Barbed Cat Penis

For all species of the cat family, mating is painful. It's not the biting that hurts the female, it's the male's penis, which is barbed with 100 tiny hooks.

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Автор YES I AM A TROLL - ARE YOU MAD BRO? (6 дней)
Can you imagine if guys had this? Shit! As if giving birth wasn't painful

Автор Threedog43 (11 дней)
Well this is my wtf for the day.

Автор Unconventionalsenshi (15 дней)
Watch some Japanese porn and hear these bitchez schrieking (usually have to
put it on mute to watch, it's unbearable ;___;). I think they might be
barbed as well.

Автор Frizzy Chrissy (5 месяцев)
So happy im not a female cat! 

Автор DialecticDr (2 месяца)
I didn't know Cats were into Sadomasochism

Автор Melodie MonSha McKay (4 месяца)
i'd turn lesbian if i was a female cat

Автор Alexandria Reeves (2 месяца)
Fuck that shit, legalize lesbian cat marriage. -_-

Автор iceman1731 (16 часов)
And I thought humans had the market cornered on S&M.

Автор MissYellowKatieKat (4 дня)
well I got here from cat captions now it is time to watch something else

Автор Mr.Dino (7 дней)
And women complain about anal sex. wish u werent cats now :D

Автор Hailey Crum (8 дней)
How did I get here

Автор GenMinion (14 дней)
Well that's enough Internet for 1 day.

Автор Katherine Arias (4 месяца)
100 times a day, what theee fuuuuuck!

Автор Angel_Juliet (4 месяца)
I knew lions had the barbs, I didn't know all male cats did. 

Автор OakenheelsGallery (1 месяц)
1:19 - 1:23 YOU DON'T SAY! I was under the impression mating as little as
possible increased your chances of getting pregnant. Thanks for clearing
this up for me!

Автор Sean Kim (1 месяц)
And all the time I thought Fluffy was having the world's hugest orgasms...

Автор kittylemeu (3 месяца)
That's just fucked up.

Автор Milica Vučković (21 день)
My male cat was gay...-_-

Автор Jason Booth (4 месяца)
How did WHZGUD2 get me here ;-:

Автор Tina Cummings (4 месяца)
@ roy me too.

Автор smithterrell92 (3 месяца)
I should....I should go to bed.

Автор AlphaKenyThing (3 месяца)
2:20 What is that, yoga?

Автор Deadlydanish (3 месяца)
Poor female kitties.

Автор recordedwithpotato (2 месяца)
The dark side of YouTube... We meet again. 

Автор 4ester44 (2 месяца)

Автор Yanique harrell (4 месяца)
I would NEVER have sex if humans had to go through this ugggghhhhh

Автор LordofCicadas (5 месяцев)
The weird part of youtube is expanding, assimilating

Автор ilaallstar (2 месяца)
Aww i didn't know female cats went through so much pain!!?? That's

Автор F!F@D3STR8Y@ (3 месяца)
lol cats r loners.

Автор CupQuakeProductios (5 месяцев)
Ugh sooo painful ugh

Автор Khris England (4 месяца)

Автор Chunkymunky4ever (3 месяца)
I thought only un-neutered/gastrated/circumcised cats had the barbs. Ouch,
stay strong Snowbell. 

Автор nightshade191 (3 месяца)
Oh man that got me all hot n botherd

Автор roy0441 (4 месяца)
Castiel from supernatural brought me here...

Автор Fazri Nuha (2 года)
I don't know why I'm sharing this.

Автор ann fox (1 год)
yup & yikes

Автор tom knoflook (2 года)

Автор Simon Tsokantas (2 года)
I guess pain and pleasure are closely related. Right?

Автор Amy Chamberlain (2 года)
D: Oh my.

Автор TrueWW2History (6 дней)
I will never watch the Lion King the same ever again.

Автор scriminamp (5 месяцев)
damn those cats sucked into that rape culture

Автор 20killershot (1 месяц)
My poor cat went thru two pregnancies before someone told me I could get
her fixed for free :D she ran away twice and that's how she got knocked up

Автор carlos duarte (4 месяца)
some species have a natural proclivity to masochism, then?

Автор Sejez (12 дней)
This is so touching, l will start sympathy donkey puching after this.

Автор CosmoApe (1 месяц)
John Mellencamp was right ...

"hurts so good"

Автор ArandomGuyLOL (3 месяца)
I'm here because of best vines

Автор MissMaddy881 (22 дня)
..and this why I had my tuxedo girl spayed!

Автор Mizz FlaireBeauty (2 месяца)
each mating last secongs!!
"we be all night LOVE ( meow) LOVE!!!"

Автор Barbu Paul (4 месяца)

Автор nekotan9623 (7 месяцев)
I found the SPN comment! woo!!!

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