B-29 "Doc" number 4 engine static start

Просмотров: 186101
Длительность: 5:5
Комментарии: 71

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Автор TavernSenses ( назад)
Why are these people always wear tennis shoes? Not a court in sight ...

Автор Atask- tv ( назад)

Автор CJ Cundiff (Esc-Artist) ( назад)
Cool little video. For some of the comments about the propeller appearing
to warp.... The prop seems to be warping and bending because of the camera
frame rate. In other words the camera that recorded this had a higher frame
rate so it appears it's barely rotating. If the camera had shot it at 24
frames per second it would be blurred like we're used to seeing it.

Автор wdowa94 ( назад)
I'd love to hear those engines with exhaust...

Автор metaz69u ( назад)

Автор rutledge9016 ( назад)
thanks airmen ww11

Автор okrajoe ( назад)
53 years since its last start -- congrats on firing it up.

Автор ArantiusVulpes ( назад)
boeing is doint the same thing with doc that up is doing with the big boy

Автор Ron Cox ( назад)
reading some of the comments , some people must be absolutely brain dead.
how they even know how to turn on their computer beats me.

no wonder the future is fucked

Автор Jamison Cordeirobatalhafilho ( назад)
Very nice video! Congrats! What kind of APU do you use? The original V-32
2-cylinder gasoline engine? Tks. Greetings from Brasil.

Автор Dan Uscian ( назад)
The individual speaking before the B-29 engine "fire up" mentioned it was
built by Dodge. That was at the Dodge-Chicago engine plant during WWII
where now the Tootsie-Roll plant exists and Ford City shopping center.

Автор Ken Hanson ( назад)
Sounds like the APU could use a muffler.

Автор brayden ramsey ( назад)
it seems the engine was haveing a little bit of trubble starting up for a
little bit there

Автор rlr50 ( назад)
Bravo !

Автор garyemorin ( назад)
HEY THE FLYING MUESEUM IS comming to Portland, Maine ( pwm) september the
18- 20th..............b-24, 29's, corsica's tank
busters,warthowgs..........must be ready with the camerss and ear

Автор Vsshooter ( назад)
I'm glad to hear that Doc is back in the shade and being worked on.

Автор offamychain ( назад)
Sounds like WWII .... awesome. Just for giggles & brandy, I was with the
Army in mid 90's, briefly at Pine Bluff Arsenal, & took on a volunteer
assignment to coordinate between the U.S. Army & the CAF to give them our
support for an air show ... generators, communication, security, etc. I was
rewarded with an honorary captain certificate & cap of the "Ghost Squadron"
& a surprise phone call 3 weeks later for a flight from Texas to Illinois
aboard Fifi.

Автор Wes Bee ( назад)
running on the brink of destruction....

Автор mkrp4 ( назад)
Cool look of amputated propeller blade stumps

Автор R5H4D0W ( назад)
Mu guess was the static test is done with the engine at idle, had the
throttle been left wide open I think it could have overheated

Автор ChrisB257 ( назад)
Superb piece of history- what a sound.

Автор One Day At a Time ( назад)
where do I send my donation?

Автор TheDisasterousDoobs ( назад)
is that tiny propeller just so it has airflow so tt doesnt overheat?

Автор FiveCentsPlease ( назад)
This engine wasn't going back into the airframe.

Автор TBM3EAvenger ( назад)
Any updates as to Doc's progress ? , seems to have fallen off of the

Автор bigman55434 ( назад)
The engine is cold, and it is going back into an airplane (meaning it is
airworthy). Why in the hell would they beat on it without warming it up
properly? I love the dumbasses that make comments like "why didn't they get
it off idle"...

Автор ppsjsh ( назад)
disappointed, i thought he was goin to open her up full thortle, not just
idle for 4 mins

Автор goropeza101 ( назад)
Its been done! The legendary Republic P47 Thunderbolt! The WW2 fighter that
made America proud! Still holds the record as the fastest radial-piston
engine aircraft at speeds over400mph,consider its 70 plus year old

Автор goropeza101 ( назад)
It will fly again!

Автор goropeza101 ( назад)
3350 cu in?!! Wow thats 55litres!

