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Автор Dale Bakke (11 месяцев)
Freaky! Can't understand it.

Автор César Oswaldo Montoya Aguilar (11 месяцев)
you don't even know how to make a circle.... you are not an ALIEN FAKE

Автор ArchonMetatron (4 года)
@AotearoaSoldier17 You are a true piece of shit you know that. We will see
how much of a "Soldier" you are when the time comes, you better be ready
for what's coming! God ease on your soul.

Автор Horses4life1001 (4 года)
Bible sais in 1 Tim 4:1 "Some shall depart from the faith,giving heed to
seducing spirits,and doctrines of devil "(KJV)

Автор bigfoot1103 (5 лет)
looooool du musst aber richtig schön zugekifft gewesen sein um soch einen
scheiss ins internet zu stellen oder? wer deiner meinung nach soll so einen
mist denn glauben ?

Автор Oromuisca Yulebheeled (4 года)
@DancingDickhead They are sooo advanced that they forgot how to use the
phonograph, cassette tapes,8 tracks and LP records and can only get on A.M.
Radio!! Maybe it's less expensive to broadcast from there than F.M.
radio..also note accent being Brittish. How would Earthlings perceive
accents from Brooklyn,N.Y.!!!

Автор Valllick (5 лет)
Oh wait so is ashtar a Good fallen angel or a bad fallen angel preteding to
be Good hmmm?? This might be very real the Ashtar is like yo mankind is
gonna evlove soon aka your seven seals turn on and mankind is above
darkness. Ashtar is like watch out for false puppets and guides they will
suck the engery from you your inner divine self will protect your from this
listen to your higher self for truth and wake up the lower self holy shhh
its ashtar oh sorry i didnt know there was a translation

Автор phil talentova (5 лет)
the voice sounds different in this one

Автор Mike Deo (2 года)
you are ignorant you dont even know where your religion came from the
people that made the book picked and chose what to put in it so they did
take away from it ...

Автор AotearoaSoldier17 (4 года)
greetings ''lord'' Ashtar Faggot, I welcome you back to earth, to make
things worse. You can fool the new-agers, but you can't fool us. We will
prevail and stand tall against your deceiving and satanic ''lordship''. I
hope a cruise missile will hit your flying piece of thrash before you end
up setting foot on this planet.

Автор believerornot (5 лет)

Автор azzy314159 (4 года)
@paulmax71 YOU sir are the one with the "head in the sand" syndrome. Where
the fuck do you and your ilk "discover" these crazy stories. You have not
ONE IOTA of evidence to support your beliefs. Get a life you moron. Makes
no difference this Ishtar/Isis is male female or hermaphrodite. Do some
soul searching and find why you believe in such myths. If you want to live
in a fantasy world you would be better off if you take up any ordinary
religion. And be member of the idiots' club.

Автор andrew09211 (5 лет)
error, its not the voice of GRAMAHA, its the voice of VRILLON

Автор Crystal A (4 года)
@CIENEGALOKO13 You made me laugh heartily, for that, thank you. NO it's not
true at all! That is the kind of propaganda that the real dark ones want
you to soak up and believe, it benefits them when you do. Do some research
into the matter, there is a wealth of information out there, and you are
bound to find more good than bad info about Ashtar. Of course, where you
fall on that is only up to you and if you want to think that then by all
means you are welcome to, but it does you no good.

Автор cryssiss (4 года)
@paulmax71 Yeah this is probably a fake. But aliens really could have
british accents. Maybe they just learned it like that or their language
sounds like british english.

Автор MaBu888 (4 года)
@Thanks4TheClues There was indeed bowing down a Phoenician god known as
Ashtaroth. Ashtaroth similar to the Sumerian understanding of Ashtar.

Автор This Is News (4 года)
@HellCat9939 clearly, you guys have recieved the rolled version of the
message, as in this video. its all conspiracy garbage. do research on
websites with CITATIONS !!@E !@#JHI omg it exits people, i was fucking
amazed too when i first saw it... idiot.

Автор googlefish80 (5 лет)
alex collier and the andromadans say that ashtar used to be apart of a
group that played god with us humans. this was mentioned by collier in one
of his interveiwes. there is a possibility ashtar changed sides.

Автор TheChoujinVirus (5 лет)
the answer to that was that it was the first time someone pirated their
signal. BTW I did some research on the article, for something that people
claim is real the world considers it fake for an alien species it would be
easy for them to broadcast all over the world..not just a small area of

Автор Manuel Garcia (4 года)
@QueenKaidrea Im sorry if I offended you. It was just a question. I
appreciate the information you have given me to clear my doubts. I would
like to learn more. Would you be kind enough to show me how to do so? Its
hard to find a trustful source

Автор Marques Jones (4 года)
@CapriCalandra man i hope you are wrong if thats so then we are basically
on our owe with god, check it a few videos mentioned fasle prophets and
teaching of the sort soo idk

Автор Jmerino7 (5 лет)
This is fake if they are speaking to us then they can suck my dick you hate
us so much do something about lol man the creator of this video must be on
psychedelic and a former mental patient

Автор Roodoe (4 года)
I guess, the reason that people doubt, is because we all know the pain of
being let down after believing something for so long. Whether it was Santa
as a child, or as those of us grow older, God. It hurts to be let down. You
can't blame people for not believing small bits of evidence, to large bits.
Either way though, to always question what is credible and what isn't will
lead us to the truth, whatever that may be.

