PSN Invisible Glitch 2013 (UN-PATCHABLE)

This glitch allows you to be invisible on PSN, This glitch is still working as of 1/12/13 and CANNOT be patched. Like & Subscribe for more

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Автор Dennisrs21 ( назад)
click here

Автор Okg Fjk ( назад)
i like your accent <3

Автор jaylub2009 ( назад)
can u do a vid on psn codes

Автор PhantomX768 ( назад)
Nice house

Автор EviLAzpecT ( назад)
everybody sub real like too is what you meant

Автор SneakyLobbies ( назад)
This doesn't really work. You have no friends online for yourself, but from
another person's perspective, your online. Quite good if you don't wanna
see your friends xD

Автор charles murphy ( назад)
no disrespect but damn your uncle plays way too much easytether working for
Treyarch and some weird way or heat on disability or he sleeps eats and
drinks PlayStation

Автор Minty_chew ( назад)
Could u get ur friends back

Автор Nathaniel Donaldson ( назад)
Lol wtf he deleted all his freinds lol sub :3

Автор KubikS ( назад)
Can you get games for free like that?

Автор Tanhar9819 ( назад)
What happens? What is the point?

Автор Deadpool_ Bot ( назад)
yes it is a glitch but its a glitch within psn which is apparently

Автор daniel campos ( назад)
i know were you live (NOT)

Автор Alvin Yakitori ( назад)
lol i have jzv as a friend to.

Автор MarcosIsKarma uNa1 ( назад)
Young Ali-a

Автор TEDDY D Jr ( назад)
In what f**k

Автор Malik Holmes ( назад)
Add me on pan TR0LLACADAMY101 plz I was your very first subscriber

Автор hassan pope ( назад)
can u plz send me a code

Автор ob castor ( назад)
lol i troll my friends with this

Автор Legend- _-Modz ( назад)

Автор Legend- _-Modz ( назад)

Автор shaju uddin ( назад)
ur gay

Автор Tom Richards ( назад)
Cheers bud ;)

Автор Muhammad JenKins ( назад)
King_781 224-12 in 2k play me

Автор TropIK & PuRe ( назад)
Add my psn - TropIK-_-ShaDoWz

Автор Connor Cooley ( назад)
add me my name is ROONEYx10x

Автор WPWLeage ( назад)
WOW COOL AMAZING, what is the FUCKING Point, Idiot :) hehe

Автор TheMiners .2000 ( назад)
yea me too

Автор tyriksodope MIMMS ( назад)
This is cool! I just got a PSN card code for FREE! :D freepsncodes●cc

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
Dont we all !

Автор Shiny Shaymin Plays! ( назад)
The old ps store omg i miss it so much

Автор falloutkiller12345 ( назад)
this is all some it works taks a lot

Автор Lex Evans ( назад)
Nice bro

Автор Christopher Khoury ( назад)
Wow a forever alone glitch

Автор Owen Temme ( назад)
No offence but you sound like ronald weasley from the second harry potter

Автор jacob goldson ( назад)
add rgoldson

Автор Blindspot37766 ( назад)
They are all offline when you change your comment watch the fun it's kinds

Автор Blindspot37766 ( назад)
Funny I did it and it just takes awhile to load them up but it does still
give you a window I have to ps3 in my room did it with an acct and it dint
pop up as online for about 5 mins

Автор Liam Bowser ( назад)
Wtf it took all my friends away

Автор Godfrey Osagiede ( назад)
what is ur psn user name and password

Автор weslee smith ( назад)
It's fake the friends take a while to load up

Автор Wyatt Mayberry ( назад)
Worked thats a shocker

Автор NON UR BIS ( назад)
it does work now i wont have to worry about this person is online and this
person is offline pop ups.all those ppl that say its fake u dont know how
to do this

Автор ModzClanMW2 ( назад)
This is so old. Im amazed this guy decided to record it now

Автор Alex chipitica ( назад)

Автор kdkiller98 ( назад)
waste of time :D

Автор Kenneth Satterfield ( назад)
So am I my clan is really annoying especially when they don't even play the
game they just mess around

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
Glad it worked man

Автор Kenneth Satterfield ( назад)
Yeah this is totally fake WHEN I JUST DID IT TWICE IN A ROW it works, and
thanks for this, I like to watch youtube on my PS3 but my friends won't
leave me alone especially with games I don't have, so this helps alot.

