that is about 6mm which is the
thickness of the ply used for a lot of this particular build. Try to make
the length of the scarph about 6 times the thickness of the ply

Автор teddyd30 (1914 года назад)
can you scarf 1/4 inch plywood?

Автор grumyoung ( назад)
I use an expanding polyurethane waterproof wood glue or you can use epoxy
with appropriate addatives.

Автор b-man beast ( назад)
what do you use for glue to keep wood together to when making a flat bottom

Автор Chase Fisher ( назад)
Yes great presentation.. very professionally done

Автор Walkertongdee ( назад)
good method and presentaiion.

Автор grumyoung ( назад)
Thanks for your comments - good luck with the build. The benefit of belt
sanding is that you can keep the wood powder generated and add it to the
epoxy to create a filleting blend.

Автор 4micaman ( назад)
Thanks for posting this, grumyoung. I'm looking to do my first ever boat
building project (probably the mouse) and all I see is butt joints talked
about. UncleJohn is the only one to date I've seen suggesting a scarf
joint. Having fair carpentery skills, it's still nice to see this in a
video form! I liked your router setup. I'll probably use my belt sander
since I have many hours behind one. Thanks again!!!

Автор dmould66 ( назад)
he said but strap

Автор grumyoung ( назад)
All of the plank dimensions are given in the plans for the boat you have
chosen to build. They just need to be 'lofted' (transferred and scaled)
onto the plywood

Автор ligyro ( назад)
how do you know ahead of time how to cut each individual plank? is there a
math formula or something

Автор grumyoung ( назад)
Glad you liked it - scarf joints are actually easier than people think they

Автор Luther Driggers ( назад)
wow, very good video with multiple ways of doing things. I"m not even
making scarf joints and I watched the whole thing.

Автор jonatas santos ( назад)
mind the hammers lolol

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