Gay Roommates

When the salon that Zev, Patrack, and Thomas always hang out at is closed, they move in together and videotape their lives. A real life parody of MySpace's Roommates.

Special Thanks to Taylor, Nina, and the girls at Lucas hair salon in Eagle Rock! And thanks to Nate for taking the wonderful photos.

--- UPDATE ---
TO THOSE WHO'VE ASKED: Two of these three actors are really gay.
DISCLAIMER: In case you didn't know, not all gay people act like this.

Check out more at http://orenfilm.com

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Автор swr2777 ( назад)
Mitch Silpa is freakin' hilarious in this! "What are you doing? I'm
putting my pants on! I'm so embarrassed! (Said three or four times while
he deliberately holds up his pants and exposes himself more.)" Love it!

Автор Lobo ( назад)

Автор Lolli Popper ( назад)
This is still funny to me. It is a tad offensive but positive too.

Автор Mohammed Aqlan ( назад)
That fucking cracked me Up :D

Автор Pablo Aldana ( назад)
Mitch silpa looks like jordan rudess gay

Автор hummarstra ( назад)
People are not watching part 2. Watch it people!! It's as good as part 1. 

Автор FR3DOPOP ( назад)
I love that I've seen all 3 of the guys from this vid on other things:
commercials, Young + The Restless, etc. + every time I seen one of you, I'm
like "that's the dude from Gay Roommates!"

Автор FR3DOPOP ( назад)
guess wo... you're correct. this needs to be a web series.

Автор wtfMYRON ( назад)
lmao people need to know this is Comedy its a joke not real life.. but
Mitch Silpa's best character is David Blaine by far..his the 1 playing

Автор vivianvortecksx ( назад)
PLEEEASE come out with more episodes!! 2 is not enough!

Автор Nnoitra Jiruga ( назад)
636 Guys failed the Gay Test.Fuck!

Автор Alanna Logan ( назад)
Patrack.... My Favs

Автор hummarstra ( назад)
@madisonsonson I've asked that same question many times. Should be a viral
sensation it's so dammed funny.

Автор mrrickstur ( назад)
Otis college of art and design? THATS WHERE I GO TOO!

Автор tikusrabun ( назад)

Автор Madison Westfield ( назад)
seriously how does this vid not have like a bagillion views? HILARIOUS!

Автор jim roberts ( назад)
3:21 strop

Автор Zafer M ( назад)
such stupid sense of humour. nothing witty or clever whatsoever. and this
is coming from a guy as gay as they come.

Автор Zelina Castro ( назад)
This is the best video on youtube.

Автор Stinkycatz ( назад)
LAME ! .......from a gay guy .

Автор Brandon M ( назад)
"patrack" LOL

Автор hummarstra ( назад)

Автор 2cvest ( назад)
this is not real lol

Автор EthanGryphon ( назад)

Автор garnerd26 ( назад)
@SanoLOD nah SanoLod, I'm gay, and I talk quite masculine. Haha, as someone
below said, gay people that talk like that piss him off, as they do me. But
they are still funny, and positive.

Автор Louisa Black ( назад)
:)) gay guys are the only ones I like ( lesbian ) thumbs up. ;)

Автор David Pierson ( назад)
everything before the mouse could of fooled me but not anymore

Автор dsahsdouga ( назад)
nut gobblers 

Автор Walter Ramirez ( назад)

Автор sarah dean ( назад)
i wanna go to that dance partyy. =/

Автор hummarstra ( назад)
Zev: "Hey, Patrack. Dance party!" Patrack: "Are you shitting me?!!" lmmfao!

Автор James Bond ( назад)
this video is so ga--waaaaaait.....

Автор Hayley Zigman ( назад)
i love this video!!!! i wish i can sing like thomas! omg! i have no pants
on! that is my mouse!

Автор Tan Tengku Alam ( назад)
this is so gay and i love it :) 

Автор PirateKing1256 ( назад)

Автор Juliebeara ( назад)
It's wildddd just likkkeee mmmmeeee! *jumps on bed*

Автор Mar'Ques Thompson ( назад)
605 people are not gay 

Автор sergio vega ( назад)
lol that was painful to watch. 

Автор chicktapus33 ( назад)
:57 they were about to have sex

Автор Lindsyll ( назад)
lol @the silly string. this is the stupidest and funniest shit i've ever
seen. and i'm not stoned right now.

Автор mrcooldude964 ( назад)
(turn from living in sin and recieve jesus while you still can) Rom
1:26-27, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged
natural relations for unnatural ones. 27In the same way the men also
abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one
another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and will receive in
themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

Автор axlis123 ( назад)
the bald guy with the orange and gray striped sweater reminds me of freddy

Автор LuckyStarlings ( назад)
This is awesome. 

Автор SvenceM ( назад)
anyone know the intro song

Автор Sam Nelson ( назад)
Wat the fucking fuck this is boring

Автор Kat L ( назад)
Were you drunk?

Автор Emory Ryker ( назад)
patrick = GAYPHER

Автор hummarstra ( назад)
I love this video SO much! My fav line is "I have to open applications!"
Part 2 is great, too.

Автор iLikeWaffles ( назад)
Patrack is screaming on 2:42 and the face of thomas love it

Автор Mark Boston ( назад)
if these guys were black would it be just as offensive having them dress
like pimps and eating water mellon and chicken ? Enough of the tired old
stereo types of gay men for Christs sakes !!!

