Dodgeball: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL

Watch the AFC team and NFC team battle it out in a game of dodgeball.

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Просмотров: 2372366
Длительность: 7:18
Комментарии: 1331

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Автор Jay At ( назад)
They should do like a best 2 out of 3 I would like to see more of this

Автор SD Studios ( назад)
Hahaha who saw Von Miller Get out in the first two seconds of the game 😂

Автор Angel Muniz ( назад)
the afc didn't lose when he caught it at 6:38 nobody went in so they still had one person in

Автор Gerret Swearingen ( назад)
brought to you by ESPN 8 the ocho

Автор The beast ( назад)
It's funny

Автор Mark Frodyma ( назад)

Автор MLG Doge ( назад)
Oh no Alex smith don't hit me with the dodgeball!

Oh. You hit the browns

Автор Jarom Pack ( назад)
If I hadn't been told, I would never have guessed they were pro athletes.
That game looked no different from my company's dodgeball tournament. LOL

Автор Carvail ( назад)
Forget the NFL do the NDL.

Автор Adensma ( назад)
NFC might be better at dodgeball but atleast AFC doesn't blow a 28-3 lead in the super bowl

Автор Super Soldier ( назад)
I like this idea of Pro Bowl Skills and the dodgeball game. It is great for some competition and helps hone skills.

Автор thedude362835 ( назад)
oh snap

Автор Amber Robles ( назад)
please don't hit me with a Dodge ball Alex smith

Автор therealist ( назад)
This game is awsome imagine top athletes playing poffessional dodgeball with rules, this game would sell hella fun! How about NBA PG's vs NFL QBs vs MLB pitchers? hot damn!

Автор Matthew Delva ( назад)
Please tell me someone else caught the ESPN 8: the ocho joke.

Автор Jesse Perez ( назад)
elliot good damn

Автор Michael Viksjo ( назад)

Автор Herv3 ( назад)
from now on, this decides overtime

Автор damellman damellman ( назад)
they should have played" steal the bacon" that would have been fun too

Автор Kaleb Wellshear ( назад)
Admit it Chiefs fans, we all just watched Alex Smith And hoped he got out last.

Автор zachari desbiens ( назад)
ESPN "The Ocho"

Автор Sky Mobile ( назад)
Damn, there better dodgeball players than football players

Автор T.Ø.P. Migraine ( назад)
These announcers should be Dodgeball announcers as well

Автор ASPRO Studios ( назад)
$17.5k to play dodgeball.......... count me in!

Автор Mason Dale ( назад)
If they were wearing Atlanta Jerseys, he'd have completed the comeback

Автор Pure Luck ( назад)
@7:01 They say he is still jumping till this day...

Автор dread castle2097 ( назад)
all the Packers fans were talking trash about beating the Cowboys and nobody from Packers made it to the Pro Bowl

Автор Steven Edwards ( назад)
such a terrible sport. the game goes for about 3hrs but the ball is only in play for 11 minutes.

Автор Apa Visinia ( назад)
Don't let the NFC winning in dodgeball distract you from the fact that Zeke left Dez hanging @7:01

Автор mrspikeshaw ( назад)
Wait, they are getting ten thousand dollars to play dodgeball?

Автор Aqua Ali ( назад)
Elliott is a child in a star running backs body😂😂

Автор Darren Maguire ( назад)
They should have Hilton the benefit of the doubt at the end & played on. It's all for fun.

Автор Kim Le ( назад)
That is fun

Автор A Wells ( назад)
Elliot is awsome

Автор Justin Garcia ( назад)
I'm glad they tried this, but this is dumb

Автор North_TragiiKz ( назад)
Why did elliot react like he had downs 😂 hilton straight embarrased them at the end

Автор SSgt Margulis ( назад)
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the future format for next year's Super Bowl Playoffs!

Автор fluffynoses ( назад)
More entertaining than the actual Pro Bowl

Автор R Taylor ( назад)
So TY Hilton making some nice catches without the sticky gloves (credit to him), meanwhile Jarvis Landry who is a huge critic of the sticky gloves getting the credit for great catches, dropped his catch here. hmmmmmm

Автор YourHommyPizzy ( назад)
I’ll sub back to anyone who sub to my channel. Comment done. Tnx

Автор Andrew Anderson ( назад)
T.Y. Hilton vs the world

Автор drrider100 ( назад)
why didn't Harris block that throw? he had two balls in his hands

Автор Eita M ( назад)
lol they know they can throw at the same time, no?

