2007 Chevy Tahoe Police

2007 Chevy Tahoe Police

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Автор Mista Godsoldier ( назад)
I Have the Exact Same Vehicle ......But my 500 a piece rims n tread make it
Real :)

Автор Maine_Law ( назад)
My home town Berwick ME fire dept. Got one of those 2014 Tahoe's. For the
new chief suv. They haven't put the decals on yet. It has town plates and a

Автор futurecop34 ( назад)
CA state law requires law enforcement to have a solid red facing forward 

Автор Nickleson LS-RP ( назад)
Lemme guess.. This car was delivered to some law enforcement in

Автор Trippy ( назад)

Автор G Graham (1498 лет назад)
^ | mister online gangster 

Автор scott bruce ( назад)
Cops are such dicks who got picked on or were just geeks growing up fucking

Автор KKB ( назад)
@Char1zard93 i think that it's one of the presets, but it can flash like
the rest if they want it to

Автор Estonian Rescue Services ( назад)
Why does one red led (in front) always stay on? 

Автор Jimmy Cordova ( назад)
@slicvic214 I wouldnt mind! haha

Автор Francisco Ferreira da Silva ( назад)
Very well. A nice unmarked police car

Автор Jimmy Cordova ( назад)
SIgn Me up I wanna play with the sirens too!!!!

Автор defcon1 ( назад)
@acasillas9363 but whats the point of having them if you don't use them
during driving. 

Автор Ariel Hazan ( назад)
nice car and looks like a FBI car with the black

Автор Pulsion Mort ( назад)
@tj16r not illegal at all as long as your car is not being driven. You
could put full police lights on your car and have them flash all day, in
your own driveway.

Автор rassmith78 ( назад)
@tj16r check your state stautes and the use of certain lights, especially
the ones that flash. In Florida there are laws that prohibit red and or
blue lights. There is also a separate statute that deals with flashing
lights as well

Автор frylock44 ( назад)

Автор Paul G ( назад)
Does anyone know what company makes that Grill Guard on the front.

Автор smitty195 ( назад)
I love those "old school" sirens. I think the new ones with all of their
tweaks, squeaks, and GameBoy sound effects are ridiculous...but that's just
me. :)

Автор 60045Forest (1554 года назад)
whelen, my dep. has the same ones

Автор BoxerTwoZero (1547 лет назад)
Nope you're right, Touchmaster Delta.

Автор LottiDotti76 ( назад)
For all those asking. The siren is a Unitrol Touchmaster made by Federal
Signal. Best siren ever made!

Автор 60045Forest ( назад)
this car looks much better with black rims, nice lighting system though.

Автор orr attia ( назад)
looks like an FBI car lol

Автор christofurg ( назад)
SHARP squad car... quick run down of the emergency equipment?

Автор GravelRoadCop ( назад)
California Law.

Автор Texas ADV ( назад)
I know our city paid 60K/vehicle (but I dont know if that was loaded
w/police equip or unloaded)

Автор Trainmasterryan (1336 лет назад)
to be honest i wouldnt want the steady burn in the red light.

Автор Paxtony ( назад)
I love this car, in germany we don't have so cool police cars.

Автор InvincibleMario ( назад)

Автор Redtooth45 ( назад)

Автор Jackal 01 ( назад)
Granted there are the cops that are working against you and in high school
there were the kid getting picked on so now he thinks he is mister (or
misses) law enforcement. However, majority of cops are there for good. They
give citations and pull you over in hopes that you will learn via from
paying the fine, getting points on your license or whatever else may
persuade you to not break the law again.

Автор jrs89 ( назад)
Yeah, you're probably right. I almost any other area it really is not a
problem. I live in a wealthy suburb where people who regard the police as
"having nothing better to do." They just have a tendency of treating any
car that a young adult (I'm a college student) can afford driving around at
night is a teenager transporting alcohol to a party or going to vandalize
something. I've never gotten a ticket so I guess I can't complain. It just
makes me feel like the police are working against me

Автор Jackal 01 ( назад)
nobody can make you drive a certain way unless they are running you off the
road. if you think someone is following you for illicit reasons change
lanes or go somewhere else. unmarked units are for the reason that clueless
drivers will continue to break the law no matter what. unmarked units are
the best traffic violation deterrent because you never know when one will
be near you.