Автор Buy Bionic ( назад)

Автор legenderius ( назад)
omg fking funny

Автор Gareth Davis ( назад)
nice, pink balloons coming out of nowhere

Автор Donald Hoyt ( назад)
god i hate all this fucking stereotypeing i am gay and this is not funny at

Автор Take1 Films ( назад)
0"" ""0

Автор Mike Morgan ( назад)
Not Funny at ALL! Obviously intended for straight audiences. It's as funny
as a "N_____" joke from a bigot.

Автор zsdsre ( назад)
Your in Desperate Housewives !!!!!!!!!

Автор rockstar2k2 ( назад)
dont be gay. faggots.

Автор madeofneon ( назад)
@stocker104, yes please, I would love a cigarette. 

Автор Bloodorange ( назад)
@madeofneon fag

Автор Maw ( назад)
@QueenKsu They realize they're sexually attracted to other men.

Автор portelli91 ( назад)
quick question: do you have massive orgies?

Автор QueenKsu ( назад)
i wonder what makes men turn into gays

Автор Ethan Waits ( назад)
@brittanybush1 actually its funny as shit. all stereotypes are funny

Автор Imagirlk ( назад)
@madeofneon Me too!

Автор kadesh swanson ( назад)
@brittanybush1 yeah it is

Автор rockkong1 ( назад)
@madeofneon so true gay pride! for you im not really that much im actually

Автор d_a_n_y ( назад)

Автор Alexandre Barbosa ( назад)
hahahahahaha finish this hahahahaha

Автор Alexandre Barbosa ( назад)

Автор kjaartje1 ( назад)
You know i have nothing against gay people. Infact i love them. I have a
friends who are gay. The only thing that annoy me sometimes is that they
talk with this high girl voice. It makes them so annoying. To me it always
seems like they are faking. I mean you don't hear lesbians speaking with a
low voice and talking like a man would do.

Автор Hockeysktr17 ( назад)
@Darrylizer1 get a sense of humor man, it's hilarious and very well done

Автор JamaicanTeeth ( назад)
2:42 hehe look at Thomas's face!

Автор JamaicanTeeth ( назад)
" I'm in it to win it...chin it" XD

Автор Rómendil ( назад)
@danknugggz Retard.

Автор Darrylizer1 ( назад)
Really not funny at all, stupid in fact.

Автор aerendir99 ( назад)
zev is cute xD

Автор danknugggz ( назад)
@brittanybush1 fuck u bitch! fags should all be used as targets on the qual
range! this country is gettin way 2 many goddamn homos! BTW gay
stereotyping is fuckin hilarious! fuck off eat shit and die bitch!

Автор snowcone8000 ( назад)
you broke my mouse!!!

Автор Jonathan Watanabe ( назад)
Oh guys lighten up. Guess what? Gays have started making fun of Mormons and
Christians, and though we are now a racially integrated nation, people
still make fun of Asians, Latinos, Canadians, Nerds and now Middle
Easterners. Are all the bimbos of the world starting a movement for
respect, to end negative stereotyping? Which by the way would be fricking
hilarious, but anyways. They say stereotypes exist for a reason. If you
don't like what you see, pick a stereo type less easy to tease

Автор hoaxygen ( назад)
Not all of us are effeminate, fight with balloons or die of AIDS. But this
is hilarious!

Автор Hockeysktr17 ( назад)
@brittanybush1 oh come on...everything is going to offend someone relax and
lighten up this video isn't a big deal. it's hilarious btw

Автор Pele ( назад)
@brittanybush1 yes it iz get the dick out of ur ass and live life

Автор eatmywords ( назад)

Автор parrisjoey ( назад)

Автор madeofneon ( назад)
lol! I'm sorry, I'm gay and I find this funny as fuck! 

Автор 1Rasmussss1 ( назад)
Tjis is so cool!

Автор Gary M ( назад)
funny as fuck

Автор Alex Pena ( назад)
Zev is hot

Автор Stephen Young ( назад)
Ok people, these guys are indeed actors (if you couldn't tell, the names at
the end credits do not match their names -_-) and this is indeed fake.
Either this vid is mocking gay sterotypes, which is cool, or its using
stereotypes to mock gay men. I think its the former because of the sheer
incredibleness of it all. Just wanted to point that out because i myself
find this ridiculous...so, kthxbai!!

Автор Sarah Freund ( назад)

Автор Holt Brown ( назад)
@hummarstra your my new role model

Автор Holt Brown ( назад)
@brittanybush1 yes it is 

Автор hummarstra ( назад)
I thought gays had a sense of humor. After reading these posts, I guess
they don't. 

Автор dazimo ( назад)
My god! I am gay but this is NOT how all gay guys move, talk and

Автор DJ AXEL ( назад)
Everyone let's gather around in a big circle and discuss useless things
about this video that does not have anything to do with anything <3

Автор crimsonsmirk ( назад)
@spacealder You do realise this isn't real, right? They're actors....
reproducing tired clichés.

Автор T.J. Roberson ( назад)
idc what people say I can laugh at whatever I want and if you have a
problem with it then deal with it! I live IN A FREE

Автор T.J. Roberson ( назад)
@brittanybush1 yeah it is

Автор se5d ( назад)
youtube is all about gay now!!!

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