Joe Rogan reacts to Conor McGregor knocking Out Aldo

Joe Rogan reacts to Conor McGregor knocking Out Aldo

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Автор GREENnWHITE1888 ( назад)
Redban is a fucking tool.

Автор King.Persia6 ( назад)
Goes to show team Diaz consists of fuckin idiots

Автор Yes YES ( назад)
oh yeah joe rogan stick up for those white guys, you're really changing the

Автор thiagov6123 ( назад)
Mcgregor kinda does remind me of the "pikey" from snatch. Irish as fock,
always hanging with his irish crew, kinda skinny, and a lethal boxer

Автор english basic ( назад)
144p? delete your channel

Автор Bob The Boss Saget ( назад)
"Could've been a double knock out" I THOUGHT IT WAS FOR A MILI SECOND AND
mcgregor stayed on balance and Aldo fell and got hammerfisted to death.
Still a dope moment but not as dope as it could've been.

Автор Tsf Phi ( назад)
0:02 to 0:25 = Joe discusses advanced masturbation techniques he has
learned from his experience of having only one ball

Автор Jabba the merciful ( назад)
that stupid cunt " I'm team diaz". is he fucking 12 years old?

Автор Oliver Crespo ( назад)
I'm team Diaz so I can't appreciate another mans talent and
accomplishments. What a fucking retard.

Автор Jason Clarke ( назад)
thats all aldo will be knowing for

Автор Rick Hovelsrud ( назад)
"That's gotta haunt you"-Where did that come from lol

Автор faensostress ( назад)
people who dont have free open comment sections should be shot into a
volcano. im not interesting in reading/watching/listening to your shit if I
cant state my opinion directly linked to it.

Автор M V ( назад)
Does redban have cancer?

Автор TheFatman118 ( назад)
Rogan watch snatch again....

Автор Sofia Ruiz ( назад)
The guy who said I'm team Nate Diaz can go jump off a cliff.

Автор Roy Batty N6MAA10816 ( назад)
Conor wasnt calm at all...just re watch the whole fight...conor was
scared...his movement was like a scary cat.

Автор Gigi Becali ( назад)
Conor mcgregor talk only to about 2:50 the rest is crap about racism and
stuff. You're welcome

Автор Chib Rajput ( назад)
Lucky punch.

Dana has confirmed to Jose that Conor won't agree to a rematch!

Автор Brother Zacar ( назад)
"I'm Team Diaz", spoken like a true twilight fan, Brian Redban is a bitter
unfunny old woman trapped in a beta-male's body

Автор Artem Lobov ( назад)
7:31 to react to a 13 second clip...

Автор Dave Powers ( назад)
"im on team diaz so i dont like talkin about connor" LOL i fuckin love

Автор SuperElcreepo ( назад)
"I don't like talking about Conor McGregor, I'm Team Diaz." What a bitter
cunt. And McGregor's fans are delusional?

Автор Wade Hensley ( назад)
FFS the people talking about snatch are referring to the scene where brad's
character fights gorgeous george. he uses the same fucking move to one shot
the guy. That is all. they're not calling connor a fucking pikey

Автор AceandScotch2 ( назад)
The Aldo KO was less about Conor's power or precision and more about Aldo
running full speed and face first into Conor's fist. Forrest Griffin
committed a similar error against Anderson Silva.

Автор Frank Luntz ( назад)
Lmfao at Brian not enough fuck joe for leaving him off the show

Автор blindthief ( назад)
Exactly what Joe said - imagine if Mcg got tagged on the chin. Aldo didn't
actually do as bad as most people think. He landed a pretty good shot on
Mcg. In a rematch, who knows, maybe Aldo's punch gets there first. That's
why people need to stop with this "13 seconds" bullshit. As if Mcg himself
can't get CAUGHT and knocked out. Aldo can and will learn from his mistakes
- just like Cain did when he got KOed.

Автор Steve Sharples ( назад)
Redban, still an immature cunt then.

Автор Super J ( назад)
And just drop in BWAAAP

Автор Jimothy Snooker ( назад)
how does one rip a 1080p video and upload it at 144p? that must take some
serious talent.

