Fish Giving Birth

My Dalmation Molly (Poecilia sphenops) giving birth.

The fry that are a little bit more white and bigger and already swimming around were born a week earlier by another female.

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Автор The BROWN PRANKSTERS ( назад)
Thanks Tin :-)

Автор Shay Avery ( назад)
Thanks for this, i never knew that mate so much i have 2 male and a female
i jus brought them a week ago and she already pregnant so im running 2 pets
mart for the breeding tank cause i would love 2 keep them

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
I don't know exactly how long they are pregnant, but when the belly starts
looking more square-ish than round, the birth is very close (like a few
days). You should definately put her in a separate fry tank, because most
other fish will try to eat the fry. Good luck! :)

Автор dadez ramirez ( назад)
Ayoo buddy thas nice (: I aLso have a Dalmatian well in fact 2 ..and shes
been pregnant for about three weeks now how much longer for her to give
birth? Also is it okay if i leave her in tha tank with two tetra glo fish
and tha normal little glo fish?

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Of course not. I just didn't want to bother the mother while giving birth,
but after she was done I put her back into the big tank and took the grid
off, so the fry had the whole breeding box to swim around in. I also put a
few small plants in there, so they could feel more safe and be able to hide.

Автор Takami Chika ( назад)
what about the ones lying on the side, are you going to leave them like

Автор rachhobson77 ( назад)
Our mollies regularly give birth.think one is preparing to birth now and we
are sat watching but nothing yet

Автор Taylor I ( назад)
I like how the fish are in the back watching.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Make sure the mother gets enough nutrients when she's pregnant, by feeding
her more food than usual (food of good quality and without letting it sink
to the bottom, which pollutes the tank). Then, make sure the water
conditions are good when the fry comes (no nitrates and such). Mollies also
like the fresh water to be a little bit more salty than most other fresh
water fish do, so you should always use a little more aquarium salt than
normal when you keep mollies.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Yes, you do. ;) Fry are especially sensitive to water conditions.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Yes, it it. It's a small container, so they easily get bored or panic,
cause they can't get out.

Автор julian correa ( назад)
is it normal for the fish to go crazy when they are in the breeder box

Автор m0nkeynuts1234 ( назад)

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Thank you! Yes, it is.

Автор MrPenguin110 ( назад)
Cute babies cangrats to ur fish is that thing she's in so she or the other
fish don't hurt/eat the babies?

Автор Alexis Schmidt ( назад)
Jesus Christ how many baby's can that hold

Автор Emmiboom51 (1430 лет назад)
This reminds me of my white molly dat gave birth 45 babies but then she got
dis white spots n she died :( but da babies survived :)

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Welcome. ;)

Автор JustMrJeff4444 ( назад)
Yup. I'm on the weird side of YouTube again.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
How you can tell them apart depends on the species. As for angel fish,
males typically have a more prominent forehead and on some of them, the
forehead also has a yellow color. On sucker fish, if it's the normal
ancistrus that you've got (bristlenosed catfish), males, when they have
matured, have little whips or antenna-like things on their heads, which
females don't. On other fish you can tell by the shape of the anal fins and
such. It really differs between species.

Автор wolf loverforever ( назад)
thats cute i have 4 angel fish ant 2 alguea sucker fish so i have 6 fish we
makin a biger tank to have more but how do u know if a fish iz a male or

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Around 30-40 were born. I usually put them back when they are a little bit
more than half the size of the adult ones. Mollies get pregnant pretty much
right away. They are easy to breed.

Автор FluffMachien ( назад)
how many were born..and when do you know to put them back in...and how long
does it take for them to get pregnant??

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
I've got a liquid fry food called LiquiFry. You just put a few, small drops
in and they feed from those drops, since they are kind of dense and sink to
the bottom.

Автор Steff J ( назад)
wat do they eat after you take the mom away so she wont eat them???

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Eden - Metamorphosis.

Автор Lil Kidd ( назад)
wats da song called? nicee

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Their belly is getting bigger...

Автор AliJaeJR ( назад)
How can you tell a fish is pregnant?

