Barbed Cat Penis

For all species of the cat family, mating is painful. It's not the biting that hurts the female, it's the male's penis, which is barbed with 100 tiny hooks.

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Автор n0way07 ( назад)
Fucking shit animal evolution fucked with cats big time

Автор Amber Ki Greta ( назад)
so is it pleasure for the male and pain for the girl?

Автор Ricoguy565 ( назад)
Well that's enough of the Internet for today...

Автор kawaiigirl3141 ( назад)
i was here because of kuroneko kareshi

Автор lacy powless ( назад)
Ouch!!!!!! 100times a day.

Автор Gustavo Romero ( назад)
my ding ding should have spiked tooo

Автор azur komay ( назад)
I saw the cat bite the scruff of the neck.. probably to help the female

Автор Yvette Austin ( назад)
Ouch geez

Автор Tia Grant-Lasenberry ( назад)
wow...a painful way to reproduce...

Автор joe hammond ( назад)
I'm just shocked at how much of a how cats can be damn 100 times a day and
cats possibly even more. ladys need to step up their game lol

Автор Ipunchkitten1 Roblox gaming ( назад)
0:16 why is the lions nose bleeding?

Автор Joker ( назад)
Why the fuck do cats have spikes on their fucking dicks?!

Автор EYEmpress ( назад)

Автор Panda Ramos ( назад)
"Cats are different. They're naturally loners." This sounds kind of rude😅
and how the hell did i get here from hair tutorials

Автор Lumpy Toucan ( назад)
here from grumps

Автор Squeaky Catson ( назад)
glad im not a cat holy shit

Автор Ashrzr ( назад)
1:00 did that little nigga just start licking the other cat after sex?

Автор Maggie Lee ( назад)
Ok.. It looks painful

Автор Alex Rached ( назад)
who feels like watching cat porn?

Автор Xel An ( назад)
So felines are masochists?

Автор MishuTaste ( назад)
I know some women that are like cats.

Автор Janloy Quintero ( назад)
Fucking Science!!! Blows my mind every time.

Автор GalacticWeasel Gaming ( назад)
Really though how did I get here from how to make a far flying paper

Автор Ghost Toast ( назад)
ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Wayne Watanabe ( назад)
neil degrasse tyson brought me here +complex

Автор Katherine Davies ( назад)
why am i watching this?

Автор Ted Jones ( назад)
but they like it tho?

Автор Devin Hernandez ( назад)
Who's here from Neil degrasse's tweet

Автор Selene Raven ( назад)
Scientists have yet to explain why pain triggers ovulation in the females.
I guess they just consider pain part and parcel with being the girl.

Автор a cat ( назад)
my cat got r@ped????

Автор Alireza666 ( назад)
Pervert Beast lol

Автор Alireza666 ( назад)
Is this for real? I always knew that lion likes it kinky

Автор Mark Chamness ( назад)
male cats with a barbed penis? no thanks i prefer having a nice hard smooth
penis without barbs i don't wanna hurt my woman during sex i want my woman
to be comfortable during sex

Автор Andspen Aguss (1266 лет назад)
i lived at least 20 years with cats and why i never seen their dicks??

Автор _SKYLARKGAMING_ ( назад)
How did I get here

Автор Averie Lucas ( назад)
also if two gay guys have sex then good luck! 😩

Автор Averie Lucas ( назад)
ouch I would think to myself why am I alive instead of me risking to have a
barbed Peniz in me I'd be a cat lady instead

Автор Wolf Edmunds ( назад)
Damn, cats can't fap like we can. Unless they're masochists, that is.

Автор TheWaphooy ( назад)
I know for a fact the females were not consulted about this.

Автор Amelia Papacz ( назад)

Автор Samantha Squarl ( назад)

Автор Samantha Squarl ( назад)
whore cat

Автор Nathan Godin ( назад)
WTF to that!

Автор FBIMOUS377 ( назад)
2:14 I believe this is true for humans too haha XD

Автор hannah uselton ( назад)

Автор CourtneyLynnPelican ( назад)
i can never watch The Lion King the same way...

