Highlights using the cap method

A short layered cut can be highlighted using the cap if one colour is desired. Foils can be used,some hairdressers have scorn for the cap,but it is a faster method-use less product and cuts out the worry of the foils slipping due to little hair in a wrap. I have added a few shots of a Frankie Sandford (The Saturday's)haircut that I did later on on the same day. I used an iphone to record-sorry about the middle screen!

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Автор gypsy sailboat ( назад)
What are the benefits of cap highlights over foil highlight?thanks

Автор Naima Ismailovic ( назад)

Автор Richard Catterall ( назад)
Why does the cap go a brownish coulor

Автор Richard Catterall ( назад)
Ye are you doing any more

Автор Richard Catterall ( назад)
Nice bid I'm getting mine done soon

Автор Jen Raskin ( назад)
Only thing with this is some people will pull different colors when they
lift and may need to be toned. :p

Автор MC-monkey ( назад)
yah i hate the cap. my hairs too long and thick for it and it got tangled
and pulled and it hurt a lot!! but i did the highlight anyway. my mom did
it in 3 layers of hair but the top just covered the other layers. and the
highlights i used hair mascara and its kinda sticky

Автор Scarlett777Red ( назад)
Rainbow Bright!

Автор Scarlett777Red ( назад)
yes,it is a Majicap.

Автор MC-monkey ( назад)
im gonna get this and use it for pnk, blue, and purple highlights! so

Автор Hairiswhatido ( назад)
Is this the majicap?

Автор Scarlett777Red ( назад)
@Ang Gela sorry last comment was for you!

Автор Scarlett777Red ( назад)
@Ang Dela if you take your time and comb through once you have pulled the
hair through and lightly pull the strands before applying colour then you
should have good results-if the cap is kept in good condition there should
not have a problem with bleeding.

Автор Angel Love ( назад)
Does this cap still get as close to the roots as disposable caps? And is it
bleed proof?

Автор Jana Petrova ( назад)
Look like poop after blackberryies

Автор Happy “Sunny” Joy ( назад)
I'm old school. For at home highlighting I have always used Clairol Frost
and Tip with the cap. Leave on until the hair is a very pale yellow at the
roots. I have never had a mishap using this and my hair always comes out

Автор Charlie walker ( назад)

Автор GeoRge B-loyd ( назад)
how much tme to live the bleach? 

Автор Gunge Tank Hire UK ( назад)
I want to try this cap thing on

Автор Scarlett777Red ( назад)
@ryoubakura98. The caps are for sale in beauty and hair trade shops. It is
possible to bleach and then also tint on top,important to be aware of the
condition of the hair. Once hair is bleached I would not use a higher
peroxide than 3% in a tint afterwards.

Автор Scarlett777Red ( назад)
@Maar11makeupnails The needle is also called a crochet hook,you can buy
them separately or they come complete with the cap in a box from trade
shops. Es una aguja de crochè que viene adjunto a la capucha que puedes
adquirir en tiendas especializadas en productos de peluqueria. Muchos

Автор maar ti ( назад)
Hi, sorry if you do not understand my English, I speak Spanish. My
question: How is called the cap you use? And, the needle? is that the
needle comes with the hat, but ... Please see if it has name or something.
In my country I do not sell caps, so I want to know the name of the needle
... Lots of kisses!

Автор Scarlett777Red ( назад)
Recy18, Lol and thanks :-)

Автор HelloKittyRecy7 ( назад)
that looked really gross but her hair came out really nice

Автор Scarlett777Red ( назад)
Pippy204,I thank you! I use the cap when the style or colour choice
allows,sometimes a full head of foils is not always the first choice,my
head is not ruled by how much money I can take from a client!

Автор leanne scalcon ( назад)
made her look longer after the colouring, looked alot more shorter before

Автор Von Craghead ( назад)

Автор LovlyDarkBeauty ( назад)
looks like a baby doll's scalp 

Автор Rosa M-B ( назад)
Her hair looked great! TY I did mute so as not to hear the music :)

Автор melissa gallant ( назад)
worlds most annoying ***** song holy ***

Автор Scarlett777Red ( назад)
Once the hair has a good regrowth,follow the same method but only apply
colour to the root area using partings rather than all over.

Автор Scarlett777Red ( назад)
@frankieshair Hi,you really need to make sure you have atleast two inches
in length at the back or the results can look spotty-or just high light
half way down and have your hair cut into the nape x

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