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Ya, it's the same in platys in my opinion. ;)

Автор Joana Higareda ( назад)
im sad after watching this i bought 2 of the same fish as this one and two
other and just today getting out of work i went to look at my fish tank and
notice that one of them was dead and next thing you knw there was little
fishes swimming around out of the 14 she had only 2 made it plus she still
had more inside of her :(

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
It's hard to tell when you're not used to seeing pregnant fish, but the
more you see, the better you'll be able to assess when to do it. In mollies
at least, their stomachs get a kind of square shape to them rather than
round when there's only a couple of days left.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Actually I'm not sure. I don't think it's undeveloped eggs, since they
should be broken down inside the female. It might be extra yoke sacks or
something, but I'm not sure.

Автор MycroDomin ( назад)
not to be stupid or inapropreatate or anything like that... what the the
circular yellow balls that are also coming out of the big fish besides

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
No, the older ones came from another fish. They can't give birth that
othen. After she has given birth (which takes around 10-20 minutes, I'd
say), you should separate her from the fry. She won't have more fry unless
she's mated again. Good luck! :)

Автор The BROWN PRANKSTERS ( назад)
did the fish give birth twice? in a span of a week? in ur video u have a
comment which says 1 min old and 1 week old, i have a preg molly which i
preg too, i was wondering after she delivers do i still keep her seperate
expecting more baby fish after few days?

Автор Tinwelende (1791 год назад)
About 20 of them did. I didn't let them out into the big tank, though. I
gave them to the local pet store once they were big enough, after being
kept in another tank by themselves as they grew.

Автор yimmieheehee ( назад)
the angel fish are very interested in the babies. haha. how many of them
survived until now?

Автор Ryan Hime ( назад)
whats this song? i like it LOL :)

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Ya, they do, if the babies got nothing to hide in.

Автор Tyra snull ( назад)
does the mother fish eat the babies

Автор mbrhorse12 ( назад)
the other fish are like FOOD!!

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
She had around 40 and 35 or something like that survived the first 24 hours.

Автор tsdespina ( назад)
the other fish are like " mmm foooood"

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Angel fish.

Автор Josh Sterling ( назад)
what are those triangle looking fish called

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
It's really hard to say anything about that when I can't see her. She might
just have a round tummy. When they're at the end of their pregnancy, their
tummies even seem to look kind of square-ish, if you look at them from the
side, like you can see on mine in this video.

Автор supermaria0409 ( назад)
tnx !!!!! i already asked the pet store they have something like that. it
said that they are out of stock how will i know if my molly is pregnant?
well she has a big tummy .. but its been 3 weeks long that she has that big
tummy and shes not giving birth... is she pregnant or just big tummy?

Автор Tinwelende (681 год назад)
A breeding trap.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
The song is Eden - Metamorphosis.

Автор MegaJavier12345678 ( назад)
its called a fry trap i think something like that :)

Автор Whissa ( назад)
What's the name of the song? I just got a male and female (didn't know they
were opposite sex till I brought them home.) and they already started
mating. I love this video so much and can't wait to see if mine will have
some too!

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
They're called breeding traps. ;)

Автор grace ann barrameda ( назад)
what do you call the place where the fish gave birth? i want to buy like
that. what is that called is it called fish tank separator or something
related? pls. reply my molly is giving birth soon

Автор Keely ( назад)
@Tinwelende haha yes its very confusing and ill get one when I can :)

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Not the mollies, but I've had guppy fry that's done it.

Автор 1997Topher ( назад)
did u have the problem of the baby mollys fallen out of the breeder box?
bcuz i do.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
The best thing to do is probably to get some more females, so the female
you have now will be a little bit more "confused" and direct her attention
towards the other fish every once in a while as well, so that the male can
have some time to rest. Plus, if he wants to mate, he will have to divide
his time on all the females, so that the female you have now won't be
exhausted from being chased around all the time... Not that you have that
problem now, though, since it's the opposite. :P

Автор Keely ( назад)
I've seen my molly give birrth before,,, its an amazing excperience,
unfortunently that was a while ago and yesterday I decided to buy some more
mollys (the others dieD) anywho the female is black and white and the male
is white the female follows him everywhere I havent seen this bbehabour
befor probly cuz im used to 2 girls to the boy, but anyway any sugestions
on what this is? and also should I get another female?? thanks ! :) XOX

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Ya, basically they do. They have an "oviduct".

