Tips on Training Siberian Husky

I have had many people ask me how do i train my dog? How does she listen so well especially off leash as a Siberian husky? So i thought i would take the time to give a few tips on how i trained Lana.
My apologies for the wind. I hope i could have been of some help to someone.

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Автор Wolfie ( назад)
Loud wind is loud. But thank you so much! This really worked on my 2 year
old husky, Yuki! <3

Автор sean hayes (470 лет назад)
my girlfriend tried this method on me..It didn't work.

Автор Lydia North ( назад)
My Joy is 3/4 Husky and 1/4 Lab. She is 1 and a half years old, and knows
all kinds of tricks but still does not come. Do you have any hints? I
really like your style of training and I thought maybe you have an idea for
Huskys specifically to recall.

Автор Anime_ Lover12 ( назад)
I have a white half husky half german shepherd and when i tell him to sit
he sits but once i give him the treats he runs to go get a cat

Автор Rhonda Anderson ( назад)
Thanks for sharing. I love my Siberian husky. I'm his 4th owner and he will
be 3 next month. He will now do commands sometimes but he gets so excited
he gets too hard to control. He will recall indoors but outside he is too

Автор Kevin Hanna ( назад)
Damn, dude. What I could hear from you was great knowledge. I feel you
could pass a lot of info, but that wind. That damn wind.

Автор mikefox05 ( назад)
Brother i have an 4 years old husky to but shes very hard to take control
what i wonna know is why shes runs away when shes off leash and when i call
her she runs away from me?.........of course he comes back always home
sitting on the porsh

Автор ceaira's videos (1999 лет назад)
Its hard for me to train my dog and im a pre-teen.

Автор safiyah boop (138 лет назад)
and the best train for huskys ever ive got one siberian husky

Автор safiyah boop (300 лет назад)
thanks so much and i know its hard but we need to keep trying

Автор Kasonas ( назад)
Thanks for the video. I'm so impressed at how good your sibe listens. I
have a Samoyed, and they are similar. I want to be able to train her off
leash, but her recall is far from 100%. I like your tips and will work with
her some more.

Автор SHARPSHOOTERO28 ( назад)
Thank u finally my dog will listen to me!!!!

Автор Terraia Fun ( назад)
Thank you :)

Автор Aaron Sandland ( назад)
love you man!

Автор John Karnish ( назад)
Just had to put my Sibe down in March. Just got fully accepted by a local
Husky Rescue and hope to get my new best friend soon. I found Duke (My
past husky) was very obedient when I had a treat. However, he was smart
enough to figure out when I had and I didn't and he didn't always
co-operate without a treat. However, he was the sweetest dog I ever had and
I miss him so much. I want to spend more time training this next one and
try to train him to pass to be a therapy dog. 

Автор Brandon Cheney ( назад)
i have a husky lab retriever and she is the meanest dog i have ever had
shes only 6 months old right now and getting better shes to stubborn that
comes with the husky i guess :P

Автор Emogal1991 ( назад)
I struck lucky with my husky, right from the star she was easy to train,
even off her lead I've never had any problems, the only real problem I have
is the fact she thinks she's a gardener. Taking plants out of their pots
and replacing them with bricks.

Автор mikeyzedify ( назад)
You have a lovely dog 

Автор Jessica Arredondo ( назад)
I'm having trouble with mine.. he is 9 weeks old but he's so smart.. he
sometimes decides to not do the command such as sit and just goes for the
treat. I don't let him have the treat but he still won't do the command.
Sometimes he even just walks away and ignores me! Help please!!

Автор Lilly101JLUK ( назад)
i jus got a husky.shes about 6-8months.. I dont know much about her history
with the original owner. Im trying to train her and got some doggie treats
but she didnt want it, So i bought a better brand and she still doesnt want
it..when i let her in the backyard she jus lays out there all day and she
dosent want to come back inside..the only way she'll come back in is if I
put the leash on her then she'll follow...sometimes.. how do i train If she
doesnt want the rewards?

