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Автор Brandon Cheney (1 год)
i have a husky lab retriever and she is the meanest dog i have ever had
shes only 6 months old right now and getting better shes to stubborn that
comes with the husky i guess :P

Автор ceaira's videos (6 месяцев)
Its hard for me to train my dog and im a pre-teen.

Автор safiyah boop (7 месяцев)
thanks so much and i know its hard but we need to keep trying

Автор safiyah boop (7 месяцев)
and the best train for huskys ever ive got one siberian husky

Автор SHARPSHOOTERO28 (9 месяцев)
Thank u finally my dog will listen to me!!!!

Автор Terraia Fun (9 месяцев)
Thank you :)

Автор Kasonas (8 месяцев)
Thanks for the video. I'm so impressed at how good your sibe listens. I
have a Samoyed, and they are similar. I want to be able to train her off
leash, but her recall is far from 100%. I like your tips and will work with
her some more.

Автор Aaron Sandland (11 месяцев)
love you man!

Автор John Karnish (11 месяцев)
Just had to put my Sibe down in March. Just got fully accepted by a local
Husky Rescue and hope to get my new best friend soon. I found Duke (My
past husky) was very obedient when I had a treat. However, he was smart
enough to figure out when I had and I didn't and he didn't always
co-operate without a treat. However, he was the sweetest dog I ever had and
I miss him so much. I want to spend more time training this next one and
try to train him to pass to be a therapy dog. 

Автор Jessica Chavarria (1 год)
I'm having trouble with mine.. he is 9 weeks old but he's so smart.. he
sometimes decides to not do the command such as sit and just goes for the
treat. I don't let him have the treat but he still won't do the command.
Sometimes he even just walks away and ignores me! Help please!!

Автор Emogal1991 (1 год)
I struck lucky with my husky, right from the star she was easy to train,
even off her lead I've never had any problems, the only real problem I have
is the fact she thinks she's a gardener. Taking plants out of their pots
and replacing them with bricks.

Автор mikeyzedify (1 год)
You have a lovely dog 

Автор Lilly101JLUK (1 год)
i jus got a husky.shes about 6-8months.. I dont know much about her history
with the original owner. Im trying to train her and got some doggie treats
but she didnt want it, So i bought a better brand and she still doesnt want
it..when i let her in the backyard she jus lays out there all day and she
dosent want to come back inside..the only way she'll come back in is if I
put the leash on her then she'll follow...sometimes.. how do i train If she
doesnt want the rewards?

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
Also I have been a trainer for over 25yrs and my father has been a trainer
for more than 35yrs with government contracts for dog training throughout
the United States and has over 12 school throughout the east coast. How
many training schools do you have? How much training experience do you have
in teaching?Once again not saying everyone will agree with all methods and
even that one method is right for all, but foolish for anyone to call
someone's success and methods a "fool" the real fool is u.

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
on sleds use verbal commands that we not understand for sled training like
kissing sounds which mean speed up, faster, whoa means stop, haw: turn left
Kee: turn right. This is both verbal and non verbal commands for what they
are bred to do NOT because someone thing they are lazy. These are common
commands but not all commands. Once again BOTH verbal and non verbal. To
limit your dog or yourself to just one set or type of commands is your
choice but is NOT the right or wrong way. Try doing a

Автор jackson jones (1 год)
mate my husky puppy is 15 weeks weighs 35 lbs and is very dominate check
my channel please watch and comment what you think

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
Sibs that are not trained in Recall are most likely to take off and could
be a challenge to get them back. It is not advised to let your sib off
leash until they have the recall down 100% or in a fenced in area. I live
in las vegas, however it is not advised to leave your sib outside in temps
over 78 degrees F. They can handle weather as cold as -75F but warmer
temps. it not the best thing for them.

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
did you NOT READ vet appointments?! Furthermore Siberians were highly
subjected to hip dyspepsia and cataracts because of over breeding about 10
years ago. It is still a concern but is it not no where near as high
(reportedly) as it was 10 years ago. This also has to do with the VET
knowing what they are looking for, food diet, supplements, exercise, and

Автор TheSaske85 (1 год)
help me my dog dosen't do any tricks wathever i give him

Автор Panoramic Kid (2 года)
The American Kennel Club doesn't approve anything. They just keep a
registry of pure bred dogs and the winners are the best quality. You can
purchase a breeder's license from your city (90% people don't). They just
want the money every year and don't check homes. Huskies are supposed to
have eye/hip checks and I'm sure he doesn't do that. He's a backyard
breeder considering he's living in a complex instead of having a home with
a kennel.

