Dangling and walking in Bagatt High Heels

Dangling and walking in Bagatt High Heels

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Автор Ford_Truck_Guy01 ( назад)
Would love to just give you a foot massage.

Автор fertileate ( назад)
such a tease

Автор kinkster80 ( назад)
That is absolutely freakin out of this world sexy. 

Автор Lorenza Piccardo ( назад)
Non bastano scarpe carine per fare bei piedi..

Автор casiokid92 ( назад)
And can i cum all over your heels?

Автор casiokid92 ( назад)
Are those patent leather?

Автор loris gioggio ( назад)
please some more flats dangling

Автор casiokid92 ( назад)
I would love to see u waring highheel boots and fetish those off. Im your
biggest fan.

Автор casiokid92 ( назад)
Oops i spelled female wrong. And no asshole better correct me about me
missspelling a word.

Автор casiokid92 ( назад)
Femail New Yorker Feet. Even Better for a man.

Автор kenjibound ( назад)
This is just amazing! Great shoes, beautiful feet, sexy walk!

Автор zolf yassine ( назад)
what a sexy feet

Автор Ashton Lear ( назад)
That's it, Mistress Missy!! I'm in love with Your feet and with these long
pointed toe Spike Heeled Pumps!! Yeahh!! Just walk, Mistress!! Pleeease!!
I'm rockard and jerking my cock as watching You to walk in these Pumps and
listening the knocking of Your Heels!!

Автор Richard Davis ( назад)
ill give u a $1000$1000 to lick ur feet and for u to trample me me.

Автор Tim B ( назад)
What a deliciously sexy pair of stiletto pumps!

Автор pakkrat2001 ( назад)
Beautiful and so shiny for two years old. They must receive a lot of loving

Автор MsFeettoes ( назад)
i love these shoes

Автор iome81 ( назад)
bello l'anello al dito

Автор jorge robinson gonzalez cely ( назад)
para regalarle unos a lilis pero ella no le gusta usar tacones lastima

Автор Marcus G ( назад)
Melting Ice bergs here !

Автор kurvar101 ( назад)
Do you wear these on a daily basis or just for modeling?

Автор Randy Jones ( назад)
MMMMMMMM cumming

Автор MrNigel223 ( назад)
i love these shoes

Автор Amrit Bahra ( назад)
hot sexy feet

Автор glosman1 ( назад)

Автор mowang2008 ( назад)
I like your heels !

Автор mark mogar ( назад)
nice heels love to wear them barefoot

Автор C. Robert Hammond d Bonesan ( назад)
Great Legs and Killer Pumps

Автор MrBirdy2010 ( назад)
those pumps are the most perfekt shoes a woman can wear !!! its sexy ,
charming, elegant and timeless!!! and we shoe and feetlovers are crazy for
it!!! ;))) thanks for this perfekt moment!! good camera and sound!!

Автор Jean-Jacques B ( назад)
Bare feet in nice black heels, the black patent leather on the skin of the
feet, oh yes !

Автор kurvar101 ( назад)

Автор MrBirdy2010 ( назад)
the best shoe video ever !!! love the pumps so much ;))) mmm

Автор rjc071 ( назад)
Don't quit your day job!

Автор RYVITA ( назад)
Jus beautyful 5 stars

Автор LegMan Silky Smooth Legs ( назад)

Автор vaxxon1 ( назад)
Wow! Yum! Gorgeous pumps, sensual toe cleavage, and sexy feet. I also agree
about the contrast between this girl's fair, smooth, bare skin and the dark
color of the pumps. Speaking of bare, nothing sexier than a girl going sans
hosiery in pumps.

Автор Concerned Citizen ( назад)
@ballerinas1000 You're welcome! Yup, i searched but didn't find it. What's
the model name of the shoe? I see, thanks. Yes, it's really good. You can
upload more "daring" or "exciting" shoe videos of it. It's really good. I
love it above everything that I've seen in your vids. Superb clarity.

Автор ballerinas1000 ( назад)
@shoes74 Thanks, me to ;-) This are Bagatt shoes, xou will find them in
google. This model is 2 years old and not in the listing anymore i guess. I
bougt them in Zurich and payed about € 120.--

Автор Concerned Citizen ( назад)
I love these shoes...Where did you buy this and how much? What's the brand?

Автор ceotware ( назад)
love the feet and the huge veins!

Автор shooplyer64 ( назад)
Another nice clip!!!!!!!!!!! The camera shaking around is a little annoying
though. A steady camera would give the POV ov the viewer (me!) , hiding
out, admiring you. My head doesny bobble all over the place when I'm
admiring something..... Just constructive advise to the cameraman.

Автор MrBirdy2010 ( назад)
wooow this is the most perfekt shoe video ever!! black patent pumps are the
hottest!! i was looking for this a very longtime :) thankyou very much !!!
very very hoooot

Автор Dican69 ( назад)
un po di piu grazie piedi e scarpe molto sexy

Автор HeelsAndMud ( назад)
Such sexy heels and legs!!

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