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Автор AVF Gaming (1 год)
actually i don't like the game
try battlestation's pacific or battlestation's midway is much more better
that game is like you're wasting memory of you're computer or laptop..

Автор Nathan Durrence (11 месяцев)
Looks more like an Alsace class but the triple 15 inch guns instead of the
quad 15 in guns

Автор Silmacar (5 лет)
@wallaka iirc the Regia Marina had no fc computers

Автор JuergenGDB (4 года)
@RodentSaurus WTF does being American have to do with anything? Knowing
History... is knowing history regardless of where on planet earth you come
from. For one thing and Im not aiming this at you Rodent... but everyone
should be proud of whatever nation they come from period... American or not.

Автор tchirn (2 года)
They "ran" because they had no AIR COVER and the British were accompanied
by aircraft carriers which carry airplanes, do you capisci? The Brits
should have destroyed more as I believe a plane can catch a ship but they
did not, I guess just being kind. There were times when the Brits broke off
the engagement and "ran" but you won't see that in the old Victory at Sea
series or any of those post WW2 b/s.There are many books by by non Italian
authors which dispel the WW2 propaganda. Read them

Автор 7omnia7 (5 лет)
You do like WWII History! But your wrong on one point: the Italian army
wasn't "respectable" because it was incredibly unprepared. Mussolini knew
it (that's why Italy officially got itself into the war a year later, after
the Germans had the upper hand in France). The faults: the Italian high
officers who didn't even know what the word war means (Rommel). On the
other hand the Italian soldiers were brave beyond standards. A true waist
of human lives! FUCK nowadays Italian fascists!

Автор 311nonono (2 года)
You do not realize that by you constant reference to this item you show
your total ignorance in this subject matter. I will put this in a way you
can maybe understand. The Savannah is like a wooden boat compared to the
Roma. In addition if the Iowa, or any other battleship with "maybe" the
exception of Yamato, was hit in the same location they would have suffered
the same fate. The difference is they would have sunk in a minute or less
and not stay afloat for over six minutes as the Roma did.

Автор smsteve888 (5 лет)
I am a fan of it, but I do not have anyone to play it with most of the time

Автор 311nonono (3 года)
Besides the most powerful guns of any battleship before and since. The
Littorio class also had the toughest armor of all. It’s Terni armor was 17%
tougher than US armor and 22% tougher than Japanese armor. That means
Littorio's 13.8" belt was more penetration resistant than Yamato's 16.2"
belt and far surpassed Iowa's 12.1 belt in penetration protection.

Автор 7omnia7 (5 лет)
Btw, you should play the last edition of "Axis and Allies", you'd have fun!
(maybe you're already a fan of that game?)

Автор hoplite1766 (5 лет)
You're an idiot, Britain wasnt' invaded was it. You Italians were useless
in WW2, ask any German. LOLOLOLOL

Автор Kris Matheson (7 лет)
Fighting Steel

Автор hoplite1766 (5 лет)
This confrontation couldn't happen because the Italians would have run
away, Shit, the British chased them all over the mediterranean using old
WW1 battleships in the italians back yard. Mussolini's 'mare nostrum' was
all talk, the Italian navy was an embarassment.

Автор normannodelsud (5 лет)
Then the English got back the aerial superiority, the Germans transmitted
in code (Enigma) the departures of the Italian ships that didn't succeed in
supplying Rommel anymore. In last but very important the American tankses
type Shermann... Only this, however Italians to El Alamein fought better
some Germans

Автор 311nonono (4 года)
@carsmasher Absolutely correct. But they wanted to exceed the power of
larger guns, without the weight penalty. Their solution to wear was to
design guns with, on ship 24hr replacement liners. The British(and others)
after 300+ shots would require the replacement of the entire gun. This
alternative was both very costly and time consuming, the 24hr liners also
avoided with this. The heavier guns, if they went that way, would have also
meant a heavier ship with a large power plant or a slow ship.

Автор 311nonono (1 год)
Iowa's 18 inch armor of turrets and tower was homogeneous armor which is
MUCH WEAKER than face hardened cemented armor. Littorio's Terni cemented
armor was the BEST armor of WWII. Littorio's guns had 4 miles MORE RANGE
than Iowa and more range than Yamato. And also with MORE PENETRATION than
both Iowa and Yamato (Yamato above 25k yards). Will penetrate Iowa's belt
to vitals out to 28k yards. Iowa to Littorio 14k yards. It armor belt was
only rivaled was Yamato's. Also had 32k yard radar by 42'.