Автор MOVED TO NEW CHANNEL xFractalEditz ( назад)

Автор EveryThingLegit ( назад)
It's done that to me without doing that .

Автор Justin Lard ( назад)
Cool I just got a free PSN card code at freepsncodes●cc

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
Ya know what why dont you jog on! The glitch is real and if you could
afford a ps3 you would know that!

Автор Angel Garza ( назад)
dont sub fake dont like either

Автор Kaleb Campbell ( назад)
Holy shit! Russel Brand plays PS3?! xD

Автор MB GamingCentral ( назад)
What is the glitch for

Автор Josh Laston ( назад)
But this guys way also work so end the dislikes and start a like rally.

Автор Josh Laston ( назад)
Guys this is for real. The whole point of this is so when you are offline,
your friends don't message you scams and shit because, they think your
offline. But here, is the real instruction. Go to that phone texting
keyboard or whatever and go to single tap. Type in three dots and then
press start and it should look like this. .. . Next you want to go offline
and then sign back in. Now people think you are offline now.

Автор SDHD1296 ( назад)
Lol He modded the video.

Автор Andrew Bradley ( назад)
Listen, I know you guys won't believe this, but I just redeemed a $50 PSN
code from h ttp: / /psn.slee khacks .c om ! Give it a try, you'll thank me
later! :)

Автор Darkan LovesGames ( назад)
It fucking works he's awesome

Автор Aghiles L. ( назад)
its real i tried it and it works

Автор レオ ( назад)
worked for me and its hilarious cause my friends thinks i deleted them

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
This is R.E.A.L! Un-Dislike >:)

Автор MegaBraian98 ( назад)
This is F.A.K.E! Dislike *-*

Автор PillsBuryBlackBoy™ | Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 ( назад)
by 50 dollar psn, you mean money from your MOMS wallet

Автор Brand-X ( назад)
fuck that...ill never thank you

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
TheActionModz Approves xD

Автор MixMagicBox ( назад)
You are sooo good at this!

Автор Chuck norris1 ( назад)
Go there for a free virus

Автор Bruno Hršak ( назад)
noooobb go home cry, no seriously noob delete that vid you look like giant

Автор Dobbo 178 ( назад)
that was shit

Автор De'Yon McFadden ( назад)
dude no offense, but u really got my hopes up,dont do stuff like this

Автор NviForce ( назад)
Quite pointless.

Автор ScarePlaysGames ( назад)
Give me one if its true

Автор JoshLikeCrazy ( назад)
or so you can appear offline

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
A) Your the meaning of the word noob B) Its a troll glitch to prank your

Автор Bruno Hršak ( назад)
So whats the point of this u noob

Автор Nikkyman14 ( назад)

Автор Zachary Kistoo ( назад)
What was the point of this glitch

Автор oTehReconz ( назад)
link ?

Автор jostfh ( назад)

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
F.A.K.E !

Автор diodias12 ( назад)
dick head we all know there fake wast man

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
Phaha go back to school and learn grammar idiot

Автор Ksi27TheGamer ( назад)
Playing a prank on ur friends duh

Автор TheMineCraftGuy246 ( назад)
Shut up.Dumb Mexicant

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
lol it does honestly :)

Автор Michal Flisnik ( назад)
hahaha as if it realy works

Автор lorenzo Ola ( назад)
do me shout out me lorenzo ola

Автор 暗い孤立 XlI| ( назад)
It works, just tried it

Автор 暗い孤立 XlI| ( назад)
i had invisible friends when i did this

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
People commenting ANY PSN code websites WILL be flagged as spam! Grow up
there all fake

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
Yh thats right we all die sometime but looks like its your time now as you
have no life giving it to someone over Youtube, just jog on & grow up

Автор Tyler Welch ( назад)
ESPN_ADDICT please send me the message

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
Yes still works :)

Автор ezekieljackson6969 ( назад)
still wrk??

Автор TheActionModz ( назад)
Oh really? Just try the glitch ffs it is real!

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