Автор Mangobrain82 ( назад)
id like to squeeze that into a little body plane. get some SPEED

Автор mreid08 (1971 год назад)
I think I could shoe horn that into a little honda cvcc,,, think so

Автор IAM2THEASSASSIN ( назад)
4:48 looks cool with the propeller

Автор Tartan Foursix ( назад)
the engine that caused the Hemi.

Автор motomorfo ( назад)
beautifull.... magnifico

Автор yamahonkawazuki ( назад)
i hope yall do get DOC flying again. because if memory serves me right.
there ons but one flying b29 by the name of FIFI

Автор yamahonkawazuki ( назад)
try paying for its upkeep you will see why idl;e is many times the top

Автор Marc Atkinson ( назад)
lame...you didn't even get it past idle.....pffffft..

Автор zaxsouthern79 ( назад)
its a dry - sump oil system

Автор Lee Barbay ( назад)
at 3:06 sound almost like a detroit

Автор jdoggybizzle ( назад)
built by Dodge motor company? No wonder they had reliability problems from
the beginning

Автор badmoonryzn ( назад)
WOW! What a great sound. I remember flying on one of the Constellations and
hearing those wonderful engines all the way from Indy to LAX. We stopped
somewhere and changed planes. I was only 5 but I will never forget that
wonderful sound when those engines were started up one by one and then
hearing them under a load for take-off. I was so lucky, as my pop worked
for the FAA and we flew often. I got to go up in many airplanes. It is so
quiet now in the airliners of today. Thanks for the video!

Автор 10Secondcopper (1597 лет назад)
How is the bottom cylinder lubbricated? It seems like the oil would drip
down into the combustion chamber.

Автор 1995MartinD40FMG ( назад)
Can't wait to see Doc in the air with FIFI !

Автор crispycritterz ( назад)
Those Wrights scare me. They had a nasty habit of catching fire for no

Автор distructor20 ( назад)
that's one powerfull lawnmower.

Автор galloway62042009 ( назад)
I think this is amazing that there are people restoring an old plane like

Автор RSBSTEADICAM ( назад)
When shooting these things, turn off the "shutter" feature in your camera
for a much more natural effect. The shutter is causing a stroboscopic
effect which (seems to) stop motion or (worse) making things seem to go
backwards. Just a hint for all your wanna be historical film/video makers
out there!

Автор crazyfvck ( назад)
@BronzeGiant Yeah.. It does make them look pretty weird.

Автор Steve Prange ( назад)
I REALLY do not like what digital cameras do with propellers.....

Автор mjmikelson ( назад)
Pretty sure the APU provides the power to start the motors spinning too, no
battery out there's going to provide enough electricity to do that.

Автор Kirk Conway ( назад)
Incredible , 3350's are really something, to hear and watch run,

Автор cs512tr ( назад)
nice, was waiting to hear it at full rpm or so still awesome :)

Автор Thomas Cox ( назад)
uhmmm it looked as if the propellers were bent, i guess not then, i hope it
flys once again!!!!!

Автор TBM3EAvenger ( назад)
@vabch82 FIFI has been grounded for some years now but she now has 4 brand
new engines and will return to flight once testing is done

Автор TBM3EAvenger ( назад)
@vabch82 FIFI has been grounded for some years now but she now has 4 brand
new engines and will return to flight once testing is done

Автор vabch82 ( назад)
@kansasflying isn't fifi the only flying b29 right now

Автор ponkkaa ( назад)
@BlueWaterBoat Hey! Watch your language!

Автор BlueWaterBoat ( назад)
@ponkkaa Its also referred to as reticulation.

Автор ponkkaa ( назад)
@Milstar73 Prop reversal is an optical illusion caused by the camera's
shutter frame rate. Try moving your hand back and forth rapidly in front of
a fan blade. the blade will look like it stops and starts.

Автор jeeprcks ( назад)
Wright Cyclones are my favorite...listen to that sound! :o)

Автор chad henry ( назад)
sounds bad ass, hay put that in my truck lol

Автор kansasflying ( назад)
That is the plan. I think there might be some $ issues right now. I sure
hope it flies again!

Автор VFA103JollyRogers ( назад)
Will Doc fly again?

Автор ghostrider02100 ( назад)
four stroke singel

Автор rusttrail3 ( назад)

Автор Awesomeman1987 ( назад)
it sounds like a four stroke

Автор kansasflying ( назад)
I am not too sure...

Автор Bergstaller01 ( назад)
I cant remember if the APU is a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke engine.

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