Barbed Cat Penis

For all species of the cat family, mating is painful. It's not the biting that hurts the female, it's the male's penis, which is barbed with 100 tiny hooks.

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Автор That_American_idiot (3 месяца)
Castiel brought me here.... Damn fuckin angel XD

Автор ITSbigwillystyle (10 месяцев)
I wonder if lionesses are masochists and actually enjoy it

Автор Tyler Nandalal (28 дней)
"Its not the biting that hurts her, its the males penis" that's enough
internet for a day...

Автор Uncle Ruckus (1 год)
Can you imagine if guys had this? Shit! As if giving birth wasn't painful

Автор InstantFilmBooth (8 дней)
Next, a kidding eating bugs

Автор DialecticDr (5 месяцев)
Tight Pussy gets sadistically destroyed by huge barbed cock

Автор Sofia Steilsson (20 часов)

Автор cccEngineer (3 месяца)
So pussies are sluts?

Автор DustyThe TimberWolf (4 месяца)
1:04 Guy cat be like: Did that hurt? I'm sorry.

Автор limso cro (1 месяц)

Автор KaylaNoelle1 (15 дней)
This is why I don't believe in god, I really really hope no one "designed"
all the horrible stuff that happens in nature!
I'm happy we have periods to start ovulation instead of having to have our
insides sliced up :(

Автор Quenton Fisher (9 месяцев)
I went from lion king, to animal fights, to lions vs tigers, cat porn, to
barbed cat penis.... lol. I've wasted hrs of my life.

Автор Rhianna Barr (2 месяца)
For a human perspective imagine a man with spikes on his penis the size of
toothpicks! Ouch

Автор lluzijaWolf (1 месяц)
Oh man if humans males had those, then I would actually consider cutting my
own dick off. P.S We actually had those once a million years ago,
see ImmortalCorvus's comment below.

Автор Brooke Cox (2 месяца)
My dad and I bonded over this. Bonded.

Автор Jessie Romanov (24 дня)
Imagine female cats having their own gynecologist? XD

Автор HaysiKingMuisic (1 месяц)
if i think this is bad look at squid sperm hahahaha

Автор Unconventionalsenshi (1 год)
Watch some Japanese porn and hear these bitchez schrieking (usually have to
put it on mute to watch, it's unbearable ;___;). I think they might be
barbed as well.

Автор teensongohanssj2 (7 месяцев)
Why do males always get to enjoy. ;(

Автор Rachel Livingrock (4 месяца)

Автор Kota Nakano (3 дня)
dick with needles?!?! damn cool

Автор Jack Darryl (2 дня)
the patriarchy did this

Автор Frizzy Chrissy (1 год)
So happy im not a female cat! 

Автор GenMinion (1 год)
Well that's enough Internet for 1 day.

Автор Rachelle Tregear (13 дней)

Автор Anjali Vaid (6 месяцев)
That sounds horrible! Especially in a place as delicate as a vagina. I do
not want to be reincarnated as a cat.

Автор Killjoy Matic (3 месяца)
If you thought this was weird you should look up how ducks are literally
rapists. INB4 if it's found in nature it must be natural and therefor
acceptable behavior for humans. Still can't believe people play that card
with homosexuality.

Автор Zero the psychopathic greninja (2 месяца)
That's enough internet now,..

Автор Shree Kamble (11 месяцев)
Thank God i don't have those barbs, would have been painful while touching

Автор Katherine Arias (1 год)
100 times a day, what theee fuuuuuck!

Автор Sean Kim (1 год)
And all the time I thought Fluffy was having the world's hugest orgasms...

Автор JsBaldo (6 месяцев)
saying its painful is an incorrect statement and researchers agree, The
"painful" statement is based completely on assuming, researchers comment on
the feline having pleasure and that the "pain" is not as we would imagine,
basically humans said "barbed penis ...that would hurt me" and thats it ,
unless you jump into the body of a cat you cannot be sure, but sex is
pleasurable for animals across the board, animals don't get the desire to
mate unless the 2 factors of babies and pleasure are in play

Автор puetry yunie (5 месяцев)
That's why when they mate, they make annoying sound. And yet they do it
again and again -_-

Автор slipknot2k4 (4 месяца)
I googled Dimmu Borgir and it brought me here.

Автор clasicradiolover (9 месяцев)
It's a wonder cats mate at all!

Автор Threedog43 (1 год)
Well this is my wtf for the day.

Автор Marc RS5 (1 месяц)
Talk about high risk for std's with a barbed cock!

Автор Layla Hammer (3 месяца)
pleasure/pain thing going on or what? That is some weird evolution.

Автор Mr.Dino (1 год)
And women complain about anal sex. wish u werent cats now :D

Автор JsBaldo (6 месяцев)
Also adding to my last comment, Theres NO science on the pain theory,
Scientists on the flip side speculate the barbs for cats actually induce
intense orgasms and we DO know that female cats purr in pleasure after sex
so if It was only pain, they don't care at all when its over in fact there
very happy 

Автор Aaron Myers (4 месяца)
I have no vagina, but I reckon - I presume that feels like shit.

Автор JAYcovey706 (10 месяцев)
How in all fuck did I get here?

Автор Salman Alkhatib (9 дней)
Im only 11 but I cant imagine how painful it is for a female having her
secret area bieng cut by the 100 of spikes on a cats penis.

Автор Distant Deviant (7 месяцев)
Imagine a cat blow job, oh yes I went there. Someone had to.

Автор Alysia Bascomb (10 месяцев)

Автор james fouler (5 месяцев)
0:21 that looks nothing like a normal penis
if your weenie look like that you should see a doctor

Автор sentian442 (8 месяцев)
that's enough internet for today

Автор Jesus Calderon (5 месяцев)

Автор Capt Murphy (4 месяца)

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