Pearl Harbor Movie - Attack Scene - Part 3

Pearl Harbor Movie - Attack - Part 3 "Attack scene only"

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Автор ba yot (2 года)
good for the japan country,..that horishma and nagazaki are bombed by US
soldier's,...you desrved much more than that because your country have no
souls no mercy,...many pilipnos too are suffered late 1940's of what you've
done to the phils.,...so you must go to hell,..because you've no soul's no
mercy.....your country migth melt down and sink into the
japan.God will punished your contry.

Автор Aulia Rahmah (1 год)
♥ this movie

Автор loner1878 (1 год)
Yeah those damn penguins have it out for us...

Автор Angela Miguel (1 год)
BTW Do you know Sadako? Quarrels would not last long if the fault were only
on one side.

Автор 535phobos (1 год)
This UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER bullshit is one of the reasons ww2 was this
long and brutal. Would you surrender to an enemy who declares to destroy
your country politically? Absolutely not. The war in Europe could have been
finished in 1944 latest, if the Allies just have said: Get rid of Hitler
and you get peace in, maybe, the frontiers of 1939, or even 1914. Most
Germans fought just because of Versailles. Japan to saw that the war was
lost, and tried to give up to save its freedom, but no...

Автор jessica moore (1 год)
considering millions of innocent chinese died by japanese dont expect me to
morn 2000000 japanese. anyway, we gave japanese every chance to end the war
before we droped those things. they refused

Автор jessica moore (1 год)
correction, Okinawa from one end of Japan to the other

Автор gamemasteralan (1 год)
Dude, I know that "YOU" didn't invade Korea, China, however your country
did. You do know all the terrible tortures and human experiments that the
japanese people did to the Korean and the Chinese?! I almost cried when I
saw some clips. The Japanese people are still arguing that Dok-Do is their
land! They know its not true however they still keep arguing. Instead of
trying to argue with people you should just go and suck your thumb.

Автор Duckworth Son (2 года)
i dont think you're the president....

Автор Brittan Kinsley (2 года)
Don't see why you're so ashamed of America for that. The bombings were an
act of war that took place after an unprovoked attack on the Japanese side
in which we lost a lot of people too or does that just not count?

Автор ナキ 孝 (1 год)
So if you hate the Japanese. then i suggest to you to return everything
that was made from Japan and live off what you have now.. see how you life
is really boring without Japanese goods. Vehicles, Corporations products
such as sony, yamaha, kawaii... etc..

Автор davidocall (2 года)
Yall can bitch and argue about politics and mass government actions as much
as you want. But I'm a sailor, and watching this just tears my heart out.
This should be about the individual sailors slaughtered in that attack.
They had families, wives, children. The men trapped inside the sinking
ships didn't drop atomic bombs, did they? :/

Автор warspite1995 (2 года)
most Big bullets like used in planes machine guns cant go underwater after
being fired form the air they just fragment the maxmimum depth they can get
to is about 1 meter so all this underwater stuff is BS

Автор bariguy87 (2 года)
Nanking was not the only massacre by Japan. Japan enslaved, raped,
experimented on, starved, used and terrorized all of East and South East
Asia, from Korea to China, Indochina, Indonesia, Australia. Get a real
history book, not some whitewashed junk. The Japanese were the real
aggressors and were given more than enough chances to make peace. They
violated the rules of war, and expected preferential treatment.

Автор John Kent (1 год)
I gonna kill this son of a bitches in sky gamblers storm raiders!!!!

Автор Yoon Su Lee (2 года)
That's total warfare for you. Bottom line is, in a war of scale like WW2,
both sides are willing to use whatever doctrine or strategy to win the war
as quickly as possible. Civilian casualties are inevitable in any war that
occurs no matter how much effort is put to minimize them.

Автор jessica moore (1 год)
We also warned all the cities on the first of aug. Planes dropped little
notes to all the targeted cities including Hiroshima and nagasaki. "Read
this carefully as it may save your life or the life of a relative or
friend. In the next few days, some or all of the cities named on the
reverse side will be destroyed by American bombs. hese cities contain
military installations and workshops or factories which produce military

Автор AmericanPoliceState (2 года)
Japanese attacked a military instillation with conventional weaponry. We
attacked a civilian population with not one but two nuclear weapons. Men,
women and children...vaporized.

Автор jessica moore (1 год)
that probably wouldnt had worked. if two firebombing raids on tokyo and
even the nuking of hiroshima wouldnt get them to give up what makes you
think dropping the bomb on an empty island would do it. Remember, it was
two nuclear bombs that finally did it. Hiroshima on aug 6 and nagasaki on
aug 9. They didnt surrender until aug 15th

Автор EquestrianGames (1 год)
Yes it is. Because people looking at the situation from the outside will
very often be able to find better solutions. And a better solution would be
to drop the nukes somewhere else.

Автор jessica moore (1 год)
the children didnt deserve to suffer but it was their government who were
the monsters. The big question in 1945 was how to get the japanese
government to surrender. After the battle of okinawa and iwo jima, the
brutal loses inflicted. including over a 100 000 ciivlian casuties in each.
after the bombing of tokyo and many other cities that burnt alive another
100 thousand. what is your sugestion after all of that didnt get them to

Автор JesusWaytoHeaven17 (2 года)
Our boys and mostly Catholic I suppose. Our good is not good enough.
Believe that Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood to wash away your
sins. So that you could go to heaven, for sure. So afraid, be always ready
to die. Live a Godly life according to the bible. But also Jesus paid the
price for our sins. Mary is not diety.

