Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors - Game 7 - Full Highlights - 2016 NBA Finals

  • Опубликовано:  1 год назад
  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors - Game 7 - Full Highlights - Jun 19, 2016 - 2016 NBA Finals
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  • Длительность: 9:25
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  • Ethan Hong
    Ethan Hong 20 часов назад

    Who else watching in 2017 after the finals??

  • TAK23
    TAK23 3 дня назад

    BLOCKED BY JAMES!!! That was the key move to the title!

    • jahemabe
      jahemabe 19 часов назад

      No, the key was the 3 point shot from KI

  • Kristoffer Salonga
    Kristoffer Salonga 4 дня назад

    I don't know but that shot by james at 8:03 is freakin clutch.

  • Eric Ward
    Eric Ward 5 дней назад

    kyrie man smh

  • ItzThunderPlayz // ITP
    ItzThunderPlayz // ITP 5 дней назад

    poor curry piece of shit

  • Chad Clifford
    Chad Clifford 7 дней назад

    Cavs down 4, Lebron and Kyrie combined to score the last 10 cavs points of the game, yea kyrie made the clutch 3, but lebron had the other 7 points.

  • Chad Clifford
    Chad Clifford 7 дней назад

    Everyone will remember lebron blocking iguedala to keep the score tied at 89, and everyone will remember kyrie making a 3 to break the 89-89 tie and take a 92-89 lead. But no one remembers that the warriors lead 87-84 before lebron made 6 straight points to make get the cavs to 89 points.

  • Waleed Aref
    Waleed Aref 8 дней назад

    For everyone who says kyrie won it for lebron, kyrie made one contribution down the stretch (the shot) while lebron hit the three to put the cavs up 89-87 (Klay hit a lay up to tie it 89-89) then he blocked iggy and then hit a free throw while just getting hurt of a hard foul/fall. 🐐

  • Power Hopson
    Power Hopson 8 дней назад

    Fuck step

  • X WelchGod
    X WelchGod 9 дней назад

    1 year ago from today

  • Ffootballl '
    Ffootballl ' 10 дней назад

    1 Year ago today

  • Leonardo Delos Reyes
    Leonardo Delos Reyes 11 дней назад

    Its MAFIA stupid

  • k k
    k k 11 дней назад

    So I watched this whole thing thinking it was the 2017 match...smh

  • Samiel Baret
    Samiel Baret 12 дней назад


  • Lebrons the goat
    Lebrons the goat 12 дней назад

    Take me back

  • Kyle Casey
    Kyle Casey 12 дней назад

    I came here after Game 5 2017 finals

  • brettetTV
    brettetTV 12 дней назад

    here for moral support

  • Brandon Wolf
    Brandon Wolf 13 дней назад

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  • myboysn480
    myboysn480 13 дней назад

    Haters after game 5 2017 be in here like, but they blew a 3-1 lead 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Uzs
    Uzs 14 дней назад

    Cavaliers are watching this to make them feel better. Haha Congrats to Golden State Warriors, Get backstabbed Cavaliers hehe. Just to mention I'm not bragging about the win. I just wanted to mention the finals 2017.

  • ronald santiago
    ronald santiago 14 дней назад

    2017 is Different story 🤗 Congrats Golden State Saiyan! Cavs Just Blew another Championship 😂 🔥🔥🔥🔥-1

  • Psycho Penguin
    Psycho Penguin 15 дней назад

    hah all y'all hold dis L that's what all these sad cavs fans deserve

  • Andrew Koehn
    Andrew Koehn 15 дней назад

    Had to come back here because i was depressed about the 2017 finals

  • XytalGaming
    XytalGaming 15 дней назад

    This years nba finals weren't fair warriors had four fucking superstars curry,Durant,Thompson, and green how the fuck was dat fair for the cavaliers and any of the teams in the NBA.if kd didn't join the warriors I think there would of been a game seven or at least game six. This nba is rigged

  • Mariah Bustamante
    Mariah Bustamante 15 дней назад

    My boyfriends favorite team is the cavs so i am watching it.

  • Mariah Bustamante
    Mariah Bustamante 15 дней назад

    my boyfriends favorite team is the cavs so i am watching it

  • Christian joshua Dela Cruz
    Christian joshua Dela Cruz 15 дней назад

    watching this after loss in game 5 :(

  • mja49ers1
    mja49ers1 15 дней назад

    hey idiot cavs fans hold this L! 2017 nba champions!!! Dubnation

  • Jarrett Winstead
    Jarrett Winstead 15 дней назад

    The 2016 Warriors could learn something from the 2017 Warriors.