Автор smsteve888 (5 лет)
Mussolini was a buffoon. Pure and simple. The Italian army was respectable,
but preformed terribly in combat. Mussolini, being a toady to Hitler,
wanted to impress him by sending a squadron of Italian heavy bombers to
participate in the battle of Britain. Guess what? All of them were shot
down but a few (2?). Italian tanks were worn out in world war one, and were
called "self propelled coffins" by their own crews.

Автор Logan Seal (6 лет)
Need to do some death matches. Show us what a sinking ship is like. Oh and
I concur with RodentSaurus, the Littorio should have won this fight. I
noticed that the secondary guns on the Alabama seemed to fire faster that
the Roma. Wonder if that had anything to do with the outcome?

Автор 311nonono (3 года)
@HAL9000Intelligence The only battleship that was talked about as achieving
35 knots was the Iowa. BUT.... Iowa could not have got near 35kn was unless
in stripped down weight with the engines running 20% past their rated
redline. In post WWII speed trials the Iowas were never able to exceed
32kn. Littorio maximum speed was 31.5kn. Most ships, including Littorio &
Iowas, were able to run their engines past their redlines when emergencies
warranted possible engine damage or short engine life.

Автор joseagustinpicasso (6 лет)
haha... this was the horrible mod for the Fighting steel... A couple of
americans do this ugly "mod".. on it, the Bismarck run 29 knoths and the
POW too... and the Hood can take a bismarck. Somebady of the dev team get
the Yami with one Alaska (a USA BC). In that escenario, the Littorio's guns
can pierce any point of the US BB like chesse =), not the same for the
Littorio =). Bye looks like a real 80´s videogame lol...

Автор hoplite1766 (4 года)
@RodentSaurus Right about the armour but italian cemented armour was based
on British principles, the best in the world at thicknesses over 10", the
correct abbreviation for this armour being CA, so the italian armour was
likely of good or better quality. However not all your posts are accurate.
The longest recorded hits on moving ships at sea were the Scharnhorst on
HMS glorious at 26,646 yards and Warspite on Guilio Cesare at 26,000 yards.
So were is your source for the 32,000 yard claim??

Автор 311nonono (2 года)
Ridiculous that you would want to compare the Savannah to the Roma. Compare
it to the Italian Zara cruiser class and you will find that the Savannah
would look like an embarrassment to the US Navy. And let's not even talk
about comparing Terni armor to US grade A armor with it severe spalding
effects, so serious that they used weaker homogenous armor on the turret
faces instead Grade A armor.

Автор hoplite1766 (4 года)
@RodentSaurus That answer also does not tale 'weight of shot' into
consideration, nor the US advantage of superior fire control and radar. The
American range computers and fire control being the best of any navy during
WW2 hands down (No I'm not American)

Автор Lumotaku (1 год)
I have decided you are gay

Автор 311nonono (4 года)
@carsmasher This ship was overly underestimated by a very long shot ! It
had more hitting power than both Iowa and Yamato and as fast(-1knt) as
Iowa. When you look at the armor penetration tables and consider the
conversion from Italian Terni armor to Japanese armor. The Littorio’s 13.8”
armor belt surpassed the Yamato’s 16.1” belt in penetration protection, and
far-exceeded Iowa’s belt protection. If you stop and think about this, it’s
incredible. A light, powerful, fast, well protected ship.

Автор Kris Matheson (7 лет)

Автор deino117 (3 года)
@RodentSaurus I guess by definition a "fantasy" doesn't have to be
accurate! Regardless, thanks for the info on the Italian guns. The Italians
got such a bad rap in WWII and it's nice to correct it whenever possible.
Good stuff.

Автор Sartori (6 лет)
Roma was only armed with 15" guns. Alabama was armed with 16" and had radar
directed fire control.

Автор prowler878 (3 года)
And what's with that huge miscalculation about an 8,000-yard difference
bet. Iowa and Littorio? Even with weaker Mark 1-5 shells, it's up to 4000
yards only - and that's just the South Dakota. Besides, that's the vertical
armor you wrote. US guns are meant to hit horizontal/deck armors, as
Pacific warfare dictates. SoDak's decks are immune against Littorio up to
8000 yards more than vice versa, the Iowas moreso, at whch point US shells
penetrate twice the deck armor than Italians can.

Автор 311nonono (4 года)
@RodentSaurus "there is no doubt that the Iowas would have defeated...." I
disagree, I think they were about equal it could go either way. The
Littorio's guns were definitely better. The speed was about the same with
the edge towards Iowa. Littorio had better armor in the more critical
areas. Ha...and food poisoning, well...it can doom a ship!