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
nor did i mention how dogs have puppies or how they eat. Some information
is a given if you know what your doing. Understand this, your "health
guarantee" is saying three things:1. That the sire and dam are in good
health with no per-existing conditions and have been cleared for breeding
2. That the puppies have no existing health issues and have a good bill of
health at the point and the vet has clear them, however doesn't guarantee
that there wont be any problems from lack of shots, diet and

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
you said 2-5 years gnt for no defects in dog. I said to you no one does
that regardless of what you say. Defect will be known within the first 6
months to a year not 2- 5 years. Health guarantee as you say can go down
hill if the owners fail to give proper care. So i am not confused but
reading what you are typing. Maybe you should read a little closer for

Автор Dalila Arizmendi (2 года)
i hear that siberian huskies like to wander off if theyre not leashed or
fenced. how did you get your pup to stay and not run off??

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
You have had 2 sibs, where as i have owned, raised, trained and bred, more
than 35 huskies and countless other breeds. I agree that they need space,
however to say then "need" a yard i disagree with because i have owned
huskies, including the two i have now in apartments. I agree that it sounds
like they may be in a small area but i don't think he means they stay there
24hours. Secondly i dont want to assume how large or small that areas is
because we just dont know. We have not been to his

Автор Panoramic Kid (2 года)
We're on the topic of a HEALTH guarantee, not a LIFE guarantee in terms of
genetic defects. You should have been able to understand that. You're
confusing yourself by all means. I never stated a breeder could predict the
responsibilty of a dog owner. I'm fully aware of breeders keeping in
contact with the owner(s). That's how you check up on the dogs and make
sure your breeding program is successful.

Автор E2KPRODUCTIONS (2 года)
You seem like a great Dog owner, and very patient - thumbs up buddy!

Автор holako55 (3 года)
hi am from kuwait, i have a siberian husky 4 months old so just wanna ask u
when its the right age to train the dog? am facing a problem with going to
the bathroom its doin' it everywhere /;

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
thank you for clarifying to me that you really don't know what your talking
about. No breeder would make a guarantee because lack of proper health,
diet, exercise, environment and normal vet appointments cause health issue
and even death with any breed. A breeder cannot predict the responsibility
of another owner but a breeder would take steps such as contacts to ensure
that he/she are doing what they can to ensure the best outcome for the dog
as i listed above.

Автор dkandreasprip (3 года)
i can tell your dog is very well trained you have definitely done a good job

Автор jarmenaaron tng (2 года)
Hey man , i adobted a one year old female husky , and i tried to train her
to sit , but she just sits for awhile after getting the treats , how do i
make her stay put?

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
Playful biting/nipping is something that you want to get under control.
First you might want to start off with buying plenty of chew toys. Please
understand what you vet by hit him. She didn't mean in a aggressive or
abusive manner but as a corrections. Your dog should never fear you and if
your hitting a pet to the point where they fear you then this is wrong. If
he doesn't come in when you call him then most likely he fears you now. I
would say nap but use a firm voice to say no! no striking.

Автор deputycorps69 (3 года)
Thank you, i would recommend you email me using youtubes email. This way it
keeps my personal email clear and less confusing

Автор deputycorps69 (1 год)
any dog can be trained to do just about what you want them to do. The
question is can you train them and have the patience to train them? There
are some things to over come with a husky outside bound. Digging is one and
escaping is the other.

Автор mada haryoto (2 года)
This sort of movie is why I look at Youtube. They consistently cause me to
grin. HOWEVER the large majority of everyday people are incrementally
KILLING their pet dogs (without realizing it)! The shit commercial dog food
companies use into pet food provokes cancer malignancy and makes most dogs
die early. I came to understand the challenging way when my doggie died
aged 5. To avoid wasting your dog's life do a search for Double Life Dog
Diet (Google it.)

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
with all due respect...that is just stupid. You breed a dog (when you are
knowledgeable , experience, have plan, good homes for them to go to, and
have the finances to do so) to keep the breed around ,thriving and for that
champion bloodline. Do it responsibly and ensure you are not over breeding.