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Tricks, but does your dog now the basic commands? Tricks are great but
worthless if they dont have the basics ..my opinion.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Please review some of the other comments where i have disclosed training

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
any dog can be trained to do just about what you want them to do. The
question is can you train them and have the patience to train them? There
are some things to over come with a husky outside bound. Digging is one and
escaping is the other.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Pack leader is not just about being firm and tough but about love and
discipline as well. Please review some of the other comments here about
ways you show you are back leader. You walk at the door first and come in.
You go to her feeding bowl first and act like ur eating then you allow
her/him to come over after etc.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Then i would suggest you read some of the other comments i have left here
about how you claim dominance from your dog.

Автор jackson jones ( назад)
mate my husky puppy is 15 weeks weighs 35 lbs and is very dominate check
my channel please watch and comment what you think

Автор JaidRose ( назад)
How do I establish that i'm the "pack leader" with my puppy she's ignoring
me and I'm trying to be firm and tough but I'm worried that is why I'm
losing her respect

Автор Tyrone Stokes ( назад)
I need help with our sib Ace. He is a couple of months shy of 2 years old
and has stayed outside mostly. I need to get him trained to be able to stay
inside the house and and all the basics. Come , sit, down, up, lay, stay
etc. What to do and where do I begin?

Автор zNecroHD ( назад)
Before he held up the bag i thought it was a troll video and he was gona
give the dog weed xD ... I know im going to hell

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Congratz on your puppy

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
NO i didnt need to give my sib any special training to make walking with my
cane any different. They same rules will apply. Dont let your dog walk you,
proper distance, reward with more leash.

Автор eric Burtron ( назад)
use small steps. to get him to sit, first try to get his butt lowered, then
on the ground (may require pushing), then get him to stay like that without
looking at the treat. It will take time, but huskies are worth it.

Автор TheSaske85 ( назад)
help me my dog dosen't do any tricks wathever i give him

Автор Husky GR ( назад)
contangts you are very lucky :)

Автор Fall TV ( назад)
Mr. T, is that u?

Автор Jade Miller ( назад)
I'm getting my first husky puppy in 6 weeks and I am looking forward to
training it using positive reinforcement method along with clicker
training. I'm super excited! :D Also this is a sweet video, yo!

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
yes, however let me express a word of caution. Sibs are big dogs with
little dog minds...meaning the sometimes dont realize how big they really
are. Also sibs do have a prey drive so just keep an eye out and ensure you
have supervised playtime to correct any misbehavior.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
I will assume that if you are leaving for a day or so for vacation that you
have a dog sitter. Someone to check on your dog, walk your dog, feed your
dog, etc. I hope that your comment is not implying that you will get
another sib (2) to keep them company while you are gone. Despite another
sib they still need someone to check in on them and do normal day to day
stuff with them.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
With any breed this can happen. I have found sibs are better in packs than
alone, however you have to consider the finances and responsibility along
with it especially grooming two sibs. I have two and i love them both but
at times it can be expensive. My experience has always taught me that sibs
or any breed that are destructive is more likely to do with pent up energy
and lack of exercise. They also need lots of toys especially while they
have their baby teeth. Good Luck.

Автор Happy Stuff ( назад)
I have never owned a dog before but I really want a sib. I have been
researching and ultimately found out that they get lonely really fast and
can run away or be very destructive. Should I get 2 to keep each other
company if I leave for a day or go on vacation?

Автор Jessica Arbelaez ( назад)
sorry, but i disagree with you. huskies can perfectly live in small spaces
if you do whats right. ours lived in our one room apartment since 3 months
old. We took her to daycare while we were at school, and dog parks the rest
of the week. She would come home so tired, she didn't care how big the
place was because we were meeting her "energy" needs and will get home to
eat and sleep right away.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
I encourage everyone to research a better dog diet for your pet and use
more than one resource. Lana was on raw diet for 3 years but when we moved
back to las vegas i could not find a good butcher for her raw diet needs.
Now she is no blue buffalo until i am able to locate a good butcher for
chicken back, necks, and turkey necks. I encourage everyone to reach your
commercial dog food.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
You have had 2 sibs, where as i have owned, raised, trained and bred, more
than 35 huskies and countless other breeds. I agree that they need space,
however to say then "need" a yard i disagree with because i have owned
huskies, including the two i have now in apartments. I agree that it sounds
like they may be in a small area but i don't think he means they stay there
24hours. Secondly i dont want to assume how large or small that areas is
because we just dont know. We have not been to his

Автор franktherabbit ( назад)
Well I've had 2 siberians now, each time the breeder has stressed their
need for space. You might say they don't need a yard and "all they need is
love" but these are dogs with certain in born instincts. Huskies are a
breed that like to run, work, have a lot of energy to burn. More space is
better for them. That other guy said he's "keeping him in a storage room
with a balcony" - hardly sounds like just sleep time. Oh well. It's a shame
huskies end up with people who can't handle them properly.