Автор Salvador G ( назад)
yes same here, if they are going to have unmarked cars they should only use
them for special operations not for pulling people over for traffic

Автор jrs89 ( назад)
Police cars should be marked and have the lights on top of the car not
integrated within it. If they need to go under cover, why do they need to
pull people over. It always drives me nuts when I come home late from work
and it looks like an Impala or Suburban is stalking my tail with their
headlights on. No shit I'm going to drive nervous. Then the lights come
on..."Are you aware you we driving suspciously, sir?" "Are you aware that
you were stalking me in an unmarked car?"

Автор Niall Iley ( назад)
how come ur other videos are in the same place and are all police cars?

Автор pblabrat07 ( назад)
ahahahahahahaha bs much??

Автор luc5tar ( назад)
lol , dat looks like a black christmas tree on wheels.

Автор Josh1303 ( назад)
I like it :) except its 2wd and we use them here in Canada. I dont know,
the OPP use them. Which is fine but in winter on hwy 2wd on gosh lol.

Автор EscaladeStyleZ ( назад)
It doesnt have to be fast u faggot..its all about the fucking strength and

Автор NYBoy155 ( назад)
your wrong

Автор Fiddy ( назад)
oh well down here they're all stock except for the lights in the rear
window and in the grill :\. in the day they're easy to spot but at
night....watch out!

Автор Ibn Khairuddeen (ابن خير الدين الألباني)‎ ( назад)
not at all they think theyre slick but they stick out like sore thumbs..up
here in NYC they even drive yellow taxis

Автор Fiddy ( назад)
lol i hate them undercovers they're hard to spot :P

Автор BoxerTwoZero ( назад)
You're all fucking idiots, how about that. And peanut18 you did admit to
murder, so shut your mouth.

Автор Duffy RS ( назад)

Автор Nickie B ( назад)
thats the point of an "unmarked" police car. so its not marked so you dont
know its a cop car. you heard wrong and these guys dont go pulling people
over, they build these things for departments and their just showing what
they look like.

Автор imprezzed42296 ( назад)
You heard very wrong

Автор Glidescube ( назад)
too bland. Ive seen suvs with LEDs around the windscreen frame. That is

Автор wonderbizzle ( назад)
yes you can.

Автор megamaxiultraman ( назад)
it looks like a christmas tree

Автор jacobrogers18 ( назад)
Does anyone know the brand of the siren? thanks.

Автор wonderbizzle ( назад)
it depends because you can also be a fire fighter and have lights.

Автор krzyk71 ( назад)
look's like a night club on wheel's

Автор Fernando J. Diaz Nin ( назад)
wtf -_-"

Автор mlps93 (1888 лет назад)
U have to be blind not to see that at night

Автор Elvis Rancel ( назад)
hello friend, which is modelled on the siren, sounds very good, where can I
buy, I am from venezuelan and I am going to Miami in November. which is the

Автор FrederikIL ( назад)
The coolest police car EVER!

Автор Rita A. ( назад)
awesome car way better than the expeditions, our sheriff's dept got a
couple for the school resource officers who used to have broncos which were
just commissioned out, the broncos were tight but had to go. they are also
used for patrolling the forest and mountain areas and during wildfires in
the back country !!! although ours are marked for some odd reason, but you
still cant tell its a cop if it's behind you!

Автор Rita A. ( назад)
Cali car!!! law requires all emergency vehicles to possess a steady burning
red light, if it aint got one than its aint a an emergency vehicle and if
it aint an emergency vehicle than it cant have any of the lights on it!

Автор Rita A. ( назад)
i've got that bumper on my personal tahoe, i dont see how that would give
it away as a police vehicle

Автор Matt Johnson ( назад)
now how are we gonna know who cops are! man i guess i better stop speeding,
now thay any car can be a cop car

Автор watitdo yo ( назад)
What a rubbish car

Автор LoneStar ( назад)
dangerous lookin car.. I WANT!!

Автор mhs411 ( назад)
This isn't a cop driving this car.This company is filming there products.

Автор Erik Flynn (159 лет назад)
I cant believe the cop is doing that crap, when he should be working. It
makes me upset to see my tax money is paying for him to goof off.

