Tutorial How To Make A Rap Beat (Prod By Leonel The Master Piece) Fruity Loops 9

Tutorial How To Make A Rap Beat (Prod By Leonel The Master Piece) Fruity Loops 9 Simple 2010 The Beat Dealers

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Автор Beat Maker ( назад)
Great guide. Lookup beatgenerals on YouTube some other fantastic FL Studio instructions..

Автор River Feinx ( назад)
im assuming that's the metronome -.-

Автор Michael Jagt ( назад)
It`s called a metronome.

Автор nash kelani ( назад)
my brain started to tic toc

Автор MoldyBread ( назад)
@phkhmpw you're right even my senior teachers also hide about this killer music composer software from me. And A friend of mine working with Axwell said this software is the bomb for big beats and crazy effects. get the best one here > bit.ly/OhGOX0?=puhqmh

Автор JohnnyBoy81TRE ( назад)
Yo son this is my first day every making beats but i been recording and mixing forever... I'm not sure if what you just did was complicated but it looked sick as fuck!

Автор khadoffi57 ( назад)
i dont hear anything like how your doing on this video

Автор khadoffi57 ( назад)
i need help working my komplete 8 i just brought

Автор StevieBoiClorox ( назад)
Good man thanks for the vid.

Автор BALL WIZ ( назад)
@2:18 how do you cut & double it?

Автор Typhoon ( назад)
cheers mate, i made exactly the same beat u made i followed ur every step ! \o/

Автор psluver ( назад)
Nice beat bro, thanks. Guess there is hope in making decent beats.

Автор harpender1616 ( назад)
yo pm me send dat beat yo!!

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