Автор mada haryoto ( назад)
This sort of movie is why I look at Youtube. They consistently cause me to
grin. HOWEVER the large majority of everyday people are incrementally
KILLING their pet dogs (without realizing it)! The shit commercial dog food
companies use into pet food provokes cancer malignancy and makes most dogs
die early. I came to understand the challenging way when my doggie died
aged 5. To avoid wasting your dog's life do a search for Double Life Dog
Diet (Google it.)

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
to say but I think it could be read the wrong way. I have already expressed
my opinion about striking your dog. Also remember this ....there are
opinions and methods of training. No one, including my self, is always
right or method will work for everyone. I just strongly disagree with
having to have a yard, because I have owned sibs and half of my life they
been in apartments. Granted they are now in a house, but not everyone are
able to be in a house. This doesn't mean you cant have a sib

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
needs lots of room when it comes to exercise. Sibs do need to burn off
engery and I do recommend walking your sib twice a way with an opportunity
for your sib to just be able to run off leash (in a fenced in area if
he/she is not recalled trained). Huskies are not for everyone..agree but I
wouldn't just rehome him of the bat. That's the purpose of these videos is
to help those who may not have a lot of experience , to get advice and
helpful information. I understand what popaddict was trying to

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
I would disagree to a point. I have lived in apartments for awhile before
moving into my house. Sib needs love ...bottom line. I don't know how large
or small your storage space is nor will I assume it's too small. What I
gathered is that your sib was there for sleeping time and not living space
which will be no different than putting a dog in a kennel. You don't need
"at least a yard" because there are plenty of people who don't have a yard
and have great sibs. What I will say is that your

Автор franktherabbit ( назад)
Also you got a husky and all the space you're giving it is a storage room
and balcony?! Huskies need a LOT of room. They are sled dogs and need to
burn off a lot of energy. You at least need a yard for them to run around.
He's going to get bored and destructive being kept in a small space and
you're just going to end up with a very unhappy dog. I'd think about
rehoming him. Huskies are not the breed for everyone.

Автор franktherabbit ( назад)
Your dog doesn't trust you. Hitting them to correct behaviour can be really
dangerous because they lose trust in you and won't obey you. You're
supposed to control them not scare them into doing what you want. Rewarding
works much better.

Автор Tones Mac ( назад)
Huskies need a lot of running. Though I don't get my husky out enough, he
knows who's boss.. but also doesn't fear me. I've had to correct my husky
but haven't hit him with all force. Dogs also are corrected by feeling a
little pressure between their eyes & jaw. I personally do the "peace sign"
& insert it between 2 inches above his nose, towards the back end of his
mouth. Luckily I haven't had to do that(since he's older.) Training with
treats works well, as treats are like crack to dogs

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Now when he doesn't nipple and bit then use praise and/or reward. He is a
pup and pups bit and nipple on their siblings. I would even say he is too
young for you to have. He should have never been let go to your home until
he was at least 8-10 weeks but that is nor here or there. You may have to
work just a little bit more towards praise and reward if your dog is not
coming to you . I would assume that he fears you now.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Playful biting/nipping is something that you want to get under control.
First you might want to start off with buying plenty of chew toys. Please
understand what you vet by hit him. She didn't mean in a aggressive or
abusive manner but as a corrections. Your dog should never fear you and if
your hitting a pet to the point where they fear you then this is wrong. If
he doesn't come in when you call him then most likely he fears you now. I
would say nap but use a firm voice to say no! no striking.

Автор Tiffany Weaver ( назад)
Well since I've posted that comment he has toned downed down on the biting
and chewing and also VERY less accidents and doesn't cry anymore in the
kennel at night

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
No problem. Thank you for being a responsible sib. owners. Let me say this
as well, though i dont like referring pets as or to humans, but think of it
this was. When i child learns to potty train, there will be accidents put
eventually with reward, praise, corrections and persistence they get it.