    67-15 > 73-9

  • Ramos Jason
    Ramos Jason 15 дней назад

    whos come here after golden state won 2017 nba finals 😢😢😢

  • Yetda Versal
    Yetda Versal 15 дней назад


  • Isaiah Gomez
    Isaiah Gomez 15 дней назад

    2017 The shot from KD

  • Embiid and Simmons 2017
    Embiid and Simmons 2017 15 дней назад

    Had to watch this to cheer me up

  • ching
    ching 15 дней назад

    I'm right here after They lost ☹

  • Juan Gomez
    Juan Gomez 15 дней назад

    Who's here after the cavs lost in game 5 😪

  • StoppingbronsexuaLssinceOct292003
    StoppingbronsexuaLssinceOct292003 15 дней назад

    Fagaliers coming here after they lose the 2017 finals lmfao I'm dead

  • Gianfranco Tejada
    Gianfranco Tejada 15 дней назад

    Now we look today at June 12th 2017 and see the warriors as champions ;)

  • Shadow Slayer101
    Shadow Slayer101 15 дней назад

    2017 NBA champion Golden State Warriors

  • Cool Aid
    Cool Aid 15 дней назад

    When Warriors didn't have a snake on their team

  • Wyze Vuta
    Wyze Vuta 16 дней назад

    Whoa this was just absolutely mind blowing!!

  • Hosam Sufyan
    Hosam Sufyan 16 дней назад

    Watching this a year later and still nervous

  • mrronolo
    mrronolo 17 дней назад

    remember when the warriors blew a 3-0 lead in 2017?

    • Tim DunCAN
      Tim DunCAN 14 дней назад

      Uzs Look and my pfp and name... Btw I hate the cavs as much as I hate the warriors but I wanted the cavs to win because they were underdogs

    • mrronolo
      mrronolo 14 дней назад

      Uzs I'm an okc fan. If you seriously like the warriors you are a bandwagonner. GS has curry, kd, green, klay, and iggy. Cavs have LeBron and kyrie (and an inefficient, useless Love). what's ur point jackass?

    • Uzs
      Uzs 14 дней назад

      mrronolo Trying to be bandwagons huh? Bro 4 all stars vs 4 all stars. What's the point of complaining on you lazy ass cavaliers

    • mrronolo
      mrronolo 14 дней назад

      Tim DunCAN yup plus Zaza saved the warriors from losing to the spurs

    • Tim DunCAN
      Tim DunCAN 15 дней назад

      +mrronolo yeah he cheated his way out smh

  • Footballerz
    Footballerz 17 дней назад

    anyone still look back at this game in June 2017?

  • Jotaykra Rodgers
    Jotaykra Rodgers 17 дней назад

    I've been a fan since 1995 and I think its discusting how millions of Lakers fans hoped onto the Warriors its a disgrase to all us loyal fans out there, sure I liked watching Kobe and the Lakers winning but did I jump to them? No I didn't. I may have rooted for them to win 2009 and 2010 but did I hop on their bandwagon? No, the fallowing years 08-2009 and 09-2010 I kept watching Golden State sad sad years 55-109 (combined) sad sad fucking years but I still watched.

  • merry angel olivera
    merry angel olivera 18 дней назад

    galing talaga ng cavs napaka galin talaga nila lalo na ni lebron

  • Shawn Snow
    Shawn Snow 18 дней назад


  • carlo randazzo
    carlo randazzo 19 дней назад

    2017 - GOLDEN STATE - CAVS 4-0

  • carlo randazzo
    carlo randazzo 19 дней назад

    why does the commentator say '' cleveland is the city of champions once again''? that was the first time cavs won nba title

  • Artu Danel
    Artu Danel 19 дней назад

    Today is revenge day

  • The Snake
    The Snake 19 дней назад

    4:12 IT DIDN'T GO IN!!!!!!!

  • Ron Rod
    Ron Rod 19 дней назад

    This game wasn't rigged but games 5 and 6 was refs vs Warriors... not as rigged as the fake WWE 2012 finals were refs played for the Heat since game 1

  • Hirozen Sarutobi
    Hirozen Sarutobi 19 дней назад

    anyone watching this right now?

  • Monty Wills V
    Monty Wills V 20 дней назад

    Guess I'll just reminisce on last years finals lol

  • Tina Schibell
    Tina Schibell 20 дней назад

    cavs suck

  • Jesse
    Jesse 20 дней назад

    Feels so good to watch this again :( fuck kd

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 20 дней назад


  • Romeo Gatan
    Romeo Gatan 20 дней назад

    this is gonna happen again trust me👍

  • IDark VadedI
    IDark VadedI 20 дней назад

    I came back here to watch this.Still hoping that cavs can become NBA champs again this 2017...

  • Bryan Estrada
    Bryan Estrada 20 дней назад

    and now we boutta sweep these weak ass niggas fuck 3-1

  • Sahil Grewal
    Sahil Grewal 20 дней назад

    to bad they got swept the next year

    PTZOUTZ 21 день назад

    biggest choking job of all time!!!! And to compare them with the 96-98 bulls... get lost

  • saucin king
    saucin king 22 дня назад

    cavs in 6 lebron james finals mvp

  • Blaze CapCom
    Blaze CapCom 22 дня назад

    Jr smith please!!!

