JibJab.com: "2-0-5" 2005 Year In Review


This hilarious animation takes a funny look at 2005 and lists everything that made that year so eventful, then turns tragedy into comedy with our trademark political humor!

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Просмотров: 1,209,326
Добавлено: 6 лет
Длительность: 2:26
Комментарии: 3197

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Автор Biggs Darklighter (2 месяца)
what song is being covered? 

Автор Anders Mostue (2 месяца)
how did we survive with that president in charge?

Автор Hagaishi Sama (3 месяца)
I love how funny this video is but its very sad that Bush jacked up the US
for decades to come!

Автор Batman (6 месяцев)
Fucking Dirty and Evil US Terrorist. Why hasn't the Fraud ICC nabbed this
Dirty American Scum Terrorist yet? Or do they only harass men with beards
and people whose skin tones are of a darker shade? Fucking Frauds.

Автор Robert West (1 месяц)
Why can't we just be a country that minds it's own business.

Автор Chris Jay (4 месяца)
I think this Jib Jab video makes a really good point.. People shit on every
President that America has and meanwhile it's true.. They have to deal with
every problem in the world.. it's a huge fucking job that nobody really
fully understands.

P.s. I am Canadian and fully respect what the USA is trying to do..
although I think you guys need to calm down your copyright laws.

Автор jaykia (4 месяца)
To think, even Jib Jab knew the housing bubble was going to pop 2 years
before it happened. Funny. 

Автор Luis R (7 месяцев)
When this video came I was 5 years old

Автор Michael Nowell (3 месяца)
2005 was a great year!

Автор Jose Arellano (4 месяца)
The Kashmir earthquake, death of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI as new
pope, and the first person to get cured of HIV were bin in 2005, too.

Автор Rebgel Groves (4 месяца)
I was 10 in 2005 wow

Автор Ordinary Maddie (6 месяцев)
240p we meet again

Автор Lillian Griffin (20 дней)
I can imagine Obama singing this song in the next review in 2014.

Автор mplayer1021 (3 месяца)
1:00 "the housing market is just about to pop"...... Interesting lyric drop
for 2005

Автор griffen bielby (7 месяцев)
what... the... fuck... did... i... just...watch...

Автор dos anj (6 месяцев)
Change a few names and it's Canada in 2014! 

Автор Alpha Kretin (7 месяцев)
I only WISH we lived in such simple times.

Автор shikidaman (5 месяцев)
SPOILER ALERT!!! it doesn't get much better 

Автор John Graves (6 месяцев)
The lowest unemployment obama has had was the first day he took office with
7.6%. ... Gosh and look at our debt and our messed up healthcare system and
the NSA !!! And the IRS scandal and ap gate and the fast and furious fiasco
and the whole Syria controversy ... Yup bush was way better he might not
have been perfect but bush was by far better and don't obama didn't do crap
and stop blaming it on bush it been 5 years so many presidents have done
far better and in just 4

Автор Igor Pijevac (6 месяцев)

Автор ultrastarwarsfan (5 месяцев)
I wish they used a similar mechanic for Obama in 2013. 

Автор kingBRANDONcastle (7 месяцев)
Best one

Автор Daniel Sanchez (6 месяцев)
Miss Him Yet? yep

Автор gabe dranow (7 месяцев)
At the very end you can hear a guy gurgling water

Автор Scott Blackmon (2 года)
It's been 6 years since 2005. The more things change the more things stay
the same.....

Автор drayton hancock (5 месяцев)
What song is the made from

Автор Luis R (7 месяцев)

Автор Matthew Bair (6 месяцев)
He has an suv i have a wrx

Автор soxy72 (3 месяца)
You know it's an old video when you see "Add us on myspace" in the

Автор Jonathan Menges (6 месяцев)
eh..(said this a the beginning.)

Автор 777onster777 (6 месяцев)
Bush was still a better president than Obama.

Автор Alex Lousteau (2 месяца)
So catchy ^^

Автор britishjohn04 (2 месяца)
The golden age of JibJab.

Автор stanly eggmuffn (2 месяца)
still beter then obama

Автор Zuri Robinson (5 месяцев)
Oh, I remember being five years old and not knowing what any of this stuff

Автор Clader213 (1 год)
Welcome to the internet >:)

Автор vincegtn (1 год)
Where is the romney Obama video

Автор mike_otis (1 год)
can anybody tell me what the original song was called?

Автор gamecheat1253 (1 год)
This was the first youtube video i ever saw.

Автор Mr Zark (1 год)
Atleast with Bush you can make all the jokes you want about him without
someone getting upset, and playing the race card.

Автор Joseph Gallucci (8 месяцев)
His voice sounds like the real Bush.

Автор lukutiss1324 (1 год)
Back when JibJab year in review videos were funny...

Автор Insight200801 (1 год)
shouldn't that be 2006 and not 206? like 2 double ot 6 or 20-O-6!

Автор AJloverftw32 (1 год)
last time i checked they never found any chemicals for war...

Автор Ry Cullen (1 год)
you sropprt a pointless war and the ending of medicare. and gm failing and
dont ask dont tell. and you hate eqall pay. fuck you retard

Автор VWman100 (1 год)
The most sense he's made in a single speech. Brilliant. lol.

Автор George Lopez (1 год)
good question

Автор Peter (1 год)
It wasn't his call though.

Автор The Android Next Door (1 год)
Did anyone else notice that at the part where the guy says, "I drive and
SUV and take it in the rump," he actually takes it in the rump?

Автор Peter (9 месяцев)
Starts off as 'Auld Lang Syne' and turns into 'Turkey in the Straw'

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