Автор Crystal A (4 года)
Galactic Federation of Light are under God's will to protect and help us so
that we may evolve and know we r divine beings. Jesus is Ashtar's (the
commander) brother. Ashtar is working along side Jesus. The "Aliens" send
love, peace and unity. If we do not heed their advice, all of humanity and
Earth will pay the ultimate price. Ashtar is a sheppard of the Earth. He
follows God as we do. There are no aliens, for we are all universal
brothers. Love and Light, time to finally evolve!

Автор reaperkid122 (3 года)
@Chaliamusiclover none are demons

Автор MrBlackchook (1 год)
Omg get over your religions it dosnt help geez

Автор Ezra1Jesus1Disciple (3 года)
Prophecies(dot)org - Book 12 - Chapter 78

Автор StarTheOracle (5 лет)
much easier read than heard. This message is from 2 years ago. See what has
happened since and compare the message to the events. If they did or do
mean us harm then they should have had mercy onus and ended our existence
years ago, but they haven't. The dark ones within our gov't are doing it in
a slow methodical series of events. With this discourse we have
opportunities to stand against them and retain our individual freedoms and
rights as divine beings of creation. You choose what you want.

Автор E9ODOC7890 (4 года)
this is a big lie, they are demonics coming to soul scalp humans, humans
that involved in many perverted acts with each other.

Автор Deathkitty1369 (4 года)
Dont beleave them, they are false profits! they fit the discription of the
anti christ.

Автор Ezra1Jesus1Disciple (5 лет)
WARNING: Ashtar and the rest are not of God. I cannot convey this enough to
you here. There is a very deep grand deception going on. Ashtar and the
so-called 'Galactic Federation of Light' have very deep agenda involving a
master plan of deception. They are preparing the world to accept Barack
Obama as a man of Light. The Most High God Yahweh/Jehovah has revealed at
prophecies(dot)org that Barack Hussein Obama is The Antichrist. I can even
quote Ashtar's message channeled to Michael Ellegion!

Автор Ezra1Jesus1Disciple (5 лет)
There have been prophecies regarding the coming grand first public staged
world-wide UFO deception that will fool many people. And also concerning
the coming world wide evacuation of people. There is some very grand
deception going on and many of these called 'Light workers' have been tools
for these negative entities who masquerade as angels of light. Remember
scriptures mention that even Satan can appear as an angel of Light and he
is the prince of darkness.

Автор Crystal A (4 года)
@CIENEGALOKO13 You didn't offend me. Just look up "Galactic federation of
Light" on youtube and there will be a bunch of channelings that pop up.

Автор Ignorancecheck (4 года)
Use discernment and pray lest you be decieved. These "beings" are extremely
jealous of us because we can repent and ask forgiveness while they cannot.
They were first hand witnesses to GOD and rejected him. We however, must
rely upon faith and we are far more cherished even in our fallen state than
these fallen sons of GOD. Repent guys, Jesus Christ is coming soon!

Автор MaBu888 (4 года)
@HellCat9939 no.

Автор delagrazia (4 года)
@kuvceebxab1 like?

Автор Justin Heath (4 года)
Ha These Guys Are The True Arayan's Trying To Suppress Free Energy By
Claiming Nuclear Power Can ONLY Be Used As Evil... So Stick With The Coal
And Oil! Ha!

Автор nathan1974au (5 лет)
i think what vrillion is talking about is the unseen infulance now slowly
eating up the world as we know it. it's a negitive life that controlls all
life forms manipulates for the worlds end. trust the nice voice in your
head not the confused one.

Автор animorsjones (4 года)
ohhh shet with all not belivers ¬¬!! ashtar will come for save this planet
mother fuckers!! dont you know!!?

Автор Lisa Soul-ere (3 года)
He's a real WARNING: I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do
not believe that I am [the one I claim to be], you will indeed die in your
sins."John 8:24 Revelation 22:18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the
prophecy of the Holy Bible. If anyone adds anything to it, God will add to
him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from
this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of
life and in the Holy City.

Автор reaperkid122 (3 года)
@CapriCalandra aliens are not demons

Автор ryuzakilawlight (5 лет)
ahh they have otehr videos in wich they speek not onely in english and
seckong i watched yest day that they speek mainly english coz they came
here and wana everyone to understand em-english is the language that
everyone knows-tahst why....

Автор taltigolt (5 лет)
what is the reason they talk british why did they just talk to england/usa
is it those countrys they care for? but i bealive in aliens and i bealive
there friendly if they wern't we would be dead by now 2012 is probably true
but they will save us and bring us a new perspective of life at least thats
what i hope as im getting boored of life

Автор tronia vinisccus (2 года)
iluminatiS!!!!!! cómo engañan a la gente!!!!! pero Dios abrirá los ojos
como a mi me los abrió.

Автор Ezra1Jesus1Disciple (3 года)
God's End-Time Revelations to Mankind and What is coming to pass very soon:
* Prophecies(dot)org

Автор El Bizzy (4 года)
@CapriCalandra how do you know that ??

Автор tomemach (5 лет)
So I would be alien too, hm? I prefer war

Автор cocusesucoc (5 лет)
I am a believer and allways was. You have to be very careful in listen deep
into your heart to find whats right and wrong. There are lots of false
phrophets around. And there are also Aliens good and bad ones also. Dont
trap into there path. Let the small voice of your heart decide. Take care,
you all.

Автор Chaliamusiclover (3 года)
@CapriCalandra Which ones are demons?

Автор westernOH-1234 (5 лет)
This Vrillion guy seems a lot friendlier than some of the other aliens who
claim they will rescue & beam up us earth-light-human-beings, when the time
comes (Dec 21, 2012?)

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