Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors - Game 7 - Full Highlights - 2016 NBA Finals

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors - Game 7 - Full Highlights - Jun 19, 2016 - 2016 NBA Finals
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Автор romeo ll ramoran ( назад)
unhealthy GSW..thats why

Автор Mike #1 ( назад)

Автор B-loo Clark ( назад)
Shit man I can't stop watching this lol

Автор Brandon ( назад)
greatest game of basketball ever.

Автор shia56891 ( назад)
this is like trump winning the election. the odds are stacked against them
but they show them whos #1. i always love to come back to this vid

Автор Damien Juka ( назад)
i will never forget the feeling i had when this game ended. The only thing
that could be better is the Browns winning a damn Superbowl

Автор Andrew Ly ( назад)
Fuck the caviler

Автор Midori ( назад)
sure losing 3-1 is disappoint but its not something to be embarassed about
when you look at 3-4 its really just a close game.
GSW won a 1-3 lead against OKC in the playoffs

Автор Vexton ( назад)
The Golden State warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals

Автор drlee2 ( назад)
The Warriors seemed like such a likable, rootable team after their 2015
Finals win. Somehow they have become the villains at his point.

Автор Chris Moore ( назад)
Although Lebron James is arguably one of the greatest to play the game of
basketball, he's a rare breed of wuss.

Автор cardinal151515 ( назад)
the day warriors blew a 3-1 lead. #neverforget

Автор Tony Oceans ( назад)
Anytime I need a good laugh I always come back to this video..thanks
Warriors for cheering me up! 😂

Автор Gabriel Monteiro ( назад)
chora Golden State kkkkkk

Автор Mark Jason Lagco ( назад)
Warriors Suck

Автор icrazy teddyfanforlife ( назад)
I can see steph curry now..

oh my God I lost to the cavs I suck no u suck period fuck gsw

Автор Javen Edelen ( назад)
So many bandwagon fans in that arena

Автор Handsome Squidward ( назад)

Автор brian bieber ( назад)

Автор K Fraz ( назад)

Автор Joe O'Malley ( назад)
Thanks Cleveland. Great game.

Автор tan gent ( назад)
Always nice to see Webron destroy the 73-9 Larriors

Автор 600 Block 600 Block ( назад)
kd save the warriors they heads was not going be right until he did the bs

Автор Thot Quin ( назад)
Lebron might be the greatest 🤔

Автор MTWENTY ( назад)
As a Warriors fan, I couldn't ask for a better game 7. Both teams battled
hard. Kyrie and LeBron were playing with urgency

Автор JR Smith JR ( назад)
When you're a diehard JR Smith fan

Автор G Stats ( назад)
LeBron James Is the best player in the League !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Автор Kevin Hodges ( назад)
Even though Warriors lost greatest game eva!

Автор Jae'lyn Brookens ( назад)
most rigged finals ever hands down

Автор eugene buady ( назад)
feels so good to watch this again...😂😂

Автор Trina Mendoza ( назад)
Stephen curry baby

Автор Lord Dorsey ( назад)

Автор Steven Vilagi ( назад)
God to come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the Finals it makes me proud to
say I'm from Cleveland. I personally am not a big basketball person but I
love me my Cavaliers!

Автор Carlos18M morel ( назад)
le bronyei es el megor el papa

Автор ariel casper ( назад)
biggest upset of alltime

Автор kobo ( назад)

Автор Silley -Lowwks ( назад)
wasn't it harrison barnes who fouled lebron? not draymond ?

Автор Patrick ( назад)
"Cleveland is a city of champions once again!" - most chilling sentence of

Автор Zelie Leroy ( назад)
Depending workshop confront deliver raise waste.

Автор The Goat ( назад)
Curry scored once in the 4th quarter and he supposed to me "MVP" 😂😂 how

Автор Ethanm. 2000 ( назад)

Автор Kian Turla ( назад)
nice one cavs

Автор Jim Pfeiffer ( назад)
It never gets old to watch... the refs, b/c Draymond was gone in game 5,
and on and on... it's NEVER because we were a better team, in good ol
diehard GSW fans' eyes (or their players). But, who really gives a __.

Автор Gage Blackman ( назад)
bron was the clutch player of the game. hit all 3 freethrows then hit the 3
and then that block on iggy this man a monster

Автор Alexander Roselius ( назад)
Who else is here from Nigahiga?

Автор Abdul Gh ( назад)
who came here after today's game! I can't get enough! GO Cavs!

Автор TheMrFreshPrince1 ( назад)
lebron finally got that dunk on green

Автор Gi lby ( назад)
Lebron the GOAT? The debate will go on forever. Curry the GOAT is never a

Автор Ajaynator ( назад)
Curry can suck my ass, but he is thick af doe

Автор Ferdinand Slays Your Girl ( назад)
One of the most beautiful moments in professional sports history.

Автор Ruud Perez ( назад)
Had to come back after the cavs beat the warriors AGAIN

Автор Gael Bnd ( назад)
Wow 😮

Автор gorrow1990 ( назад)
And the Warriors blow another lead to the Cavs on Christmas.

