2007 Chevy Tahoe Police

2007 Chevy Tahoe Police

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Автор Mista Godsoldier ( назад)
I Have the Exact Same Vehicle ......But my 500 a piece rims n tread make it
Real :)

Автор Maine_Law ( назад)
My home town Berwick ME fire dept. Got one of those 2014 Tahoe's. For the
new chief suv. They haven't put the decals on yet. It has town plates and a

Автор futurecop34 ( назад)
CA state law requires law enforcement to have a solid red facing forward

Автор Nickleson LS-RP ( назад)
Lemme guess.. This car was delivered to some law enforcement in

Автор Trippy ( назад)

Автор G Ram (1498 лет назад)
^ | mister online gangster

Автор scott bruce ( назад)
Cops are such dicks who got picked on or were just geeks growing up fucking

Автор KKB ( назад)
@Char1zard93 i think that it's one of the presets, but it can flash like
the rest if they want it to

Автор Estonian Rescue Services ( назад)
Why does one red led (in front) always stay on?

Автор LaterzFool ( назад)

Автор Jimmy Cordova ( назад)
@slicvic214 I wouldnt mind! haha

Автор youtubasoarus ( назад)
So quiet for such a big truck. I'm guessing, that is, until you put your
foot down.

Автор GrosPD93 ( назад)
Super 5*

Автор Francisco Ferreira da Silva ( назад)
Very well. A nice unmarked police car

Автор Jimmy Cordova ( назад)
SIgn Me up I wanna play with the sirens too!!!!

Автор defcon1 ( назад)
@acasillas9363 but whats the point of having them if you don't use them
during driving.

Автор mitchellblade1 ( назад)
is this by save mart?lol

Автор kenny1309 ( назад)
@acasillas9363 You work for the PD? HA! How?! Your grammar/spelling is

Автор Ariel Hazan ( назад)
nice car and looks like a FBI car with the black

Автор kenny1309 ( назад)
@idiotontheblock Undercover car? That's not undercover, that's unmarked!

Автор acasillas9363 ( назад)

Автор acasillas9363 ( назад)
@porky1221 those are really PB-450-L-VS SETINA PUSH Bars

Автор acasillas9363 ( назад)
@tj16r no it is not ILLEGAL for those lights. go ahead and have fun and put
them on , just dont use them when ur driving

Автор acasillas9363 ( назад)
@mikeyhh1488 in COLORADO and most states none of that is Legal. first you
have to get permites. police sirens and lights ARE COMPLETLY ILLEGAL and
flashing lights ARE COMPLETELY ILLEGAL. get it right. i should know this
cuase im working for northglenn PD

Автор mikeyhh1488 ( назад)
@tj16r yes, it is legal in all states. police siren and lights as a car
alarm add on are also legal in all states. police lights and siren use is
legal in all states on private property only. white, amber, and red (red to
rear, and in some states the side also, only.) flashing lights are legal on
the road in all states. alternating headlights as long as they are white
are legal in all states. police "air horn" for use in conjunction with or
replacement of stock vehicle horn is also legal.

Автор Pulsion Mort ( назад)
@tj16r not illegal at all as long as your car is not being driven. You
could put full police lights on your car and have them flash all day, in
your own driveway.

Автор rassmith78 ( назад)
@tj16r check your state stautes and the use of certain lights, especially
the ones that flash. In Florida there are laws that prohibit red and or
blue lights. There is also a separate statute that deals with flashing
lights as well

Автор frylock44 ( назад)

Автор porky1221 ( назад)
that's a rhino pushbar

Автор mambo342 ( назад)

Автор Paul G ( назад)
Does anyone know what company makes that Grill Guard on the front.

Автор smitty195 ( назад)
I love those "old school" sirens. I think the new ones with all of their
tweaks, squeaks, and GameBoy sound effects are ridiculous...but that's just
me. :)

Автор 60045Forest (1554 года назад)
whelen, my dep. has the same ones

Автор redram06 ( назад)
Does anyone no what lights are in the top of the windshield? Please message
me back

Автор BoxerTwoZero (1547 лет назад)
Nope you're right, Touchmaster Delta.

Автор LottiDotti76 ( назад)
For all those asking. The siren is a Unitrol Touchmaster made by Federal
Signal. Best siren ever made!

Автор kumquatsta ( назад)
siren is a little old school. cool though.

Автор 60045Forest ( назад)
this car looks much better with black rims, nice lighting system though.

Автор roachhumper ( назад)
hi i was wondering what kind of push guard that is on the bumper and the
lights on it as well?

Автор orr attia ( назад)
looks like an FBI car lol

Автор christofurg ( назад)
SHARP squad car... quick run down of the emergency equipment?

Автор GravelRoadCop ( назад)
California Law.