  • Eric Irving
    Eric Irving 23 дня назад


  • Finn Simkins
    Finn Simkins 23 дня назад

    This was the best game I have ever seen

  • P3oplEEE 3lBows
    P3oplEEE 3lBows 23 дня назад

    im from the future nba finals 2017 remembering the good ol times

  • jcapers81
    jcapers81 23 дня назад

    So why I'm just now realizing lil dicky was there this whole time

  • Robert Callaghan
    Robert Callaghan 23 дня назад

    lol the marlins fan at all the major sporting events. He was at every game this series and at all the Stanley Cup Finals games too

  • Jako and Tomma the GamingKings
    Jako and Tomma the GamingKings 25 дней назад

    Golden State will win

  • freddy suarez
    freddy suarez 26 дней назад

    golden state, campeon....

  • talklessdomore
    talklessdomore 26 дней назад

    its all started from 5:22 of the game... what a sad lost :"(((

  • follplanky
    follplanky 26 дней назад


  • David McElhattan
    David McElhattan 26 дней назад

    This still gives me chills...

  • Malachi Gates
    Malachi Gates 26 дней назад

    cleveland cavaliers is my favorite NBA basketball team

  • Gamerz Keel Calm
    Gamerz Keel Calm 26 дней назад

    you connot deafeted because ur luck kind a player.GSW the great team in history

  • Qutaisi is Black
    Qutaisi is Black 26 дней назад

    Zaza Pachulia Georgian King

  • Qutaisi is Black
    Qutaisi is Black 26 дней назад

    zazaaa zazaaaa Super Zaza

  • Platano Yoda
    Platano Yoda 26 дней назад

    Warriors in 4 this year

  • Leonardo Delos Reyes
    Leonardo Delos Reyes 26 дней назад

    mafia mafia mafia

  • stephanie Claudio
    stephanie Claudio 26 дней назад

    The best Warriors 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆

  • Sofia Dahlberg
    Sofia Dahlberg 26 дней назад

    Nooooooooooo cavs win!

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 26 дней назад

    lebron is nice

  • killer blade
    killer blade 26 дней назад


  • Hydro Vegas
    Hydro Vegas 27 дней назад

    they lost this because they put in festus

  • TigerEye 2k
    TigerEye 2k 27 дней назад

    This series was so rigged

    • Seahawk STRIKE
      Seahawk STRIKE 26 дней назад

      yeah cause nba made the warriors lose 3 straight FOH bandwagon

    • TigerEye 2k
      TigerEye 2k 27 дней назад

      jeffrey bailly bad calls and draymonds suspension was complete BS

    • Hydro Vegas
      Hydro Vegas 27 дней назад

      how so

  • Wade_County03
    Wade_County03 27 дней назад

    I Still Watch this historic game.......#FeelsGoodMan

  • joanne cho
    joanne cho 27 дней назад

    Kevin Durants business partner is a sex offender name is Reginald Lonzo Turner birthdate jan. 22, 1963 here is mugshot

  • Raymond Batocael
    Raymond Batocael 27 дней назад

    hahaha go cavs talunin nyo ulit ang mga dilawn

  • buruk aklil
    buruk aklil 27 дней назад

    a 35 point win? golden state rules

  • Luis Kaponi
    Luis Kaponi 28 дней назад

    king james

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker 28 дней назад

    I believe Cavs is much better now they all got better at shooting 3's only way reason why GSW stayed up cause of them 3's but this year would be another Bron year I can see it

  • Tintoon
    Tintoon 28 дней назад

    Does anybody notice that Mark Jackson commpliments everything the Warriors do?

  • Dervis Seref
    Dervis Seref 29 дней назад


  • 6 from Views
    6 from Views 29 дней назад

    Rewatching this, now I know why Lebron shot pretty pourly. He had to wear those jerseys, Lebron Hates those jerseys and he's publicly said that and the league knows. I wonder why the league made them wear those in game 7🤔

  • Beast
    Beast 29 дней назад

    LeChoke is 3 out of 7

  • Justin Araujo
    Justin Araujo 29 дней назад


  • Leonardo Cruz
    Leonardo Cruz 29 дней назад

    I am the only one watching this epic finals last year before the 2017 finals? #CavsAllday

  • C M
    C M 29 дней назад

    Lebron Haters Forget that Lebron Had 7 of their last 10 pts and the game saving block, But ow well kyrie saved him tho

  • Slim Ball
    Slim Ball 29 дней назад

    Can't wait for this Upcoming series between these Teams Again!

  • Goh Chiwang
    Goh Chiwang 29 дней назад

    they are lucky because KD didn't attended the Game7