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Автор TheLongshot1982 (18 дней)
out of all Asian woman I love Mongolian the most...thickest too....lol

Автор Leee Bingtaoxx (2 месяца)
Have u guys readen the novel by Jin
Yong? There was also a film of it by JET LI. and The blunt and cute heroine
called Minmin Temür(Zhao Min in chinese) is a mongolian girl. 

Автор jason bourn (1 год)
0:15 woooooooow

Автор soldadodezion (6 месяцев)
Genghis Khan must be proud , he will be back.

Автор Erdene Bulgan (11 месяцев)
yamarch medremjgui baagii ene bichlegiig oruuljee goe ohiduud zunduu bhad
halhiin havtgaigaas hachin yumnuudiig tuuj oruulsan yum bh daa

Автор Jaagii Batochir (1 год)
of course
they are hot,, we are very nationalist people. getting married with abroad
people would never happen in my country ....

Автор Marvin Mara (1 год)
Mongolian girls are so beautiful. I'm Latino, brown skin. I have been out
with a few Mongolian girls and I feel like they feel attraction to Latinos
in my opinion. They are just so cute and they just cute in every way :)

Автор 3LliOtTD0GG123 (4 года)
mongols and koreans brothers, even the women look similar!

Автор Jacy Bunting (1 год)
Mongolian women are HOT!

Автор the0th (4 года)
I always thought Mongolian girls were average and then I saw the film
Mongol and it has the actress Khulan Chuluun and she was gorgeous!

Автор owardis397 (1 год)
Tuvans and Kazakhs of western Mongolia look predominately Asians, some are
more Caucasian in look. I didn't know north Mongolian was mixed with
Russians but Inner Mongolians are not mixed with Chinese. Mongolians look
just like any Siberian and Korean. The men are not big, just more fat than
muscles. Mongolians also have small caucasian genes. MOST NON-ASIANS --
Mongolians have have 5-19% Caucasian genes. Burmese have 10 - 21% South
Asian genes. Thais have 15-25% South Asian/Negrito genes.

Автор Askar Turebekov (2 года)
may be he is hazara? what do you think?

Автор Ayana M (1 год)
Too exotic and natural beauty!! No plastic surgery like those ugly Koreans
n Japan's. Kazakh an Mongol girls are too sexy.

Автор OpaSann0 (2 года)
B===D !!!!

Автор ilkin sultanov (2 года)
number 5 is so sexy

Автор bubak bubana (2 года)
oo zaaz alchdiin bn mnaihan yasan aimariin?

Автор Odbayarmgl (6 лет)
they hot

Автор paulo1111000 (4 года)
ooh hey angels !!!!!! any mongolian girl i want to marry =D

Автор TheIcantbelievethis (1 год)
i want me a mongolian girlfriend!

Автор fanaber70 (2 года)
Very nice chicks.

Автор Phanteus (2 года)
I agree with you. I am a Mongolian guy as well and 6'1 186 cm. People ask
me if I am korean, and when I say I am not they are like .. ohhh.

Автор MongolUtuber (6 лет)
haanaas zurguunuudaa avsiin? dajgui zurguud bna

Автор xaxa zaza (2 года)
goy oxid bnoo

Автор Inachu Ikimasho (3 года)
@RegiusCruor there is a hottie new hire at my mall. i buy her dinner all
the time :-) and yes she is mongolian.

Автор Jennifer Zhang (3 года)
do mongolian women have nice feet? show one with feet next time.

Автор zorig3 (4 года)
@3LliOtTD0GG123 Sorry we Mongols are noting with koreans and chinese. You
are uglier than Mongols.

Автор Joel Embry (3 года)
Finally a good Mongol representation!

Автор Askar Turebekov (2 года)
hazaras are descendents of mongolian people who settled in Afghanistan...
They are iranic mongolians

Автор Jane Jenny (4 года)
the only matter is they look similar to each over sometime im confused some
is pretty but not all of them n some are super thin not good n im pretty
sure that in the whole world have a lots of pretty girls not only mongolia
girls thou!!!!

Автор Brain Joo (2 года)
o love mongolian girl ,, becuase i'm a mongol

Автор xzaxx (3 года)
i love girls with big ass no matter where they are from!

Автор nomuna altankhuyag (2 года)
hey guys have u ever heard about that Mongolian girls are most beautiful in
all Asia!!!! In my opinion european girls are beautiful but they have extra
big nose,mouth and wierd skin color and their build is very huge like
cow.Mongolian girls are not big like that but not short like other chinese
or korean girls.Sorry but it's just for me guys

Автор Khulan Davaajav (3 года)
i just wanna say that naked girls are not alwayz beautiful...

Автор Billy Bob Mirango (3 года)
Let's MATE

Автор iayyam (2 года)
finest honies in all asia

Автор Kimberly Tulga (1 год)
Are you sure they were mongolian team? Because I am mongolian and most
mongolian women I know do not wear smaller than C-cup. Majority of them
wear D-cup. Mongolian high rise cheek bones very hard to miss. About 95% of
mongolian population has it. Flat face usually comes from Han Chinese or

Автор Khulan Davaajav (3 года)
sorry but there girls look like a fuckin bitchez :D

Автор owardis397 (1 год)
I've seen Mongolians female team. Face is too flat, eyes too small and tits
as flat as the wall which is typical of Asian women. The Cantonese in 18th
and 20th century migrated to Latin America as coolies and sugar plantation.
So they married local women. In Peru alone, there is a estimated 4.2
million Peruvians of partial Chinese descent or ancestry

Автор bayar able (5 лет)
goo saihnii mesel zasal hiilgeegu baigaagaaraa huurhun ohid bol mongol ohid

Автор Gin Za (1 год)
Nice girls, awful music

Автор pablo aracena (1 год)
0:41 OMG

Автор ReassuringSmile (1 год)
There are different ethnic groups within Mongolia. With tribal Chinese in
the South, Russian mix in the North, Muslim mongolians in the west.
Mongolian girls are far from a typical Asian woman. Firstly, mongolian are
physically bigger and have higher bone density, second the majority do not
look anything and a typical asian girl.

Автор owardis397 (1 год)
I'm a Asian guy, Mongolian girls are ugly like the rest of Asian nation,
The only pretty Kazakh girls are the ones that do not look like this -____-
About 97% of Mongolian have a face like that but for Kazakhs is only 60%
-___- <----- Ugly 0__0 <----- Pretty My ancestors is Cantonese-Chinese they
always talk about how ugly HK and Cantonese women. Historically 300,000 to
500,000 Cantonese men migrated to marry white, black, Latina women in Latin
America in 18th to 20th century

Автор cureboyz (1 год)
So basically they were/looked like purebreed gook (korean)?

Автор veve78 (5 лет)
nice wow very nice

Автор Ergen eken (1 год)
Not mongol Fuck chines prostituts

Автор dulguun14 (6 лет)
huviin tsugluulga.

Автор ReassuringSmile (1 год)
Interesting observation... I myself am of Chinese descent, lived/worked in
Japan and travelled across Asia, and yes I've been to Ulan Bator support my
credibility that I've objectively seen that mongolians are physically
bigger than it's Asian counter parts.

Автор Kirkaiya (3 года)
Wow...stunning women.

Автор ccrunk kiki (3 года)
Manai mongol ohid huuhnuud uneheer tasarhai yumaa biy ntr laitai ter zarim
ohidiin uheh geed baidag Korea China Japan ntr baij baigaagiin xaraachee
ene odoo er yumuu em yumuu gemeer hahaha wtf

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