Update - Fake NSMBX 1.4 (Hoaxed) and Real SMB:R has been CANCELLED - HD

SMB:R Website:
http://www.smbr.x10.mx/ (link is broken)

Update added link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/112400625462429/
This is fake screenshot of SMBX 1.4.
Because mrgameandwatch21 says: I'm going to ask you guys to please stop posting media and material using the names NSMBX or SMB:R in your fake screenshots and other media you are posting. You are inaccurately representing what me, Rexx, and the rest of the Dev Team for SMB:R is doing if we have to CONSTANTLY correct people talking about fake and hoaxed screenshots, youtube videos, and similar false media about this project. That includes Joonas Sorsa please. The amount of incorrect information being give out and causing the most confusion is being produced by you. Thanks you

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Добавлено: 2 года
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Автор Pano Kevin (2 месяца)
sombody needs to pick this project back up and advance on it...i freaking
loved that game...not to mention weather it wuz fake or real it all looked
like it would make an amazing game all together

Автор ERROR_23 (1 месяц)

Автор pony story (3 месяца)
that is awesome!

Автор Blu Scout (9 дней)
released in 2015.

Автор Becheru Constantin (1 месяц)
can put link of super mario bros x 1.0 plz!!!!!!

Автор DuckJohnn (4 месяца)
I am Joonas Sorsa

Автор ralfe oliveira (2 месяца)
link is game

Автор Jon MC (2 месяца)

Автор Tomás Gonzáles Stave (2 месяца)
No Download Link :(

Автор Gabriel Hajduk (3 месяца)
Download Link Plis

Domain Does Not Exist

Автор huahwan danieltiong (4 месяца)
Wow The Game is Good

Автор Jeff Creeden (2 месяца)
its not real people dislike

Автор DuckJohnn (4 месяца)
These are my Pictures/Ideas

Автор Lx Camilx Lx (1 год)
Por eso es que yo quiero hacer nuevos proyectos en smbx para ponerlos a
descargar, y evolucionar al SMBx actual para que no sea tan inconforme a
comparacion de este, por el momento solo he logrado acer un starman y un
tutorial de starman :S

Автор marin benkovic (1 год)
how to play it

Автор Estrela Qualificopa (1 год)
eu guero

Автор Br Gamer (10 месяцев)
alguem consigui faze o download?

Автор Tayne Lewis (1 год)
Well, its hard to explain... here is why it's been canceled try this, it
will explain the full story: watch?v=UIbVY6kLkT8

Автор mauro ripper (5 месяцев)
¿se podra tener?

Автор bro yoshi (8 месяцев)
Have a download link? I really need it!

Автор TuterMario270 (11 месяцев)
Where can i get these cancelled graphics?

Автор thiago63471 (1 год)
You can't download this game, because it is fake.

Автор Leandro Channel (7 месяцев)
wtf a lots of items in smb3 objects 1:42

Автор SpiceDawg (8 месяцев)
Woah... it's really too bad they cancelled SMBR. it looks amazing!

Автор Waluigifan32 (1 год)
wow so many items O_O i like those.

Автор MatCraftDK (1 год)
You can make this real with a msg to nintedo!

Автор BROCOD007 (1 год)
WOW this smbx is very cool and the old smbx is shit

Автор nehuencapo2 (1 год)
how and where the fuck do I download and install

Автор Kaiden Stevens (1 год)
Is there a download link for these? Smbx is cool!

Автор Eragon86micky (1 год)
107.887 views.... hooah!

Автор juan D.D. (1 год)
y que paso con el editor,no va a salir? tu lo tienes?

Автор Luigi master (11 месяцев)

Автор Mario Luigi (1 год)
oye somo quiera que hable epanol no se downcarga

Автор robert lazea (11 месяцев)
oh man they suck because they deleted the awesome one :(

Автор zaptos505 (1 год)
How do you do that?

Автор erssmom25 (1 год)
RIP - SMBR Cancelled Creation date - Cancelled date

Автор Jonasrems (9 месяцев)
Look at the program name (top of the program) Start: v. 1.4 Middle: v. 1.0
End: 0.0.5

Автор angelo espinoza pizarro (1 год)
esta de lujo, esto tiene que estar de verdad en el mundo, esto nunca pasada
de moda

Автор Kaiden Stevens (1 год)
If it's real, I would download it and be happy

Автор Lucas souza moreira (10 месяцев)
será q não tem como alguma pessoa que tenha o jogo no pc,botar em algum
site para download?

Автор Kyle Richoux (1 год)
thanks you is supposed to be thank you

Автор Gustavo Freitas (1 год)

Автор zaptos505 (1 год)
Dudes you know you can male your own sprite on vershin 1.3

Автор Mona Lia (8 месяцев)
If SMBX 1.4 was made real it would be the best thing in the history of

Автор chase28100 (1 год)
how could you Add Coding To SMBX?

Автор StraightFlame1 (9 месяцев)
I watched this video in 2013 and i don't believe in like whoring.

Автор hystericaldominolego (1 год)

Автор Mario Luigi (1 год)

Автор SnoopDoggyDogg Baby (10 месяцев)
foi mal amigo , mais ele já foi cancelado , todos os downloads dele foram
deletados . :(

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