Автор smsteve888 (5 лет)
huh, thats interesting. I'm pretty sure I have the original

Автор prowler878 (3 года)
@311nonono One more thing: Littorio's main belt wasnt 13.8" Terni, it's
11.02", an inch less than Iowa's 12.1" Class A armor. If you will insist on
the 13.8", you should have at least mentioned the additional 2.76" PO
plate, which is very much different from face-hardened Terni armor. It
would then be unjust not to add Iowa's 1.5" STS plate to 12.1" Class A
plate, for a total of 13.6" for Iowa.

Автор hoplite1766 (4 года)
@RodentSaurus Again you don't know what you're talking about. Vittorio
Veneto's shooting at Matapan was poor and unaccurate. Go to navweaps and
look up Nathan Okun's gunnery and ballistics information, the Italian 15"
ammo from Ansalado and OTO suffered from consistency problems throughout
the war..LOOK IT UP.

Автор Lorenzo Capasso (5 лет)

Автор 311nonono (2 года)
To be clear, the reference in the prior comment was to IOWA's turret faces.

Автор 311nonono (3 года)
@woofdogmeow Be specific ! What specifically is the bilge ? And who is this
directed too ?

Автор silvan500 (6 лет)
This video is very orrible. Greetings with brunstad org

Автор frarevo (6 лет)
This video is a beautiful fantasy: the battleship Roma was heavier than
Alabama and the global armament of Roma was heavier than Alabama.

Автор 7omnia7 (5 лет)
Well, about the N. African campaign, Rommel was pissed when he ordered the
bombing of Tobruk (I guess it was Tobruk, not sure) captured by the Brits
before the Germans arrival cause the Italian high officers stopped him
since they had property in the city and didn't want it to be damaged! They
simply had no fucking idea of what war meant to be.

Автор hoplite1766 (5 лет)
They won the battle of Britain didn't they, they fought against you and the
Germans alone for two and a half years. Look fuckwit, the Italians were an
embarrasment to the Germans, you always lost or ran away, or like Abbysinia
were you surrendered in the thousands, Your record in the war is a shame

Автор 311nonono (4 года)
@f3hdemon Sorry to bring you into reality.....but the Alabama would have
been just another Hood. Try the Iowa and with luck it may... maybe(a big
maybe)...work your way.

Автор JuergenGDB (4 года)
Cant they remake this game but better.. Dear god.... its about time a great
Naval battle game came back to the Market.

Автор normannodelsud (5 лет)
The motive that Rommel lost in the desert depended on a lot of things,
Italians in 1942 were ready and sure to conquer Malta but Rommel after the
conquest of tobruch he/she preferred to advance with the fuel taken to the

Автор AmericanThunder (6 лет)
Alabama(BB-60) is the last of the South Dakota class battleships, and as
such, has fairly similar armor protection as the more modern and much
larger Iowa class. They have proven to be a very durable class. And of
course, the USS Alabama is still afloat today, as a museum ship.

Автор smsteve888 (5 лет)
Well I can see that your main beef is with the British. Well, with their
entire country at stake, why would they not use radar controlled guns if it
gives them such an advantage. With the forces their up against, and all
that is at stake for them, I would never think that is at all cowardly.

Автор 7omnia7 (5 лет)
Too bad you don't live next to me: I have a couple of friends that keep
playing it. In the last edition you get to play Italy and the one who plays
the US, controls China wich is a minor power by itself (without factories

Автор giulene (4 года)
@RodentSaurus Yes, on an English techno-scientific site about Navy guns in
II WW, they said that the guns of main battleships of Italian Regia Marina
(381/50) were among most powerful guns in the world and a range exceeded
all others (they shot an 885 kg shell much over 45,000 yards) and even if
not hitting the targets would anyway create trouble for the opponent ships.

Автор smsteve888 (5 лет)
I would also like to comment on your anti Americanism. Let me make things
clear. I'm not conservative. I'm very liberal and believe strongly in
socialism, and I'm unhappy with our country right now. But my interest in
world war two is a result of looking back on a time when I would have been
proud of my country. the reason we lost in Vietnam is basic. the
unpopularity back home (I cant say I was proud of us then), and poor
tactics on our part.

Автор 311nonono (3 года)
When all is taken into account with Littorio’s three additional plates
after the main belt. Littorio will penetrates Iowa’s belt to vitals, out to
23,000 yards. However Iowa penetrates Littorio’s belt to vitals, only out
to 15,000 yards. A huge difference! And the Alabama need to be within
13,000 yards. Fantasy?….that’s putting it mildly !

Автор wallaka (5 лет)
@RodentSaurus Interesting. The wiki says that the guns on the
Littorio-class fired at 1.3 rpm, while the Mark VI on the Alabama fired at
2 rpm. Did the Italians have fire control computers?

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