Автор Tiffany Weaver ( назад)
lol okay good for a minute I thought I was going to star in Marley and Me 2

Автор Tiffany Weaver ( назад)
thank you so much !!!

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
I am glad things are working out with your new member of the pack. I am
also pleased to see that you are looking at my post. I hope that you can
join us in the mountains to see the sib natural instinct come out. They are
like big kids in the snow.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
over night but anything longer than the 7-8 hours she is gonna go. It is
like lock work but expect some accidents. Continue to praise, crate,
reward, and corrections. We are done with moving into our new home so there
will be steady stream of videos coming from us now. Remember potty training
will not happen overnight. Keep the persistent and it will get

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
This is to be expected. They do have a small blatters, but most importantly
you need to see the signs of them having to go to the bathroom. Normally
they will go in just about the same areas so when you see him sniffing and
walking around that area you need to react quickly. Also remember that
10-30 mins after they eat they need to go out side to potty and dont let
them back in until they do so. It will get better as they get older. Heck
my puppy just had an accident yesterday. She can old

Автор Tiffany Weaver ( назад)
I just got a husky puppy for my birthday present, he is now 14 weeks old I
have been kennel training him by putting him in the kennel when I leave to
go some where and at nights and letting him go out first thing the next
morning or as soon as I get home. I live in an apartment and he isn't doing
bad with kennel training but when I take him out throughout the day which
is about 4 or 5 time a day he still pees on the carpet and poops and it
drives me crazyyyy. My apartment is new. Please help!!

Автор iLoveNarutoDuh ( назад)
She's beautiful. I have an 8 week old Siberian Husky(purebred) and she
learned Sit, shake and lay down in a day. She's calm but can be stubborn
sometimes. She's so smart :D

Автор PyrooMayn ( назад)
i have a huskey aswell hes 3 now. but the first night we got him he cried
in the cage, we put him in the garage at the time it was empty, he still
cried so we put him outside(where most huskeys prefere) and ever since we
havnt heard a bark from him. he loves it and has a large run for him.. If
you can leave your dog outside during the night if its safe and see how he
feels. they wont get cold they are double coated

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
put now lana and renesmee both sleep in our room. Funny when we set our
alarm, lana runs to our room. This is personal preference. Because he is so
young it is a stage you have to let run its course. Most find success in
same room next to the bed or in a different room with another pet. Good

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
There is nothing common or uncommon about where you leave your pet to
sleep. It is a decision where you choose to have your pet sleep at. Some
people just show tough love and leave their dog outside and allow them to
get use to the surrounding. Some people take a different method and allow
their young pup to stay in same room (kenneled or no kenneled.) I recommend
same room kenneled and then slowly move out the room if you dont plan to
have your pet in the same room. We started this way

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Congratz on the pup. At 8 weeks this to be expected because they are just
(or should just) separated from his siblings and mother. Then he is in a
new unknown environment and that will take some adjustment time. I would
recommend that when in kennel they do better they be in the same room with
you for at least 2 weeks or in another room with another dog. I really good
tip is having him next to your bed. Renesmee is right next to my side of
the bed. She whimpered for 2 days but then it stopped.

Автор Audimaro ( назад)
My Siberian husky is 8 weeks old. He's been extremely good as far as potty
training goes. However he tends to cry throughout the night. My wife's
pregnant and needs her sleep. I get up to walk him outside. Is it common to
leave them in a cage in the living room outside our bedroom at night? We
tried leaving him in the room and he just cries throughout the night.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
that words for you. My video is proof that my method of training works for
me, however they may not work for you. Training is to build and strengthen
your relationship with your pet. While i don't mind opinions, i will not
tolerate inexperienced people offending my methods and as well as others.
We can agree to disagree, but not I or you will try to force you opinion on
someone nor insult them.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
To my subscribers, fans, sib owenrs, and future sib owners: I first would
like to thank you for your comments, questions, and viewing my channel. Our
intent is to pass on free knowledge and tips to help you have a better
relationship with your sib. Every now and then we will get childish,
un-knowledgeable, and inexperienced people that want to express their
opinion, which are fine. Understand that opinions are just that and even my
methods/tips are not absolute. You will have to find a method