Автор Texas ADV ( назад)
I know our city paid 60K/vehicle (but I dont know if that was loaded
w/police equip or unloaded)

Автор Trainmasterryan (1336 лет назад)
to be honest i wouldnt want the steady burn in the red light.

Автор Paxtony ( назад)
I love this car, in germany we don't have so cool police cars.

Автор Zak Opperman ( назад)
You're sufficiently retarded. The color of lights varies from state to
state. For instance, here, in NJ, blue means volunteer firefighters or
emts. And you shouldn't be talking any crap about a police department that
can afford an awesome car like that. regardless, it probably cost more than
a "decent 4x4."

Автор ghdgdgr ( назад)
dude they build the cars soo they r showing them off

Автор InvincibleMario ( назад)

Автор iamthestig1 ( назад)
whoever fitted the lights got it wrong. the lights are suppose to be all
blue. and if thats a 'chevrolet', thet means that them cops are tightasses
and cant afford a decent 4x4, like a Range Rover.....

Автор MDizzel16 ( назад)
isn't like illegal?

Автор MDizzel16 ( назад)
ooo whered u get it?!?!?

Автор trekriderPA332 ( назад)
Its the CA-red-light-steady-burn-law light. read comment above for more

Автор Redtooth45 ( назад)

Автор rescuehero54 ( назад)
state law. basic concept behind it is that a steady burn is more visible
than a flashing light because its on more. also must have at least one
amber flashing to the rear. and the law also states that there can only be
wail & yelp siren tones with elec airhorn optional, although idk how much
the siren law is followed since numerous times ive seen (or heard, for that
matter) piercer/phaser/hyperyelp being used.

Автор gunzkevin ( назад)
Looks nice but i like expeditions more and they have proven to be more
reliable. ppl have been having problems with their tahoes.

Автор Charlie Hazlegrove ( назад)
Granted there are the cops that are working against you and in high school
there were the kid getting picked on so now he thinks he is mister (or
misses) law enforcement. However, majority of cops are there for good. They
give citations and pull you over in hopes that you will learn via from
paying the fine, getting points on your license or whatever else may
persuade you to not break the law again.

Автор jrs89 ( назад)
Yeah, you're probably right. I almost any other area it really is not a
problem. I live in a wealthy suburb where people who regard the police as
"having nothing better to do." They just have a tendency of treating any
car that a young adult (I'm a college student) can afford driving around at
night is a teenager transporting alcohol to a party or going to vandalize
something. I've never gotten a ticket so I guess I can't complain. It just
makes me feel like the police are working against me

Автор Charlie Hazlegrove ( назад)
nobody can make you drive a certain way unless they are running you off the
road. if you think someone is following you for illicit reasons change
lanes or go somewhere else. unmarked units are for the reason that clueless
drivers will continue to break the law no matter what. unmarked units are
the best traffic violation deterrent because you never know when one will
be near you.

Автор Salvador G ( назад)
yes same here, if they are going to have unmarked cars they should only use
them for special operations not for pulling people over for traffic

Автор jrs89 ( назад)
Police cars should be marked and have the lights on top of the car not
integrated within it. If they need to go under cover, why do they need to
pull people over. It always drives me nuts when I come home late from work
and it looks like an Impala or Suburban is stalking my tail with their
headlights on. No shit I'm going to drive nervous. Then the lights come
on..."Are you aware you we driving suspciously, sir?" "Are you aware that
you were stalking me in an unmarked car?"

Автор lolzorrice ( назад)
Maybe because they specialise in police vehicles?

Автор Niall Iley ( назад)
how come ur other videos are in the same place and are all police cars?

Автор pblabrat07 ( назад)
ahahahahahahaha bs much??

Автор briankillya ( назад)
my father has the new dodge charger suv's in at the police station we went
on a cruise in that jesus that hemi sounds so nice when going 60+mph

Автор CentrinoTV ( назад)
Sweet! If only they made it into Tahoe 2008 Full option!

Автор luc5tar ( назад)
lol , dat looks like a black christmas tree on wheels.

Автор Josh1303 ( назад)
I like it :) except its 2wd and we use them here in Canada. I dont know,
the OPP use them. Which is fine but in winter on hwy 2wd on gosh lol.

Автор EscaladeStyleZ ( назад)
It doesnt have to be fast u faggot..its all about the fucking strength and

Автор NYBoy155 ( назад)
your wrong

Автор musicjunkie213 ( назад)
i bet that shit is slow as hell

Автор S421790 ( назад)
Hey what brand siren is that I want it!

Автор Fiddy ( назад)
oh well down here they're all stock except for the lights in the rear
window and in the grill :\. in the day they're easy to spot but at
night....watch out!

