Yossi Azulay feat. Shlomi Shabbat - Tzur Mishelo Achalnu

Tzur mishelo achalnu
Barechu emunai
Savanu vehotanu
Kidvar Adonai

Hazan et olamo
Ruenu Avinu
Achalnu et lachmo
Veiyenu shatinu

Al ken nodeh lishmo
Unehalelo befinu
Amarnu ve aninu
Ein Kadosh ka Adonai

---------LADINO SINGING (Shlomi Shabbat) ---------

Chorus :
Rachem bechasdecha
Al amecha tzurenu
Al Zion mishkach kevodecha
Zevul beit tifartenu

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Длительность: 5:52
Комментарии: 9

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Автор dominique baudry ( назад)

Автор El7Cantante7 ( назад)
Question... I know that Yossi is from Israel... but, is he Sephardic?

Автор Aponi Comanche ( назад)
@jarabaa Tzur mishelo is actually without the ladino . sometimes i
understand some words but only because they are so similar to spanish :D

Автор jarabaa ( назад)
Er.... yes, Tzur Mishelo is a lovely Shabbat song. I associate it with
Saturday afternoon myself. However, what he sings in the middle in Ladino
is a romantic Sephardic song, "Los Bilbilicos" or "La Rosa Enflorece",
which has nothing to do with Shabbat. And indeed, that's where the tune
comes from. It's only in recent years that Tzur Mishelo has been set to
this lovely Sephardic melody. No doubt it will soon be acclaimed an ancient

Автор wolf wolfson ( назад)
@Arik1957 הוא אבי הוא מלכי והוא גואלי עם ישראל חי

Автор wolf wolfson ( назад)
הוא אבי הוא מלכי והוא גואלי

Автор livingcircle ( назад)
@12343590 Rock from whom we have drawn nourishment and blessings, we have
eaten our fill and have left some for others, according to the word of
God". (This may be a poor translation - but is the one I have - I sing this
with a different tune for the dance Tsur Chassidit). God is Awesome -
nothing of human doing is awesome excepting that the Power of God is in it
- and even then - it is God for whom awe is due. I think you can google up
the lyric - yes?

Автор Dnilson Alessandro Nesyahu Levstein Ancua ( назад)
:( ahavati eretz Yisrael

Автор Andres Poniachik ( назад)
Great !!!!!!!!!!!!, this is love for living

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