Автор effinretards ( назад)
Thank you for this. The video was done in a professional way :) im getting
my husky pup soon, ill look forward to using this.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Also I have been a trainer for over 25yrs and my father has been a trainer
for more than 35yrs with government contracts for dog training throughout
the United States and has over 12 school throughout the east coast. How
many training schools do you have? How much training experience do you have
in teaching?Once again not saying everyone will agree with all methods and
even that one method is right for all, but foolish for anyone to call
someone's success and methods a "fool" the real fool is u.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
I suppose the "fool" are those who thing one way is the correct way vs. a
method that works for them. Higher standards are a matter of opinion and
those who dont think that are the real "fool". Amazing how the"fool" cesar
Milan is a world respected by world class trainers and animal psychologist.
Oh lets not forget has made millions through is method of training, books,
and programs. How about you? What have you done? I say if he is a "fool"
and his success, then let me be right with him.

Автор Poiqtube ( назад)
People can use whatever word or cue they want to train their dog. A trainer
however, is held to a higher standard. I would expect any fool to "chhht"
their dog (thanks to Cesar Milan) but expect much better communication
between a trainer and his dog.

Автор Poiqtube ( назад)
Clicker is used to mark behavior - if used properly. Most people (and a lot
of bad trainers) unwittingly use it as a "release" marker. IMO, every dog
should be trained in both verbal and hand signals. It makes their lives a
lot better when they get elderly and hard of hearing. Every dog should be
trained with traditional commands in addition to any personal commands you
choose to use. That way, if you get killed by a bus your dog can be
successfully rehomed with transferable obedience trng.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
my apologies i read wrong

Автор Poiqtube ( назад)
What are you freaking about? I wrote they "require advanced training for
off leash". Also explained they are independant and love to explore. They
ARE very smart, quick learners. It is the failure of owners that don't put
the work into training them that gives them a bad rap. People are lazy...
want a dog that naturally follows obediently and a husky is not that dog.
That does not mean they are hard to train; they are spirited. Do the work,
get the result. And YES I'm a husky owner.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
lana is fine and this is fine. I dont recommend anyone leaving their dog
out above 80F (my vets agree) and this is the desert heat and not tropical
heat. Despite cold or warm weather a dog needs plenty of water. Once again
...do some research and have experience!

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
looked at shelter and found dog reports on sibs why and how they are
founds. Owners reported they ran out the door or got off the leash and
never seen them again. 70% of missing sibs reported that they ran out the
house/car or gotten off the leash. Despite calling them back they continue
to run (what they are bred for). I mean wtf...i would delete your harmful
posts but real sib owners will read just how far off you really are and how
little you really know! I live in las vegas and at 80 F

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Where are you getting this lack of knowledge from. Very one that owns a sib
will tell you it is VERY important and require to do training with sibs for
off leash training. You must never or don't own a sib. Do some reading,
research and have great deal of experience before you try to give people
wrong advice. Sibs are bred to run and without proper recall training they
will do just that. Why you think so many people ask how to off leash
training without your dog running? Then you have never

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
little research on verbal and non verbal commands. There are lots of videos
here on sled training commands as well as non verbal dog commands here.
Very naive to say non verbal commands or wrong or that you have to use a
specific "word" for training command.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
on sleds use verbal commands that we not understand for sled training like
kissing sounds which mean speed up, faster, whoa means stop, haw: turn left
Kee: turn right. This is both verbal and non verbal commands for what they
are bred to do NOT because someone thing they are lazy. These are common
commands but not all commands. Once again BOTH verbal and non verbal. To
limit your dog or yourself to just one set or type of commands is your
choice but is NOT the right or wrong way. Try doing a

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
learned from chose to train you using those methods, doen't mean that if
you use different methods it would be incorrect. I train many people and
some people are mute, meaning they have to use other ways of communicating
because they cannot verbally. That why if you did your proper research you
will know that there are training methods that use no verbals but clickers
and other sound. Understand how diverse training can and should be. Lana
goes off of verbal and non verbal commands. Siberian