Автор hawkV2dragonjab ( назад)

Автор dylan coulter ( назад)
there's 2 things i don't like talking about politics and religion lol

Автор MystiCalBEING89 ( назад)
this is so old now

Автор Christian Westling ( назад)
Is it just me or is Joe getting mer red pilled by the day?

Автор Matt K ( назад)
MTV is the most fucked up, ass-backwards, retarded channel on TV.

Автор Young Dick money ( назад)
"Princess Leia's had a heart attack"
"Yeah she's ok right now she's stable"
No she is not.

Автор no comment ( назад)
FUCK THIS CRAP Brian suck his own jizz

Автор trent 95 ( назад)
The way Conor Mcgregor Aldoed is that what they're calling it now.

funny how they never bring up the size advantage like they do against diaz

Автор YummyxSpanKzz ( назад)
3 seconds into this video & i already know Rogan is high as fuck lmfao

Автор Jesse Fishman ( назад)
"That's gotta haunt you. (O_O3 I'm listenin' I'm listenin')
...But, the way he did it man was just ALLL precision." 😂😂 😂

That guy's a savage... (O_O3 I'm listenin' I'm listenin)
I'm so glad people like Conor McGregor exists. 😭😭😭

"WHHAAPPP!! Duude...
You following me Brian?? You falling asleep??
Brian's GONE! " 💀💀💀

Автор ThESLyGuY ( назад)
lol...this video got dark real fast

Автор Mystic Bee ( назад)
Only about 2/3 minutes of this video is about the knockout
The rest is about spelling and racism

Автор Nicholas Thompson ( назад)

Автор LJS ( назад)
isn't he abit late?

Автор Martin Figueredo Campagne ( назад)
Aldo was already out when his fist hit conor and yet conor said after fight
ALREADY OUT, IT WAS JUST THE MOMENTUM...imagine if aldo hit him awake...mmm
conor never had a piece of aldo, not even one leg kicks now make sense why
he is avoiding a rematch, he is smart.

Автор Ridge Brown ( назад)
Aldo is a beast he won for like ten years straight, and then McGregor
lol... but you still can't take nothing from Aldo he's a beast those leg
kicks will break ya, he wanted to punch Conor so bad just poor choice he
should of been breaking them legs with those kicks

Автор Johnathan Utahzio ( назад)
Redban being quiet during McGregor talk and pronounces to be a Diaz fan..
Immature, lame and extremely gay.

Автор edmond the goat trashverdyan ( назад)
who is that hobo wearing fruity pebbles sweatshirt.

Автор theman123pwn ( назад)
McGregor fans constantly bash Jose Aldo for one fight. Do they not forget
McGregor getting his ass beat by Nate, twice. Goodness guys stop being
hypocritical, if Connor and Jose had a rematch you would be stupid to think
the fight would end up the same way.

Автор Trey Brown ( назад)
rogsn speaking the truth about MTv, but joe if its hate on whites it cant
be racist!

Автор drz ( назад)
Rogan is mansplaining.

Автор Gucci Mane ( назад)
MTV are a bunch of retarded libtards

Автор Despott ( назад)
"I'm team Diaz so I'm not for talking about Conor". What a ridiculous
and juvenile statement from a grown ass man. Just because you're a fan of
one guy it doesn't mean you can't respect or even acknowledge the skills of
another. What a fucking baby.

Автор Ionut Dimache ( назад)
Aldo will never pass the humiliation, i wonder if he will get a remach? he
wiil go up to lightweight just to fight conor?In that division he will be
destroyed by everyone

Автор Siz Zy ( назад)
I dont think anyone believes Aldo is the champion

Автор backhendl ( назад)
"Imagine if it was a double ko" lmao

Автор George Edmond ( назад)
Redban proving "I'm team Diaz, so Ill disengage from the conversation
because I'm a bitchy bitch bitch and do it every time I get ripped with
Joe" that he adds nothing but the smell of day old clothes. Ugh, get over
yourself dude.

Автор Junior Segovia ( назад)
"The boy got very lucky, you can say he hit the lotto" -Jose Aldo

Автор eddie zizek ( назад)
So many fighters are amateurs that's why. Aldo is amateur and all the
people who he beat is an amateur.

