JibJab.com: "2-0-5" 2005 Year In Review


This hilarious animation takes a funny look at 2005 and lists everything that made that year so eventful, then turns tragedy into comedy with our trademark political humor!

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Просмотров: 1337521
Длительность: 2:26
Комментарии: 2865

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Автор Preston Thompson ( назад)
Still a better president than Donald Trump would be.

Автор Vladpryde ( назад)
Man, this shit really takes me back. Good times.

Автор Garip Kanal ( назад)

Автор Frank G ( назад)
Bush was so great for Jib Jab.. Why aren't they putting Trump stuff up???
I think he is a great Jib Jab candidate..

Автор McMikeboy ( назад)
Real song name?

Автор Deejaysanji 1992 ( назад)
nice one

Автор Kiki Yuyu ( назад)
I'm gonna watch the whole series and travel through time!

Автор vengencefrom1979 ( назад)

Автор Wicked Ice King ( назад)
Wow this video came out on my birthday... Just noticed that

Автор Растко ( назад)
Can't believe this was 10 years ago, wow lol.

Автор Quiet Gamer ( назад)
People dont realize how true that is for every president, regardless of
how good or bad they are in the eyes of certain political parties

Автор Sharkheadgirl ( назад)
say "that" again

Автор ron holt ( назад)
sounds like this year 10 years later we have similar problims

Автор Preston Thompson ( назад)
"Each week I make $1.73."

Автор Vlad Putin ( назад)
Surprised they didn't mention Brad Pitt cheating on his wife the only 5
minutes of the news he could get a break

Автор Preston Thompson ( назад)
I love how the pirates were shooting at a cruise ship. It was a CARGO

Автор DS ( назад)
Original song name?

Автор ‫אתאיסט יהודי The atheist Jew‬‎ ( назад)
These people seem to be rather pro-Bush...

Автор Preston Thompson ( назад)
He might not be remembered for the most inspirational reasons, but he will
always be remembered.

Автор Wally Hutton ( назад)
Swear at 2:24 someone is gargling

Автор Zach Martin ( назад)
This brings back some nice memories. haha

Автор DiscoStu421 ( назад)
Whats the songs name?

Автор barfbrany ( назад)
does any one notice that jibjab knocks the left side more then the right
side of the isle in these songs

Автор Ian Thomas ( назад)
What a terrible year..... In fact one of the worst I've ever lived through.
Not just because of what was pointed out here but for me personally. 

Автор Henry Marquez ( назад)
What can I say... Its catchy tune :3 Tell you what Bush, you actually sing
every word of this song I will vote for you if you run for presidency 

Автор Zoe Mull ( назад)
What is the original song?

Автор NP ( назад)
This is seriously 240p?

Автор 360Nomad ( назад)
Next year will be the 10th Anniversary of this...

Автор Lia Kinney ( назад)
AND I WAS BORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор CodeNameV ( назад)
#GamerGate was such a waste of time as it is a complete non-issue. 

Автор Place For Homes Inc. ( назад)
Should that be 2006

Автор TheDigiSeviper ( назад)
that again

Автор DJ Jesus.He Died for your spins ( назад)
Idk why but nostalgia hits me like a truck when i open year in reviews from
jibjab that are older than 2012

Автор Victim of Lag ( назад)
holy... Jip-Jab predicted the Housing Market was going to crash at 1:00.
That's amazing.

Автор Joseph Womer ( назад)
It starts and ends as Auld Lang Syne.

Автор Joseph Womer ( назад)
Did they just mix "Turkey in the Straw" with "Auld Lang Syne?"

Автор Joseph Womer ( назад)
2-0-6? Why not just say 20-0-6 and 20-0-5?

Автор Joseph Gallucci ( назад)
His voice sounds like the real Bush.

Автор Enofel / ( назад)
This message was from three months ago too, if JibJab still has their
hearts into these songs for 2013 YIR, going to be a masterpiece with the
material they have to work with

Автор Peter ( назад)
Starts off as 'Auld Lang Syne' and turns into 'Turkey in the Straw'

Автор Arm15445 ( назад)
What is the song that this is a parody of

Автор JHDelorme1 ( назад)
This was a good one. It's been stuck in my head since it came out, haha.

Автор Jimmy Friedke ( назад)
lol i want my own jibjab video

Автор Elijha 717 ( назад)
President doesn't control this economy the peoole do, so the idiot people
Lazy ass americans, bread and circuses buddies. The people have the power
yet they use it stupidly and or let the gov butt fuck them.

Автор DustinOffAClassic ( назад)
It's really weird seeing a sympathetic view of Bush (like the image of him
holding the world), because idiots today can all unironically nod their
heads and claim that Bush destroyed the world single-handedly. He wasn't a
good president. He was a bad president. But he was merely a cog in the
machine that turned the economy to crap and destabilized parts of the world.

Автор Limped ( назад)
they forgot the birth of YouTube.

Автор Sith Lord Revan ( назад)
Could you do any better I ask you, it's so very easy to criticize somebody
who is the leader when they do as you view it poorly. But think of it this
way could you do any better in his shoes be honest

Автор actiontanker ( назад)
the pirates in somali part, i swear i heard the mw2 barret sound

Автор Nimbus Yosh ( назад)
Worst year EVER

Автор dookienoob ( назад)
1:18 ;_; I know bush :( you tried everything you could buddy :(

Автор Largo2629 ( назад)
My friend and I go around singing this at school. Everyone just stares at

Автор Maeve Ballantine ( назад)
They're gonna have a field day for 2013

Автор Melissa LoCicero ( назад)
Bush wasn't an asshole. You have to be intelligent to be an asshole. Bush
was just STUPID. VERY, VERY, VERY stupid. Like, chronically stupid. That's
why he was such a horrible president. He didn't know how to run a country.
I mean, I'm not saying that it's not his fault that he ruined lives, but he
was an idiot.