Автор Grantuh ( назад)
thank you!!!! i just got a female gourami today and and the male is really
happy. Thx for helping me out when i was just a beginner im am much more
experienced and love my fish tank. =D carry on enjoying your fish as i am
doing =D

Автор AmyandCaseyvids ( назад)
omg the fish in the backround r watching lol

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
It can't mate with any other fish than other gouramis, so if there's no
female gourami in the tank, there just won't be any babies. He might have
started building the nest because he got triggered by another fish,
thinking it was a female gourami or something, but didn't realize there
wasn't. Just let him be and carry out his construction. It's good
stimulation for him. ;)

Автор Grantuh ( назад)
you rmbr me?????? do you know anything about gourami's i just got one about
3 months ago and it started making a bubble nest 0.0 and its alone unless
it mated with my cherry barbs =/

Автор Ravel Lumba ( назад)
This is just weird.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
After having few fish giving birth, you'll learn how to notice when she's
about to give birth. It's hard to explain, but when you clearly can tell
that she's pregnant, the delivery is usually not many days away, so
separate her from the other fish as soon as you know she's pregnant.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Like 15-20 minutes.

Автор kiesha rose ( назад)

Автор vguzm1 ( назад)
Febuary is my birthday !!!!!

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Around 40.

Автор Eden OClair ( назад)
wow how many fish did she have?

Автор french Vivienne Templonuevo ( назад)
om my gosh. Hundreds of fingerlings.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Which big fish are you talking about? The angel fish? They have been there
since they were small and grown up with all the other fish, so that's fine.
All fish go well with each other, and are still alive. No one's bullied and
they all live in harmony.

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Yes, sometimes, if there aren't enough hiding places for the fry.

Автор Paul Lee ( назад)
do mommy fish eat there own child?

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Cause if she gives birth in the big tank, all other fish will eat the fry.

Автор Tawny Davis ( назад)
Why do u hav to have the mom trapped?

Автор tsdespina ( назад)
the other fish in the tank were thinking "mmm...food time "
hahhahahahhahaha...!!!!!! uh...they are so cute <3

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
A couple of days.

Автор onelasttitan ( назад)
how long do their "yoke" sacks last before you can feed them

Автор Lisa Cantor ( назад)
all the other fish are staring like woooooaaaa!

Автор Bryan Castellano ( назад)
the other fish where all like "whats going on"

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Go to your local pet store and they will show you some fish that might work
along with the mollies. It would be too long to print out here.

Автор Grantuh ( назад)
What are recomended fish to have in a 30 gal with 4 mollys

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Yes, so the fry won't be eaten by the other fish.

Автор Papabear209 ( назад)
do you half to buy that so they con get better birth

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
About 15-30 minutes, I'd say, from the first sign of something sticking out
until the last fry is born. She might be sitting still, breathing fast for
a little while before the fry are born, too, though.

Автор Kurt ( назад)
How long does the process of giving birth take?

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
1. It's very easy.

Автор exportbacon ( назад)
She is gorgeous! Good luck with the fry!

Автор exportbacon ( назад)
She is gorgeous! Good luck with the fry!

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)

Автор drkbutler2008 ( назад)
Dang How Many Babies were born ?

Автор Grantuh ( назад)
My fish had 24 babies Ty

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
Nice. :) Good luck with them! :)

Автор Grantuh ( назад)
My fish breeded and now one is pregnant thx

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
They can breed. ;)

Автор Tinwelende ( назад)
I don't know. I don't know a lot about snails. Try to google it.

Автор Grantuh ( назад)
Oh and my snail died the other day giving birth and it's babys mated today.
is that normal.. I'm not sure they're the size of ur pinky nail sooooo

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