Автор ziggy ( назад)
I just saw a cat penies

I think i need to find a corner

Автор ryan ish ( назад)
My pussy has a barbed pecker

Автор ryan ish ( назад)
WTF. Them cat tongues are no joke also

Автор joey perkins ( назад)
i accidentally clicked this looked at title and was like whelp thats enough
internet for today

Автор frog monsters eat tampons ( назад)
Nobody should be ashamed for watching this. It just means that you like cat

Автор Darksol Hamaway ( назад)
thank God humans don't have that kind of that.

Автор BLVCKENE ( назад)
Am I the only one who proceeded to pick up their cat and check out what all
the fuss is about?

Автор musiccat 101 ( назад)
poor female cats

Автор sydney chesters ( назад)
I came here from a quick sand video

Автор Roderick Mitchell ( назад)
This is new news..

Автор Wolf ( назад)
Wat? Did I just watch?

Автор Hongboum Kennard ( назад)
idk how i got here.....

Автор Braiden Cox ( назад)
man I guess that makes male cats total rape machines

Автор Dansam 125 ( назад)
Woah cats are whores as well!

Автор diana kwon ( назад)
Why am I even here.....

Автор How is Your Life? ( назад)
there goes all the cat pedophiles. we know you're out there.

Автор Vortex_Plasma :D ( назад)
Why The Fuck Would Someone click this to watch it,it's so fuckin retarded
and I'm retarded for watching it 2 This is for science...

Автор Jeremy Morton ( назад)
100 times a day?!! Human females, take note.

Автор ShadowGaming ( назад)
I a tiger my soul is a tiger

Автор ShadowGaming ( назад)
Fuck dose male cats im a tiger my mum said I'm the kind of lion

Автор Jason Sanders ( назад)
So you can show animals with spiked penises fucking, but no human sex?

Автор ali z ( назад)
bloody nose...too much cocaine for that kitty 00:15

Автор Erdal Cakiroglu ( назад)

Автор iiSophia C: ( назад)
the worst weapon ever: A Penis

Автор TheMcMater ( назад)
And i thought the sand paper masturbation from human centipede 2 was bad

Автор erikk77 ( назад)
This is the best female birth control video of all time!!

Автор KlassyLℓama ( назад)
Why did I click on this video?

Автор Jesus Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Chisk “Discomfort” Dreemurr ( назад)


Автор Snake (1949 лет назад)
2:11 In short, all female cats are sluts.

Автор call of duty girl ( назад)
poor female cats they didn't ask for this I hate male cats

Автор Official Brandonly ( назад)
Your move, furries.

Автор CeZaR NeBuN ( назад)
100 times a day...wow, that's just crasy

Автор P,H,Shields ( назад)

Автор Joseph Grecco ( назад)
Why the fuck am I watching this?!

Автор Altii ( назад)
I'm on the weird part of YouTube again.

Автор Wolfy D. Knottingham The Cute Black wolf ( назад)
I hate it for nala

Автор Palm Tree ( назад)
Boy what da fuck?

Автор Lacey Nield ( назад)
that's why cats screem during mating xD

Автор Random Box ( назад)

Автор Leevi Saarinen ( назад)
How to dick did i.....

Автор Billy Beedamned ( назад)
If I were 17 instead of 57, I'd start a band and call it Barbed Cat Penis

Автор The Antic Master ( назад)
wtf i just watch

Автор MrDunkiemon ( назад)
I want one of those barbed wires up my ass.

Автор Adanna carlos ( назад)
cats are very awesome animals and they have to go through that pain!!!

Автор Adanna carlos ( назад)
wat .-.

Автор Cookies Da Italian Greyhound ( назад)
i feel bad

Автор Circus ( назад)

Автор Mark Aguas ( назад)
I want a cat dick.

Автор DarkAtHearts ( назад)
I wish I had a barbed penis. gets the girls off better. maybe bad dragon
should work on a penis sleeve with some barbs.

Автор Funnywargamesman ( назад)
I imagine some feminazi is going to use this in a campaign.

Автор maximus5415 ( назад)
"The more she mates, the likelier she is to get pregnant." Ya, no shit.

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