Автор MO JO ( назад)

Автор C -bo ( назад)
" When Conor Mcgregor Aldo'd" Hahahaha fuckin guy is to stoned lmao

Автор Ethereal Entity ( назад)

Автор cb7pwn ( назад)
you know what it is, fighters are too dam predictable .. Connor just finds
simple openings that im surprised more fighters dont expose in each others
games ...

Автор Brian Liddy ( назад)
I want to like Redban. I just...can't.

Автор Jack Cooper ( назад)
"You should have a license to talk" says the man who's talks more shit than
anyone in the world

Автор PrecisionWrittens ( назад)
of course redban is on team diaz. My god i cant stand brian. This podcast
reminded me of the dark days where he was on every podcast, ruining
interesting conversations to the very best of his ability. Im so thankful
Joe finally came around and got Jamie.

Автор Wz Tr ( назад)
its only racism if you're white, didn't ya know?

Автор DhDeadMan ( назад)
Redban looking like hes dead or something, holy shit.

Автор IrishNoodles ( назад)
The whole "I'm team Diaz" is fucking bull. You can like both fighters.

Автор bam fitz ( назад)
Tyrone Woodley is a racist..

Автор MMA _24 ( назад)
Funny how they talk all this about Conor and precision ...been forgetting
FLOYD TBE MAYWEATHER been doing this for years ...smh

Автор MrMIDWEST323213 ( назад)
Bruh you turned a 1080p video in to 144 that equals potato 🥔 in mma Aldo's
head bouncing off the canvas lol!

Автор kommi1974 ( назад)
144p? Is this 1982? My gosh....

Автор RiseFromTheDead 7 ( назад)
Where do I find joe rogans podcasts?

Автор Robert Williams ( назад)
Just another clickbait dickhead posting OLD shit to get views for their
shit channel. You SUCK! Try doing something new and original instead of
garbage that's old and been posted thousands of times. You seriously SUCK!

Автор ForzaTerra89 ( назад)
I saw that white guys video and it's retarded - glad Joe is calling out
this bullshit - especially the women on that video talking about
man-splaining - get fucked

Автор ForzaTerra89 ( назад)
I'm not a huge fan of McGregor at all but I will say I 100% don't blame him
for not rematching Aldo after how inactive a champion he was and how much
he pulled out of fights - I don't like how all of a sudden Aldo is capable
of fighting 3 times a year

Автор Abdullah orefan ( назад)
u should have license to talk crack me up good 😂

Автор MindBat ( назад)
Aldo claims he didn't feel anything. That's why he wants a rematch.

Автор iiDefied ( назад)
Who the fuck is this Redban faggot?

Автор adrian villafuerte ( назад)
A white person saying "white privilege" is stupid.. wow. way to go joe,
you've outdone yourself again.

Автор aremedy frosty ( назад)
The best thing to do to these social justice warriors is just to hit them
straight away. Don't even wait, just knock there front teeth out.

Автор ES NEWS ( назад)

Автор Stoogs ( назад)
144p? I didn't even think this atrocious quality was possible anymore

Автор BigMac Mick ( назад)
4:40 princess leya has had a heart attack, joe.. carrys on like nothings

Автор hamza saadi ( назад)
Let's face it , the hard fights that aldo had : mendes II and frankie , he
was champion for 10 years because the FW divison had not someone like
Mcgregor at the time , don't forget the pettis story

Автор adam turner ( назад)
joseph looks full african in this video 👮

Автор fewhavestrength ( назад)
I'll tell you why people can knock us for being the superior humans on the
planet! jealousy, because we rule the world, and you all want to be like us

Автор Andrew Towey ( назад)
8 Waldo retards

Автор Davie bears ( назад)
people need to stop accusing white guys as being evil or i would guess it
will come back to bite the race baiting scum

Автор sheik sattaur ( назад)
team Diaz...... who the fuck is that guy.. lmao

Автор Ricardo blerp ( назад)
joe rogan riding Connors dick we get it you're a fan but don't be little
Aldo's name he's a legend with or without Connor in the picture. all hail
Aldo! " Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah akbar"

Автор Matthew Mccann ( назад)
Aldos' face went squerlie. ha ha Joe is one funny guy

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