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Автор Zella Arrington (1 год)
Do you realize they are not actually mating? The humans have their clothes
on and there would be no way the could mate. 

Автор Chase Buckelew (1 год)
I'm on the wired side again

Автор Brandon Langston (1 год)
thought a dog was supposed to be mans best friend not mans friends with

Автор Shate Minbo (1 год)

Автор vanessa burridge (1 год)
its sick its natural yeh but not do this where it makes it look sick and
hopefully no cross breeding with a cat b whats funny of a young girl
getting hmped of a dog letting it do that to u its sick in the head im
going back to listen to my music ive looked to deep into watching things
like this m bored but not this fuckin bored

Автор Brendan C. (1 год)
@ 4:53 is she trying to crossbreed dogs with humans?

Автор LeahAnn Ferreira (1 год)

Автор MrJJtheboss (1 год)
lolol who dafuq likes dis xDDDD sick world we livin in for real

Автор Brandon Langston (1 год)
it makes me wonder whos really the owner here especially at 4:52 if your
dog takes a dumpe everywhere and u clean it up along with getting fed along
with sexing u

Автор Gurminder singh (1 год)

Автор Blaze The King (1 год)
2:31 funny

Автор LxTxSURGE (1 год)
People talking bout the girl who turns around. Lol.

Here laughing at that dog cat sex rapings lol. That little fat chiuaawa
trying to get some dome face fucking befor going full penetration Lolz

Автор ThunderHunterSquad (1 год)
ohh i know now i was look at cute kangroos

Автор D'Incredible Sdash (1 год)
Funny to watch but why do white people let their animals hump them? Kina

Автор Ahleah Wilson (1 год)
The cat dose not want to do the dog

Автор بعيد المدى (1 год)

Автор aaron garcia (1 год)
Why the little girl lets he self wtf

Автор CaptainReckis (2 года)
5:00 (old man in the background) "DAYUMM, i want to get in on that :D"

Автор jae emery (2 года)
1:32 RAPE!!!

Автор David -Frosty (1 год)

Автор babsalaba (2 года)
Some are just wrong and some are just weird

Автор Tanner S. (1 год)
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm going to clear my history, if you know
what I mean

Автор Ryminister de papworth (2 года)

Автор oldschooljamz d (1 год)
shut the fuck up.

Автор Nahum77100 (1 год)
""CHRISTJESUS"'died for us...

Автор Max Tabiaat (1 год)
Must be awkward for the dad

Автор baconstrips802 (1 год)
That one chick who turns over alot looks gorgous

Автор anita white (1 год)
the only not weird part to that vid was the CUTE baby:)

Автор shaqueta brown (1 год)
They got to get it out they system so just let them do it

Автор Double0seven (2 года)

Автор Helen Duong (1 год)
Dude get the dog de sexed

Автор Trey Cook (2 года)
I was raped by a dog four times

Автор TheSANDIEGONAZI (2 года)
I am glad my dog is not all nasty like that

Автор Patrick B (1 год)
And dad just sits in the background watching. Great parenting. What an

Автор thebakerman1 (1 год)
I don't know what these people are thinking because they're all gonna end
up with a gooey wet spot on their leg, back arm or FACE.

Автор tantude99 (2 года)
we all enjoy fucking , i feel sorry for the dog , can some body get some
pussy for the dog or a hooker dog please !, these dog are so hony , they
didn;t fuck for a long time like those priest out there , and then pick on
the young boys.. be real people ..! u live u got to fuck ,, if u don't fuck
for a long time u will become a psycho,,! and that will turn u become a

Автор Kaylin Patterson (2 года)
Ummmm, and THIS is why we make sure pets are spayed/neutered... If they
already are, please see an animal behaviorist...

Автор ilovestripes32177 (2 года)
Trey cook, it's. Natural. Everyone has. Been. Like that

Автор tiger withwings (1 год)
My dog was humping my leg and i asked my sister what is he doing and she
said ooh he is just playing

Автор unknownhuman1234 (2 года)
what the fuck part of youtube am I at

Автор kobidobidog . (1 год)
Why are you loveless?

Автор Zeva Abraham (1 год)
100%Free Sex cams chat - --> camsgirl.us.pn

Автор Eric Wheelin (2 года)
Gnggamer3 you do have a point

Автор Melissa Ferland (1 год)
asserting dominance. and as for baby...they all do that right before they

Автор Camshaft Shaft (1 год)
Ok give me that 5 mins of my life back wtf

Автор Kendall Gereke (1 год)
Lol the car was just like UGH LET ME GO

Автор BlueTiger06 (1 год)
4:45 Old man watching in the background. x)

Автор DeadFuryGaming Roblox videos, AJ videos, and more! (1 год)
That one is weird.. I thought dogs and cats hate each other?!

Автор 1 Million Dollars - How to Make 1 Million Dollars Online (1 год)
girl like cat in

Автор santosh kumar (2 года)

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