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
There is nothing common or uncommon about where you leave your pet to
sleep. It is a decision where you choose to have your pet sleep at. Some
people just show tough love and leave their dog outside and allow them to
get use to the surrounding. Some people take a different method and allow
their young pup to stay in same room (kenneled or no kenneled.) I recommend
same room kenneled and then slowly move out the room if you dont plan to
have your pet in the same room. We started this way

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
my apologies i read wrong

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
yes, however let me express a word of caution. Sibs are big dogs with
little dog minds...meaning the sometimes dont realize how big they really
are. Also sibs do have a prey drive so just keep an eye out and ensure you
have supervised playtime to correct any misbehavior.

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
No problem. Thank you for being a responsible sib. owners. Let me say this
as well, though i dont like referring pets as or to humans, but think of it
this was. When i child learns to potty train, there will be accidents put
eventually with reward, praise, corrections and persistence they get it.

Автор Poiqtube (2 года)
What are you freaking about? I wrote they "require advanced training for
off leash". Also explained they are independant and love to explore. They
ARE very smart, quick learners. It is the failure of owners that don't put
the work into training them that gives them a bad rap. People are lazy...
want a dog that naturally follows obediently and a husky is not that dog.
That does not mean they are hard to train; they are spirited. Do the work,
get the result. And YES I'm a husky owner.

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
Now when he doesn't nipple and bit then use praise and/or reward. He is a
pup and pups bit and nipple on their siblings. I would even say he is too
young for you to have. He should have never been let go to your home until
he was at least 8-10 weeks but that is nor here or there. You may have to
work just a little bit more towards praise and reward if your dog is not
coming to you . I would assume that he fears you now.

Автор eric Burtron (1 год)
use small steps. to get him to sit, first try to get his butt lowered, then
on the ground (may require pushing), then get him to stay like that without
looking at the treat. It will take time, but huskies are worth it.

Автор Tiffany Weaver (2 года)
I just got a husky puppy for my birthday present, he is now 14 weeks old I
have been kennel training him by putting him in the kennel when I leave to
go some where and at nights and letting him go out first thing the next
morning or as soon as I get home. I live in an apartment and he isn't doing
bad with kennel training but when I take him out throughout the day which
is about 4 or 5 time a day he still pees on the carpet and poops and it
drives me crazyyyy. My apartment is new. Please help!!

Автор Panoramic Kid (2 года)
Many health problems won't show up until after 2 years of age. Breeders I
know have those guarantees, they've been breeding for 10-20 years. Without
proper care any animal's health will go down. A health guarantee will cover
the hips, eyes and hereditary disorders. Your response displays the
confusion you have.

Автор deputycorps69 (1 год)
Please review some of the other comments where i have disclosed training

Автор Panoramic Kid (2 года)
I'm mentioning of a 2-5 or more years gaurentee of no defects in the dog.

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
I will assume that if you are leaving for a day or so for vacation that you
have a dog sitter. Someone to check on your dog, walk your dog, feed your
dog, etc. I hope that your comment is not implying that you will get
another sib (2) to keep them company while you are gone. Despite another
sib they still need someone to check in on them and do normal day to day
stuff with them.

Автор deputycorps69 (2 года)
Congratz on the pup. At 8 weeks this to be expected because they are just
(or should just) separated from his siblings and mother. Then he is in a
new unknown environment and that will take some adjustment time. I would
recommend that when in kennel they do better they be in the same room with
you for at least 2 weeks or in another room with another dog. I really good
tip is having him next to your bed. Renesmee is right next to my side of
the bed. She whimpered for 2 days but then it stopped.

Автор deputycorps69 (3 года)
@JonesyBoyy Training your dog not to bite at a puppy stage is important. I
call it dog manners. IF you don't correct it now then it will continue and
possible get worst as they get older. Be firm and tell your puppy NO! Do
not play, do not say "good girl" afterwards. I had to at times with other
breeds but them in a crate for 2 mins. Some don't agree with the method and
i use it at extreme cases only.

Автор Jade Miller (2 года)
I'm getting my first husky puppy in 6 weeks and I am looking forward to
training it using positive reinforcement method along with clicker
training. I'm super excited! :D Also this is a sweet video, yo!

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