Автор Tyrell Clements ( назад)
Whats the deal whith the lighting that when you turned it off the red light
on the drivers side stayed on steady burn?

Автор k00lball3r ( назад)
puish bumper in the front gives it away

Автор Cody Hunter ( назад)
the camera man sucks it's all so wobbly

Автор enigma800 ( назад)
Love the siren! That's GOT to be a Federal/Unitrol system.

Автор LottiDotti76 ( назад)
Security Guards are not sworn peace officers, so no, you would not be able
to put those lights in your personal vehicle.

Автор samjezard ( назад)
My town's lead EMT technician has a white Suburban with red lights only,
and let me tell you that thing is FAST.

Автор dnice123 ( назад)
yep, california title 13, steady red in front

Автор Norm V. ( назад)
them damn cops r getting tricky lol

Автор gtmattz ( назад)
I do upfitting of law enforcement vehicles for a rural sheriffs dept. I am
working on my first 2008 tahoe and I have to say it is overall a much
superior vehicle to the expeditions that the department was using in the
past. Two thumbs up from me XD

Автор priceandpride ( назад)
is that in west sac?

Автор ScottaHemi ( назад)
true. especialy the last part :D

Автор ScottaHemi ( назад)
why do the cops need a tahoe enforcer??? it's still perty cool. but is it
nessasary. atleast they're protecting the enviroment with their choise

Автор hendosia ( назад)

Автор Cameron Dawson ( назад)
That is way too sneaky for my comfort!

Автор Mike Backer ( назад)
LONG LIVE THE CAPRICE! (but do enjoy the hemis)

Автор tedtheshed617 ( назад)
Oh yeah and the BPD does have a Few Second Generation Explorers. Good the
BFD is the opposite all Tahoe's and some 1999 7.4 GMC C/K 3500 for towing
their saftey house thing for kids. The Boston EMS all have Chevy and GMC
Duramax Topkicks and Suburbans and Tahoes for Captains.

Автор tedtheshed617 ( назад)
You people are all lucky to have Chevy vehicles. In Boston we have Fords. A
bunch of 2003-2007 Crown Vics. Some 1998-2002 Crown Vics. A few Vics from
1995-1997. And Sometimes I still see one a Vic from the 80's(Haha.) We have
Expeditions instead of Tahoe's =/. And there are a few Bronco I's left, and
some F-350's and F-250's for the horses. Our state police used to Caprice
LT1 9C1's (Love them,smoked any vic) Now there all Vics but are getting
some Hemi Chargers.

Автор rockonup ( назад)
We use the same ones here in Michigan for homeland secruity expect are tail
lights by the plate are red and blue

Автор nvn8v ( назад)
This guy looks like he does custom jobs for the gov. He's no cuffer. (I
know it as whacker)

Автор l1998 ( назад)
Detectives can have these cars

Автор M0N33R ( назад)
I really like those strobe lights!! I want 'em :D

Автор samuel2500 ( назад)
i see those the other day but the 1 i seen was white and it said chp

Автор PDizzleMYFizzle ( назад)
This is a perfect example of how cops cheat to pull people over, how am I
supposed to know to slow down when I see you now?

Автор LottiDotti76 ( назад)
What's the cost to put all that together? I am an Air Force cop and our
base is about to get a bunch of Tahoes. Would like to know how much the
install/equipment runs.

Автор campaug ( назад)
that is all very well hidden. no steel wheels to give it away either! im
gonna watch out for those here in michigan.

Автор Chase Barnett ( назад)
Thats a damn nice Tahoe.

Автор LottiDotti76 ( назад)
Those units you guys build up are sweet. You all seem to have my idea in
mind. Enough lights to just blind people out of my way. Great job!

Автор brendan burke ( назад)
nice ride

Автор ecl1pz ( назад)
uh its a 2007

Автор obmax1212 ( назад)
They don't usually use them as standard patrol vehicles. A lot of the time
they are used for K9 patrol or for some other special assignment.

Автор kristiantugas ( назад)
you guys are a rich city!!

Автор johnbirmingham ( назад)
I love jreily1988's comment!! that thing has more lights than a christmas

Автор obmax1212 ( назад)
That is either a Unitrol Touchmaster or Touchmaster Delta .

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