Автор Daniel moschler ( назад)
Lol Elliott can't win in the playoffs but hey he won a dodgeball game 😂

Автор Turner Jensen ( назад)
Most intense game of dodgeball I've ever seen

Автор odvari alexander ( назад)
Sub or like if you watched the game

Автор Nolan Buck, be a hero ( назад)
Whoever set this up doesn't know how to play dodgeball

Автор daring geo ( назад)
odelle Beckham is my favorite

Автор Logan Francis ( назад)
Hahahahha Elliot at the end

Автор Jeremy Kaufman ( назад)
ya elliot

Автор Logan's Land ( назад)
no way nfc qbs got out first haha

Автор Autumn A ( назад)
Love all those smiles from them! Win or lose.

Автор Darthvader TP ( назад)
dodge ball need to be a sport like this I would watch it ever damn season

Автор James Sartorius ( назад)
we got the NFC and the AFC but none of them are a match for KFC

Автор Axemon ( назад)
Is it just me or did Alex Smith get hit and stayed on the field?

Автор Madden Mobile Agony ( назад)

Автор TheThisguy1983 ( назад)
$10,000 to go and play dodgeball?! I'm in the wrong line of work.

Автор RJA ( назад)
Sub to me I will sub back

Автор Jake Arias ( назад)
T.Y always caring about his hat the whole pro bowl

Автор sheldon moss ( назад)
Why does ray Lewis look like he did in street lmao

Автор Clash of clans Game play ( назад)
Odell cheated

Автор Greyven ( назад)
I was skeptical at first, but that was pretty entertaining lol

Автор joel Montoya ( назад)
Dalton even sucks at dodgeball .

Автор MrJoekinggiant74 ( назад)
if only they made an NFL STREET 4 with all these challenges

Автор Shwaun Dizayee ( назад)
yall need to get a refresher on dodgeball rules if someone catches the ball the person is out and a team member is able to come back on the field for the team who catches the ball!

Автор Yu Toob ( назад)
I wanna see them play NFC vs AFC basketball

Автор SavageBonez ( назад)
4:06 "And if we do run out of time, our coverage will continue on ESPN 8 The Ocho"

Автор javier heilig zimmermann ( назад)
that ball that was rolling in the floor desappears at 5:23

Автор Lil Pheyzol ( назад)
Ain't no thing like a Cinderella story bruh.

Автор Nick Long ( назад)
Chris harris is awesome!

Автор olEke29 ( назад)
Andy Dalton out in 1st round again 😂😂😂😂

Автор CLUMZ ( назад)

Автор Aj Lewis ( назад)
T.Y. Is a savage

Автор SlowLoris216 ( назад)

Автор SlowLoris216 ( назад)

Автор SlowLoris216 ( назад)

Автор Chris Gratton ( назад)
Only on ESPN 8 "The Ocho"

Автор Sandor "The Hound" Clegane ( назад)
If they were playing actual dodgeball rules T.Y would've gotten his whole damn team back in

Автор stephcurryawsomeness30 ( назад)
And dez stupid autocorrect

Автор stephcurryawsomeness30 ( назад)
I mean zeke

Автор stephcurryawsomeness30 ( назад)
Go cowboys Zeneca and dak and den are awesome af

Автор James Lowery ( назад)
Dak tho!

Автор Chris Chung ( назад)
This should be turned into variety show

Автор Connor Mahaney ( назад)
I love this. We just want to see them out there having fun.

Автор Patrick Guerra ( назад)
Odell the type of dude to throw a tantrum if he get hit with a dodgeball

Автор David Ritz ( назад)
This is the best idea ever!

Автор Jwxo Weeye ( назад)
ty got them scared 😱

Автор Mia Moore ( назад)
Let's go Colts!

Автор Norris7UK - NBA2K17 ( назад)

Автор jump_jordan23 ( назад)
Ok now calm down Ezekiel its only dodgeball

Автор Zenith ( назад)
Enjoyed watching this more than the ProBowl...

Автор Derek Holmlund ( назад)
dodge ball in the nfl. lame

Автор B0GGIEMAN101 ( назад)
wish other sports would do stuff like this

Автор Iseah Oceguera ( назад)
where is arron rodgers

Автор Homie_Tornado ( назад)
this reminds them their childhood xD

Автор renzo 27 ( назад)
Zeke love being shirtless lol

Автор michael stthomas ( назад)
when you make a catch, doesn't that eliminate the person that threw it and bring one of your guys back in?

Автор Colts SB52 ( назад)
Wow i enjoyed this 10x more than the entire playoffs lol

Автор Colts SB52 ( назад)
We need more of this stuff. It's so cool to see all of the player together like this

Автор Christian White ( назад)
Go Zeak

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