Автор Billy Noble ( назад)
Just watch the Cav vs Warriors 12/25/16 game.A thriller,Curry was
horrible,outplayed once again by Kyrie and Kyrie hit the clutch game
winner.Still think Curry is better???.....I don't see it!

Автор June Hodge ( назад)
take away just acouple of the bullshit foul calls and warriors won all
these games with ease. foul shots were 80% of cavs points pretty much. cavs
are not the real winners. cant win a rigged game. they wanted to make the
"fake king james" bring 1st title to Cleveland. warriors broke mad records
so lebron was hating and had to make history to, how convenient.

Автор June Hodge ( назад)
fluke ass game. cavs cheated, this game was rigged for them to win from the
start. it was complete bullshit

Автор souljagurl107 ( назад)
fuck warriors hope the cavs beat their ass again

Автор Daltpn Ssnders ( назад)
I like this game

Автор Dogiozio AJ ( назад)
cavs forever

Автор Chad Payne ( назад)
855 Larrior Fans took an L then tried to give 1

Автор Exploded Brain ( назад)
bano gsw

Автор SniperBeast ( назад)
I hate the Cavs

Автор Peter Julien ( назад)
basketball game of thrones season to my account number the next week
. PNM sports medicine for your help.
Church teams are the following link vipers.

Автор Brian Kelly ( назад)
great game 7

Автор eugene buady ( назад)
hahahahaha blew 3 to 1 lead....😆😆😆😆😆😆

Автор Alex Hernandez ( назад)
LeBron stays traveling Lmao

Автор NikeBoi35 ( назад)
Live by the three, die by the three.

Автор nunya business ( назад)
I'm a kings fan. The Lakers and warriors are the two teams I hate the most.
I've been through so much pain as an nba fan watching those two teams win
over the years. The cabs winning this game wiped away all that pain.

Автор Charles Thomas ( назад)
Merry Christmas!:)

Автор Morten Hansen ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Yung King ( назад)
fuck curry boo Golden state and fuck u to draymond

Автор LeGOAT James ( назад)
im just here to remind ya ll that gsw blew a 3-1 lead

Автор RJ Plays ( назад)
Spieghts you are not Ray Allen

Автор TEKBAR ( назад)
never forget this game

Автор Hunter05 ( назад)
Cause kyrie was there this year ffs

Автор MrScott3060 ( назад)
I can watch this all day :)

Автор DepAnx ( назад)
Was the music at 0:17 Longview by Green Day?

Автор Trap ( назад)
LeBron took a previously terrible team to the finals the first year he came
back, only reason they lost the championship was because Kyrie was injured.

LeBron took the Cleveland Cavaliers to the finals the next year against the
Golden State Warriors for the second year in a row, and GSW was coming off
of a record breaking regular season record of 73-9 and having the first
ever unanimous MVP Stephen Curry.

LeBron has made the past 6 consecutive finals, winning the championship in
3 of them.

LeBron lead statistics in the 2016 NBA Finals for everything except

Автор Death By Ostrich ( назад)
2 things. 1. People hate Draymond Green because he celebrates every 3 he
makes, in the 1st qtr. 2nd. qtr. like he just hit the game winner. It's
arrogant. And the other thing is that how many of these Warriors are now
gone from the team? This years team is NOT the same. Better? Worse? who
knows, but not the same team. Their whole 2nd team is gutted, along with
their bigman presence.

Автор Hyga ( назад)
lol thats not the championship match its a regular season gsw will find a
way to beat cavs

Автор jmaal2345 ( назад)
Best NBA game 7 ever. It meant the most too.

Автор Mark Dagpin ( назад)
guess what, bricks are made of Klay. lul

Автор Shyanne Stephens ( назад)
wow that was a sad loss but this year golden state warriors are gonna win

Автор Ider Janlavtsogzol ( назад)
good to see again fucking gsw lose

Автор ReoOnDaSticks ( назад)
In my 25 years old of living this has to go down as the best finals game I
ever seen #TeamLebron #SubscribeToMyChannel

Автор Jerry Ildefonzo ( назад)
i love lebron james an the Cleveland cavaliers team lets go Cleveland
cavaliers yeah boy

Автор Ugly Demigod ( назад)
this time it wasn't the jersey

Автор eduar ed ( назад)
lmao curry saying he wasnt 100% healthy and look everytime he make a shot
lol ...i kost respect for him after he was making excuses...if anyone can
make excuses is the cavs during the 2015 championship with love out and
kyrie...they should have be doubting their first championship now lol

Автор Richard Newborn ( назад)
Thank you for the upload, I'll never forget this. #ALLIN #DefendTheLand

Автор chocolatemilk ( назад)
Still don't know why Draymond was suspended for game 5.....

Автор Lea Endrina ( назад)
fuck Cavaliers

Автор Themanhasnoname ( назад)
dont forget GW blew a 3-1 lead LMAO

Автор Jean Paul ( назад)
poor Stephania with her girly basketball

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