Автор Poiqtube ( назад)
Huskies are brilliant but do require advanced training for off leash
because they are independant and love to explore. Not the type of dog to
follow the owner like an obedient puppy without trainn (like most labs,
shepherds, etc.). Not hard to teach at all but not easy dogs. Very smart.
High temperatures are NOT good. They start to get uncomfortable around 70
and over 80 you can expect a VERY uncomfortable dog.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
I do apologize if your opinion you think i am a lazy training. I find it
odd that if i am lazy, how is it that my pet and training methods can
understand more than one command? Also if i am that "lazy" why are you
bothering commenting or looking at my videos. I did state that not everyone
will agree with my methods and you must do what works for you. There is no
one way is the RIGHT and only way. Any training that tell you that and you
believe them ...makes you very naive. The trainers you have

Автор Poiqtube ( назад)
Also, the obedience commands make you look like you are communicating with
your dog vs reacting to it. Instead of "chhht" you say "Lana leave it
alone." She hears "leave it" and leaves and people think it is amazing. Or
"Leave it and come here and sit" and she hears "leave it, come, sit". You
look more like a team than a dog and owner struggling for dominance.

Автор Poiqtube ( назад)
That make you a lazy TRAINER. Sure, all that is okay for the average pet
owner, but if you fancy yourself as a "trainer" and are going to teach
obedience then you are held to a higher standard. You used "chhht" instead
of "leave it" and also instead of "off". The same for using "no" instead of
a proper obedience command; just as bad as saying "chhhht". In fact, every
trainer I have ever learned from made it a rule that we could not say "no"
in class because it was lazy.

Автор med alg ( назад)
thanks a lot

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
any command you chose and replace what ever word or sound you wish. Leave
it command can be just "no" or Leave it or what ever word or sound you
choose. There is no right or wrong command as long as you use the same
command. Example: I will say "no" or "chht" when i want her to leave
something along or want her to stop what she is doing. I will call lana or
snap my thumbs to recall her.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Sibs that are not trained in Recall are most likely to take off and could
be a challenge to get them back. It is not advised to let your sib off
leash until they have the recall down 100% or in a fenced in area. I live
in las vegas, however it is not advised to leave your sib outside in temps
over 78 degrees F. They can handle weather as cold as -75F but warmer
temps. it not the best thing for them.

Автор Poiqtube ( назад)
At what point did "chhhhhhhht!!!" replace the "leave it" command in
obedience training?

Автор NairForce2293 ( назад)
Dont just give her the treat as soon as she shts make her wait a bit before
giving it, and change it up when she does sit but the treat in front of her
wait then give her the comand to take it. just my opinon

Автор med alg ( назад)
i heard they run away if u let them off leash and they r very stubborn and
hard to teach ...and another question is it true they can manage high
temperature thanks a lot and what a beautiful husky ;)

Автор Brian ramirez ( назад)
this helped hope mine becomes as obedient as yours

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
Remember too, that the goal when giving a command is to stay it once.
Repeating the command over, and over again in order for your dog to obey is
not achieving the goal. Remember that all commands need to be firm and same
tone always. No command needs to be the same as sit or stay. If you choose
to use clickers or whatever then do so. Remember the training needs to be

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
couple of feet away. If she stays, you call her, praise, and reward. Now
you are working on stay, recall, and distractions. Remember this will/could
take some time so be patient.

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
The same way that you reward and praise her for sitting you will do for the
command stay. Now with stay you will have her sit, (no treat , no praise)
then next command will be stay. Start off with the "stay" command right in
front of her for about 10 secs. Once achieved then praise and reward. So
run the two commands together before giving reward and praise. Remember
that you dont give a treat every time they accomplish it. As she understand
stay, then you say stay, turn your back, walk a

Автор jarmenaaron tng ( назад)
Hey man , i adobted a one year old female husky , and i tried to train her
to sit , but she just sits for awhile after getting the treats , how do i
make her stay put?

Автор kocaelwe88 ( назад)
I'm having trouble hearing some parts :s

Автор deputycorps69 ( назад)
congrats on your sib. This really depends on you and your sib. If you are
training twice a day for about 1 hour or less. Potty training really doesnt
take long at all , its finding the time to take them out with yoru work
schedule is the challenge and feeding times.

Автор SmileyCamila ( назад)
I am potentially going to be buying a siberian husky as I have wanted one
for a long time. Are they difficult/challenging to train? How long did it
take for your dog to be potty trained and to learn basic commands?

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