Автор Ibn Khairuddeen (ابن خير الدين الألباني) ( назад)
not at all they think theyre slick but they stick out like sore thumbs..up
here in NYC they even drive yellow taxis

Автор Fiddy ( назад)
lol i hate them undercovers they're hard to spot :P

Автор BRIANxdrift ( назад)
i like police :)

Автор BoxerTwoZero ( назад)
You're all fucking idiots, how about that. And peanut18 you did admit to
murder, so shut your mouth.

Автор peanut18peanut18 ( назад)
Wrong ONLY in YOUR mind. There's a difference between U & I. I wouldn't
expect u to know that, though. Anyway, u r a very boring individual, the
BEST u have is to call me a 14 year old? YAWN! That's pretty weak. I
laughed about the Honda Civic though, u actually said something funny(for
once). U will never know what type of vehicle I drive. Don't let it eat u
up inside. I know ur going to comment back, but don't expect a response
until way later, I'm meeting up with some hottie at 11:00pm 2nite!

Автор DecimatedDreams01 ( назад)
Um wrong. By saying "We killed Chicago police officer Brian Strause in our
Pilsen neighborhood in 2001 on 18th place & Throop." That's called
admitting to a capital offense, how stupid can you be that you don't even
know that. You are 14, I know that by the 14 year old insult about being at
my sister's house. Too bad she doesn't exist.Get back in your honda civic
tuner shitbox and drive it off the Golden Gate Bridge, do us all a favour.
Try to use proper grammar, okay 14 year old? Good.

Автор peanut18peanut18 ( назад)
If a cop pulls you over, you can shoot him in the fuckin' eye! LOL!

Автор peanut18peanut18 ( назад)
Hey vishal, I am hard, ask ur mom. LOL! Anyway, don't be calling anybody
else fag when ur talking about fucking me, closet homo. I fuck WOMEN, not
men. I even put some of their pics on my pro. Sorry that ur life is so

Автор peanut18peanut18 ( назад)
I admitted to nothing, I said "me & my crew". Sorry to disappoint u but
there were no 14 year olds involved. Anyone with even 1/2 of a brain can
pretty much tell where the inadaquacies lie (with you & ur relatives).
There's ways to find out about what I said. Look it up. The city even named
the street after him. Anyway, I like it over here at ur sister's house, so
I think I'll just stay here. DecimatedIdiot01, no more of ur moronic
messages. Ur not on my level. U R DISMISSED.

Автор DecimatedDreams01 ( назад)
Hahahaha nice, admit to a capital offense, that's brilliant. We both know
you and your 'crew' of prepubescent 14 year olds are nothing but pussies
who mask their inadaquacies through the internet by making up retarded
stories like that and posting it everywhere. Go back to your mom and dads
house where you live, and stay there. I think by removing you from society
the general population's IQ rate would sky rocket.

Автор peanut18peanut18 ( назад)
Listen here idiot, first of all, it was a joke. Second of all, me & my crew
don't have a problem killing cops. We killed Chicago police officer Brian
Strause in our Pilsen neighborhood in 2001 on 18th place & Throop. Sounds
to me like ur trying to be the "e-tough guy" running your stinky ass mouth
on here like ur somebody. Fuck u chump ass piece of dog shit.

Автор DecimatedDreams01 ( назад)
That was unnecessary. We all know you don't have the balls to even mouth
off to a cop, so stop acting like an e-tough guy.

Автор Duffy RS ( назад)

Автор Nickie B ( назад)
thats the point of an "unmarked" police car. so its not marked so you dont
know its a cop car. you heard wrong and these guys dont go pulling people
over, they build these things for departments and their just showing what
they look like.

Автор peanut18peanut18 ( назад)
If a cop pulls you over, you can shoot him in the fuckin' head!

Автор imprezzed42296 ( назад)
You heard very wrong

Автор rumpontheslump ( назад)
You pull over but you're allowed to call the real cops and make sure it's
atually an unmarked cop car.

Автор Glidescube ( назад)
too bland. Ive seen suvs with LEDs around the windscreen frame. That is

Автор minpin88 ( назад)
How come in all of the cars one red light in the dash stays lite when the
other lights are turned off?

Автор LetMrAL1 ( назад)
Beautiful truck...needs to be in navy blue though

Автор wonderbizzle ( назад)
yes you can.

Автор ArmyCav147 ( назад)
what brand push bumper is that?

Автор megamaxiultraman ( назад)
it looks like a christmas tree

Автор jacobrogers18 ( назад)
Does anyone know the brand of the siren? thanks.

Автор wonderbizzle ( назад)
it depends because you can also be a fire fighter and have lights.

Автор Z14LDO ( назад)
it's like a christmas treee.

Автор krzyk71 ( назад)
look's like a night club on wheel's

Автор Fernando J. Diaz Nin ( назад)
wtf -_-"

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