Автор Jonah Marks ( назад)
bush was an asshole

Автор ExplainingEverything ( назад)
Tom DeLay had a lot of shit coming at him back in the day.

Автор keisha24100 ( назад)
I think Tom delay was a representative that was arrested for laundering
money..I think. Scooter Libby was charged with false statements during the
valarie plame scandal back in 2005!

Автор NuklearHell ( назад)
quick question, imma sound like dumbass probably, but who is tom delay and
scooter libby?

Автор AJloverftw32 ( назад)
ive got no clue at all...but as he said in the song, he would stabilize
iraq a second time :/

Автор Ben livengood ( назад)
You can say the same thing about Carter,Johnson and Obama....He wasn't
perfect but he was better then some.Low gas prices a unemployment rate of
five(which stayed the same under his presidency, sometimes even getting
lower)he added four trillion to the national debt in eight years unlike
Obama's six trillion in four years and unemployment rate of eight(The
highest was ten and the only reason it went down is because so many
Americans stopped looking for work)I felt save with Bush..

Автор Pokemonpatty ( назад)
Bush was a shitty president.

Автор Ben livengood ( назад)
He's political party was put in power by the CIA (Arab Socialist Ba'ath
Party) the British government put him in power when his party won,because
the previous president had tried to be 'neutral' and the US felt there was
no such thing as 'neutral' in an oil rich country during the cold war. We
gave the people of the country the weapons to over throw the government,but
they took them. That was Jimmy Carter's biggest mess up..And that was in
the 70s how could they keep that stuff for thirty years?

Автор AJloverftw32 ( назад)
and wanna know the funny story? it was the US that put saddam in office and
supplied him with military tech, gg USA...

Автор Ben livengood ( назад)
Four countries proved they did. Britain, France, Israel,and of course us.
And they used the chemicals on villagers in Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan.
There is proof they got them from the governments controlled by Al-Qaeda,
There is proof they used them on the people I said. We never found them
when we went over there because they "used them", we destroyed the rest....

Автор AJloverftw32 ( назад)
sure you didn't...

Автор Peter ( назад)
It wasn't his call though.

Автор Fusion X963 ( назад)
Last time I checked i didn't care 1 ****ing bit

Автор AJloverftw32 ( назад)
last time i checked they never found any chemicals for war...

Автор Ben livengood ( назад)
The president doesn't tell them where to attack that's the Generals job.
And the senate and house of representatives voted for it. And they weren't
making Antibiotics they where making chemicals for war..

Автор AJloverftw32 ( назад)
very funny man but im being serious here cause it would not have been
necerssary to carpet bomb the capital to rubble...like he did in iraq, he
bombed a weaponsfactory and guess what? the weapons factory was actually
producing anti biotics...

Автор Cristian Colon ( назад)
What would you have done? Invite them to ride ponies?

Автор Cristian Colon ( назад)
Not Hillary...

Автор AJloverftw32 ( назад)
by bombing innocent people in afghanistan?....yeahh....

Автор Skepti Skunk ( назад)
Poor Obama. He looks so tired and stressed out. You know the #1 worst job
to have is being the POTUS. I hope Hilary runs again, or someone similar.
Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin only made women in government look bad.
But I digress. Maybe it's time further USA to have (good) female President.

Автор mcninja2000 ( назад)
What song is this?

Автор brandonman24 ( назад)
same here. After all, he did deal with one of the worst terrorists attacks
in America

Автор arizonatsunami ( назад)
Is that first reporter John McEnroe?

Автор AJloverftw32 ( назад)
well he did fuck up alot :P

Автор Clader213 ( назад)
Welcome to the internet >:)

Автор kwmkman37 ( назад)
America better than canada

Автор SailorV1234 ( назад)
true. people just like to call it North America since it's connected to a
couple of our states.

Автор asqw37pickle ( назад)
Still the best Jib Jab "Year in Review"

Автор LordOn64 ( назад)
Don't tell me you actually consider it's a 'free world'

Автор xdizzy12 ( назад)
Little known fact. Canada is in America. Yeah, shocking, I know.

Автор Dangeresquelover ( назад)
I'm glad I'm not American, I'm proud to be a Canadian

Автор J. Robert Oppenheimer ( назад)
good ol' bush

Автор ShadowBloodTheXIII ( назад)

Автор TheChannelOfReaver ( назад)
Mine was a line-rider map.

Автор MasterLoopy The Dog ( назад)
I am a big fan of George W. bush

Автор Silver Icetail ( назад)
The bright days is when jibjab makes a new year review. <3

Автор tnhl77 ( назад)
no matter what party you subscribe to it isn't easy being president

Автор tnhl77 ( назад)
things are still the same apparently

Автор stryderzer0 ( назад)
Wow, '2-0-13' seems to be going down the same kind of path, just with obama
as president

Автор greenelephant1231 ( назад)
camel milk

Автор acephantom903 ( назад)
Yup. I'm even less a fan of Obama, but I have to keep in mind that he has
worse than Bush had...

Автор Ben Burleson ( назад)
Those were better times...

Автор The Definite Article ( назад)
George Bush is an idiot, he probably thought it was year 206. I think
that's why they did that.

Автор Insight200801 ( назад)
shouldn't that be 2006 and not 206? like 2 double ot 6 or 20-O-6!

Автор NachBaliye 42 ( назад)
The Indian man looks like my brother; funny, I lived near the Taj Mahal.

Автор George Lopez ( назад)
good question

Автор George Lopez ( назад)
i fell for them all, even if i disagree with their pollicies

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