Автор jessica moore (1 год)
its easy for you to say dont kill innnocent people now, after 60 years in
your living room. But for those generals at the end of 1945 in the middle
of it, many on the front lines of the biggest planed invasion in history,
which one general feared would be "iwo jima from one end of japan to the
other" And remember, iwo jima killed over a 100 000 japanese civilians
alone. How many civilians would probably had died in a land battle for

Автор TheAlmsivi (2 года)
That's because your government hasn't given reparations for the war to
either the Koreas, China, or most other nations they invaded. And keep
denying about Nanjing. I suppose that's why they don't like Japan.

Автор Gabriel Cox (1 год)
thats the mot sensible statement here.

Автор jessica moore (1 год)
just because some people from japan did horrible things doesnt make it
right to nuke them, I would agree with that statment if it was just some
japanese acting on their own doing attrocities all over asia. But it wasnt,
it was the government ordering the military to do all those things. in
order to take out their government, we had to demoralize the japanese

Автор jessica moore (1 год)
what, you dont think japanese attacked civilian populations? ask the
chinese you idiot. ask about chinese civilians under japanese occupation.
do you know about the sook ching massacre? 70000 chinese were killed? the
nanaking massacre? over 10 million chinese civilians were killed. the
japanese empire was so cruel and evil, anything was justified to totally
destroy it

Автор EquestrianGames (1 год)
Yes that would help!! If they took the notes seriously and moved then they
wouldve just moved out of range of normal bombs. Thats wouldnt be of any
good against nukes! Those notes to Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have been
useless even if they had taken them seriously.

Автор ArodWingfoot (2 года)
FDR wasn't told about Pearl until 2:00 pm. Well after the attack ended.

Автор EquestrianGames (1 год)
And that method wasnt nessecary. It wasnt nessecary to drop the nukes right

Автор XhmOngSouLjax (1 год)
They attack Pearl Harbor without warning and we bombed them twice without
warning. I say it's a fair deal.

Автор bariguy87 (2 года)
Unfortunately, Japan did that to itself. If the wackos in the military HQ
had enough sense and compassion they would have surrendered and saved the
Japanese a lot of suffering.

Автор EquestrianGames (1 год)
No they werent. They could have been dropped somewhere else besides on top
of the heads of over 200 000 innocents and achieved the same results. Just
because some people from that country did some horrible things its doesnt
make it right to vaporize thousand upon thousand of innocents.

Автор EquestrianGames (1 год)
Not all the Japanese were assholes. How many of the thousands of children
going to schoool in Hiroshima were murderers?It wasnt nessecary to drop the
nukes right on the heads of innocents to get them to surrender. Grow up and
get a brain and heart.

Автор The Maestro (1 год)
That probably won't happen considering most of our stuff are "Made in
China" lol Btw, I don't hate the Japanese, just saying.

Автор Captmiller1995 (2 года)
What ever happened to the greatest generation of americans

Автор jessica moore (1 год)
it was military. admittly not much but hiroshima was a HQ for part of the
japanese army. Not that they had much of an army by 45. but they had enough
to make a land invasion very long and bloody. I admit i support the murder
of innocent civilians. especially japanese at that time. If it made the war
shorter and saved american lives. remember, japan brought the war not
america. ask any chinese that was alive during the occupation what they
think of america bombing japan

Автор kallestrand86 (1 год)
In which war did any fighter value human life?

Автор tina A (2 года)
Once Japan is done attacking America will attack harder

Автор Claus Klöbner (1 год)
fuck you homo

Автор EquestrianGames (1 год)
Yes but that could have been avoided as well a those deaths simply by
dropping the nukes on a desolate area. They surrendered because of the
nukes themselves. The destruction of the targets wasnt relevant. So
dropping the nukes were they were dropped was a needless sacrifice of life.

Автор kalvan5 (2 года)
This, this is sad..

Автор EquestrianGames (1 год)
And what about the radiation and fallout? The explosion itself is only one
dangerous part of the bomb. It wouldnt do any good because they wouldnt
have expected a damn nuke.

Автор Luciano Guerron (1 год)
The ship sinking...smh

Автор Mia Moore (1 год)
Makes me sad

Автор CarCast9 (2 года)
the Americans started it they thought they could deny japan there oil and
other supply's by cutting off their sea trade routes that's all America do
thing they can do what they want it never ends well

Автор EquestrianGames (1 год)
Yes thats true. But dropping nukes on top of thousands of children when you
dont have to is also completely needless. Just because SOME people from a
place do something completely horrible dont give you the right to kill
thouands of children yourself. If you really care that little for life then
maybe you need to shut up.

Автор loner1878 (1 год)
You do realize the Japanese were allied with Hitler's Germany, right?

Автор kallestrand86 (1 год)
There are no thing such as clean fighters. War is dirty. And dont get me
wrong, I love America, but how clean were the american soldiers in Vietnam
on a scale? Not so clean. Neither are the american soldiers in the middle
east today, even if they have achieved some positive results such as
killing Usama bin Ladin.

Автор theDirtyGupta01 (2 года)
@CarCast9 Y do braindead idiots like you keep reproducing on You Tube? The
oil was denied because the Japanese were at war with the British and
Chinese allies to America. Then there was the rape of Nanking I guess a
dumbass like u would like for the oil to keep going to Japan so that they
can kill more Chinese civillains, enslave Koreans and give the west a
tougher and longer fight?

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